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Noa Arai

"There's nothing in this world that can't be explained logically. If you want me to believe ghosts exist, they'll have to do something unexplainable."

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a character in “Arc 4”, as played by Guardian Aelita





Name || Noa Arai

Age || 19

Gender || Female

Sexuality || Unknown

Appearance || Noa has long white hair that goes down to her knees that's tied up in either pigtails or a bun with two locks framing her face. She has violet eyes that are either always stoic, angry or just plain curious. Her skin is rather pale and she almost always dresses in black clothing. Whether it's a black version of the uniform at Kurogane Technical Institute or a black jacket, white and black dress, tights and thigh high black boots, she likes to wear it all as long as it's black. Some people could see her as gothic but she doesn't believe that she is.

Face Claim || Tama Sakai from D-Frag!

Personality || Noa has always been an inquisitive person. She always wants to learn all she can about the world around her, whether it be the origin behind Santa Claus or the theory of relativity. Her genius mind means she gets very high marks in school and she keeps those high marks by studying as much about the subject material as she can. She doesn't have too many friends because she tends to go on and on about subjects that no one cares about outside of a classroom and because her blunt manner of explaining the unexplainable through logic and reasoning gets her labeled as a killjoy. She is working on her social skills but she finds them unimportant to develop at the moment and would rather continue learning all there is to know about the world around her. She's rather stoic and doesn't easily show her emotions due to the belief that she doesn't need to be too expressive around people for her to get her point across.

Room Number || 301

Roommate || Akeno Furuya



Debates || Noa likes getting into debates with classmates and teachers over topics. It helps expand her knowledge, gives her other people's perspective on things and helps her know how to counter argue people when she gets a career in being a lawyer.

Science || Noa really admires her father and likes to learn about the world around her. She enjoys all forms of science like biology, astronomy, astrology and geography. As long as it covers a scientific topic, she loves it.

Bad Movies || Guilty pleasures are perfectly natural for a person to have. Noa's guilty pleasure is watching bad movies. The illogic, plot holes and unintentional behavior is so mind boggling to Noa that it becomes hilarious to her. She'll never tell anyone she enjoys them though.

Unexplained Events || Noa's philosophy on life is that anything can be explained and anything that claims it can't just hasn't been thoroughly looked at yet. She tries her best to explain what can't possibly be explained.

Dumb People || Obviously Noa's not asking for everyone she meets to be as intelligent as Albert Einstein but when someone is so dumb that they can't button a shirt without hurting themselves, Noa has a problem with them.

Being Proven Wrong || Like some people, Noa has quite a bit of pride in herself and how well she thinks she knows some subjects. So when she's proven wrong, Noa gets very pouty and sulky for a bit before recovering and adding this to her collection of knowledge.

History || Noa has had almost no complications with her family life. Her mother, father and older sister all shower her with love and encourage her to do whatever she wants as long as it makes her happy. She ended up being very close to her family as a result. Because of her father being a scientist and her mother being an engineer, Noa was drawn to the world of science and mathematics. She wanted to understand everything there was to understand about this world. She learned as much as she could and entered many different schools with high hopes and high dreams. As she got to school, she shared a lot of insight about the subjects presented to her in class. However, this only made her a social outcast. No one was that interested in school and while she was upset at first that no one wanted to talk to her, she grew to not care too much since her family supports her no matter what. However, they still wanted her to have friends.

When Noa graduated from high school, her parents recommended she go over to Kurogane Technical Institute in the hope of making friends. While she initially didn't want to go as there was no law program at that school, Noa was drawn to the stories of how students were pushed to the limits and only wanted to learn more when pushed to those limits. Intrigued, Noa decided to take the entrance exam and got into the class. She was a little disappointed when her parents asked her to live in the Blue Lotus dorm but accepted their wishes. However, Noa scoffed at the rumors that the dormitory was haunted. There was no such thing as a haunting and any sort of mysterious occurrences could be faked or explained. Or, so she thinks...

Colors || Speech = Mediumorchid / Thought = Mediumpurple


So begins...

Noa Arai's Story


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Sunday - 10:00 AM

"Man, you'd expect that since it's a Sunday, it'll be a lot quieter!" Cel thought irritably as Aziz's loud music blared from the second floor. Normally, Aziz wouldn't have gotten access to the stereo upstairs but seeing that most of the residents had gone home, no one really was around to reprimand him or anything. Technically there is Cel but--she doesn't get paid enough to put up with his antics.

"Rowdy morning as usual." Cel looked up from her desk and saw one of the dormers, Sora, headed out. She had already bathed and changed into the clothes she usually wore to work on weekends.

"Hey Sora." Cel greeted back. "What's going on? Don't you usually leave around 12?"

"I need to stop by somewhere before that. Just need to check on a few things." Sora explained before her attention turned to the noise. "What's with this guy?"

"Don't know either. Anyway, is Nagisa awake? I got a new movie she might be interested in."

"Maybe. I'm not sure. I get kind of tired sometimes that I fail to notice things. Anyway, I'm off."


As soon as Sora had walked out the door, Aziz came rushing down the stairs, grinning to himself. "Hey there, my pretty consort~"

"Aziz." Cel calmly called out, giving him a stern eye. "You do know that messing with the second floor stereos aren't allowed?"

"Yeah but see, there was no one there when I came in so--I kind of just plugged in my Mp3." Aziz looked around the lobby to see if there were any other people around. "No seemed to mind."

"Umm, I kind of do mind? Granted this job's not the most exciting job in the world but I would at least like some peace and quiet? It's kind of hard to talk with all the noise."

"You mean you don't like my sick beats?"

"Not that I think your choice of songs are bad; everyone's entitled to what they like after all. But 'New Flame' isn't exactly something I want to listen to at, let's see...10:25 in the morning."

"Better than the yoga and zumba crap the swim guys listen to whenever they use the pool." Aziz explained. A few weeks ago, the pool was rented out to the Partisan Rose Male Swimming Team in order to bring in more income. Cel personally didn't mind if it meant getting a raise. "Anyway, I heard there's something going on at Bishop's Park. Want to come check it out?"

"Sorry, I'll have to pass. Can't leave the desk since my partner's not around. But what's happened there exactly?"

"Folks online said it might be a meteor! But I don't know. That's why I want to see it." Aziz explained.

"You'd be better off towing Makoto or Yoite along since this thing's up their alley. Kanade might also be interested, I suppose." Cel thought of some people she knew who might be interested in those things.

"Of course! What do you think the morning new flame is for?" Aziz turned to face the stairs, looking all excited like a child waiting for a toy. "Watch out Cel, the first wave of people approaching Cel's Complaints Desk is coming--Now!"


