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Fuyumi Hirabayashi

"What kinds of food are your favorite? Honestly, I like all of them but I have a small preference towards French."

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a character in “Arc 4”, as played by Guardian Aelita





Name || Fuyumi Hirabayashi

Age || 19

Gender || Female

Sexuality || Heterosexual

Appearance || Fuyumi has rather curly auburn hair that goes just to her shoulders that exposes her pale forehead and light brown eyes. Sometimes she'll straighten out her hair and her bangs will cover her forehead. She's often seen with an oversized pale pink sweater, a long sleeved white shirt, light red skirt, white tights with black flowers on them and black Mary Jane shoes. She's also seen with a pale pink scarf, brown over the shoulder book bag that contains a pink stuffed rabbit she carries everywhere for good luck and a dark brown walking cane that she uses to walk around.

Face Claim || Haru Okumura from Persona 5

Personality || Fuyumi is a rather polite individual. She was always raised to treat those around her with a high amount of respect. That said, she doesn't like talking to people any more than she has to. It isn't that she's not good at having conversations with other people because when forced to do so, she can talk as long as she'd like to. The main reason is because she prefers the company of herself. Not to say she's anti-social, she just prefers to live her life in solitude.

She also has a rather high drive for culinary delights and refuses to let her blindness get in the way of that. She gets a feel of the environment around her using her walking cane and walks through her dorm with confidence and elegance. If it wasn't for the fact that she needed a walking cane and sometimes stumbles by hitting stuff, Fuyumi wouldn't even be seen as blind. Still, her passion for cooking has extended to her wanting to become a three star chef and nothing will get in the way of that passionate dream she has.

Room Number || 310

Roommate || N/A




Food || As an aspiring chef, Fuyumi is always interested in trying all of the latest cuisines. So far she's tasted food from Germany, France, Japan, America, Italian, China and Russia and she's excited to try food from all other countries. She also likes to fuse some styles of food together to create a brand new taste for all to enjoy.

Puppies/Dogs || Fuyumi is much more of a dog person than a cat person. She finds dogs really adorable with how much they adore their master and how much personality each one had. Had it not been for Fuyumi being unsure if Blue Lotus would be alright with animals living in the dorm, she would have had a seeing eye dog lead her everywhere rather than a walking cane.

Clean Environments || She'd much rather perform her cooking in an area free of dirt, dust, clutter and mess. Plus, Fuyumi knows that mess will just get in the food and make it disgusting to eat. It's another reason why she prefers being alone; she can't tell if someone will make a giant mess or not.


Loud Music || Since being blind, Fuyumi has to rely on hearing, taste, touch and smell to get around and when someone starts blaring incredibly loud music that could potentially break their speakers, Fuyumi is inclined to get more than a little annoyed. Not only can she not get to areas easier, they just hurt her ears a lot.

Mistreatment of Staff || This is more of a pet peeve but it seriously grates on her nerves. When people who go to restaurants mistreat their staff in some way or form like taking away waiters tips, yelling at the chefs for getting their order wrong or just act snobby and entitled to free food, Fuyumi can gather that they're not very pleasant people and often gives the restaurant big tips in apology.

Relying on Others for Help || Fuyumi likes to think she's independent and capable but there are some obstacles that she can't conquer on her own. She'll be polite to those around who do help her but she dislikes the idea of being helpless.

History || When she was a little girl, Fuyumi had only one dream. That dream was to cook with her mother and father. Her mother and father co-owned a very popular restaurant back in Japan and she was very happy to see her parents work hard on their dream. She was very clumsy at cooking when she was much younger. But when she reached 6, her talent skyrocketed. She was a little wary of using the knives to cut things, using the stove to cook things and the loud noises of the blender or dicer at first but she quickly grew out of that phase. Her talent was strong enough that she was enrolled in Seven Stars Academy for her talents and she continued to improve her craft. She had her life mapped out and planned on going to St. Gabriel Academy because of the great culinary arts degree they had.

However, things took a turn for the worst. When she reached 12, she needed glasses. She thought it wasn't that big of a deal and could live with wearing glasses if it meant seeing clearly. And she was able to see clearly... for four months. During the next three years, she went through different prescriptions of glasses but all of them seemed to make her eyesight worse. She was taken to the hospital where she ended up learning a harsh truth; she was slowly going blind. Fuyumi was panicked. How could she continue her dream of being a chef when she wouldn't be able to see anything?! She was ready to give up hope entirely and waste away in her room until watching a fateful cooking show. One of the contestants was a blind woman who took the challenge of being a master chef and the blind woman won. This inspired Fuyumi to continue her dream despite her misfortune and now here she is at Blue Lotus, determined to accomplish her dream no matter what.

Colors || Speech = Peach Puff / Thought = Rosy Brown


So begins...

Fuyumi Hirabayashi's Story


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Menou smiled a little as Makoto asked what she'd like. She merely shook her head.

"I just wanted to see if we could hang out if you aren't too busy is all... I wanted to try to get out a little more and I figured here was a good place to start... Still, it kinda seems like you're busy. Maybe we can plan on a little surprise dinner to welcome everyone? I'd be happy to help."

Menou wanted to try and make a good first impression as being known as the shut in creep started to hurt her a little. She figured since Makoto knew a thing or two about cooking, maybe she could help too with setting up or seasonings or whatever.

Akeno blinked and thought before nodding.

"Yeah! We have three new friends!"

She had done a little research on them while staying up last night. She stretched and smiled.

"They all graduated from Seven Stars and they all seem to be pursuing different paths in life~ The first one really likes fashion and he wants to be a fashion designer. The second one makes OST remixes in her spare time and develops games too. The last one is blind, but she makes up for it with her amazing cooking."

Akeno grit her teeth to maintain her smile. She was envious of all of them. They all seemed to have complete control of their lives. Meanwhile, Akeno was still stuck in her mother's shadow. Still, she wouldn't reveal her problems to anyone. Not until she knew she could completely trust them.

"Isn't that awesome, Soichiro-kun? We're getting prodigies in a way~ I wonder if any of them will recognize Hotaru-chan?? Wouldn't that be something~"

Akeno pulled out some medicine for Noa. Just because she didn't trust her doesn't mean she won't be nice to her. Her mother taught her to be polite to everyone after all.

"Still, I wonder if anyone else in the dorm will get them for roommates?"

A girl with curly auburn hair traced the outside of Blue Lotus for a name plate. She wanted to make sure she had the right area. The girl sighed in relief when she found the braile and nameplate indicating that this place was indeed Blue Lotus.

"Thank goodness... My GPS has yet to lead me astray. Now, a proper introduction is in order."

She straightened herself, relaxing her shoulders and calmly knocked at the door. She wanted to present herself as refined, composed and easy to talk to. She patiently waited for someone to answer the door, eager to meet a potential new face.


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Menou was a little confused. She didn't really think anyone else would be at Blue Lotus but she wasn't going to deny a guest visitation. Maybe she was related to the new resident. She opened the door and quickly noticed the light blue suitcase by the girl's side. Her eyes seemed a tiny bit unfocused but she quickly turned her attention to the shut in and smiled.

"Good afternoon. Forgive me for being assumptive but are you perhaps the one in charge of this residence?"

