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Liliana Stormwaker

Teardrop- Massive Attack

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a character in “Archipelago”, as played by SnoweWoulf


Liliana Stormwaker

"Sometimes I wonder what it's like up there in the heavens. Maybe then I could understand why the moon people left us."


Oreba Yun Fang- Final Fantasy XIII

Nicknames/Titles: Lily (only used by people who are very close to her), the Fox of the Mists, Hidden Spear Liliana

Gender: Female
Race: Linotian
Age: 25
Vocation: Spearman/historian
Homeland: Moon Echo Island
Allegiance: The Artemians
Hair color: Chest length, wavy, and raven black
Eye color: Silver
Height: 5'6"

Liliana would be considered willowy, if she wasn't so well built, but she doesn't have the female body builder look. Her crescent moon birthmark is located right below her right eye and she has a full sleeve of beautiful tribal tattoos on her right arm. She wears light a light cloth outfit of a sapphire hue that is highly reminiscent of oriental clothing, black leather sandals that reach her knees, and a black leather cuirass with the image of a fox engraved on the front.

Good Points
Intelligent, humble, reserved, strong (of body and of will), loyal kind, and compassionate

Overly focused, headstrong, socially awkward, and unable to express her feelings


Liliana was born on Moon Echo Island, the homeland of the linotians. Though her mother died of illness shortly after her birth, Liliana had a good childhood under the protection of her father, who passed his love of knowledge and prowess with the spear onto her. She was always at the top of the pack among her peers in both magic and martial skill, which made her very desirable to pirate lords and vagrants alike.

When Liliana turned fourteen, she noticed that her father had begun to act very strangely. His eyes would swirl with starry light and he would speak in incomprehensible riddles. Liliana scoured every library on Moon Echo Island in hopes of finding the cause of her father's strange affliction, but uncovered nothing. Her father disappeared without a trace three years later.

It was then that Captain Siegfried of the Artemians arrived on Moon Echo with a similar story about his sister. After sharing their experiences, they realized that their loved had both said something that may be a clue to finding them: "Memories sleep where the Mother Tree sings her song". It was a vague statement in reference to an old linotian folktale, but it was something. And so Liliana joined the Artemians and they began the search for the mythical Mother Tree.

Special Talents
Liliana can hear the voices of the trees and understand animals. Her singing has a soothing affect to those who hear it, though few ever have.

Fighting Style
Liliana uses a mix of elemental magic (wind and water) and spearmanship. Her animal is the fox and she can turn into mist for short spans of time to quickly get around opponents.

So begins...

Liliana Stormwaker's Story