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Sunday - 10:00 AM

Hotaru was starting to wake up from a day long sleep she went through yesterday. It had been a particularly brutal week as most first weeks tend to go. She was adjusting slowly to life at the Kurogane Technical Institute and found it a lot harder than she had even expected. As she got up and stretched, Hotaru saw her roommate playing on her cellphone. She assumed the girl was talking to one of her online friends again.

"Hey, Menou?"

The black haired girl grunted a bit in a small response.

"I'm gonna go over to the pool. Did you want to get a swim in?"

The black haired girl only answered with a small shake of the head. Hotaru frowned a little, worried for her roommate but since the two weren't particularly close yet, she chose not to say anything.

"Alright then. I'll see you later then..."

Hotaru grabbed a swimsuit and walked over to the indoor pool. Along the way, she saw a girl with long white hair reading from a book.

"Ah, Noa. Good morning~!"

Hotaru chirped in a happy voice. Noa looked over and nodded slightly.

"The morning is hardly what I would consider good but it is nice to see you as well, Emirsdottir. I trust you slept well?"

"Ah, yeah~! A day long sleep is just the fuel I need to get back to work."

Noa blinked.

"I barely see why you would need a "day long sleep" if you just adjusted your sleeping schedule according to the world around you. It's not good to be denying your body rest."

"Ehehe~ I know it's not the right thing for me to do but I've been doing it for so long that it's kind of become a habit of me to just... forget sleeping."

Hotaru laughed nervously as Noa sighed a little.

"Well, perhaps at some point, I can provide you with an effective-"

No sooner did the suggestion start to leave Noa's mouth that loud music began to blare from the hallways.

"What is this screeching nonsense...?"

Hotaru sighed.

"Chris Brown is what it is. I mean, it's a change of pace from Zumba but I was actually looking forward to doing some Zumba exercises. Who messed with the stereo?"

"I've been around long enough to take a wild guess."

Both girls turned to see Yoite and Akeno in the hallway. Both of their hair was damp and their clothes were put over themselves. It was a bit obvious that the two were swimming together in the pool only to get out at the sound of the music change. Yoite laughed a little.

"But yeah, Aziz is the only guy I know that could do something like this. That guy sure does love trolling."

Akeno pouted a little but waved hello to Hotaru and Noa. Hotaru waved hello back with a smile while Noa turned away a little.

"I am going to go and have a little "discussion" with the man. Assuming no one else gets to him first, I'd like to reprimand him on his atrocious choice in music."

"I'll go with you."

Noa quirked an eyebrow.

"And why is that?"

"Well, at least one person has to make sure no one murders him. Plus, maybe he just wants to talk and this is his... weird way of saying it."

"Ah! In that case, I'll come along too~ Akeno, wanna say good morning to Aziz and Cel?"

Akeno's face brightened as she nodded happily in agreement. With that mild discussion, the four went downstairs to the front desk to find Aziz himself and Cel.

"Good morning, Cel~ Sorry you had to get Aziz'd again."

Akeno tugged a bit on Aziz's sleeve and started to sign to him once she had his attention.

'Hi, Azi! The music you played in the pool sounds really good! Is there any more songs you have that I can listen to?'

Noa frowned a little at the purple haired man.

"Harumi, I do not appreciate that incessant clatter you call music being blared across the hallway. I was fine when it was in your room where the only damage you could inflict was on yourself and Nobuyuki but not in a public area."

Hotaru just weakly chuckled. This morning was already off to a wild start.

"Good morning, Cel-chan and Aziz-kun..."

As soon as Hotaru said that, Madoka descended downstairs. He took one look at the scene around him, sighed heavily then focused his gaze on Aziz.

"Aziz, what did you do this time?"


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Sunday - 10:00 AM

Nagisa stared tirelessly at the unfinished drawing on her desk- a machine design she still hadn't finished up until now. Though she had been working for three hours on homework- she awoke at 7:00 AM; an oddity, as she usually woke up two hours earlier than that- and this drawing, she still hadn't the faintest idea of what to do with it.

Her gaze drifted to Chomper, who was sitting on her desk, staring with blank eyes. She reached over and instinctively switched him on.

While the robotic raptor's clear areas started turning blue, she heard loud music being played from the second floor. With a grimace, she watched as Chomper hopped off the table, staring up at her and reacting to the sound...just as his AI had been programmed to do. Nagisa hadn't programmed him herself, of course not. She wasn't that good yet.

The moment she stepped out of her room- Chomper following suit beside her legs- she immediately heard a sharp thumping down the hall. Looking over she recognized Kanade's shaggy hair; and besides, who couldn't mistake the heavy thumping her boots made?

"It's 10 in the morning-- who plays this shit in the morning?!"

This was going to be a good morning, Nagisa told herself as she winced. Looking around the area, the other girls weren't around to back her up.

"Clearly only one person in the dorm would, and his name starts with A and ends with -ziz."

"Hell-- don't get me wrong, I like this, but this shit should be played at night."

Kanade's insults and complaints droned on Nagisa's ears as they descended, joined no sooner than the other resident oddball, already wrapped up in his black coat and purple scarf.

"What is this ruckus in this hour?"

Soichiro grunted, his glare made worse by the fact that he seemed like he hadn't slept; Nagisa briefly wondered whether he had stayed up all night doing another one of his rituals.

She didn't realize she voiced that thought out loud until Kanade shot her a pitiful look and Soichiro's gaze hardened.

"Of course, manipulator of machines! I have not slept, for I have been trying to find my old nemesis!"

"And did you succeed?"

Soichiro hung his head and buried his face in his scarf.


"You should just quit while you're ahead, oddball."

Upon reaching the first floor, Nagisa noticed the amount of people now gathered around Aziz. She got ready to reach out a hand to block Kanade's quickening steps, but then she heard another voice pipe in.

"Hey now-- what's up with y'all and complainin' about Aziz's sick beats?"

Oh god, it was him.

Kujo was stepping down from the stairwell, yawning and adjusting his draped jacket. He was grinning- yet another thing that annoyed Nagisa.

"Mornin' everyone. Takamine, I thought you'd appreciate it since-- you know."

"It's trap music? Shit, I can appreciate this but only at night, not at fuckin' 10!"

"Hmph, mortals and their music..."

Nagisa shook her head and completely bypassed her arguing companions, leaning against the reception desk and sighing deeply.

"Crazy morning as usual...did Sora leave already?"


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"And the cavalry has arrived!" Aziz proudly declares as most of the population had arrrived--a little less enthusiastic with the whole noise he caused.

"Hey guys. Guess it didn't take long for you to find the culprit eh?" Cel greeted them almost apologetic. Some didn't seem to mind like Hotaru, Yoite and Akeno, who was tugging at his sleeve, making him laugh a bit. Madoka and Noa were...not satisfied at all with the whole ensemble.

