Soldriin Torafin

"they say dark elves and demons are one and the same. I assume that I am that proof."

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RP Role: Subject 3
Full name: Soldriin Torafin
Subject Number: 218-3A
Cell Number: 3A
Race: Draegloth- These monstrosities are the result of a mating between a demon and Dark elf. To sects of dark elves that conceive them, they arm deem sacred and a blessing upon the family. All share the most external features like their dark skin, white hair(however their hair is more like fur) and red eyes. However, they are much stronger then their full blooded elven kin. Their four arms, the upper arms being much larger then the lower ones, can tear a man to shreds if they wanted to, but are often body guards for their clans and soldiers. As monstrous as they look, they are intelligent and capable of speech, but are often never taught anything but following orders.

Height: 9ft 6in
Weight: 320lb
Eyes: glowing red
Hair: White

Attire: a pair of tattered pants some beads in the hair.
Distinguishing Features: Long white mane, fours arms with the top pair larger then the lower pair, canine like face and feet, claw scars.


Hostility Level: Very hostile, but only when provoked
Threat Level: High
Special Considerations?: Restraints on the upper arms, any object that can be used as a spear is to be kept away from the subject and claws need to be constantly dulled.

Any signs of humanity?: Mostly calm disposition when not experimented on, Highly intelligent and calms down very quickly when presented with a small mammal.
Dangers: Easily provoked and strong enough to tear a man in half.
Any known inflammatory situations?: Constant harassment and judgement and the killing of a small animal can result in blood being spilled if not careful.


Family History: Soldriin is the son of a dark elf preistess and a summoned demon as his mother ascened into the priesthood. He has four other siblings, but all have little to no contact with one another. His mother died due to a betrayal from another ascending priest when he was four years old.
Personal History: With no way of returning to the dark elf conclave he was born in, Soldriin snuck his way into a human city, living off of food in dumpsters and teaching himself everything he needed to survive. He lived in a relativity remote part of the city park, occasionally killing anyone who found him. The police eventually traced the killings to him and sedated him, but not with out a fight and with deaths, and was placed into Arceius research centere. He hasn't been there long, but is never seems as dangerous as an orc because of his obvious control over himself.

So begins...

Soldriin Torafin's Story

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Cesare was a curious one for a small child. Just as happy making people go nuts with him following them around and exploring a new place as he was playing video games with his father when he wasn't working. He was also bright for his age, knowing work caused them to move from their home in Washington state to someplace in the dessert and knowing people wouldn't like the fact that he had different ears then the other kids. Papa was trying to protect him, he knew that much. \

He wandered the halls, peeking in the doors or the other offices and saying hello to some of the security officers to varying degrees of responses. If anything, he was good at sneaking as well. Hitching ride with a unattentive scientist in an elevator provided a nice ride toward the other levels. This one being level three.


Victor sighed, seeing that his subject wasn't going to be too active for the day if at all and started to pace back toward the elevator, only to be bumped into by someone small.

"Cesare, what are you doing down here?"


"Back to the office you go. No buts."

The child sulked and turned around back into the elevator while Victor gave the gaurd on hand a tongue lashing for letting a small child on the cell floors.

Soldriin sighed, now laying on his side in laziness. "All these questions, I have one for you. Why am I here?" He asked. A simple question really. All he really wanted was to be left alone or at least have a place of his own where he wouldn't be bothered. But humans don't see something that is calm a majority of the time. In his opinion, they saw some monster made to kill and cause havoc. In essence, yes. He was bred to be a soulder, but it wasn't what he knew. Only when he was angry or scared was when he killed.