Menou blinked at the girl's formal speech.

"N-No... I'm just some resident..."

She noticed the girl relaxing but only slightly.

"Ah, then please forgive me for assuming. My name is Fuyumi Hirabayashi. I'll be living in this dormitory alongside you and other residents."

Menou just nodded. She wasn't that great at speaking with other people and while she thought Fuyumi was being polite and friendly, it still put Menou a bit off guard. Fuyumi tilted her head.

"Is there something wrong, Miss?"

"A-Ah, no! It's just that I-I'm not exactly comfortable with... speaking and... yeah..."

Fuyumi blinked and smiled.

"I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. If it helps, I can't see clearly anymore. It's just something that I was born with. The only thing I can do is make the best of it."

"You're blind? Sorry to hear..."

Fuyumi chuckled a little.

"It's not a problem at all. I've grown accustomed to it and so long as I have my cane, I should be able to guide myself through here with nary a problem."

"That's good... Oh, uh, we're actually holding a party to introduce new residents to old ones."

"How exciting~ What will you serve in regards to food?"

Menou found the question a bit odd. Did she like food or something?

"We aren't sure yet... Do you want to come with us?"

"I'd be delighted to~"

Menou inwardly sighed a bit. At least she was around Makoto but now she had to deal with a new girl coming with her to a supermarket. This was going to be awkward to say the least.

Akeno nodded as Soichiro spoke.

"Well, if they do get roommates, hopefully everyone can learn how to get along. Maybe we can all introduce ourselves tonight?"

Akeno smiled and then looked over at Soichiro.

"By the way? Who are your archenemies?"

Hotaru sighed as she collapsed onto a seat. It was time for her break and she groaned as she wondered what was going to happen when she got back.

"Maybe I should bring back some cake for everyone. Today seems like a good day to have some cake..."

She grinned to herself and looked around, eventually setting on the Orange Sunburst and Chocoholic Delight for the cakes she would bring back for everyone.

"After all, I want to celebrate her coming over~ This is going to be so much fun~!"


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"My archenemies?!"

He stopped in his walk, turning with eyebrows knit together.

"You wish to inquire about the infidel princess and the runaway prince?! They are the greatest opposition to my plan of world domination!"

"Do everything I can to get them away from me."

Kanade deadpanned; though honestly her attention was on the rock. If she got busted, she was out of here anyway. And it was going to be hell going back to her original house.

"I'm kidding. But god, I swear if whoever she is, if she rats me out it's gonna be hell for me in this room. I'll end up crashing at Makinami's or at Cel's forever."

She swept the rock into her backpack again, sighing.

"Guess I should hide it, at least until I can judge whether the kid will tell on me. Shit, the plan to discover what the hell is this is gonna be put on hold..."

She stepped back after taking a look at the room. Well, it was less messy than before. Enough space for another person she supposed. Kanade stretched a bit, turning heel.

"Well-- for the time being, I'm gonna go camp out at the lobby. Have to make an early idea of what to expect from the kid. You should probably go tend to whatever else you have to do, Harumi...well, unless Nobuyuki's doing it for you."

That being said, the inventor almost immediately left, steps still as brisk as when she arrived. In the lobby was an unfamiliar face, the cryptid (surprisingly), and well, the receptionist who was not Cel. Not that Kanade ever knew her name, or if she did, it must have slipped her mind.

The electro swing flowing through her earphones managed to calm her somewhat anyway. For once she hoped that Nagisa would just come back earlier so she had someone to bother. She hated relaxing like this.


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"Koizumi-san, everything's all set. We just need to--" Makoto stopped as he noticed the two girls engaged in conversation. Based from what he was able to overhear, it seems she was another newcomer as well--just like Asagi.

Hearing Menou explain that they planned on throwing a party for the newcomers, Makoto felt a little concerned. Originally, he only intended this small dinner for Asagi and Menou's sake. "Guess I'll have to adjust the budget. Hopefully Asagi won't mind."

Admittedly, he was also quite surprised upon hearing she was blind. From the looks of it, she seems pretty much capable of managing by herself. He did feel a little concerned about Menou inviting her over. Queen's wasn't exactly the easiest place to navigate which might make it harder for the newcomer to tag along as well.

"Queen's is a little too crowded at this time of the day though. Not to mention the fact that we'll have to take a bus and put in some legwork. Plus, we can't exactly leave her luggage out in the lobby." Makoto spoke up, making his presence felt among the two women.

"You are a new resident here right? My name's Makoto Itsuna--an old timer." Makoto introduces himself to the new girl. "This other girl is Menou Koizumi. She lives on the girl's quarters on the third floor."

"New residents have to fill out some sheet with Ritsuka over at the front desk. They'll also give you your room assignment there--if it hasn't been assigned already." Makoto explains the process. "Then there's also your luggage--"

With Menou's invitation, Makoto was at a loss. The paperwork and unpacking will take some time and regardless of how accustomed she may be with her abilities, time isn't going to slow down enough to wait. And she'll need someone to help her move around the place--at least until she can get her bearings. He could offer to help--but then he wouldn't be able to make it back early to actually cook anything decent. However, he couldn't just leave Menou alone--seeing how she has a hard time associating with strangers.

"My hands are literally tied down here..."

Suddenly, electro swing music wafted in from the upper floors. Kanade had gone downstairs to relax for a bit, taking up his usual spot in the lobby like some tourist waiting to be checked out. This is actually a welcome development.

"Takamine-san, hear me out for a second." Makoto approaches his model kit builder friend. "Do you think you can help Koizumi assist our new resident along? I need to get some stuff for dinner later and if I want to make it back in time, I'll need to leave immediately."

"Oh? Cooking up something again eh King?" Trailing behind Kanade's wake, the little gremlin of Blue Lotus also walks in. He immediately noticed the newcomer and walked over to her. "Hey, you'll be staying in Blue Lotus too? Nice to meet ya! I'm Aziz Harumi but you can just call me Aziz!" He introduced himself before turning his attention back to Makoto.

"Anyway don't you feel bad man?"

"Hmm?" Makoto raises his brown in question.

"Sounds as if you're just assigning tasks to them on the assumption they'll just agree." Aziz explains with a smile. "I mean, didn't you even think you're bothering Takamine-san while she's taking her break here. And you know Koizumi's not too comfortable with strangers so why are you taking her out to one of the most busy places in the city?"

"If you feel that way, then I guess I won't have to include you at dinner later. Since you also take first bites out of it under the assumption I already allowed you to." Luckily, Kujo wasn't around so he's able to butt heads with Aziz like this.

"No, no, you've got it all wrong see?" Aziz immediately puts on his usual expression. "What I'm saying is, if you need to ask someone, you can just ask me. I mean, I'm free and unlike Takamine, I haven't been up all night trying to study what could be a potential UFO part."

"Hmm...I don't know." In truth, Makoto didn't really trust Aziz to leave Menou and a new resident all to him.

"Hey, me and Koizumi here should be sufficient hands to help out since King-wannabe's got some place to be. How about it? You don't mind do you?" Aziz addresses the throng of girls before him, completely dismissing Makoto's doubts.


