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The Bzou

(Under Construction!)

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a character in “Arcadia”, as played by VitaminHeart


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Full Name: The Bzou

Nicknames/Aliases: The First Wolf, The Spirit of the Hunt,

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown, though currently inhabiting the body of a female human.

Species: Bzou, a nature spirit that embodies the savage and destructive aspects of nature, and is known as the progenitor of werewolves.

Occupation: Dignitary, Ambassador,

Faction Affiliation The Bzou has done its best to maintain a good relationship with both The Seelie and the Wizards, though its nature origins means that it has always mixed better with the Lords and Ladies of The Seelie. As a spirit of predatory creatures, it has a natural affiliation with the Circle of Teeth, and would often preside over hunts, however it has become somewhat dissociated in recent years due to the use of increasingly weaker and more ill-treated prey.

Description: Outside of a host, The Bzou has no physical body, and is forced to inhabit another living thing in order to take physical form. Its current host is a human girl that was purchased for the purpose. While The Bzou relies on a human body, it dislikes appearing as human, and seeks to distance itself from that in its apparel. As a result, The Bzou is generally dressed in an ornate, carved wooden wolf head mask, with a hinged jaw that fits under the host's chin. Real wolf teeth are set into the jaws of the mask, and it is enchanted, allowing it to give a rather vicious bite, and some goat horns are set into the wood at the top. It tends to wear a rather haphazard assortment of furs, leather, and odd talismans of tooth and bone. A large, greyish pelt is worn over its shoulders as a cloak.

As the precursor to werecreature species, it is allowed to change the form of its host, affording it wolfish traits for short periods of time. During this time the host's limbs lengthen and large claws burst out of the digits, they gain a tail, their head elongates and they become covered in a layer of dark, wiry fur.

Personality: (A brief outline of their demeanour.)

Skills: As a savage nature spirit, The Bzou possesses powerful magical ability. It is able to exhibit a command over wild animals and some plantlife that allows it to use them to come to its aid. It appears to have the ability to charm the beast races, and those it attempts to influence often struggle to resist it...something that is thought to explain the slavish devotion that the wild werewolves have towards it.

The creature can also change the form of its host for short periods, allowing an enormous boost in strength and speed.

As a spirit, it cannot die in the traditional sense, only lose its host and become immaterial, allowing it to engage in dangerous activities without fear of consequences.

Weaknesses: (Achilles' Heels that can be exploited by their enemies.)

Brief History: (Any notable events in their background that might have shaped them. If you don't want to reveal too much, that's fine.)

(Anything else you think everyone needs to know about your character.)

So begins...

The Bzou's Story


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Luthor Huss kept up a brisk pace as he approached the Bright District once more. It was strange crossing the bridge again, evidently the Lanterners had gotten a skilled sorcerer there late in the night. The place appeared perfect, as if nothing had even happened. For a moment, Luthor questioned whether or not the event had even happened; perhaps it had merely been one of his night terrors? However, the baker gnome's stall was gone, and despite all the magic in Arcadia the air still hummed with the energy of magical rage and death.

Luthor pressed forward, over the bridge and into the Bright District. The streets were crowded with families and merchants preparing to make the hike to Spire Rock for the Festival. The atmosphere was lively and happy, the bleak undertones of current events blissfully forgotten. Eventually, he found himself once again in the Temple District. It seemed like a lifetime had passed since he was last here, when in reality it had only been the previous day.

For some reason, the happier the scene around him became, the more savage scorn he felt for the whole festival. He could feel his old self returning, the strength came back into his arms and legs. His head suddenly felt clearer than it had for some time. He would put on a show. Oh yes, he would show these fools a performance they would never forget. He grinned as he finally reached the border of the Tower Gardens.

He hadn't set foot in the Gardens for at least a year, maybe two, but his sense of scorn for the place had never left him. The flowers stank, the trees were twisted, Elvish and ugly, and the plants were left free to run amok across the path. The crowd around him pushed forward, eager to view the gardens that most of them had never seen before in their lives.

Then there was a scream.

Luthor shot a glance in the direction of the noise, and felt his hackles rise dramatically. Wolves, filthy, Tyr cursed wolves. They stalked through the garden in a monstrous bipedal stride, snarling and snapping at those who stood in their way. The largest of them carried a slight figured form on its shoulders. The figure wore a mask or helmet carved from wood in the shape of a wolf's skull. "It" was a young human girl, and yet not. She wore garbs made of fur and feathers, a helm fashioned from the skull of a monstrous wolf leering on her head. Luthor tasted foul sorcery all over her as the wolves passed by him. She emitted an oppressive, musky spiritual force that was somehow familiar. He began trembling with anticipation, he felt his face split into a grin again. He knew this feeling, the feeling of a worthy foe; one of a somewhat kindred spirit.

Suddenly, she turned her head, and for a moment they made eye contact. Her eyes were not human. She was not a human, if she had been, than she was not anymore. Luthor snarled audibly, but resisted the terrible urge to draw Gram and slay the abomination where she sat. He didn't know what was going on here, but he had a feeling he was going to kill some wolves before the day was out...


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"I do believe. That a seat has remained here for me for a good many years." The Bzou said in a strange and disturbing voice.

Councilman Rúmil Nénharma approached the band of wolves. He was officially overseeing the welcoming committee for the festival. “Welcome distinguished guests! You must be the Great Bzou, are you not? Your appearance has indeed changed over the years. I am Councilman Rúmil Nénharma. Your place has indeed remained here at the Festival of Unity. Right this way please.” He said elegantly with a bow.


