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Jessica Coleman

It's not a gift and it's not special; it's a curse and I hate it. Now leave me alone.

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a character in “Arcana Academy”, as played by OverTheRainbow



Full Name: Jessica Annabelle Coleman
Nicknames: I defiantly prefer Jess,the only person who's ever called me Jessica is my mother.
Age: 19
Birthdate: March 27 1994
Home Town: Dunfrice, Scotland
Sexuality: Straight as a ruler my friends.

School: Noctrem Why? Simply because I couldn't see how a power like mine could ever be used for good.

Power: My power- Do we have to talk about this?.....Fine. My power is laser vision. You must be thinking 'oh wow,you must be so happy, the girl that can cut through anything.' Well it just isn't the case. Firstly, It can't cut through anything; the thickest material I've been able to cut through is Ply wood- the wood that most furniture is made out of. So no, I can't cut through brick walls. I tried to once, but all it did was burn the paint off the wall.
Secondly, no it is not a cool power to have and it isn't something I can use at my pleasure. It takes an intense amount of concerntration to be able to fire the beans from my eyes and be able to the control the direction that they go in; if I didn't, they'd be some serious Injuries... The main reason I hate my power, well as soon as I've stopped using the beans, I am temporily blinded. Yes. It sucks. The longer I have the beans, the longer I am blinded for. It's so horrid, just standing there having to rely on your other sense to determine exactly what's going on around you. That's why I resent my power. It makes me feel helpless afterwards. I have been told that my power is causing my eye sight to deteriorate, and if I keep using it; i'm going to blind by the time i'm thirty. Some gift, huh?
-Fast cars
- Sunny days
- Hanging out with guys
- Swimming
- Camping
- Playing guitar
- Taking Photographs
Dislikes: Five minimum please
- Wearing make up
- Slutty girls
- Fire
- People who try and convince me to embrace my power.
- Any healthy food
Fears: Well, confrontational women scare me, but I get over that fear pretty easily when I'm angry.
My real fear is the things that my power can do. I'm seriously afraid that my power will hurt someone that I love or am close to, just because of a slip in my concentration. I'm also scared about my future; not being able to see being the biggest part of that. I may never be able to see the face of my new born children, if I have any. It makes me shake to core to think that my life could soon be in complete blackness.

Well everyone has good day's and bad day's right? Well I'm no different, however my good days and bad days tend to be at complete opposite ends of the scale.
On a good day; I can be very bubbly, loud and extremely hyper. I am willing to talk to almost anyone, but I often don't like to sit down and chat for long. I seek the thrills in life and life for the moment a lot. Overall on a good day, I'm an incredibly nice person to be around, if you like a bit of fun.

On a bad day however, you wouldn't even want to cross me. I become very dark and withdrawn. If people try to talk to me on those days; I tend to be very short with them or I'll make a sacrastic comment, those are the day's I generally prefer to be left alone to sulk about whatever's caused me be having a bad day.
Triggers for a bad day can be anything from hearing that someone's said something nasty about me, to the fact that I couldn't find the shoe's I wanted to wear that morning, It's very rare that bad day's occur, but when they do, you steer clear.

I prefer to hang around with guys; I find that they are generally more honest that the girls are. I do enjoy female company too, as long as they're not all like; 'oh no, I can't do that, I'll mess up my hair.' Oh please! 9 out of 10 times, the guy you're trying to impress has already formed an opinion on whether or not he wants to sleep with you, way before you decided you liked him!
If I were to get into a relationship with a guy; he'd have be a proper gentleman. None of this 'jump into bed with me and then we'll talk.' I am traditional in the idea that'd at least like to know the guy a little before I jumped into bed with him! I'd want to make sure that he wasn't going to screw me other after I'd given him what he 'needed.'

I'm the middle child of five child. Four boys and me, the only girl the family; other than my mum of course. The sad part is, I don't know who my father is. Yep, my mum was a bit of hussy. She's got five kids, but three different men. Whenever I ask about my dad, I always gets differet replies;
'He was a good man'
'He was an asshole.'
'He was in the Navy.
'He was foreign.'