"Ah well, you see--" Just as Aziz started on his explanation, Nagisa, Soichiro, Kanade and Kujo arrived at the scene as well. "Kujo! Takamine-chan! I need backup!"

"I don't think they'll be backing you up here." Cel sighed as Nagisa leaned on the desk, asking about Sora. "Yeah she left a little before this grape showed up. But it's nothing new isn't it? Sora's barely around most of the time."

Befored Madoka and Noa could murder him, Aziz brought out his proposition. "The truth is, I heard there was something going on at Bishop's Park so I decided to come tell you guys. Some dudes online were saying it might be a meteor but I don't know. If it is, I'm sure it's going to be pretty valuable. If not, well, I reckon it'll be cool regardless."

To get away from the commotion, he leapt up at the coffee table in the lounge, in a vain attempt to look taller than he really is. "Since King-wannabe's not around and Cel's stuck minding the CDC, I figured I should ask you guys! One professor of mine always told me to work smart and not hard so instead of going door to door to your rooms, I decided to gather you here instead! Haha! My genius surprises even me!"

"So come on! Who knows? It might be a relic from Tyrannica! Or, or--maybe a fraction of an alien robot species from outer space! With a mustache~"

"And that concludes his report I guess. If you all want to head to the park, you should get going now while the sun's not too harsh yet."


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Hotaru turned her focus over to Aziz after giggling over Cel's grape comment. Apparently, there was going to be an event going on in Bishop's Park. Hotaru knew a couple of co-workers who visited Bishop's Park around the night to look up at the sky. Perhaps she could talk to them if nothing else.

"That actually sounds like fun, Aziz. Sure, I'd like to go with you~!"

Akeno meanwhile had a more exaggerated reaction. Her eyes widened at the idea of going to see something potentially out of the ordinary at Bishop Park. She started to sign excitedly. Madoka quirked an eyebrow.

"What is she saying?"

"She's saying "take me too" and "Can I go too?" Haha, of course you can go too. Aziz did invite all of us so he meant you too."

Akeno smiled widely before jumping a bit in joy and hugging Yoite. Yoite laughed a bit and ruffled Akeno's hair a bit as she let go and hugged Aziz as if thanking him before letting him go. Yoite hummed a bit.

"It's been quite a while since I went to Bishop Park. I don't see why not. After all, there is beauty in the world that's just waiting for my canvas. Even if said beauty comes from a mustache sporting alien robot."

He laughed a bit. Madoka hummed a bit.

"I have nothing better to do. Sure."

Hotaru flinched a bit at how blunt Madoka was in his answer, laughing a little nervously.

"I-Is there any way you could have said that a bit nicer...?"

Madoka turned his gaze to Hotaru before caving.

"Count me in..."

"Well count me out."

Akeno pouted a bit at her roommate but Noa ignored her gaze.

"I have a lot of homework I need to catch up on, someone has to house-sit Blue Lotus with Concepcion-san and the idea that the thing that fell to earth is a robot is frankly somewhat naïve of you to think."

"There's Menou! She's still in the house."

Noa frowned a little.

"I understand that Koizumi is in the house too but, frankly, I wonder about her perception of things."

Hotaru sighed.

"Well, it's your choice in the end. So, looks like Yoite-kun, Madoka-kun, Akeno-chan and I are coming along with you, Aziz~ Is there anyone else who wants to come along?"


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At the prospect of a meteor crash, the group's attention was immediately caught. Nagisa rolled her eyes- though it was obvious that the other three she had come down with here were already thinking of going. Well, she couldn't blame them- they were socialites, except for maybe Soichiro anyway.

"Did you say-- a relic of Tyrannica?!"

And there he goes.

"Then I must, by all means, investigate this! If it turns out to be something very valuable then I must see it for myself! Fuahahahah!"

In a whirling mess of black and purple, Soichiro was already out the door, faster than any racer they've seen. Kujo laughed a little.

"Hell yeah I'm going! I need a little morning air to freshen up you know?"

"Shit-- if there's any valuable scrap there I'm taking it! No one can stop me!"

Nagisa suddenly felt rather...unnerved. Turning, she noticed Kanade and Kujo's stares landing right on her. With a grimace, she started to turn around slowly.


"Are you coming along, Nagi?"

She wanted to avoid this question. She did plan on leaving, but not to Bishop's Park. She leaned down and picked up Chomper, lightly stroking his head and listening to the low rumbles he emitted as his tail swayed to calm down.

"...Maybe, but I'm not going to be staying to see the rest. I have some business to take care of."

"Awesome! That's almost all of us...well, aside from a couple of killjoys."

Kujo spoke the last part quietly, more to himself if anything before crossing his hands behind his head and grinning.


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Menou blushed heavily at Aziz's question. She confessed that she was a bit lacking in the topic of boobs and Hotaru's were bigger than hers but she would never admit it. Akeno grinned a bit at the topic. Hotaru shook her head rapidly.

"Aziz-kun, I think you watched a bit too much anime. We don't really compare boobs."

Menou blushed even redder.

"E-Emirsdottir-san, please don't say those things so casually..."

Akeno tilted her head at the word cryptid and looked over at Menou curiously.

"D-Don't worry, Akeno... I-I'm alright..."

Akeno grinned as if to say "I know" and hugged her again much to Menou's chagrin. Hotaru seemed a little concerned when Aziz and Kujo found her stash of games though.

"Ah, those are-"

"Don't go through Emirsdottir's stuff like that."

"I mean, it's fine. Just ask first before you do it next time, okay? Still, I have Counter Strike but I'm warning you, I'm a little bit rusty when it comes to this kind of thing. I'm more used to JRPGs, rhythm games and fighting games. Still, I'd like to take you on, Aziz-kun."

Hotaru grinned, accepting his challenge. Madoka sighed heavily.

"Isn't this all distracting for the supposed main reason why we came here?"

"Oh, right! Menou-san, you've been to the rooftop recently, right?"

A brief dark look crossed Menou's face. She remembered her plan vividly but wouldn't execute it until after her birthday. Shaking it off for now, she looked over at Yoite.

"Y-Yes, I have. Why?"

Yoite grinned a bit and presented the strange rock.

"I'm not sure if you heard of this or not but we went over to Bishop's Park today to discover the head of a statue cut off along with this mysterious object. Did you happen to see anything, Koizumi-san?"

"I-I'm sorry but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary last night... Hopefully we figure out what it is though..."

Menou looked off after that, a little bit frightened with this many people in her room. Yoite noticed and decided to give her space.

Blue Lotus 4:00 PM

"Yes~! I finally won!"