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Menou was presented with a bit of a tough choice. She could go with Makoto and pick up food or she could go with Aziz to help Fuyumi with finding her room. Both options had their cons to them. While Menou would have been happy to be with Makoto, she was still unsure if she wanted to go outside to help. She figured she could help cook in the kitchen. But, if she helped Fuyumi get to her room, that meant being beside Aziz and she was still very unsure about him.

"Well, um... That's..."

Fuyumi blinked and noticed that Menou seemed rather uncomfortable. She smiled gently at her.

"Hey, Miss Koizumi, is it?"

Menou turned to the newcomer.


Fuyumi smiled warmly.

"Perhaps it would be wise to come along with myself and Mr. Harumi. You did tell me that you aren't comfortable with speaking, correct?"

Menou inwardly sighed. What she meant by that was she wasn't good with socializing and wasn't too comfortable with new people. Either way, she would socialize with unfamiliar faces.

"Y-Yeah... I did say that..."

Fuyumi smiled.

"Then here is how I see this. By going with me and Mr. Harumi, you don't necessarily have to talk to us. Mr. Harumi seems like quite the charismatic person and I'm sure he can assist me just fine. You only have to point out specific details of my room if boys are not allowed in my room."

Menou supposed Fuyumi had a bit of a point...

"Still... charismatic...? Oh god, she'll figure it out..."

"I mean... I don't see why not..."

"Unless, of course, you and Mr. Itsuna are in a relationship. In which case, I shouldn't intrude."

"W-What?! Where did that conclusion come from...?!"

Menou was very flustered by what Fuyumi just implied and Fuyumi giggled as she heard the flustered squeaks come out of Menou's mouth.

"I take it that means I'm mistaken~ Still, I wouldn't mind either way. I'm just concerned if you decide to go out in public."

Menou just sighed.

"Well, you have a point... I'll tag along with you and Aziz. Sorry, Makoto."

In the end, her anxiety got the better of her.

Enemies, huh? And world destruction too? Menou was finding Soichiro more and more interesting. She smiled a little.

"Is that right? Well, what do you plan on doing after you take over the world?"


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"Well, looks like the jury has spoken~" Aziz declares triumphantly as Menou opted to accompany him in helping the newcomer settle in. Makoto just sighed.

"Alright. Then I'll be heading off now." Having settled that matter, Makoto leaves for the market.

"Well, what a way to make a big deal out of nothing." Aziz stretched his arms as he yawned. "That guy has a habit of making a big deal out of almost everything--don't mind him. I hope he didn't intimidate you or anything." Aziz addresses Menou and the newcomer. He turns to Kanade this time.

"Why don't you tag along too Kanade? We'll need a lot more hands if we want to finish up early." Aziz invited Kanade along before following the two other girls.

"Anyway, have you received your room assignment yet Miss? If we can finish up early, I know of a special event going down at the West Harbor tonight. Maybe we could go there? A live jazz trio and a band would be performing too. Plus it's in an open space. No need to pay for admission tickets!" Aziz tells the three girls of an event going on as he followed them to the new girl's assigned room.

"I'm also planning on calling Kujo over so we'll have a lot more company. How about it? We can always bail out early if any of you want to be back earlier~"

Queen's Plaza: Strip Mall - 5:30 PM

Queen's is highly regarded to be the busiest place in town and it isn't hard to see why. With several shopping establishments and posh restaurants and hotels, a lot of people often flock here after school or work. In Makoto's case, he had gone over to the strip mall just a few meters south from Emerald Gardens, the largest shopping mall in the city.

"If it's top ingredients you're after, it is better to try the strip mall rather than the supermarket inside Emeralds. It's a lot cheaper there too." He recalled Sora saying something to that effect sometime ago, though he couldn't really figure out when.

"If Asagi's planning on reimbursing me--I suppose pasta's the way to go." Makoto thought as he strolled down the corridor, wondering what to make. Asagi hadn't really made any special requests either. Nor did Menou. Just as he was about to grab a pack of spaghetti noodles on the stand, a pair of hands covered his eyes from behind, taking him by surprise.

"Whoah! Who's this?" Makoto exclaimed as he tried to turn and look at the person in question.

"Guess who?" A girl's voice spoke up teasingly, making Makoto relax and manage a smile.

"Didn't expect to find you here."

"Same. What are you doing all the way over here?" Removing her hands from his eyes, Cel throws Makoto's question back at him.

"Oh, Menou asked if I can show her how to cook something. Figured it was also a good occasion to welcome Asagi, my new roommate." Makoto explained.

"So you've already met huh? Well, how about it?" Cel pressed on.

"Well--admittedly, I'm a little worried about spending nights with a guy who seems interested in--well, guys. But after talking to him, he didn't seem like a bad person. Plus, he told me I wasn't his type."

"Yeah, well--you're not exactly the hottest catch in the dorm no?" Cel teases him a little.

"Am I really that plain?" Makoto asked.


"I thank you for speaking up about your opinion--no matter how harsh it may have seemed." Nonetheless, hearing it only made Makoto laugh. "I don't think I can do anything about my image though--even if I may lose out to guys with tight abs, big biceps and nice hair. It's just the way I am."

"That's good. Great even." Cel mutters almost out of earshot. "Anyway, what do you plan on making?" She asked, eyeing the ingredients Makoto had gathered in his basket.

"Spaghetti's the best I can manage right now. A little out of the way of what I usually make but, it's a special occasion so why not?" Makoto answered back, showing Cel the ingredients.

"Neat! My mom always used to put hotdogs in with the spaghetti. Used to love it a lot when I was younger~"

"Heh, don't know much about the wisdom of that!" Hearing this though, Makoto immediately grabbed some hotdogs from a nearby fridge as well. "Never really tried mixing it in though. Might need some help."

"Sure thing~"

As they paid and walked down to the bus station, Cel noticed that Makoto's pace seemed a little slower. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing--just, a little tired." Makoto explained. "Long trip yesterday, cooking dinner, cleaning the dishes, school--hadn't gotten much rest yet."

"Ouch. Well, what are you doing all the way out here then? Don't you normally buy at the market near the dorm?"

"Well--I was initially going to look for stuff with Koizumi-san so I figured I might as well take her to some place lovely--the market near the dorm just isn't going to cut it. Things happened though so I just proceeded on my own." Makoto explained.

"Things? What kind of things?" Cel implored a little further.

"Let's just say the little gremlin managed to persuade her otherwise. Wouldn't bother arguing with that."

"Aziz huh?" Cel opted to leave it at that though, and ended her questions there. They walked towards the bus stop in silence and waited.


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Now Menou was presented with an even bigger problem. Her logic dictated that she should stay behind. Makoto was really angry with Aziz and she wanted to try and calm him down at least. Maybe the two could cook together but who's to say he wouldn't be mad at her either way? Then, there was the other option. Menou didn't trust Aziz too well if what Makoto told her about him was true. That said, there was also the possibility that the blonde bombshell she liked would go with her. She was bored enough and that could mean that she might possibly tolerate her? But what if Menou made a complete fool of herself like always and caused the blonde to view her as a giant joke? Not like Menou didn't already feel like the world's cruelest joke in the first place, but it would still hurt to turn her crush off completely...

