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Erin Monahan
Outfit: herex|xhex: #80000
xxxHell raising, hair raising
xxxI'm ready for the worst
xxxSo frightening, face whitening
xxxFear that you can't reverse

Erin silently stood there as Soren took a moment to fully process what she told him. She didn't know if he truly understood what she was implying, but all that mattered was that he believed her, even if he was only saying it for the moment. Erin returned his hug, and wasn't wanting to let go. She needed someone, something to help keep her grounded. Something to help make this feel any less real than it really was. Erin looked at Soren when he explained that they couldn't leave just yet, that they had to stay and answer questions or things would get worse. She wanted out of here, now, but she knew full well that there was no way of her not being looked at as a suspect.

Silently and reluctantly, she linked her arm with Soren's and let him walk her back to the apartment. Knowing full well what was going to happen. They'd be questioned by the cops, just like that night when Kyle-No, she couldn't think about that now. It wasn't the time for that. Making their way back into the room wasn't a problem, it was the looks they immediately got from the others. Averting her eyes was all she could do to keep herself contained in that moment, and not just rush out of the apartment and make herself look even more guilty than she already did. She knew people were going to talk, there was going to be rumors about this for months. There always was after something like this. Erin ignored them all the best she could as Soren helped her sit on one of the couches, asking if she wanted a drink or something. Yeah, alcohol, would have been her preferred answer, but she simply shook her head no. She needed to remain as sober as she could for questioning, as the cops would already have a million questions for her, the last thing she'd need it to be seen as an angry and crazy drunk ex-girlfriend of the deceased. This was all one big fucked up mess, and here she was, in the middle of it once again.

They sat there silently for a few minutes until more people started to enter the apartment. Without even having to look up, Erin knew who they were, and why they were here. Cops, fucking great. Erin shook her head as she watched as they pulled Soren away and began questioning him. They'd need individual answers, and without being messed up due to a second party's input. Erin took a deep breath and looked up at the officer that stood infront of her with a pen and notepad, preparing herself for what was to come next.

β€œPlease state your name, and how did you knew Jamie Blackburn?” the officer questioned, her disposition was a bit kinder than Erin had been expecting on initial assumptions.
"Oh uh," Erin stammered for a moment, licking her lips for a moment. "Erin Monahan, and I knew him since back in high-school we uh...We were friends and haven't really talked to him much since then. But he recently got into contact with me again and asked if I could man the bar for the party. That's all." Erin said softly, before looking down at the floor.
"Were you just friends? The way you mentioned him sounded rather-" the officer began, but was cut off as Erin shot her a glance.
"We...We hooked up from time to time back in the day...As kids do. There was nothing more to it. You can believe me of that." Erin said a little bit too coldy.
"Why's that? Something bad happen? Bad breakup?" the officer pushed more, writing down in the notepad.
Erin scoffed, shaking her head as she looked back down. "He turned out to be a piece of shit, I'll say that much. Besides, I found out girls were a lot less of a hassle." Erin quickly quipped back under her breath, regretting the latter part of her statement.
"Alright...When was the last time you saw him?"
Erin sighed, sitting back in the couch for a moment, "We got into a small disagreement and...We both stormed off after it, enough people saw it...I went to the bathroom to calm down and, then the next thing I knew after leaving the bathroom was someone saying he was dead." wrapping her arms around her more as she could slowly feel herself becoming smaller and smaller as a pit formed in her stomach.
"What was the disagreement amount? Did he say or do anything? You said there was enough witnesses, care to explain from your perspective first?"
Erin sighed and took a deep breath before she answered, being careful to think the next thing through, "We got into an argument like we always did...He got angry and lashed out and...He slapped me. Just like he always did..." Erin said with a few sniffled as she wiped her eyes.
"Do you think maybe...You may have done something then, in retaliation? For hitting you? Must have been awkward and humiliating to have people see it." the officer said, with a bit of a softer and tender tone.
"I didn't-I...Okay look, Jamie may have been a piece of shit, and abusive but...I'd never purposefully hurt him-"
"Maybe then it was an accident? Self-defense? Maybe you were tired of his abuse and decided you'd do something to protect yourself finally? Victims of domestic abuse tend to-"
"Look, are we donne here? I don't think this is the time or place to discuss this shit." Erin spouted off, a bit too harshly than she would have liked to. "I'm sorry, I just...I don't want to keep talking about this..." Erin said with a small glance towards the officer.
"We'll keep in touch, Ms Monahan. We'll make sure to call you if we have any more questions for you. Thank you for your time." she said with a small smile and nod, and quickly walked away and went to question more people.

