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Zermon Paratone

Zermon is the Crimson Knight. He is renoun for beating, and now killing One-Blade

0 · 956 views · located in Medieval Kingdom

a character in “Arabella Demonte - Rogue Princess”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Zermon Paretone (Zeer-Moon Pear-a-tone)

Alias/Titles: Crimson Knight

Age 48

Appearance: Zermon looks to be a fearsome fighter, to those whom simply gander at him...they're right. At a towering 6'7 and walloping 230 pounds, Zermon is man to be afraid of. His ebon locks rarely reach below his chin, and his eyes are misleading, gentle brown. His flesh is a tad more palid than what you'd expect of a knight, but that's because he's literally cased in armor half of the time, and indoor the other half. Although he is mostly muscle, there is a bit of 'girth' in there as well, and he's not afraid to sling his weight around a little. He usually is seen in Crimson Armor, his namesake. It's a thick, bulking metal, that doesnt really seem to make him any less mobile. His face is worn with age, but doesnt falter when showing rage. He is not afraid to swing his blade at those whom he dislikes.


Zermon is kind of a split personality guy. While in his Crimson armor, he's brash, bold, cocky and arrogant, not carring what his opponents says, does or is. He will slaughter them. He's quick to draw his blade, and challenge those whom he thinks are challenging him. His cockiness is well founded, as he is the man whom slaughtered One-Blade not once, but twice in combat. He usually wears his helm, a closed number that keeps his face hidden, and identity kept secret.

In his more regal attire, he takes the appearance of a Lord Knight or something along the lines of nobility. Although he has no direct connections to any kind of royalty, he is the royal guard for a nation other than Arabella's Kingdom. While his attire is different, he puts on a different face. He takes noticably more noble manner. He is chilvalrious, kind, and honest, not to mention polite to boot. He helps others in need, and even would help a stranger if they asked his help. He is well mannered, and well tempered, as well as loyal to his Kingdom.

Though, he does not associate with being the Crimson Knight whatsoever. He claims the Knight is a General, and one that is out of line. However, his King feels that an army should be like an army...ruthless and steadfast in disposing of it's foes. More or less, he acts completely different while not in the Crimson armor. He even adapts a different swordstyle.


Crimson Knight Armor: Thick armor made of Mithril Plates. It's extremely resistant to pierce, and slash damage, but offers no extra protection against blunt, or at least none more than normal iron would. It's of course, colored deep scarlet.

It's bigger than that, but only to fit the man properly. That's about as best armor I could find wihtout making the man seem demonic...which wouldnt overall be a mistaken look from an outside view.

Regal Knight Armor: A much lighter, but still durrable armor suit for the man. He wears it when he isnt out causing chaos for as the Crimson Knight. It's made out of fine steel, and has silver borders.

Weapon as Crimson Knight: Vartule. Vartule is an enchated blade, never said to dull. Ever. Otherwise, it is made out of common steel. It was designed to be a claymore, but in the giant Zermon's hands, it's about a longsword.

Weapon in Regal Armor: Solactus. Solactus is nothing more than a special bastard sword Zermon was awarded for displaying valor in his king's name. The blade itself is said to be made of silver, but close examination of it would show it was made out of fine steel. It's weight has been reduced without sacrificing durabilty, or sharpness.


Zermon is a monster for a reason: He grew up with a monster. Not literally, but he might as well have. His father was a drunk, and he never knew his mother, as she died during childbirth. Having noone to turn to except his abusive father, he began to try and get away from him for any reason he could. However, how he spent his time was really not much better. He never got an education, and was a bully, at best. He never was a people person either. At the age of twelve, he found a way to not only make himself feel better, but make his father proud as well.... Swordsmanship. He practiced day and night, sometimes forgetting even to eat in an entire day. He was dedicated to his blade entirely. However, his mentor, was a brash knight by the name of Byrn. Byrn was no better than the boy's father, but Zermon looked up to him as if he were a god.

By age 18, Zermon had mastered all he could from Byrn, and moved on. He traveled all around, learning from each swordsmaster, taking up a portion of his lifetime. He traveled untill his thirtith year, which he settled down at his old kingdom, and joined the army. He quickly rose through the ranks, easily recognized as the cream of the crop. In fact, within his first three years, he gained the position of main royal guard. He was to guard his king and all other noble kin. He excelled at this job, thwarting four assassinations in his time. But the inconsistant battles only wetted his taste for combat. He needed to fight, and sparring was not enough. He didnt know what had come over him...did he kill?

The answer came soon after civil disobedience rose in the Kingdom. The people were angry about high taxes, poor living conditions and unequal rights. They had every right to be mad. But Zermon was only instructed to his job. A man threatened the prince while Zermon was escorting him to a Schollar's abode, waving a longsword at him. Zermon removed the man's hand, before taking his arm at the elbow, then at the very shoulder. He couldnt stop himself. He only watched in awe as his body seemed to flay the man into little pieces. It amazed him. He didnt even instruct his body to do so, because it felt so...natural. He felt his blood rush, and he knew this is what he seeked. However, he was man of honor...he simply could not go out and kill for fun. He needed a scapegoat...