Fuyumi glanced over and noticed the introvert having a small and internal debate. She frowned a little, feeling a bit sorry for her, before focusing her attention on Aziz or where she thought Aziz was.

"I would be delighted to come along, Mr. Aziz. There's just something that I'd like to disclose with you. I'm blind, and I mostly rely on hearing to get across from place to place. If you don't mind, may you please take us to an area where we can hear the music clearly but it isn't blaringly loud? I understand if you can't fulfil my request."

Menou noticed that Fuyumi agreed to come over, which just added more to her anxiety. Then, she remembered her parents. They denied her access to anything related to fun. She was forbidden from attending concerts and what not because then she would burn in hell and have to repent for her sins for the rest of her life. Well, she was going to hell whether she liked it or not, at least according to her parents, so...

"T-Then... I-I'll tag along too... Just, nowhere near too many strangers... Please...?"

God, she hated how pathetic she sounded. She was probably doing Kanade no favors in terms of laughing at her, same with Aziz and possibly the newcomer. Why did she even have to breathe...? She shook off the self loathing thoughts for now. It would only be music. Nothing more... no one could hurt her if she just focused on music...

"S-Still, we really should hurry up... The file won't fill itself..."

She weakly chuckled, frustrated at how grating her voice sounded to her own ears. Why was she even allowed to speak? She probably just made everyone annoyed at her. Fuyumi looked at Menou, a small bit of worry in her eyes. She couldn't see Menou's face but she did hear cracks in speaking. Those cracks indicated that she was holding back tears or screams. She hoped the strange girl would be alright.

Akeno restrained a frustrated sigh as Soichiro spoke. She supposed he had a point but did he have to dismiss her that quickly? She tightly gripped onto the medicine before typing out her reply, mask set in the usual position.

"Oh, yeah! Noa-chan should probably get her medicine too. Tee-hee~ I guess I was caught up in trying to get to know you better."

Still, she paid for the medicine and started to trek back to the dorm, hiding her frustrations perfectly.


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A live band performance at West Harbor? Kanade racked her brain for where she could have heard it- then remembered with a groan that Akame had been excitedly rambling about it for ages over their hastily typed out texts in the middle of class. Now, she wasn't exactly a jazz fan, but Nagisa was, and she was bored enough to not care about what could possibly be going on.

"Yeah, sure, why the fuck not-- I'm bored enough."

Kanade had to wonder why Aziz thought of inviting a total newcomer to the dorm out to something as big as an open-air performance. Then again, it had been almost the same with Nagisa back in high school, though the latter had only given Kanade an unsure look and a murmur of, "I'm not really interested in going to clubs,"...though, now that they were in this dorm the violinist had been a little more lenient.

Maybe it was because she discovered War Gunners, or the fact that Kanade just had an effect on people, or so she liked to think.

She was a tiny bit proud of herself for removing one earbud earlier though, as the music in her earphones abruptly faded and she heard the conversations going around her a bit clearer. With the sudden end of the electro swing in her ears, she could perfectly hear the crack in Koizumi's voice.

Yeah, she's definitely heard and had familiarized herself with those pre-crying breaths, that crack in the sentence, the weak and awkward laughter. She's had to hear that from Akame from being dumped, some old friends back in high school- always an endless cycle of, "Takamine, you're our friend right?" along with a damn puppy eyes look that she's grown to withstand in her later years. She was definitely no charity worker, and definitely not the epitome of kindness in this dorm, but...

Oh fuck it, she had to give off a good impression anyway.

"Yeah, Koizumi's right. A genius like me could probably make something that would make boring paperwork go away given the right time and materials, but for now, that's gotta wait."

Given that Koizumi was smaller than her, Kanade lightly slung an arm around her shoulders- inwardly praying that it didn't result in an elbow to the face, like how it was with Akame the first time around- and flashed the crumbling introvert one of her best, most encouraging grins she could pull together.

Of course, Kanade hadn't grinned like that in a while recently. Not that she had anyone to encourage until now.

"Come on, let's get all this shit sorted out so we can hang out earlier, get some more fun in."

Kurogane Technical Institute - Outside

"Hey, Makinami, are you heading home?"

It was rare for Kujo to catch Nagisa outside, as he was usually cutting class or hanging out at his favorite diners whenever she went home. So it came as a surprise when he found out that they went home almost at the same time on Mondays.

Thankfully, when she turned around she didn't immediately affix him with her steely glare. She looked relaxed, even.

"I normally would be, but I heard there's an open jazz performance at West Harbor. I figured I should go watch since I haven't been to one in ages."

"That so? Well, we could probably walk together all the way to the bus stop. West Harbor's not too far from there right?"

"Yeah, I guess that works."

Kujo wondered why Nagisa seemed to be in a better mood than she usually was, with her agreeing to walk back with him. As they were walking, he made small conversation.

"You think Takamine's figured out the rock yet?"

"I can't be too sure on that. She was freaking out over something in the group chat earlier. Something about new residents."

"Huh, we haven't had newcomers in a while! Guess she's not that used anymore."

"Kanade's not had a roommate in what-- centuries? She's probably just excited."

"Yeah, I suppose. But Takamine's a load of trouble when she gets excited."

"You're right on that one."

A laugh was shared. That was good, right? He made the assassin laugh?

"You think Tanizaki's going?"

"Nah, he's more likely going to head back home and conduct some sort of crazy ritual in his room again. I don't think the very epitome of Satan in the dorm would be into smooth jazz."

"Touche. Speaking of the rock though-- apparently there were some areas that contained parts that may be similar to the one we found, but in different areas or cities. They bore a striking resemblance to plane parts, but no plane was flying over."

"That's weird. I'd have to tell the others that."

They reached the bus stop and Kujo grinned as a bus came right on time. He waved to Nagisa.

"I'm off then. You sure you don't wanna head back yet?"

"Not really, not when there's an insane Takamine in the dorm."

"Point taken. Alright, see ya later~"

As Kujo got on the bus, he barely caught Nagisa's long, dark twintails disappearing into the crowd until only her red scrunchies and cardigan could differ her from the rest of the bustling people.

Man, he couldn't wait to get home and relax.


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Aziz hears something about Fuyumi supposedly being blind and relying on hearing in order to move around. He reckons it's why she needed help with arranging her stuff.

"Is that so? Don't worry~ Me and my mate will find you a nice spot to hang around in where it isn't too loud." It was practically another way of him saying he's not sure if they can find anything like the one she requested but, he'll try nonetheless.

Once the others have nearly finished helping Fuyumi settle in, Aziz excused himself. "Hey, I'll just be out a little then. Gonna call an Uber service to pick us up so we can go there in style."

With that said, Aziz left the room and went on to call a service. After doing so, he suddenly remembers he hadn't told Kujo about the plan yet. Immediately, he scrolled down to call him over too.

"Dude, I need you to get your ass over to the West Harbor bro! Me, Takamine and Koizumi are heading there now along with a new resident. Tow Makinami along. I think she might be into this stuff."


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Menou's face was bright red when she felt Kanade wrap an arm around her shoulders. Was this seriously happening? The blonde she was crushing on was wrapping an arm around her and actually saying nice things to her. Did she somehow die and this is just a cruel joke before she went to hell? Was this even reality anymore? What did Menou Koizumi do in her life to deserve something like that?