Hotaru cheered after finally winning a match against Aziz. She had to admit that he was really good at this game. Maybe he would make for a good co-op partner in any Let's Plays she did involving two players. Menou smiled a little as Akeno got into a handheld game and played that for a little while. Yoite was trying to talk to Madoka about the object but Madoka refused to hear it. They were all interrupted by a knock from Cel who told them that food was ready. Akeno grinned and sprinted away instantly.

"O-Oi! Akeno, don't run so fast!"

Yoite chased after her while Menou's stomach growled.

"Well, I am hungry... Hopefully no one will mind if I ate a little..."

Menou walked, a bit cautious. Hotaru grinned.

"I could always go for some food. Come on, guys!"

Hotaru walked out while Madoka followed behind her, briefly wondering a bit about Noa.

Bishop's Park 4:00 PM

Noa Arai made it to Bishop's Park once she was certain the others had left.


She briefly inspected the headless statue.

"From what I can see, the head is missing. It doesn't appear to have been modeled that way. Still, part of it looks like it's cut off. Perhaps the object was hot enough to have sliced through the metal but cold enough to not melt the rest of the metal surrounding the statue..."

Noa frowned a little.

"Still, I don't see any trace of an object capable of doing that. Did they steal the item for themselves? That makes things a lot harder to understand..."

Noa just sighed irritably, cursing herself for not being able to figure out what made the statue headless.


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Menou was a little curious about Aziz's comment on Makoto being King-wannabe but thought it might have to do with him and Makoto not being roommates anymore. Still, she smiled warmly but shyly at Makoto.

"N-No, I don't mind at all. Pork is delicious... T-Thank you, Makoto."

She gently sat down and watched as Akeno ate her food happily along with Yoite. Her stomach growled in anticipation and she slowly ate at the food. She didn't really remember how good pork tasted until now and continued to eat slowly, savoring her meal. Hotaru looked up at Cel with a bright smile when she asked her question.

"Ah, Nagisa-chan? Well, she said she had to help her friend on a school project so that's probably where she was. I'm a little worried about her though. Hopefully she'll be okay coming home. As for Noa-chan? I don't really know in all honesty..."

Madoka grunted a bit at the mention of Noa Arai. He and that girl just didn't get along at all and it frustrated him that the others were somewhat worried for her.

"I'm sure she's fine."

Hotaru looked over at Madoka, still worried.

"You sure?"


Menou looked over at the two and small nostalgia went through her. Shaking it off, she just continued to focus on her meal. Yoite hummed a little bit.

"Actually, Cel-chan. I'm a little bit full. The meal was pretty delicious though~ I'm going to go find Noa-chan."

Hotaru looked relieved.

"Thank you, Yoite-kun~"

"Don't worry about it, Hotaru-chan. Go ahead and turn in for the night without me."

He then left the others to continue their meal, walking over to where he had a feeling Noa Arai was.


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Menou listened to Makoto's instructions and smiled warmly. She was impressed that he knew so much about cooking and briefly wondered what else he knew how to cook. Before she could ask, Madoka stretched.

"Well, thank you for the food but I'm going to head off to sleep. I don't really want any part in your illegal activities and I need to get to class early today. Later."

Madoka went back upstairs to bed. Hotaru hummed a little.

"Madoka-kun might be out but I'm definitely in~ Akeno? Menou? Do you want to check out the rock with me, Kanade-chan, Nagisa-chan and Soichiro-kun?"

Akeno nodded excitedly. She really wanted to have some fun and this looked like fun. Menou flinched.

"U-Uh... I-I have classes at 5 in the morning but I don't really sleep anyway so sure."

Hotaru cheered.

"Looks like you have some spare hands, Kanade-chan~"

Yoite looked through Bishop Park and smiled a little as he found the white haired girl.

"So this is where you are."

Noa blinked and looked over at Yoite with a small frown.

"Hello, Arakaki. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Yoite laughed a bit.

"Well, I was looking for you. People were wondering where you went and I had a hunch you'd be right here looking for answers."

"Huh. You aren't as airheaded as I thought. But yes, I was discovering the mystery. No one would want to be with me to discover the facts and disprove any mysterious elements."

Yoite nodded.

"Sorry if you couldn't figure it out. We stole it to figure out its secrets. If you want, I can get the information for you."

"Hm... Well, it's illogical to reject such an offer."

Yoite grinned.

"Great~ We should probably get back to the dorm though. It's dangerous to be out alone."

Noa huffed but nodded as she folowed Yoite. She supposed Yoite wasn't as bad as the other dorm members, at least.


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Hotaru walked into Kanade's room with a happy smile while leading Menou inside as well. Menou looked around her, somewhat in awe that she was actually in her crush's room. Akeno meanwhile ran in and sat down on Kanade's bed, looking around her for anything she could play with. Hotaru grinned as she walked over to Kanade.

"Hey, Kana-chan~ Did you figure anything out?"

After the question left Hotaru's lips, Aziz had pointed out that the object seemed to belong to some form of gadget. Menou frowned a little bit.

"A-Actually, Aziz... I had heard from the news that the object was a plane that crashed into the statue but no one really knows where it came from because there was no planes that took flight during the time of the crash... So, the UFO comment might hold some water..."

Akeno tilted her head before looking around for something. She tugged on Kanade's sleeve and tried to communicate to her that she wanted something that could turn text language into speech.

"Finally, we're back."

Noa looked around and noticed that most of the students seemed to have been either asleep or doing something else. She just shrugged and went up to her room.

"Arakaki-san, I'm actually rather exhausted. You should get some rest too. It's unhealthy to stay up for unnatural periods of time."

Yoite chuckled a bit.

"Alright, alright~ I'll go ahead and get some rest. I'm sure the others will explain to us what that object was. Good night, Noa."

Noa nodded at Yoite before going up to her room and closing her door, sighing as she noticed Akeno wasn't in the room with her. She supposed the mute was off finding out more about the object. With nothing else to do, she went to bed and fell asleep.


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Next Day- Blue Lotus Dormitory

"Just one last touch and... Ta-da~!"

Hotaru grinned as she looked at the mirror. On top of her Kurogane Technical Institute uniform, she wore a giant brown fleece hoodie that had pink and brown bunny ears on the hood. She grinned. Now she could brace the cold and look adorable doing so.

"Menou-chan~ I'm headed out! Good luck with school today~"

Menou just shyly nodded as Hotaru got up and ran downstairs. She grinned, feeling like today would be a great day.

Today was already a horrible day, according to Noa Arai. Not only did the girl get no sleep, she ended up getting a fever for her troubles. She noticed her roommate peering at her worriedly.

"Ah... Don't worry, Furuya-san. I require rest but I'll be just fine after that. Go to class and I'll just stay here."

