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Blanky Wood

The protagonist in 'Horrorland'

0 · 238 views · located in Oh, Ionia!

a character in “ARCADE”, as played by hyperskyper91


Name: Blanky Wood

Age: 27

Birthday: October 30th

Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: Cop in the arcade game Horrorland

Attire: Police uniform which in later games changes to black tank top (sometimes purple) and black combat pants.

Character: Crazy cop with a taste for danger. Because of her past treatment she has become wary of humans, preferring to converse with animals and non humans instead (i.e. Slappy and the Horrorland horrors.). Doesnt open up easily. She is however loyal for life to the people she cares about and protective. Very passionate about her work.


Past: Niky (surrogate sister), Slappy the dummy (her master but she considers him her guardian/older brother) and Rocky (despite being Slappy's henchman, he cares more about the girls, who see him as a father)


Niky, Axel Dastardly, Ionia and Turbo
Ninja turtles: when she and Niky were teens, they would frequently hop over to the ninja turtles game, where they befriended the heroes and became friends for life. Blanky learnt a lot of cool stuff from them

History: At boarding school together with her best buddy Niky, who had a ventriloquist doll named Slappy. One day the school authorities saw her playing with Slappy and shipped her off to a mental institution where she was given electric shocks and tested on. Luckily for her, Niky and Slappy set out to rescue her from the hospital and the three settled down in Slappy's former owner's house, which hadnt been touched in years and taken off the market as it was believed to be cursed.

Likes: Movies, adventure and anime conventions. Met one of her favourite characters thus, Dick Dastardly and his daughter Axel, with whom she becomes good friends. Often invited to visit.

Dislikes: Scientists (except Birkin)

William Birkin: she met him while visiting Axel in Resident Evil, where she also met Axel's love interest, Wesker. William happened to be there too and she asked Wesker to set them up. Loves him deeply and will do anything for him, even risk her well being.

Mutations: Butterfly effect,causing her to sprout butterfly wings (aka Metamorphosis and Experiment No 9 ) Mutated into a reptilian like creature.

Fact: Wood isnt her actual last name, she came up with it when she and Niky enrolled at school. Seeing how their guardian/master is a dummy, the name Wood is very fitting.


'You have the right to remain silent.'
'Soo...You want to play games, do you?'
'Think of it this way, kiddies... bunnies!yeah. Bunnies create lots of little bunnies. ..minion bunnies.
they do it by cuddling each other very hard....and'
'You have veen very vad.'
' very vad....your vadness.'

So begins...

Blanky Wood's Story