"A-Ah... Y-Yeah, let's..."

Despite all odds, Menou felt a little bit better having Kanade encourage her. Fuyumi could hear the improvement in Menou's voice and smiled warmly.

"I'm relieved to hear that you're doing a bit better, Miss Koizumi."

Menou smiled a little. It still had been quite a while since she smiled widely so any smile normally felt uncomfortable on her face. But, for whatever reason, she felt a bit more at ease around Fuyumi and Kanade. Maybe it was their outgoing natures that caused her to feel a little bit better about being absolute garbage. Whatever it was, Menou was grateful that the self loathing died down at least a little bit.

"Yeah... I guess I feel a bit more comfortable around girls than guys..."

Fuyumi giggled a little.

"Is that right? Well, in any case, we should get going. I'm assigned to room 310."

Menou blinked a bit.

"Oh, looks like you have a single person room for now."

Fuyumi smiled.

"That's exactly what I was counting on~ Now, would you mind showing me the way?"

"Yeah, sure thing. It's right this way..."

She guided Fuyumi by talking to her the whole way through. She stopped to point out the other rooms in the hallway, including her room and Kanade's room. When they arrived, Fuyumi walked inside and felt around the room. Menou smiled a bit.

"Have you managed to find everything?"

"Ah, yes. This room is quite perfect. Thank you very much, Miss Koizumi and Miss Takamine."

"No problem..."

Menou blushed a bit, not too used to being thanked by people.


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Well, Kanade couldn't say that reaction was unexpected, but it was, in its own way.

Even from her arm lightly resting on Koizumi's shoulders, she could feel the sudden shift in mood, and practically felt the chill down the other girl's spine just from that touch alone. Not to mention the sudden reddening of the introvert's face. Hell, even her voice as she spoke gave it away. Kanade couldn't help but grin to herself.

"Man, I knew I was irresistible."

While they progressed down the third floor hallways, Koizumi seemed to explain everything just fine- though Kanade had to insert some of her own witty comments about certain rooms, like 303 supposedly having an assassin-. Kanade was somewhat relieved that she didn't have Forehead as a roommate. Her room wasn't exactly the easiest place to traverse without tripping over at least one thing lying on the floor.

As the newcomer was getting accustomed to her room, Kanade leaned against the doorway and absentmindedly scrolled through the messages on her phone. There were quite a few, and Akame's invitation to the performance at West Harbor was one of them. She debated telling Akame she wsa going- or she should make it a surprise.

Surprise. Heh. She hasn't done that in a while.

Koizumi blushed when she was thanked by the newcomer and Kanade just had to make her comment known...

"Yo, Koizumi, you blush real easily, you know?"

May as well interact while Aziz was out.

Kujo heard the elevator music in his headphones fade out a bit as his phone vibrated. He flicked it on, peering in closer; it was a message from Aziz...

...telling him to head to the West Harbor because almost every one was going.


This was awkward.

"dude, makinami's going already. she's way ahead of me hahahah XDDDDD"

He sent the text, stretched a bit, thanking the heavens inwardly that he didn't have a seatmate, because the next thing he was going to do wasn't exactly one an innocent bystander would want to be caught in.

He took a deep breath.

"STOP THE BUS!!!!!!"


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Aziz walked back in the room just as Kanade and Koizumi started...flirting? He wasn't sure what to make of it but hey, he reckons girls do it all the time. Seeing that they were almost done in record time, Aziz gave the door a couple of light raps in order to catch their attention.

"Hey, you guys done?" Aziz called out. "Got our car coming soon. I reckon it'll be here in ten minutes. When you're done, just meet down at the lobby~ You're gonna like this one. I managed to book a Jaguar to ferry our asses there!" Aziz proudly shows off his knack for things like this before heading downstairs to wait for the girls.

He scrolled through his text messages as he waited, checking to see if Kujo managed to receive the invitation. A notification popped up revealing that yes, Kujo was coming along and that Nagisa was heading over there as well.

"Crap! Gotta look my best!" Aziz suddenly sprang up and fixed his getup. He immediately searched for any good restaurants or dining places he could treat the others to after the concert.

"I'm honestly surprised that a bus hadn't come to pick us up yet." Cel laughed as she turns to Makoto who had been waiting with her for around half an hour already.

"Yeah, me too. Maybe there's a road congestion somewhere? Or an accident or a construction." Makoto replied. Out of all days for it to happen. Menou and the newcomer are waiting as well.

"Hey, want to catch a cab instead?" Cel suggested. "It'll be a lot faster."

"Ehehe...I don't think I can afford the cab fare around here." Makoto explains by showing what remains of his wallet after purchasing the ingredients. "This is all I have on me right now. My ATM's also left in the room."

"Hey, it's no problem! I was planning to take one anyway had I not ran into you. Fare remains the same even if there's one or two people riding." Cel persisted, making Makoto feel a little uneasy.

"I don't know...I'd kind of feel bad if I let you pay for it all."

"Hey, we're friends right? Besides, you'll be cooking dinner for us all! Just think of it as my payment in order to eat. An entrance fee, if you'd like."

"But you'll be helping me cook it! You don't need to go that far for me." Makoto tries to reason but hesitated as he realized he was the one who wasn't being practical. Besides, he didn't want to annoy Cel seeing that she's kind enough to tag along with him. "Aaarrghh!!! Now's the times when I wish I was as rich as Aziz." Makoto sighed. Just in time, an idea struck his mind.

"Well, if you insist then I guess it's okay. In exchange, I'll let you have a bigger share of the spaghetti." Makoto offers in return, raising a fist at her.

"Deal!" Cel answered back as she bumped his fist with hers. "Now then, next obstacle." Cel stood up to check out the surroundings. "It's hard to find a good taxi these days. One with clean interiors, polite drivers..."

"You mean it's hard to find a taxi period." Makoto laughed as he walked on over to her side. His stomach suddenly grumbled in protest, reminding him that he hasn't eaten a proper lunch since he got back.

"Heehee~" Cel giggled upon hearing Makoto's stomach grumble.

"Yeah, I haven't eaten anything yet. Is there a sandwich or takoyaki stand around here?" Makoto wondered as he scanned the place for the stands in question.

"Hmm...I think I know just the place. Come on!" Cel takes him by the hand and drags him along with her.


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The seemingly innocent statement Kanade made only caused Menou to blush even harder.

"W-Well-! It's been a while since I've talked to people. I guess I get flustered easily..."

"Oh my, that's quite adorable."

"N-No, it isn't!"

Menou just let out a small whine and hid her red face in her hands. Hearing that Aziz had called the car and it would be here caused her to be a bit nervous.

"H-Hey... Do you guys think this will be fun...?"

"Of course~ Music always manages to calm everyone down."

Menou just nodded, a little nervous but too determined to back out.

Hotaru was walking down the street, humming to herself as she started to come back to the dorm. She had the Orange Sunburst and Chocoholic Delight cakes in each hand and was excited to see her old friend after so long. She then blinked as she saw a familiar redhead.

"Ah! Madoka-kun?"

Madoka blinked and turned his attention towards her.

"Emirsdottir. What are you doing here?"