Akeno still seemed worried but nodded as she walked downstairs. She looked around for someone to help her out with Noa.

Madoka was already at St. Gabriels and working on editing a movie he and his club started to make last week. He was a bit curious on what the object was but not curious enough to find out. He then noticed Yoite in the room with him.

"What? Need a computer for something?"

"Nope. Just wanted to say that you'll be late for class~"

"... Shit, seriously?!"

He quickly saved and started to book it to Modern Arts with Yoite following him. The green haired man was mainly trying to stop his chuckles.


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Menou smiled a little as Makoto asked what she'd like. She merely shook her head.

"I just wanted to see if we could hang out if you aren't too busy is all... I wanted to try to get out a little more and I figured here was a good place to start... Still, it kinda seems like you're busy. Maybe we can plan on a little surprise dinner to welcome everyone? I'd be happy to help."

Menou wanted to try and make a good first impression as being known as the shut in creep started to hurt her a little. She figured since Makoto knew a thing or two about cooking, maybe she could help too with setting up or seasonings or whatever.

Akeno blinked and thought before nodding.

"Yeah! We have three new friends!"

She had done a little research on them while staying up last night. She stretched and smiled.

"They all graduated from Seven Stars and they all seem to be pursuing different paths in life~ The first one really likes fashion and he wants to be a fashion designer. The second one makes OST remixes in her spare time and develops games too. The last one is blind, but she makes up for it with her amazing cooking."

Akeno grit her teeth to maintain her smile. She was envious of all of them. They all seemed to have complete control of their lives. Meanwhile, Akeno was still stuck in her mother's shadow. Still, she wouldn't reveal her problems to anyone. Not until she knew she could completely trust them.

"Isn't that awesome, Soichiro-kun? We're getting prodigies in a way~ I wonder if any of them will recognize Hotaru-chan?? Wouldn't that be something~"

Akeno pulled out some medicine for Noa. Just because she didn't trust her doesn't mean she won't be nice to her. Her mother taught her to be polite to everyone after all.

"Still, I wonder if anyone else in the dorm will get them for roommates?"

A girl with curly auburn hair traced the outside of Blue Lotus for a name plate. She wanted to make sure she had the right area. The girl sighed in relief when she found the braile and nameplate indicating that this place was indeed Blue Lotus.

"Thank goodness... My GPS has yet to lead me astray. Now, a proper introduction is in order."

She straightened herself, relaxing her shoulders and calmly knocked at the door. She wanted to present herself as refined, composed and easy to talk to. She patiently waited for someone to answer the door, eager to meet a potential new face.


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"All of them are from Seven Stars?! Then they must know my archenemies!"

Still, the idea of three different prodigies coming to their dorm was odd. Blue Lotus was almost chock-full of "problem" students despite them being rather nice people, himself counted. He briefly wondered; a fashion designer, a cook and a game developer. Those were rather varied people.

"Takamine and Itsuna currently lack roommates do they not? Then there is a chance they will be receiving roommates."

"What the fuck-- Harumi?!"

Kanade turned, an eyebrow raised. But then, at the same time, Aziz brought up a good point...

"SHIT! The fuckin' flux capacitor! Son of a bitch!"

She turned her gaze on the rock that was still on her workdesk before looking back at Aziz. Maybe with how he ditched class, he would have heard of that vital piece of info...

"Hey, Harumi! Have you heard of anyone new coming here?! New residents?! If you did, do you know who they are or how they act?! If I get a roommate and she finds out about this she'd definitely rat me out!"


1 new message!

FennecMedic: Misa-chan! :D Today's the day you move to the dorm right?? Are you on the way yet? Oh, I just know the others will be excited to see you! >_<


DJ_HoundCity: Thanks. :) I'm already on my way, can't help but be nervous though...I'd reckon this trip will still take me around 4 more hours. I should get some shut-eye. I've been awake streaming the whole night.[/b]

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Now Menou was presented with an even bigger problem. Her logic dictated that she should stay behind. Makoto was really angry with Aziz and she wanted to try and calm him down at least. Maybe the two could cook together but who's to say he wouldn't be mad at her either way? Then, there was the other option. Menou didn't trust Aziz too well if what Makoto told her about him was true. That said, there was also the possibility that the blonde bombshell she liked would go with her. She was bored enough and that could mean that she might possibly tolerate her? But what if Menou made a complete fool of herself like always and caused the blonde to view her as a giant joke? Not like Menou didn't already feel like the world's cruelest joke in the first place, but it would still hurt to turn her crush off completely...

Fuyumi glanced over and noticed the introvert having a small and internal debate. She frowned a little, feeling a bit sorry for her, before focusing her attention on Aziz or where she thought Aziz was.

"I would be delighted to come along, Mr. Aziz. There's just something that I'd like to disclose with you. I'm blind, and I mostly rely on hearing to get across from place to place. If you don't mind, may you please take us to an area where we can hear the music clearly but it isn't blaringly loud? I understand if you can't fulfil my request."

Menou noticed that Fuyumi agreed to come over, which just added more to her anxiety. Then, she remembered her parents. They denied her access to anything related to fun. She was forbidden from attending concerts and what not because then she would burn in hell and have to repent for her sins for the rest of her life. Well, she was going to hell whether she liked it or not, at least according to her parents, so...

"T-Then... I-I'll tag along too... Just, nowhere near too many strangers... Please...?"

God, she hated how pathetic she sounded. She was probably doing Kanade no favors in terms of laughing at her, same with Aziz and possibly the newcomer. Why did she even have to breathe...? She shook off the self loathing thoughts for now. It would only be music. Nothing more... no one could hurt her if she just focused on music...

"S-Still, we really should hurry up... The file won't fill itself..."

She weakly chuckled, frustrated at how grating her voice sounded to her own ears. Why was she even allowed to speak? She probably just made everyone annoyed at her. Fuyumi looked at Menou, a small bit of worry in her eyes. She couldn't see Menou's face but she did hear cracks in speaking. Those cracks indicated that she was holding back tears or screams. She hoped the strange girl would be alright.

Akeno restrained a frustrated sigh as Soichiro spoke. She supposed he had a point but did he have to dismiss her that quickly? She tightly gripped onto the medicine before typing out her reply, mask set in the usual position.

"Oh, yeah! Noa-chan should probably get her medicine too. Tee-hee~ I guess I was caught up in trying to get to know you better."

Still, she paid for the medicine and started to trek back to the dorm, hiding her frustrations perfectly.


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Menou was rather confused as to why everyone was doing the national anthem but focusing on the lyrics and song helped calm her down quite a bit. She supposed she had to thank Aziz for helping her calm down along with the others but she was unsure if she wanted to go out in public any time soon. Still, she turned her attention back to Fuyumi, who smiled at her.

