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Eleanor Rose Larkin

"I will never be a mindless barbie, but I need to change my family's life."

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a character in “Are You Hot?”, as played by Horseygirl



Eleanor Rose Larkin



Ella has long honey colored curls that cascade down to her elbows, with side-swept bangs. She has dazzling ice blue eyes rimmed with long dark lashes that stand out against her fair skin like diamonds. They are one of her best selling points, due to the expressive beauty they hold. She has full, petal pink lips that are often turned up into a charming smile.
Her body is small, but lean. She has a full chest and long legs, although she is on about 5 feet tall and 100 lbs. Ella has a small, almost fragile-looking frame with very feminine features.  

Her front left tooth has a chip in it. She likes to think it gives her smile originality, but the judges tell her it's dreadful.  

Eleanor is so full of life, it's hard not to be captivated by her. She's so bright, and free-spirited it's hard not to smile or feel uplifted in her presence. She's charming, and loves to smile, and see other smile.
She's very opinionated, and will stand up for what she believes in. Ella very rarely argues with others, but she will not allow her values to be trampled over. She is not a mindless, dumb blonde. She hates being thought of as a damsel in distress, and prefers to do things herself. She doesn't need anyone to wait on her- in fact she would never order others around. She finds in inhumane. 

When she's around her loved ones, Ella is very lighthearted and teasing. She loves teasing her friends and family- to her, it's a display of affection. She is very loyal to her friends. Once you earn her trust -that isn't all that hard to earn- you will never lose it. 

Eleanor grew up in a very small town, where everybody knew everybody. Her family and friends where all very poor, barely being able to afford food and clothes. Her father died in a logging accident, leaving a too-young mother to raise two daughters. She became distant from her children, and Eleanor ended up raising her younger sister Lily more then her mother did. 
She was always very humble about her appearance, even though she was always told how drop-dead gorgeous she was. She entered the competition, hoping to find a way to change Lily's life. 

Somewhere between elegant and sexy

TV is mindless

So begins...

Eleanor Rose Larkin's Story

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Eleanor was horrified. She wasn't really a shy person by any means, but she didn't want to look at anyone. She didn't want anyone to see her. She brought her shoulders forward, wanting to disappear. Closing her eyes and trying hard not to cover her chest with her arms, she thought of Lily. Sweet little Lily didn't deserve to be living in a shack while she was out here living the high life. Or so it looked. She felt so bare- as though not only her clothes where stripped away but like they would try to strip away her personality, too. The life in her eyes.
But she would never allow that to happen. Her spirit was the one thing they could never take from her. Or could they? If she lost, she would not only fail her sister but herself too. She would be no use to anyone- just a mindless, pretty face.

As a shudder ran through her, she dared a look up at the others. There was a blonde, Jennifer, who was proudly standing as though it was so stupid to want to cover yourself. Have you no shame? She asked, as the girl even flirted while they where all naked. She could help but roll her eyes, but kept her mouth shut. It was too early to be making enemies. HAM came running over, back her long honey gold curls, shoving things in her face that looked like instruments of torture. She searched their eyes, looking for a hint of anything- sympathy, pity, even disgust. But there was nothing in their cold, lifeless eyes. Nothing for Ella to connect to.
Once they decided she was prettied up enough, they hurried off to the next person. She glanced at the others once more, squaring out her shoulders as a fire lit in her bright blue eyes. She could not fail Lily. Would not.
Although she seemed determined, there was something about her that still seemed friendly. Approachable. She wasn't overly-confident, but she wasnt completely doubtful either.

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Alexander Fiers

Xander adjusted his view on his nudity. As strange as it was to think about he it was all for his sister. 'I can endure anything for her' he thought. 'Anything, even if that means acting like someone i'm not to get the money for her medical bills' he sighed and lost his composure momentarily, but quickly straightened back up and smiled charmingly. The producers shoved him in line and told him to wait while they finish up the others. 'Moment of truth' he thought.

He looked around at his competition and tried to assess their personalities. The brunette girl with the slender face (Eleanor) looked as though she was mortified to be there...but she also seemed to be ready to do it. 'Maybe she has someone she's fighting for as well' he thought. In that moment he knew that if he were to pick someone to relate to it'd be her. 'You're not here to make friends. You wouldn't keep them anyway...Only one can win and it has to be you' he thought to himself. His attention was drawn again by the male and female in the corner (Jennifer and Jackson). They looked like a celebrity couple. The blonde girl was flirting it up 'Maybe that's her edge' he thought. The guy looked a bit self-conscious as he tapped his collarbone, but he also looked ready.

He realized how odd it must've looked for him to be staring at everyone so he looked back toward the entrance to the stage.

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((Pfffft. I go to sleep and wake up with 14 new posts. I love you guys.))


She tapped her hands on her thighs to keep herself from covering up again, and forced herself to look around. She hadn't met any of the other nine yet. Well... they certainly didn't seem to be very comfortable, either, except for one girl. Dylan frowned at her. Jennifer, that was her name. They'd all been given quick introductions, but no real time for socializing. Even clothed, Dylan hadn't been fond of the blond, and now, watching her standing completely unabashed, Dylan realized something. She was going to lose. In comparison to that woman, they would completely glaze over sweet girl-next-door Dylan Springs.

Well, I'm not about to let that happen, she thought fiercely, straightening her back. She let her arms hand loosely at her sides and brushed back her hair out of her face. Confidence, Dylan. She tried to recall all of the lessons her mother had forced on her. Poise. Presentation. I'm just as beautiful as her, she kept reminding herself. Then a small smile curled over her pink lips, and she corrected herself-- I'm just as hot as her!

Two can play at this game, Miss Jennifer. But only one can win.

Dylan took a moment to compose herself. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then she plastered on a dazzling smile and strode across the room, picking out who she was going to hit it up with. She tapped the girl on the shoulder. Eleanor.

"Hey. Eleanor, right? Dylan." The buzz from the crowd beyond seemed to pick up. They were a crowd of mindless, excitable drones. Dylan winced at the sound. "This is fun, huh?" she asked, a little dryly. She scanned the other contestants and then nodded to Jennifer and the boy she was flirting with. "Check them out. Who does she think she's fooling?"

Dylan didn't quite know why she was saying those cruel things, but what came to mind was her sisters. They had always said things like that to her, right to her face, and it made them look so... in control. Her sisters were ugly, but that confidence made them look pretty and powerful. That was what Dylan needed to win.

Somewhere backstage, she heard a techie yell, "Five minutes till show! Get them lined up!"

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Eleanor Larkin

Eleanor glanced over her shoulder when someone tapped on it. She noticed a beautiful girl with long dark hair, and gave her a genuinely friendly smile. "Hey. Eleanor, right? Dylan." the girl asked, and she nodded. "Yep, that's me. But you can call me Ella. It's nice to meet you, Dylan." she kept her bright blue eyes locked with Dylan's, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable by looking at her body.

"Check them out. Who does she think she's fooling?" Ella glanced over at Jennifer. "Maybe she's just trying to make an image for herself. I just can help but wonder what kind of image she's trying to create." Eleanor gave Dylan a look that said they both probably knew exactly what kind of image she was trying to create. "I guess if we want to win, we all have to find something to make us stand out."
She looked back at Dylan, and felt her heart drop when she heard "Five minutes till show! Get them lined up!" Ella lit a fire in her eyes, and stood tall and proud. Beautiful.