Hotaru grinned.

"This is how I normally come home from work. What about you?"

"I had planned out with the film club to come over here to start filming a rather important scene for my movie. Problem was that the heroine got really sick and couldn't make it."

Hotaru frowned a bit.

"Aw, I'm really sorry, Madoka-kun... Hopefully she feels better soon..."

"For now, I'm letting her rest."

Hotaru smiled warmly. Madoka then noticed the two cakes.

"Are those cakes for the newcomers?"

"Yeah! I decided to get everyone two of our specialties as a sort of warm welcome to the dorm~"

"I see... Well, allow me to help."

Hotaru was a bit confused until Madoka gently took one of the cakes.

"The load is a lot lighter now. Let's go back to the dorm."

Hotaru blinked, smiling warmly as she started to walk next to Madoka.

"Thank you so much, Madoka-kun."

"It's really no big deal."

Hotaru smiled at the redhead despite his aloof wording.


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"Yeah, nothing wrong with blushing, Koizumi. I mean, yours truly could probably make you blush in other areas too."

Kanade grinned, tucked a stray lock of blonde hair back behind her ear and let out a laugh. No matter what the situation was, she just had to crack some of her trademark jokes. One hand on her hip and another flicking her hair back for the second time that day, she spun to look at the two others with her.

"Now come on, let's head to the lobby! Car might get here soon or some shit!"

With that, she spun back around, trudging down the hall and down to the lobby; she had a few more minutes to burn, she reckoned. Upon reaching the lobby, she noticed Aziz...apparently fixing his looks.

She had to hold back another barking laugh. This probably meant Nagisa was coming along; of course, not that she hadn't expected Nagisa to tag along, her being a violinist and all.

That being said, she all but collapsd on the couch, shuffling her electro swing playlist again.


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"Alright, let's go! It's a Jaguar ladies! A Jaguar!" Aziz cheered as he led the others down to the car waiting outside their dormitory. "Driver, think you can play some songs from this?" As the vehicle cruised down the street, Aziz hands his mp3 player over to the driver.

He hoped the girls would appreciate his "music" selection.

Upon arriving at West Harbor, Aziz could see that people have already started crowding around the place. Thankfully, being a public place, they didn't need to fight for seating or anything like that. However, Aziz did recall Fuyumi's request. It would be quite difficult to find a place like the one she described at this time.

Being so close to the sea, there was a nice beach area where the trio would be performing. Tents were set up, stalls on the side were peddling food and wares. On the right of the stage was a rather posh dining hall, reserved for special guests. Judging from the food and silverware being passed on, it was obviously catering to a rather high-end clientele. Aziz was sure he could afford it but, these kinds of concerts aren't really his style and he prefers being in the company of friends...even if they have to settle for something less nicer for their seating--

Which was becoming a bit more trouble than it's worth.

"No matter where we go, there's bound to be people." Aziz sighed as he opted to pass up on some nice benches near the lamps upon seeing a group of high school girls chatting on the side. "Not giving up though!"

Taking out his phone, he immediately messaged his comrade-in-arms.

"Yo man! Can you scout for a nice area we could chill at? Somewhere cool and quiet yet with a nice view of the performance? Hold the fort until we arrive.

P.S. If you're with Nagi can know?"

"Ta-da!" Before he knew it, Cel had led Makoto into a comfy looking sandwich shop. It was quite small with only seven tables for four but it was well-lit with air-conditioning. "Not too posh but, at least the food prices are reasonable."

"As long as it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg then I'm down for it!" Makoto leans in to look at the shop's selection.

"Haha! Of course it won't! Hmm..." Cel also leaned in, standing by Makoto's side. Having chosen her sandwich, Cel calls on the attention of the server. "I'll have the bologna please!" She then turns to Makoto. "You?"

"Hmm...I think I'll just go with a ham and cheese--oh, and can we have it to go?" Makoto reminded them that they should get back to the dorm. "Koizumi-san's waiting after all."

"Is Koizumi already good at cooking? Spaghetti's not something you can easily prepare everyday since it's very time consuming. Definitely not something a beginner can handle."

"Yeah. Still, we do have an occasion. Might as well bring something special to the table."

"You're right."

The two finally managed to catch a cab back to the dorm as soon as their sandwiches were served. Upon arriving inside, Makoto wondered at the apparent silence that greeted him.

"Uh...Koizumi-san?" Makoto called out to the lobby. No answer. "Hmm...maybe they're still helping out at the room."

"Or maybe they're in the kitchen...Hey, Ritsuka! Have you seen Koizumi?" Cel asks Ritsuka, who had been on desk duty since morning.

"Hmm? Oh, she just left with Takamine, Harumi and Miss Hirabayashi around...twenty minutes ago, I think? Apparently there's a concert going on over at the West Harbor." Ritsuka explained.

"What?" Makoto was taken aback. "I thought she wanted me to help her out with cooking."

"Oh? Well, they just left. Is that spaghetti?"

"Well, what are you going to do now?" Cel asks Makoto who just sat defeated on the sofa. "Hey, there's still Wednesday. You don't have class until later in the afternoon on that day right?"

"Yeah, I guess. But--" Makoto could only sigh. "I guess you win this time Aziz."

"Is that spaghetti?" Makoto turned around and saw Asagi standing by him in the lobby.


"Yep! You were taking a while so I thought I should wait for you here." Asagi explained. "Hello again Miss Cel!"

"Hello!" Cel greeted him back. Seeing that she didn't come to any misconceptions means that the two already met and cleared up any misunderstanding that could have risen.

"Yeah." Makoto rises up to his feet. No point in feeling down now. "This is still your welcome party after all."

"Huh? You mean this is for me?"

"It's for all the newcomers. Makoto thought of throwing a little dinner to welcome you all~"

"Hehe...yeah--wait, newcomers?" Makoto thought Asagi and the other girl were the only ones coming.

"Nope. We have three new residents this time."

"Hope you brought lots of grub!"

Seeing all this, Makoto was able to manage a smile. Even if Menou's not around, at least it won't be a lonely dinner.

"Alright! I'll make you guys so much food you won't be able to move afterwards!"


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Fuyumi felt a little bad for the trouble she was causing Aziz. She heard the mass of people surrounding the area and felt incredibly guilty about her request. If her hearing was a bit damaged, she decided it wouldn't matter as long as they had fun. Though, she did get separated from the group due to the loud chatter of the other people around them. Luckily for her, she had Menou holding her hand the whole time.

"Koizumi-san? Do you happen to know where the others are?"

"J-Just a-a-ahead..."

Even if her hearing was slightly impaired, the tremors being felt through Menou's grasp indicated to Fuyumi that the introvert was not having a good time at all. Fuyumi seemed rather concerned.


Menou barely heard a word. The introvert was on a verge of a bad panic attack with her shallow breathing and shaking body.

"I can do this... I can do this... I can't do this! What was I thinking?!"

Menou shut her eyes in a very desperate attempt to shut out the voices and the more panicked she was, the worse her inner thoughts got. The thoughts berated her for her useless attempts at finding happiness and continued their merciless onslaught as she struggled to control her breathing. Fuyumi decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Miss Tachibana? Miss Koizumi doesn't appear to be doing too well... Would it be terribly alright if we got to a more private place?"

