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Alexander "Xander" Fiers

"It's a window of opportunity and i'm taking it"

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a character in “Are You Hot?”, originally authored by KiraArsenic, as played by RolePlayGateway


Alexander “Xander” Fiers
Alexander has a golden-honey blonde hair color, a unique green-brown eye color, pearly white teeth, and stands at a muscular 5’11”. He usually likes to keep up “rugged” appearance and works out regularly.
Some say that his nose is too big for his face, and that his ears are slightly too large as well.
Alexander is laid back, but can be very cocky when it comes to competition, and he is also very blunt and forward when he wants to be. People get irritated with him sometimes because he seems like he doesn’t care about anything.
On the other hand, when he’s not in public, Alexander can also be very sweet, kind, and caring. He’s the type of guy who would give the shirt off of his back for a friend or even for a stranger if the situation seemed appropriate.

Alexander never knew his father or his sister’s father, but he was told they were scum. Himself, little sister Haley, and his Mother all lived in an averaged sized house and lived a middle class life. Their mother struggled to make ends meet sometimes but they always ended up with food on their plates at the end of the day. When Haley was 3 she developed a rare type of cancer and needed some tests done. The medical bills started piling up and Alexander knew his mother wasn’t able to keep up. They were sinking further and further into debt. They ended up selling their house and moving into a one-bedroom apartment to save money. Haley was put in the one bedroom and Alexander and his mother slept on the couches. They were about to be kicked out of the apartment by their landlord when Alexander struck him a deal. He would enter the t.v. show “are you hot”, and if he won he’d give the man 25% of his prize money. If he lost they’d move out as soon as the game show was over. The landlord agreed and let Alexander’s family live in the apartment until the finale. Alexander knew he had to win. Not only to keep a living arrangement for his family, but also for Haley. He wanted to give her the best medical care possible and he would be able to do that with the millions in prize money.
Alexander typically wears an open button up shirt, a pair of ripped or faded jeans, and whatever type of tennis shoe he throws on that day.
His “act” for the audience: He’s going to be a confident bad boy, teetering on the edge of cocky. He’s definitely going to show off what he’s got as much as he can, and flaunt what he can. He will not be shy.

T.v. is Brainless

WIP. This is the first time I’m playing around with text size. :) it will be fixed once I see it in it’s actual format

So begins...

Alexander "Xander" Fiers's Story

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Alexander Fiers

Alexander didn't even have time to BE embarrassed. They basically forced him to undress and walk out to get ready to get on stage. 'The less time to get embarrassed the better I guess' he thought. He stood next to the rest of the contestants and said "They should at least let us strip," he smirked "I mean, how fun can it be to just look at a naked person? You get no entertainment." he was joking but Alexander had a way of sounding serious when he was being sarcastic.

H.A.M. came running past and puffed his face with powder puffs. Then they ran some gel through his hair and messed it up with their fingers. From there they put each strand back into place. The only difference was his hair looked fuller. The H.A.M. people didn't even look at him as they worked, and when they finished they didn't SAY anything either, they just moved on to the next person.

Alexander took a deep breath and let his hands hang by his side. He smirked when Griff told the girl in front of him to put her arms down. 'I'd probably be uncomfortable if I had that many parts showing as well' he thought. Then he came to a startling realization 'I DON'T want my sister to watch this...Mom better not have the tv on.' Alex wasn't sure if the show was on cable or just regular channels but he DIDN'T want his family to see him like this. 'Don't get self conscious now Xander. You're doing this for your sister. You're getting the prize money at the end of this show so the medical bills will be paid so you and your family can buy a house. Don't think about your mom or sister watching. Just do it'

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She looked at his face he guy seemed so unembarassed so settled it almost freaked her out. She felt like a million toy eyeballs were fixed on her watching and waiting for Somthing to happen. Maybe it will be better if I don't win no that's selfish your mother and brother shouldn't suffer because she was scared to strip down I front of many people. She knew her mother wouldn't be watching she would be working but her brother she had no idea. Bet that weirdo from next door is watching... She thought bitterly.

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Alexander Fiers

Xander adjusted his view on his nudity. As strange as it was to think about he it was all for his sister. 'I can endure anything for her' he thought. 'Anything, even if that means acting like someone i'm not to get the money for her medical bills' he sighed and lost his composure momentarily, but quickly straightened back up and smiled charmingly. The producers shoved him in line and told him to wait while they finish up the others. 'Moment of truth' he thought.

He looked around at his competition and tried to assess their personalities. The brunette girl with the slender face (Eleanor) looked as though she was mortified to be there...but she also seemed to be ready to do it. 'Maybe she has someone she's fighting for as well' he thought. In that moment he knew that if he were to pick someone to relate to it'd be her. 'You're not here to make friends. You wouldn't keep them anyway...Only one can win and it has to be you' he thought to himself. His attention was drawn again by the male and female in the corner (Jennifer and Jackson). They looked like a celebrity couple. The blonde girl was flirting it up 'Maybe that's her edge' he thought. The guy looked a bit self-conscious as he tapped his collarbone, but he also looked ready.

He realized how odd it must've looked for him to be staring at everyone so he looked back toward the entrance to the stage.