He asked a friend in a very far off land to send him some specially made armor. It was to be full crimson, and the visors were to be very thin, but not restricting in view. The result was the Crimson Armor. With this, he took the alias of the Crimson Knight, and began to do heroic deeds to start...slaying bandits, and villians and the like...but it soon got out of hand. It wasnt long before mere mockery would provolk the man in scarlet to reduce another to ribons with his blade. And yet he felt nothing wrong with this slaughter.... It wasnt long before the king looked into this "Crimson Knight". Nor was it long before he found it was Zermon. Zermon was ready to face death in the most horrid ways imaginable as he stepped into the king's private chaimber....yet was only greeted with applause. Not only was he the King's royal guard, he now had someone whom was feared throughout his kingdom...soon to be throught the entire nation.

The King told Zermon his plans to go to war, and Zermon accepted the proposition of the Crimson Knight leading their forces. It was opprotune. Not only did Zermon get to kill to his heart's content, the King got a reputation for having control over one the most feared swordsman ever...One of them. The other was Baxter Vane. He and Zermon instantly became rivals. And they even met on the battlefield...the fight was one for the ages, Zermon coming out the victor due to his merciless and honorless combat while encased in his Crimson Knight disguse. Not only such, he had reduced Baxter to only half of his skill. Now...there was only him.

Upon returning from said war, Zermon's lust for blood had be satisfied for the time being. He took the long years following to hone his swordsplay, and even teach a few of the King's select knights. He started their organization: The Black Knights, whom were the elites among the army. They were the Rangers of thier time, said to be trained versitally to use swords, spears, axes, bows and even magic to a lesser extent. But this did not last for long.

The King plagued on with his idea of a nation engulfed in flames. He needed more control, he decided to take the nearest Kingdom to him....Donaria. Now, the war horns sound again, and the Black Knights are deployed with one goal. End the Royal family of Demonte the Infamous Crimson Knight leading the charge...

There are 9 Major Black Knights left living. They all have some form of black armor, weither it be leather, chain mail, or plate, but it all is solid black with silver embroider.

Garth- Garth is a large fellow...and extremely large fellow. He's only 6'1, but has plenty of "Mass" to use. He weighs close to 290 without his armor on. He usually is seen in half plate, and carries around a hulking spear. Attached to the spear is a chain, which links to his armor, allowing him to throw the weapon, and draw it back to him. He is called the Mass, for his extreme girth.

Taven- Taven is a leather wearing archer, a hood usually hiding his face along with a mask. He has a bow with a laminated core of dragonbone...and acts as if God himself forged the weapon. His arrows are large and heavy, with an ebon tip but still fly fairly far when launched out of his composite longbow. Taven is called the Launcher, for his renoun long range shooting.

Huebert- Huebert is a sly dog, mostly used as the Knight's 'fast talker'. He has skill in combat, but not as much as the others fare. He's more the sly cunning fellow. He's not seen far from his brother, Dart. Huebert is called the Goldtongue, for his persuasiveness.

Dart- Dart is a brute of a fellow. He's very strong, covered in midnight plate just as Zermon himself was. However, he's a little slow on the draw, but not so much that he's flat stupid. He dual weilds a pair of battleaxes, and is fairly fast with them as well. Dart is called Bear, for his strength.

Sorteo- Sorteo is a silent man, rarely speaking to his fellow knights, even. He proves that it pays off by being the strong silent type. He wears a suit of dark scalemail, and carries a longsword and shield. He doesnt much care for talking one bit. He is known as Mute for his silence.

Bernardeto- Benardeto is a slick, cool headed character. He wears a bandana on his face, while adorned in studded leather armor. He carries multipule throwing daggers, as well as a shamishir, a deadly curved blade that has been converted into knife form. He is called the Shadow, for his sneaky style.

Felix- Felix is a mysterious man. He is coated in black hide armor, and seems to carry no weapon. However, he is called the Warp, so it is assumed he is a user of shadow magics.

Yusonge- Yusonge is a scrawny, agile fellow, kept in black chainmail. He is seen always playing with a scythe, or a sickle, his two favorite weapons. He is called the Reaper, for his use of tools as weapons.

Eckesakes- Eckesakes is the newst Black Knight, though far from the most inexperienced. He prides himself in claymore useage, and even plans to recieve training from Zermon...

((It is duely noted that there are alot of knights. But they will be minor villians, used as trials against Vyra and even Arabella. They're not as strong as Zermon in the least, but they are stronger than your average soldier, as well.))

So begins...

Zermon Paratone's Story