Erin sighed heavily, looking up to see Soren finally done with his questioning as well. She quickly got to her feet, and met him half way, "I really want to get out of here now, Soren. Please? I need out of here or I'm gonna need a quick smoke. Just, something to calm my nerves." she gave him a small smile that quickly faded away all too fast.

Shane Tompson
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xxxSometimes I wish you would leave me
xxxWhoa I'm not sick of you yet
xxxIs that as good as it gets?
xxxI'll just hide it
xxxI could slip into you
xxxIt's so easy to come back into you
Shane simply remained closer to one of the walls as he stood, just enjoying the music and vibe of the party. Trying to enjoy the small things in life was something he had grown accustomed to over the years. Shane turned his head and smiled as he heard Camilla apologize for having to leave for something, "Oh nah, you're fine, Cam. Promise." he said with a smile. He raised an eyebrow when she mentioned about having to gotten a kick, and saw as she pulled something out that he was all too familiar with. Drugs, of fucking course she brought drugs. He was going to make a comment about how she needs to be more careful and not just show it off like that, but she had offered him a dance before he could say anything. How could he pass up such a chance? The two danced for a few minutes before Cam gasped as she looked past Shane, as if something had happened.

He looked over his shoulder to see what got her attention, only seeing the aftermath of what happened. Erin and Jamie walking off in different directions as the crowd slowly began to disperse. He watched as Cam excused herself, going after Jamie. He listened to the crowd as they mumbled amongst themselves about what had happened.

"Did you see that?"
"Yeah, why do you think Jamie hit her?"
"I don't know, maybe she did something to piss him off?"

Shane blinked as he was able to make out some of what was being said. Did Jamie really hit Erin? Either way, he wasn't about to let something like that slide. He made his way down the hallway, stopping as he passed by Gemma who was busily calling for Erin in the bathroom, who seemed to not answer, which resulted in the other girl to leave. Shane looked at the door, knocking for a moment.

"Come in." Jamie answered from the other side of the door.

Shane opened the door, closing it behind him as he entered. He immediately shot Jamie a look he hadn't seen in tears, which Jamie to back up a little. "Is it true?" Shane questioned. Jamie shot him a quizzical look, "Is what true?" he questioned. "That you fucking hit Erin!" Shane exclaimed, quickly enclosing the space between him and Jamie as he pushed him against the wall, looking him dead in the eyes. "What the fuck, Shane? She came at me wreckless first, alright?" Jamie exclaimed in retaliation.

Shane kept Jamie close to the wall, making sure he wouldn't be able to squirm free, "That doesn't give you the fucking right to hit a girl, Jamie! Especially Erin." he said coldly, making sure to never break the glance he held with Jamie. "What's your deal with Erin, anyway? I thought she hated your punk ass, especially after what you did-" he was cut off as Shane held him pinned to the wall, "Don't you fucking dare bring that shit up again, Blackburne. It's long since passed. I've tried to make up for it." Shane said softly, not loosening his grip on Jamie. "Say that to Kyle then, Thompson. Do you think she'd ever forgive you for what you did? You got her brother killed, Shane. There is no fixing that! Now how about you let me go, or I will call the cops for assault, think that would go good for your little business?"

Shane simply let go of his shirt, dropping Jamie as he backed away. "If I ever hear that you hurt Erin again, or anyone else, I will personally make your life hell, Jamie." Shane said coldly before he turned walked away. Slamming the door behind him as he left a few minutes later after continuing to talk to Jamie. Shane needed to cool his head, he just had to, before he did something stupid or that he'd regret. He walked back to the main room and just tried to collect himself. He tried to dance with a few others, but as time went on, nothing was working. Shane grabbed a drink from the bar as he saw that Erin was still nowhere to be found, and regrouped with a few others and started to dance with them, as well as try to spark up some conversation.

He felt his stomach drop when he heard people well for help, and for someone to find an ambulance. Jamie. The words hit him like a truck. He didn't know what happened, but he knew that things were going to go to shit. It was just like last time. He couldn't let things get any worse, but he wanted out of there. Before he knew it, Shane bolted out the door of the apartment and down the hallway, almost tripping over his feet. He needed to get out of here. He knew if he was questioned by the cops, if anyone knew anything, he'd be screwed. And he wasn't going to let this ruin things for him. Not just because of Jamie Blackburne.