Alatariel Léralondë


Alatariel ran through the halls of Spire Rock. She searched for her father. She saw him standing on a balcony overlooking the festivities below. Councilman Lolindir was with him. “Father! There you are! I must speak with you at once. Councilman Lolindir, good morning to you. Pardon me my lord, may I have a word with my father in private?” Alatariel struggled to gather her calm.

“Indeed my lady. I shall take my leave. I do sincerely hope all is well my lady. I will see you both at the festival’s beginning.” Lolindir replied calmly. He was curious as to what startled Alatariel so.

“I as well hope all is to be well councilman.” Alatariel replied.

After Lolindir left the two began to talk. Alatariel informed her father about the vision she was given. Ingwe was slightly concerned. “I wonder who this man of light that is to disappear is? Hmm…” Ingwe asked curiously.

“Father I believe someone is in danger here today. We must do something.” Alatariel pleaded.

“Worry not my dear. I’ll have the Lanterns keep an extra close watch over today’s proceedings. Today is a day of joy and celebration. Smile and don’t let such fantasia arouse such concern. I must see that things get started now. I’ll see you in the festival.” Ingwe spoke gently. He didn’t want Alatariel to worry herself and not enjoy the festival.

Faramire Elessar and Eldeen

Faramire and Eldeen searched the crowd of any sign of the man the Moon watched intently, Luthor Huss. The many people stared at them in awe. The many children ran up to the pair, much to their parents dismay, and begged to pet Eldeen. They were so excited because they had not seen a unicorn before. Eldeen gladly gave them the okay and the children stroked his smooth coat. Faramire smiled gently as he watched the happy children interact with the prince of unicorns.

Faramire spotted the wolves and the Bzou. There was a gargoyle staring curiously at the Bzou. Faramire and Eldeen walked up to the Gargoyle and answered the inaudible question. “She is now the Bzou, leader of the wolves. A human possessed by an ever-living spirit of the Wyldes. I see that Eldeen and I am not the only residents of the Wylde present today.” Faramire spoke to the Gargoyle while peering at the Bzou. He was certain that the Bzou sensed Eldeen and his presence there. The werewolves many years ago would trespass into the Pale Crystal Wood and were driven out by the Unicorn keepers. The Bzou and Prince Faramire came to an agreement that kept the werewolves from trespassing any further.


Ingwe headed downstairs to the main festival grounds. The Festival was to begin soon. Members of Wizard Tower were also present. They were able to set their personal qualms with the Seelie aside in order to attend the festival. Bishop Elendil Underhill of the Wizards Tower was present at the festival. He was an elegant man of good disposition. He was ushered in by Councilman Voronwe. Other members of the Wizards Tower were present as well. All of the distinguished guests were to be gathered soon in order to begin the procession into the opening ceremony.


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Faramire Elessar and Eldeen

"The Great Moon huh? I didn't know the moon could watch anyone. Still, I appreciate your gesture. My name is Luthor Huss, I'm a blacksmith's assistant." Huss stated.

Faramire giggled a little at Huss’ reaction to his talk of the moon. The horns blew in celebration of the ceremony’s beginning. Faramire turned slightly to look back at the stage. Ingwe, Alatariel, Voronwe and the other council members stood atop the stage and the crowd began to focus their attention on the main events. “I fear we shall have little time permitted to us to speak with each other. Here, this is something I should bestow upon you. It’s is known as the miracle stone. It will activate when your heart is in need of blessing. Until we speak again, do know that the Earth, that is so dear to our great Moon, see you as a king and steward of change for this land.” Faramire said calmly before looking up to the sky while holding his hand over his heart. “Oh Great Moon, thank you for allowing us this occasion.” Faramire said softly in a slightly chant like manner. “We shall see each other again, my human friend.” Faramire said with a smile.

The Mer Royals

Lord Ingwe stood on the stage and announced the major guests of the festival of unity. There were fireworks, and loads of theatrics about. “I am honored to have many distinguished guests here with us today. I would as if you would ascend to the designated seats assigned to you and your party when you are announced.” Ingwe began. “Prince Aearion Tulrin, Son of King Vehiron. His royal highness hails from the ocean kingdom of Mornenion.” The announcer called out Aearion and he levitated forward. “Aranhil Rinion, Duke of Ilaria the Western Sea. Merilwen Vanamarilla Princess of Airemana, the Eastern Sea.”

Brandeau and Ellemmire watched as the Mer Royals, being summoned to the stage, began to move forward. Aearion didn’t leave without giving Brandeau a warning. “You had better not cause trouble, pirate.” Aearion hissed.

Brandeau grinned with a snicker. “Don’t you worry, Dolphin. I wouldn’t dare have all of these Lanterns comin’ after me now would I?” Bandeau motioned for the Merman prince to proceed toward the stage. The three mer royals approached the stage. The crowd cleared the way for them as they passed. The people were in awe of the mer-people as they levitated to the stage area.

Next The announcer called the name of the representative from the Wizards Tower, “Bishop Elendil Underhill of the Wizards Tower.” Elendil walked gracefully toward the stage. He emanated strong magic to those in his presence. The Byzou was announced next. Ingwe thanked all of his distinguished guests for attending and supporting the unity of the land.

“I would also like to announce something special today. On this day of celebration, I would like to announce that my daughter Alatariel shall be engaged to High Councilor Lolindir. This is a joyous occasion and my daughter is happy with her husband to be. I pray you bestow upon them your blessings.” Ingwe smiled greatly. Everyone knew that marriage to a head of the High council’s child would mean being appointed the head of the high council upon the current head’s dismissal, death, or retirement from the position. The kingdom cheered. Lolindir smiled only slightly. He was generally interested in Alatariel and did have feelings for her. Ingwe was confident that Lolindir would indeed treat Alatariel well and take care of her.