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Dylan Springs

"This is what I was made for... sigh."

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a character in “Are You Hot?”, as played by WingedOctopus



Name: "My mom used to call me 'gorgeous' and 'beautiful'. It wasn't a compliment." Dylan Springs


Age: "Just barely..." 17
Gender: "Wish I wasn't." Female
Dylan has luscious coffee colored locks that fall in a waterfall of waves to just beyond her shoulders. She hates the wave in her hair and will spend hours straightening it. Her skin is the color of toffee, naturally pale but with a touch of a sun-kissed tan. Her eyes are her best feature, bright hazel, all a swirl of green and brown.

Dylan looks like confidence itself. She's 5'8 and her legs go on for miles. She looks great in heels, and loves things that are lacy and fru-fru. She has perfect posture.

Dylan has intense asthma and always keeps and inhaler on her.

Flaws: They say she has a 'spotty complexion.' When unstraightened, her hair is 'too frizzy'. Teeth are 'too big', but at least they're white and perfect.


Personality: Dylan is a sweet, good-natured girl, kind and soft-spoken. She can be selfish at times and is used to the constant flow of decadence and riches; she's lived a pampered lifestyle, so she struggles whenever she's spoken harshly to. She dislikes her height because it makes her feel like she sticks out too much. Her confidence is very fragile and easily shattered.

Despite her usually bubbly personality, Dylan is poor under pressure and gets extremely anxious due to being pressured to be perfect her whole life. She frets and worries, and then she gets even more anxious because she fears getting worry lines. When she wants something, she wants it. That's not always a bad thing; she has great determination. However, she can get selfish sometimes. In addition, she's been told all her life that appearances were all that matter, so she can be superficial; she has difficulty with not judging books by their covers.

History: Dylan grew up in a very rich household. Her father died before she was born. Her mother and her six or seven sisters did not inherit his good looks; they were all frumpy and plain, while Dylan got all of her father's best traits and none of her mother's bad ones. Greedy for even more wealth and not satisfied with their already luxurious lifestyle, Dylan's mother decided to take advantage of her daughter. From a very young age, Dylan was given all kinds of beauty treatments and forced to do extensive daily beautifying regimens. Her mother made her sit through hours of "posture lessons", and was never allowed to eat what she wanted. Dylan has never tried any kind of dessert or snack food. Her mother never allowed her to have it.

All throughout these years, her family never spoke a cruel word to her, always giving her oily compliments and fawning over her, but that was all to change. On her sixteenth birthday, Dylan was forced into the auditions that she was born and bred for. However, she had a major panic attack triggered by claustrophobia and pressure. She couldn't audition after all. The next year was hell. Her lessons and beauty treatments increased tenfold, and her mother and sisters were constantly screaming at her and telling her she was worthless. On her seventeenth birthday, an exceedingly timid and broken version of last year's Dylan Springs auditioned for Are You Hot, and this time... she got through.


Style: Dylan looks great in the sweet, cutesy, girl-next-door look, or the sexy-but-doesn't-realize-it. She wears funky, fresh, young, down-to-earth outfits such as jean shorts and suspenders with leopard-print heels. She has a great sense of style and likes playing with hair and makeup and trying new things.
Password? TV is brainless

So begins...

Dylan Springs's Story

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Dylan Springs
"Hey, we're live in twenty minutes!"

"Got that. Microphones checked?"

"On it. Are the contestants lined up?"

"Yeah, there's here backstage waiting."

"Live in fifteen!"

"Roger that."

Dylan felt like cowering, like curling up in some corner, in turning her back to all of these strange people who were looking at her!

Okay... admittedly, they probably weren't looking at her. But it sure felt like it. They were backstage, all of them, waiting for the show to go on air. Back and forth scurried the stage hands, chattering into their headsets to the people who manned the sound booth. The lights were dimming and brightening as they were tested; the mist machine spit out fog at random intervals. She glanced around nervously. For a show that consisted of only eight contestants, there sure were a lot of people back here. HAM, that was hair-and-makeup, scurried from person to person to do final touch-ups. She'd already had hers, her hair pulled and yanked and her face buffeted with powder puffs, but hey, it was nowhere near as bad as how her mother used to pinch and prod her.

Then again, at home, she didn't have to stand naked in front of millions of strangers.

Dylan crossed her arms over her chest, cheeks flaring. She made sure to keep her head down. She looked at the ground-- where else would she look? The other contestants? Dear God, no! All of this was so-- so invasive! She could feel her chest tightening, her lungs constricting. She felt like she could barely breathe; all of this was so claustrophobic. Her hands just wanted to curl around the safe form of her inhaler. But it wasn't on her, obviously; she was naked. What if she had an asthma attack right on stage? Oh, God. She felt so bare in her nudity. She hugged herself tighter, keeping her head down.

Across the stage, the host, Tony "Griff" Griffith, was spending a copious amount of time getting his hair gelled and spiked and his face applied with male makeup. He didn't seem at all bothered by the eight naked contestants milling around backstage, waiting for their turns. Then again, he was probably used to it.

At that moment, he stood up, pushing the HAM workers away, and bounced over to where the contestants stood.

"You ready, guys?" Griff asked. He spoke way too fast, in a light tone of voice, as if he couldn't get his words out quickly enough. "Ten minutes till showtime. How ya feeling? Good? Good. You know the drill. I go out and introduce ya, and you walk down the runway when you hear your name." He glanced at Dylan and lifted an eyebrow when he saw her chest. "No covering yourself. You gotta sell your goods, kids. This is your life here. Don't wanna be borged!" He laughed. By 'borged', he was referring to the operation that took away your free will and turned you into a robot, a cyborg.

Dylan thought she might faint. She slowly lowered her arms.