"Do you feel a little bit better, Miss Koizumi?"

"Y-Yeah... Thanks, everyone... Still, how the heck is Aziz going to get out of that spot?"

Akeno flashed him a grin. Truthfully, she was very excited to get to know the young man standing next to her. But first things first, she needed to introduce the others.

"Oh, right! Yeah, I can tell you a little bit about everyone."

Akeno didn't know too many details considering no one really wanted to get to know her better but she could at least tell him the basics.

"Let's stat with the girls first. I can't tell you about any newcomers but I do know a little bit about the other girls. First is Hotaru Emirsdottir. She works at a maid café, graduated from Seven Stars and is taking some classes in Interior design. She's really sweet and wants the best for everyone around her. Her roommate is Menou Koizumi. I think if you know Makoto then you know a bit about Menou but she's a bit of a shut in. No one really knows why though, but try to be careful around her. Ah, there's also my roommate Noa Arai. She's really smart but people don't like her much because she can be blunt around other people."

She seemed a little bit sad.

"I find it kind of unfair. Noa-chan should have friends too, which is why I'm trying to be her friend. Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Next is Nagisa Makinami. There's a bit of a rumor going on that she's the assassin but don't take it too seriously. She's pretty quiet but she's not a shut in like Menou is. Her roommate is Sora Kyousuke. No one really knows much about Sora Kyousuke because she's almost always out on her job. But, I've seen the job she works at and it's really nice. Lastly, we have Kanade Takamine. She..."

Akeno looked down to think of a good word to describe her without being mean.

"I think a good word to describe her is... unique. She speaks her mind a lot and can be a bit mean but she's the perfect person to be around if you want to have fun. Now let's move on to the guys~"

She grinned a bit at him.

"Since you already know Makoto, let's start off with his ex-roommate; Aziz Harumi. Aziz gets a bit of a bad reputation but is otherwise a decent guy. He's charismatic in his own right but he's a bit of a trickster so watch out. His roommate and partner in crime is Kujo Nobuyuki. I heard he's part of a gang so be careful there but he seems like a really cool guy to be around if you're friendly to him. And then there's Soichiro Tanizaki. If you meet him, don't freak out if he speaks in a weird language about Tyrannica and relics and ascending to higher powers."

She let out a very weak and almost breathy laugh, coughing afterwards.

"In any case, Soichiro imagined a world of his own and that's really admirable. I really like how he can be himself without worrying about others judging him... But I'm getting off track again. There's also Madoka Ikeda. Madoka is quiet and anti-social except when he's around Yoite and Hotaru. Still, he's really passionate about films and filmmaking so if you want to be friends with him, maybe start off with a conversation about movies? Lastly is my good friend Yoite Arakaki! He's a super sweet guy who always tries to communicate for me. I'll get to myself after I'm done with Yoite, but he's also an incredible artist who loves all kinds of paintings~ Definitely get to know him better if you're looking for instant popularity. Though, I'm not too interested in that stuff. I'm more interested in being friends with people who seem nice."

Akeno spun around to flash Asagi a happy grin.

"And that just leaves me~ So, I'm not entirely sure how to describe myself. My mom wants me to be the perfect girl that always gets good grades so I can marry a doctor and start a successful career in a perfect household. But... I don't really want that. I'm more interested in music but that's about it. I haven't really gotten enough time to develop too many likes so sorry. But, I can say that I'll be a lifelong and loyal friend if you'll have me~ Ah, you're probably also wondering why I'm using a text to speech app? That's mainly because I'm mute. But, I'm working on getting my voice back. The reason why I lost it is a bit too complicated to talk about though..."

Well, Menou put her real self out in the open and she was hopeful Asagi would accept it. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

Message to: DJ_HoundCity

From: CandySlayerPhantom

Oh, yeah! Absolutely! Completely spaced on that. Haha~ I'll meet you in the lobby to help you out and we can talk about the other people in here when you show up~ See you soon!

Message sent

Hotaru squealed happily, causing Madoka to sigh a bit.

"So I take it she's almost here."

Hotaru quickly hid the cake and put out the candle before taking his hand.

"We're meeting her in the lobby, come on!"

After a couple of protests, Hotaru dragged Madoka down to the lobby where the two of them waited.


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Fuyumi smiled warmly as she clapped her hands, tilting her head with a warm smile.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, Mr. Harumi~ I can't wait to hear this incredible game."

While Fuyumi would be at a severe disadvantage considering she couldn't see the game being played, there could be certain audio cues that would point her in the right direction of where to go, so she was looking forward to at least getting a feel for that.

Yoite rubbed the back of his head and smiled a bit sheepishly.

"Now I feel bad for making you guys wait so long. Still, at least there's still cake and ice cream to enjoy."

Madoka just sighed.

"Took me damn near an hour to find you. Also, I'll help out with the dishes too."

"Same here. I feel bad for taking so long to get here. Ah, Akeno? Where's Noa?"

Akeno frowned a little.

"She's really sick... I gave her some medicine and she's asleep right now so it's best not to wake her."

Yoite frowned a little as well, somewhat worried for the know it all.

"That's terrible... Well, I'll try to get her some cake if she's awake. Would you mind going to check up on her after you've helped with Misaka?"

Akeno nodded and followed Hotaru, Misaka and Asagi to Misaka's new room. Hotaru grinned.

"Alright, Misa-chan~ Just tell us where you want your things to go and we'll do our best to help you out!"

Menou just sighed sadly as she curled up on her bed. She couldn't believe she had a panic attack at the concert and didn't get to do much due to her stupid anxiety. She shook her head, looking over at her phone. Maybe she could have been a normal girl if she just acted like one, but it was too late for that. Now she was just stuck as garbage. She loaded up the local forum and typed out something on a new thread.

"Worst night of my life. I feel like absolute shit and it's all my fault. I wanted to try and get out more often and try to break out of my comfort zone by going to a concert. I figured maybe if I go, I could try to be not total garbage. It didn't work. I had a panic attack, barely talked to anyone and the day was just awkward for me. Also, I'm scared I got one of my friends mad at me and don't know what to do."

She posted it and saw an influx of people reply to the thread. Some were trolls that she dismissed because they weren't saying anything that she didn't already feel, some were giving her advice on how to help Makoto but there was one response that stuck out to her.

"Why should you feel like trash? You looked really beautiful at that concert."

That reply sent shivers down her spine. Why did that person word it like that? Was he trying to comfort her...? Regardless, it gave her the creeps and she locked her phone for now, sighing softly. She struggled a bit before deciding to try and talk with Makoto tonight to apologize.