Akeno came to her dorm and heavily sighed to herself. Noa Arai had already been given medicine and she watched the girl sleep carefully. She grit her teeth a little as she remembered her failed attempt at reaching another person. If she wasn't just a doll, maybe people would actually accept her. She coughed a bit herself as she looked around the room.

"It should be close to dinnertime. Makoto's probably making some food. Maybe to get a good first impression on everyone. If nothing else, I should at least go."

Akeno frowned to herself as she remembered her mother's words; to always make a good impression and accept food. But not too much food, she wouldn't want to come across as a pig.

"Screw it all. Maybe something interesting will happen for once."

She went down to where she knew the kitchen was located and saw Makoto, Cel and an unfamiliar person. The person was dressed in women's clothing, had a noticeable white streak in otherwise long pink hair tied in a braid, striking purple eyes and a cat like smile accompanying their face. She blinked, unsure of the new person but it didn't matter. They would only see her foolproof mask accompanying the porcelain doll known as Akeno Furuya. They wouldn't try to dig deeper. They wouldn't help, no one would help. They only wanted the doll to be admired or shunned. No one wanted her to become someone she wants to be. So, for now, she would smile and hug the stranger. It was part of her character after all. After hugging the stranger for a good while, she flashed them a wide smile, loaded up the text to speech app and started to "talk" to them.

"Hey there~! I'm Akeno Furuya! Who are you?"

She tilted her head curiously.


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The place is practically packed, and Kanade, despite her height, could barely see past the crowd of people. She briefly wondered if Aziz would easily get lost in this place- in fact, they had almost gotten separated, when he had abruptly stopped to text someone. Probably Kujo, or maybe another friend.

"Oi, don't just stop in the middle of the crowd to fuckin'-- what the fuck--?"

Kanade's retort was cut off when Fuyumi asked her out? Get to a private area? Before she could crack a dirty joke she noticed Koizumi practically trembling- breathing shallow, eyes shut tight; a panic attack, definitely.

And Kanade was no medical aide. But if she just stood around waiting for a medic, Koizumi could collapse, it could cause a bigger scene, they'd be fucked if they showed up in public-- and Kanade didn't want to get famous in that way.

"For fuck's-- hang in there. Hey, Harumi, we're breaking off for a bit!"

Looks like she had to take things into her own hands, literally. After alerting Aziz, she turned to the two other girls, taking a deep breath.

"Alright, hang on, don't scream or I could get arrested for this--"

She stepped forward, threw an arm around Koizumi's waist, and hoisted her onto her shoulders. With her free hand, she grabbed Fuyumi's shoulder and all but forced her way through the crowd.

"Out of the fuckin' way! Go on, scram! We're passing through, so out with ya, scrubs!"

She cut through the crowd until she managed to find a bench away from most of the crowd, setting Koizumi down on the bench and letting go of Fuyumi. She sighed, flicking her blonde hair back.

"Yeah, so is this spot good enough for ya? Cause damn, I ain't Moses, and splitting that crowd was harder than a--"


"E-Eee--! D-Don't kill me! I was just helping--!"

Kanade immediately leapt behind the bench, hands over her head and all but trembling. The figure approached, black twintails swaying a bit in the wind.

"Kanade, it's just me."

"W-Wha...? M-Makinami?! Don't fuckin' scare me, you fuckin'-- you flat-chested bitch--!"

Nagisa stepped back before Kanade's aimed hit at her chest could land, causing the other to stumble a bit. She glanced over at the bench.

"Koizumi and-- well; is this another friend?"

"She's a newcomer to the dorm, obviously! God, Nagisa!"

Ignoring Kanade's annoyed scoff, Nagisa sighed and shook her head.

"I'm surprised you managed to stick with her this long...I'm Nagisa Makinami, another resident of Blue Lotus. I'm in Room 303."

"The so-called assassin's room-- Ow! S-Sorry..."

Kujo was already at the venue as he received the message. Scouting an area? In this crowd of people...?

"Man, if only it were that easy, bro!"

He mumbled, looking through the crowd. He briefly managed to make out a pair of red scrunchies quickly disappearing into the baffled crowd; and recalling Aziz's request, he grinned.

"Well, wherever Makinami's going, it's definitely gotta be a cool and quiet place--!"

He could make out a few loud cusses as the crowd seemed to part, looking at the source of the ruckus. Oh yeah, that was definitely Takamine.


He whipped out his phone.

"by any chance, if takamine left your group, go follow her! makinami's chasing her right now and wherever makinami's going, it's obvious it's got the place you're looking for! i'm following them in a bit!"

Having sent the message, he steeled himself and took a deep breath before charging through the crowd to quickly hunt down the elusive assassin.


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Just as the day seemed to spiral into further oblivion, Aziz spun around and turned--to find the girls gone. He looked around the crowd left and right but he didn't recognize anybody who resembled any of them.

"Great! Socially awkward, Miss no-vision and sailor mouth all got lost in the crowd! Now what am I going to do?"

For a moment, Aziz wondered what to do. He asked them out to go on this little journey. They were his responsibility. And he royally fucked it up. Somehow, he wondered if it would've been better for Menou if she had stayed with King-wannabe. At least she wouldn't have to bother with big crowds.

"Urghh...what's so wrong with crowds anyway? It's not like any of them are minding you let alone checking you out..." Aziz wondered just how bad Menou's condition was. "Hopefully it's not bad enough that she freezes up helplessly..."

A text from Kujo told him that Nagisa's gone to follow Kanade so there was that at least. This put him a little at ease since he knows that despite her health condition, Nagisa should've already found a good spot for them. Still, he didn't want to leave all the responsibility over to her. These times are the times when a man's gotta act cool.

"So let's shine the way only Aziz Harumi could shine!"

Wherever they are, Aziz knows everyone came here to watch the beachside show. So naturally--

"Sir? I think I saw some suspicious people wondering around the back of the stage. Could you go check?" Aziz asks the bouncer watching over the stage. Fortunately, the guy took the bait so he took this chance to sneak into the stage and head on over to the microphone.

"Umm...hello!" Aziz addresses the crowd through the microphone. "Can we please all rise for the national anthem?"

"Oh hey Akeno--whoah!" Makoto saw Akeno descend from the stairs and turned to greet her but was visibly taken aback when she immediately hugged Asagi, standing a little off to the side.

"Whoah! Is she your little sister or something man?" Asagi asks, a little surprised.

"No, she's--" Before Makoto could introduce her, Akeno whipped up her app and introduced herself to Asagi. "Yep, you heard. She's also a resident up in the girl's quarters."

"Oh, is that right? Hello then! I'm Asagi Arakawa but you can just call me Asagi~ I'm Makoto's new roommate and I just want to lay it out here as to not cause any misunderstandings: I'm a guy. So it's not as if Makoto suddenly got a prompt for an eroge opportunity or anything." Asagi introduces himself to the girl. He couldn't help but notice her speaking through the app though. His eyes turned to Makoto for an explanation but debated against it.

"You didn't go with them Akeno?" Makoto asked, referring to Aziz's troupe that left the dorm a few moments ago.