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Alexander Fiers

Alexander didn't even have time to BE embarrassed. They basically forced him to undress and walk out to get ready to get on stage. 'The less time to get embarrassed the better I guess' he thought. He stood next to the rest of the contestants and said "They should at least let us strip," he smirked "I mean, how fun can it be to just look at a naked person? You get no entertainment." he was joking but Alexander had a way of sounding serious when he was being sarcastic.

H.A.M. came running past and puffed his face with powder puffs. Then they ran some gel through his hair and messed it up with their fingers. From there they put each strand back into place. The only difference was his hair looked fuller. The H.A.M. people didn't even look at him as they worked, and when they finished they didn't SAY anything either, they just moved on to the next person.

Alexander took a deep breath and let his hands hang by his side. He smirked when Griff told the girl in front of him to put her arms down. 'I'd probably be uncomfortable if I had that many parts showing as well' he thought. Then he came to a startling realization 'I DON'T want my sister to watch this...Mom better not have the tv on.' Alex wasn't sure if the show was on cable or just regular channels but he DIDN'T want his family to see him like this. 'Don't get self conscious now Xander. You're doing this for your sister. You're getting the prize money at the end of this show so the medical bills will be paid so you and your family can buy a house. Don't think about your mom or sister watching. Just do it'

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Jackson listened to the buzz of conversation around him, alternating between looking at the ceiling and looking at the ground. He didn't want to look at someone and make them uncomfortable, although it was partly so no one could focus on his eyes. Being around all these gorgeous people with magnificent bodies who were competing with him in a beauty competition was nerve wracking, and he was trying to keep people form noticing it. After all, he needed to give the money to his family - For what they'd done for him, they deserved to life a nice retirement, not a penniless one. Hearing the minutes countdown, he bit his lip somewhat nervously. He looked up in surprise and apologized as someone lightly bumped into him.

He smiled at them apologetically and they smiled back before their expression quickly became a straight face, then their eyes flickered downwards. Jackson flinched and almost moved to cover himself, but remembered he couldn't afford to be shy in this competition, although he very clearly became uncomfortable. Tell him to go out in his boxers and he'd strut it out no problem, tell him to go out naked and he'll shuffle nervously towards the exit. Once they had wandered away, apparently part of the HAM team, he made his way to the further corner away from everyone. When the girl was told to put her arms down, he glanced over just briefly before looking at the ceiling again. 'Poor girl,' he thought to himself, frowning. He was sure the exposure was very uncomfortable for most of the ladies, and sympathized. 'I hope everything goes alright,

Then, he was being assaulted. He figured he had just been saved for left as the HAM team descended down upon him. They seemed to not even care there were no mirrors about, unlike what many of the TV shows suggested, with them being surrounded by bright lights and mirrors. For some of the times, he bend down a bit for them to get to his hair. He knew he was a bit on the taller side, and not all the girls were comfortable with reaching that far up to work. As they wandered away, he was astonished at how quickly they worked. Jackson frowned and reached across his chest, rubbing his arm nervously as he looked back down. 'Just do your best,'

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((Pfffft. I go to sleep and wake up with 14 new posts. I love you guys.))


She tapped her hands on her thighs to keep herself from covering up again, and forced herself to look around. She hadn't met any of the other nine yet. Well... they certainly didn't seem to be very comfortable, either, except for one girl. Dylan frowned at her. Jennifer, that was her name. They'd all been given quick introductions, but no real time for socializing. Even clothed, Dylan hadn't been fond of the blond, and now, watching her standing completely unabashed, Dylan realized something. She was going to lose. In comparison to that woman, they would completely glaze over sweet girl-next-door Dylan Springs.

Well, I'm not about to let that happen, she thought fiercely, straightening her back. She let her arms hand loosely at her sides and brushed back her hair out of her face. Confidence, Dylan. She tried to recall all of the lessons her mother had forced on her. Poise. Presentation. I'm just as beautiful as her, she kept reminding herself. Then a small smile curled over her pink lips, and she corrected herself-- I'm just as hot as her!

Two can play at this game, Miss Jennifer. But only one can win.

Dylan took a moment to compose herself. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then she plastered on a dazzling smile and strode across the room, picking out who she was going to hit it up with. She tapped the girl on the shoulder. Eleanor.

"Hey. Eleanor, right? Dylan." The buzz from the crowd beyond seemed to pick up. They were a crowd of mindless, excitable drones. Dylan winced at the sound. "This is fun, huh?" she asked, a little dryly. She scanned the other contestants and then nodded to Jennifer and the boy she was flirting with. "Check them out. Who does she think she's fooling?"

Dylan didn't quite know why she was saying those cruel things, but what came to mind was her sisters. They had always said things like that to her, right to her face, and it made them look so... in control. Her sisters were ugly, but that confidence made them look pretty and powerful. That was what Dylan needed to win.

Somewhere backstage, she heard a techie yell, "Five minutes till show! Get them lined up!"

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Eleanor Larkin

Eleanor glanced over her shoulder when someone tapped on it. She noticed a beautiful girl with long dark hair, and gave her a genuinely friendly smile. "Hey. Eleanor, right? Dylan." the girl asked, and she nodded. "Yep, that's me. But you can call me Ella. It's nice to meet you, Dylan." she kept her bright blue eyes locked with Dylan's, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable by looking at her body.

"Check them out. Who does she think she's fooling?" Ella glanced over at Jennifer. "Maybe she's just trying to make an image for herself. I just can help but wonder what kind of image she's trying to create." Eleanor gave Dylan a look that said they both probably knew exactly what kind of image she was trying to create. "I guess if we want to win, we all have to find something to make us stand out."
She looked back at Dylan, and felt her heart drop when she heard "Five minutes till show! Get them lined up!" Ella lit a fire in her eyes, and stood tall and proud. Beautiful.