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Akeno managed to suppress her cringe as she walked up the stairs. The dude seemed to be an absolute asshole but who was she to complain? After all, she just took time out of his day and out of Sora's just to satisfy her need to actually matter in society. Still, she supposed she would find another time to get away from everyone to get an idea of what she liked now that she was inside and forbidden to go anywhere. She opened the door to find Noa's curious eyes. Akeno smiled warmly.

"Ah, Noa-chan! I thought you would be asleep by now~"

Noa stared a bit at Akeno before groaning a little. Her headache had long begun to set in.

"I wasn't exactly awake these past few hours... Still, what do you have?"

Akeno smiled.

"Oh, this? It's for you! It's mushroom risotto from Sora~ Hope you like it!"

Noa took the food and started to eat slowly with a plastic fork.

"It's bland. But that's most likely from my sinuses and not from the actual food itself. Sora has my compliments."

Akeno nodded and just laid down in bed.

"Try to get a little more sleep. You still sound pretty bad..."

"I will. Oh, Furuya?"

Akeno looked over at Noa which caused the other girl to look back with a blank expression.

"The next time you try to sneak out, try to be a little less obvious about it."

Akeno paled a little before a small amount of fury hit her. Of fucking course her smartass of a roommate was going to know what she did. Almost nothing got past the queen of intellect. Still, she kept her mask up and grinned happily.

"Whoopsie~ Guess my attempt to get out and not wake you failed."

Noa just sighed a bit.

"Yes, well, I don't expect you to tell me what it is you wanted to do when outside. But I'm assuming it wasn't for very long and you got caught."

Akeno just nodded, anger piercing her on the inside.

"I knew it. Still, while I understand not wanting to associate with others, you may find it somewhat beneficial. I don't wish to get into such things myself but I recommend that you do."

"Alright, I'll give it a shot."

Akeno said that but she knew that wasn't going to happen. No way anyone would want to hang out with her of all people.

"Still, you should get some rest, Noa-chan. The more rest the better."

Noa sighed a little.

"Very well. I believed I've told enough to you. Sleep well, Furuya."

Akeno blinked as Noa fell asleep. Maybe Akeno was just that desperate for someone, anyone, to actually notice her and try and talk to her for real, but Noa sounded genuine. Regardless, Akeno just closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Hotaru was a bit pale upon Kanade making her rather scary entrance but sighed in relief when everything appeared to work itself out.

"Kanade-chan~ Misaka-chan is really great at remixes and game making. You should really talk to her if you want to hear some amazing music. Ah, how was your day? It must have been really fun to have gotten home this late~"

Hotaru just started out with small talk to try and relax Misaka a bit.


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"Is that so? Then, never mind." Admittedly, Sora wasn't also feeling too up to cooking dinner in the wee hours of the night. Exhausted by the night's events, Sora changed out of her work clothes and slid into her bed.

"Someone was murdered on 14th Avenue. Watch where you tread Nagisa. If only I could always be around..." Sora recalled an incident she overheard and almost partially witnessed.


She recalled someone say the word out loud amidst streams of lights coming from the ambulance and police cars surrounding the area. It was very close to Kurogane Technical--where Nagisa studied, making Sora quite concerned for her roommate.

(OOC: As almost everyone is asleep at this point, I'll be skipping ahead to the next day...)

Tuesday - Blue Lotus Dormitory: Parking Lot 6:00 AM

Cel woke up early and was immediately greeted by a familiar automobile sound pulling over into the parking lot beside the dormitory proper. She espied two figures walking out of the car and immediately headed over to the door to unlock it for their visitor.

Their landlord to be exact.

"Mitsuru-san? Back from Chiba already?" Cel immediately greeted the brown-haired male upon entering though her eyes immediately noticed his scruffed up look and the various bandages covering his face.

"Yeah. Dealing with appointments like that is such a drag." As if catching on to Cel's perception, he removes his hat and straightens his hair a bit, taking care not to hit the throbbing areas on his face. "Sorry about leaving you to hold the fort here for a month Cel-san. Hope the residents have been good."

"Well, there wasn't much incident...Oh! We got three newcomers who transferred in. Don't worry about it though. Ryota-san came over to personally oversee their transfer."

"Typical dad. Yeah, he called me up on it too." As he and Cel talked for a bit, the other person, a girl, who came in with Mitsuru merely sighed and started towards the stairs, looking a little bit pale.

"I take it Kirika-san's--?"

Seeing this, Mitsuru could only let out a sigh. "I knew I should've taken the convertible. Anyway, some of the residents are awake now right? Mind calling them over? I have some announcements to make."

"Hmm...Wonder what's going on this time?" Aziz wondered as he fumbled a little on his phone while he sat on one of the couches in the lounge.

"Beats me. I have a feeling what it is though." Makoto thought out loud upon seeing the familiar navy-blue Jaguar parked outside from the window.

"Care to enlighten me?" Sora asked. Before Makoto could answer, Mitsuru reappears before them, having changed into a new set of formal wear though he still kept the bandages on his face.

"Well--to get straight to the point--there's going to be a few changes around this place. First, I want to announce that starting today, Black Rose is officially closing." Mitsuru immediately got to the point. He never was one to linger too much.


A collective gasp immediately rang out from the residents. Black Rose was the small cafeteria located on the second floor where most of the residents hanged out with their friends to watch. It was also popular among them for serving delicious meals and coffees.

"Tch! So noisy...You didn't let me finish." Mitsuru tries to placate the crowd. "Anyway, it's closing down on the second floor since we're moving it over there." Mitsuru points at the small bungalow type dwelling which had been under construction for the past three months. "So expect it to be a little more noisy in the day."

"But, will the system change or anything?" Sora asked, even if she doesn't really make use of its services that much.

"If you mean the meal and coffee coupons then no. You can still use them. Only difference is you now need to walk all the way outside. Not too much of a hassle though plus, the exercise will do you good."

"Umm...I can still borrow the kitchen there right?" Makoto asks next.

"No. But you can still use the one on the second floor--it's not like I'll be turning it into anything else."

"But why the sudden decision to close it down though?" Cel spoke up next. "So I guess it isn't really popular among us but--"

"Exactly the point though." Mitsuru cuts Cel at that. "By taking it outside, the brains behind this whole operation wanted it to at least gain some public appreciation which brings me to my next point. Because of this, your rent will significantly decrease."

"That's probably the best piece of news I've heard all week."

"However--I've been hearing reports about certain people breaking the rules on a daily basis." Mitsuru eyes the rest suspiciously. "Such as people breaking curfew rules, blaring overly loud music, letting in too many outsiders at a given time, bringing in loud equipment and damaging the facilities."

