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one last party, a fated group of friends, and a murder. these types of situations are never easy, but add in more secrets than they can count and explosive histories between them all... will they make it out alive?

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Character Portrait: Jamie Blackburn

i can't hate the ones who made me.

Character Portrait: Quinlan Rothschild

"I always seem to wonder why people don't like me, then I realize I don't like myself either."

Character Portrait: Camilla Rhodes

"Everyone's out there to either be you, be with you,or be better than you."

Character Portrait: Gemma Donati

"I have forsaken what is right for what is easy, allowing what I know is evil in my house."

Character Portrait: Khepri Mahajan

"She's enough to drive a saint to madness or a king to his knees." w.i.p

Character Portrait: Nathan Miller

"The night is still just getting started."

Character Portrait: Erin Monahan

"There's Pieces Of You In This Town, And They Carry Me Along."

Character Portrait: Soren Bowers

"i felt the sun rise up and swallow me."