"What do you mean? Oh, are you talking about that girl who visited the room a couple of hours ago?" Asagi recalled Menou's visit.

"Yeah. They went to the park to watch some live thing or whatever. Don't really know the details myself."

"Great! More food for us then!" Ritsuka declares.

"Since when did you cash in on this?" Cel reprimands her.

"No matter. I should be able to make enough for everyone here. Well then, I'm going." Makoto excused himself as he went up to the kitchen.

"I'm helping him out. Catch you upstairs Ritsuka~" Cel followed shortly after. With the two heading up, that only leaves Asagi, Ritsuka and Akeno down at the lobby.

"First day here and everyone's already nice to me...I may enjoy my stay here more than I thought." Asagi grins as he muttered those words to himself. "Akeno right? Do you know a nearby convenience store that sells ice cream by the tub? I kind of feel bad that I'm not bringing anything to the table save for some coffee candy while my roommate cooks up some spaghetti for everyone. So, mind tagging along with me? You've lived with them for a while. You know what flavors they dig right?" Asagi invites Akeno to tag along with him. He was still new in the area and he'll need someone to help him navigate.


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Menou was stunned into complete silence when Kanade picked her up and carried her out of the giant sea of crowds. Ugh, she felt like garbage but was grateful for the assistance. When they finally made it out and she was set down, Menou was still gathering her bearings.

"Miss Koizumi? It'll all be okay. Miss Takamine and I are right here beside you. Nothing's going to happen, you're safe..."

Menou heard those words and took several deep breaths, sighing a bit before weakly hugging Kanade.

"T-Thank you, Kanade..."

Small tears were falling down before she realized what exactly she was doing. She quickly let go and hid her bright red face. Fuyumi just rubbed her back once she could find it.

"How are you feeling, Miss Koizumi?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm doing okay..."

This caused the blind girl to smile.

"That's quite a relief to hear. Now, you don't have to talk if you don't want to but what caused you to break down back there? No one's going to judge you, we're all quite concerned."

Fuyumi wasn't actually sure if Kanade would judge her for it but Fuyumi certainly wouldn't. She had quite a few panic attacks herself when she was going blind and knew how painful and terrifying it could be. Menou was about to answer but she then saw Nagisa.

"A-Ah, Nagisa..."

Fuyumi smiled, relieved that Menou was at least feeling a tiny bit better.

"Ah, so you are the fabled assassin. My name is Fuyumi Hirabayashi. If you perhaps need nutrients to sustain yourself for any slayings, come to me and I'll cook you an excellent meal."

Menou blinked, almost surprised at Fuyumi's wording. Did she seriously believe Nagisa was an assassin? Regardless, Menou did feel a little bit better though still majorly embarrassed about hugging her crush.

Akeno blinked. Did... Did he seriously want her to come along with him to get some ice cream? Akeno weighed her options a bit. On one hand, the two had just met and she didn't quite know everyone in the dorm well enough (no thanks to herself just being a doll and not a human) but on the other hand, it was an opportunity to make an actual friend. Akeno jumped at the chance.

"Oh, yeah! Sure thing~ I'd love to come along. I know a couple of ice cream places that sell tubs~"

She flashed him a warm smile. It was a little strange that he was dressed in women's clothing if he identified as a guy but Akeno wasn't about to question it. She had no room to talk herself as she was just a doll existing in human skin. At least, that's how her mother always made her feel like. The perfect doll to just be admired by everyone and never once allowed to show humanity or cracks.

"We should get going~ We can talk along the way if you need an idea on who people in the dorm are?"

Meanwhile, Madoka and Hotaru arrived back at Hotaru's dorm room and Hotaru seemed to be brimming with excitement and checking her phone every five minutes. Eventually, Madoka sighed and looked over at the half-Icelandic girl.

"Emirsdottir, what are you excited about?"

Hotaru then grinned at Madoka.

"Well, though the cakes are for everyone, there's one newcomer in particular I'm really excited to see again!"

"Is that right. Who's that?"

Hotaru hummed as a faint nostalgia clouded her mind.

"Mm... Her name is Misaki Amamiya. I've known her since high school. We were all in a group together and I'm just really excited to introduce her to you guys~"

Madoka blinked.

"That's pretty lucky for the two of you to be in the same dorm."

"It really is~ Still, hopefully whoever ends up as her roommate treats her okay. Otherwise, they'll suffer my wrath!"

"Emirsdottir, I highly doubt you have wrath to show in the first place."

Hotaru pouted.

"That's not true! I can get mad if I wanted!"

Madoka chuckled a bit.

"Sure, I'll believe that. In any case, how do you want to do this?"

She smiled and set up a small cake slice with a candle on it.

"Before Misa-chan gets a chance to experience everyone else, I want to give her my own personal welcome~ You don't have to stick around if you don't want to."

"I'll do so just in case. Wouldn't want you to accidentally burn the dorm down."

Hotaru smiled.

"Great~! I can't wait to introduce you to her! She's really sweet~"

Hotaru then loaded up her message system to send Misaka a message.


Message to: DJ_HoundCity

From: CandySlayerPhantom

Hi, Misa-chan! So looking forward to seeing you again~ Ah, when you get there, come over to room 307! I have a surprise for you~ :D

Message sent!

Hotaru grinned.

"And now it's time to wait..."


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"I mean, we're all fine and dandy now but-- what the--?"

Kanade paused as she felt arms thrown around her. She felt her face burn red- she hasn't been hugged in a while much less by a cryptid-- can't fucking think how did this-- what the fuck is she doing

She took in a sharp intake of breath when Koizumi let go, tuning in to the introductions being made by Nagisa and Fuyumi. Nagisa, on the other hand, furrowed her eyebrows and laughed awkwardly.

"I'm not actually-- it's a rumor, alright? Don't trust in rumors all too easily--"

A voice rang out.

A fucking, familiar voice.

Nagisa turned to the stage, seeing the resident troublemaker on the stage, telling everyone to rise for...the fucking national anthem. She wrinkled her nose.

"What the fuck is he doing...?"


Somewhere in the crowd, Nagisa heard a sharp bark of--

"HEY! He said rise right?! So fuckin' rise!"

Nagisa sighed and lowered her head. What a great start to a great performance.

The air of the convenience store's air conditioners bite through her turtleneck and jacket. She involuntarily shivers; Misaka grabs a bag of chips, just to get a snack before she takes the long trek to Blue Lotus. The hotdog she had earlier would probably suffice as a dinner at this point.

She takes a sip of the cold beverage in her hand, and winces. Brain freeze.

Her phone buzzes in her pocket and she puts the bag of chips back to answer it. She glanced at the screen, relaxing when she recognized the familiar username.


Message to: CandySlayerPhantom

From: DJ_HoundCity

Oh, I knew Yurin would rat me out to you guys. I was planning on surprising you but since we're both in St. Gabriel's I guess it couldn't be helped. XD 307 huh? I'll be there, at least when I get my things sorted out. Since you've been in there before me, could you help me out with the registry and stuff? I mean-- I wouldn't want to rely on my roommate, if I have one.

PS. a brief rundown on the residents would be nice. hahahah. XD

Message sent!

Misaka sighs and shoves her phone back. Time to make that trek back...