"I thought I've already explained this several times." Sora immediately defends her side. Makoto could only glance at Aziz who was surprisingly acting like a frozen stalactite.

"W-well...I guess that might be a problem...haha..."

"So, I'm thinking of implementing harsher regulations. I'm considering removing the 3-count rule for one. But of course, I need to take your needs into account as well. So, I want to talk to your parents first. My office, 10 AM -5 PM on Friday. That should be good enough right?"

"But--But they're in Dubai!"

"Mine's in Tokyo."

"And mine is...well, we're not exactly on speaking terms right now."

"Not my problem. Anyway, I've said my piece here. Do you have any questions?"


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Yoite just grinned as he led Genji back to their old room.

"Gonna be honest, Gecky, it was a bit lonely here without you. Managed to get some paintings done but it's not the same without you here to interpret the meaning behind them and what not."

He hummed a bit as he sat down on his bed.

"Come on, man, you have to tell me everything. What was like during your travels?"

Part of him wished he could have accompanied Genji on his travels but at the very least, he was back here now. The painter would rather hear about his travels first before introducing him to all the new dorm members.

Akeno felt a bit awkward about leading both Tadakatsu and Kazuya around but at the very least, it gave her a chance to be around Tadakatsu again. If need be, she could ask Kazuya to step in if the situation got way too awkward. Still, Tadakatsu knew her from childhood onwards, hell, he was her cousin in a sense. She could definitely be real around him and Kazuya.

"Guess I'll be your tour guide then... Just follow me."

She took them to the first floor.

"Here's where most of the staff are located. Administration office is on the left, the receptionist is Cel for future reference and most people hang out here before going out for school and what not in the lobby."

Tadakatsu surveyed the area.

"Ah, this seems like a good enough place to sleep if I need to crash."

Akeno quirked an eyebrow.

"Since when did you sleep all the time?"

Tadakatsu focused his attention on Akeno. He was unsure if the guy beside her knew the whole story so he decided to keep it simple.

"Since you were forced to use that thing to talk."

Akeno winced a bit as she typed out her response.

"At least you're still as sharp tongued as ever."

He shrugged a bit before heading up to the second floor. Akeno noticed and quickly ran up, holding Kazuya's wrist so he would follow her up the stairs. She quickly let go after.

"This is the second floor. You'll find a cafeteria here along with the indoor pool and bathrooms. Don't get the girl's bathroom and boy's bathroom confused."

Tadakatsu raised an eyebrow with a small smirk.

"Don't think I will. Why?"

Akeno sighed a bit.

"A guy got caught trying to peep on girls in the bathroom."

Tadakatsu shrugged.

"Must not have want to seen them that bad if he got caught."

Akeno huffed at Tadakatsu's reply.

"Katsu, don't be a pervert."

"I'm not. I'm just saying if he was that desperate to see girls bathing, he'd try as hard as he could to not be seen."

Akeno softly hummed.

"To be honest, I don't know the whole details myself. I was lucky enough to not be there when the girls got peeped on and everyone's kept the whole story a secret from me so I only know that. Anyway, just don't go into the girls bathroom on accident."

She then led both boys up to the third floor.

"Speaking of, this is the girls floor. I'm going to take a small break here so you guys can process the tour so far."

She also wanted to check on her roommate so she opened the door to her room.

"301 is my room number for reference. If either of you need something, come over and say hi. I'm not the one that'll bite."

Noa let out a sleepy groan as she woke up to see two unfamiliar males. She quirked an eyebrow.

"Furuya, I didn't expect you to bring males in the our room. Why are they here?"

Akeno looked over at Noa.

"I wanted them to be here. That's why."

Noa shook her head.

"In any case, have them not disturb me too much."

Akeno frowned a bit.

"At least say who you are."

Noa faced the others with a small frown.

"Noa Arai. I'm a student at Kurogane Technical and Akeno Furuya's roommate."

She then faced the wall causing Akeno to deeply sigh.

"She seems friendly."

Akeno heard Tadakatsu tell that to her in a mildly sarcastic tone. She shook her head.

"She's like that with everyone. Don't take offense, Kazu."

Menou saw how dark it was getting and nodded.

"That's probably a good idea. Especially with the news about the murderer going around..."

She quickly paid for her ice cream before getting up.

"I'll see if Hotaru can lend me some of her sewing materials."


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"Not at all, my friendly tour guide!" Kazuya assures Akeno while she showed them around her room. "Hello! I'm Kazuya Tamashiro from Partisan Rose. Nice to meet you Akeno's roommate! I won't be around too often so don't worry about it!" Kazuya declares proudly.

The girl introduces herself as Noa and she was from Kurogane Technical. Kazuya never would've guessed though. He thought most Kurogane Technical students tend to stay out late engrossed in studying. Guess there's different varieties for each school.

"Noa? Like the guy in the Bible? And you're from Kurogane? It's nice to meet you then! I'll be around often by next week since I'll be working close by so it's also nice to meet you, friend of Akeno-chan!"

"But's quite dark so we should settle in Tadakatsu-san. I need to be back before 10 or else my father will kill me..." A chill ran down Kazuya's spine when he thought about the earful he'll get from his father when he's late. "So Akeno-chan! Where should I put his bags?"

Likewise, Asagi managed to hail a cab to that took them directly back to Blue Lotus. Having paid for the fare, he and Menou finally made it back to the dorm.

"I guess you'll be going back to your room then? Good night! We start next week so I'll drop by your room around that time, 'kay?" Asagi bids his newfound friend goodbye as he also strolls up to the room after logging in with Ritsuka.

"I'll probably pass a bit on the game guys. Maybe tomorrow." Aziz informs his two companions when he heard them talking about the game. "I kind of want to rest up a bit. You can go ahead without me." He tells the others before heading back up to his room. He passed by a pink-haired girl on the way there but was rather out of it in order to think about it properly.

"Must be one of them newcomers...Oh well..." Aziz sighed as he went back to their room, hitting the covers immediately upon arrival.

Tuesday - 8:30 PM Blue Lotus
"You're rather late today." Kirika greeted Cel just as she entered the door, her backpack slung over her shoulder. "Ritsuka's been wondering what's taking you so long."

"Sorry, I got a medical exam which took AGES. I sent Ritsuka a text, didn't she receive it?" Cel explains to their landlord as she got ready to take over what remains of Ritsuka's shift.

"Idiot probably left it somewhere again. For all I know, she probably left it in the laundry."

"I actually wouldn't be too surprised if that actually happened." Cel laughed as she sat down, organizing the log books and papers on the desk. Unlike her, Ritsuka tends to be a bit messy and unorganized with the stuff. " Mitsuru-san around? I need to talk to him."

"Aniki? What do you need from him?"

"'s kind of a long story."