I've never had much consistency from her about him, and there's still a part of me that yearns to know exactly who he is; when I find him, I want answers.
Other than the constant thirst for knowledge about my past. My childhood was pretty normal. I was treated any differently to the boys, so I grew up with a love for power ranger ( I was always the yellow one) and fast cars. I was always closed to my Elder brother Alex, he always looked out for me and was nearly always willing to play House with me whenever I wanted a break from blowing things up. He's in the Army now, serving his second tour out in Afghan, how I miss him so.
How I discovered my power? Well, It was a sunny day ( unbelievable for Scotland, I know) and Alex, my brother Mike and I were out in the garden. Mike was younger than me and, like me, always had an eye was fun. We were going to play 'Knock down ginger' with some bottles. The idea of the game was to see who could knock down the most plastic bottles with the stones that we'd collected from the garden. Alex had already taken his turn, he'd hit four bottles and was feeling pretty smug. I was determined to bet him. So, there I was, the stone in my hand, focusing really hard on where to hit the bottle to knock it down, then suddenly, BAM!, a laser shot out of what, at the time seemed like no where, and sent the bottle rocketing about 6 feet into the air. Then, complete blackness.
'Whoa, did you see that?'
'I can't see'
'Just flew up into the sky.... must've been about twenty feet'
Alex, I can't SEE!'

I heard footsteps and a handed touched my arm, making me flinch.
'Jess, are you-'
Then there was light. The dazzling light of Scottish sun booming into my eyes. The intensity caused me to stagger backwards, and there was Alex, concern etched all over his face.
'Jess, are you okay?'
I took a deep breath 'What the fuck was that?'

That was the first time I found out about my power. There were other occasions of course, but that was the most memorable. My mum tried to get all the help in the world. She was the first one to convince me that my power was good thing and that I was blessed to have it and for a while I believed her; until that night....
I was fifteen and it was late at night. I'd just come out of my friends house parties; they were also nasty places. Full of attention seeking little sluts trying to grab guys attention and people getting stoned. I'd started to walk home, down the winding streets of Dunfrice, when I noticed that I was being followed. He was clearly drunk, I could sense that from the about a mile away, he was staggering all the other the place, straight lines were defiantly a challenge.
Most people would get scared in this situation; I just got irritated. When was this guy going to leave me alone? After a while, I snapped.
Can I help you? I called to him hotly.
He staggered towards me, trying and failing to keep his eye's on mine.
Give me a blow job He slurred.
This would have also caused most people to be affronted; it just made me amused.
Sorry darlin', don't do those on a first date
By this time, he was close to me
Gis a kiss them he slurred and grabbed me into a bear lock. That's when panic set in. I was trapped by this man. Completely helpless; what was he going to do to me? me I protested, whilst struggling. Then I looked into his face. That was when it happened. The lasers. They hit him square in the eyes. It was only for two or three seconds but that had been enough. I didn't see what happened to him; the blindness had engulfed me. All I heard was the screaming. The blood curtling scream of a man I never knew.
When vision returned to me; there I was. Standing in a dark alley way at night. with a dead man at my feet. I had gauged out his eyes with my laser.

Everyone told me I was right to do what I did; my entire family supported me, told that they didn't care what I had done they still loved me.
Of course, not every one was as understanding; the police launched an investigation and they were on the hunt for, what the media described as a 'New jack the ripper.' I had no option. I had to run/ To save myself and my family.
I read about Noctrem online; a school for whose who wish to use their powers for evil. Well I didn't wish to; I sort of got stuck with that situation. How could anyone who had killed a man with their power be good? So that's where I ran to. Needless to say, I don't exactly fit in, but I'm happy enough.

Anything else? I'm not a morning person, let me wake up of my own accord, otherwise there will be hell to pay.
I also wear glasses sometimes, yes, don't judge.

So begins...

Jessica Coleman's Story