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Jennifer Rowan

"I'll do whatever it takes.."

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a character in “Are You Hot?”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Name: Jennifer Rowan

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Spoiler: show

She stands at 5'7" and a half, with an hour glass figure. Her hip bones stick out a little, and she has long legs. Her breasts are larger than others, and she has nicely shaped eyes, eye brows, and lips. He hair is pretty long, about down to her mid back. She has a slight tan and her eyes are a grey green.

Flaws: She has an 'inbetweenie belly button' which could be a turn off, and her nose is very slightly over average size.

Personality: She's confident. She knows she gorgeous, and that she has a nice body, she uses it to her advantage. She's somewhat seductive and flirtatious, but she's also determined in whatever she wants to do. Even though she doesn't look it, she's clever, but not exactly school smart. She wants to win the game. She's friendly and kind, and caring when and if she tries. You can't expect her to want to make best friends on a show like this. Though finding a lover wouldn't be bad. She often smiles, and she always seems to be looking perfect, or acting flawless for that matter, from lots of practice of course. If she ever gets into arguments, she is quick to make sarcastic comments. She isn't very funny, but she has a nice laugh that maybe be too loud for her own good. It's the kind of laugh that people look over wondering what's so funny.
She's actually different if you really got to know her. She's more relaxed, and carefree. Things can be easy going and she is actually quiet loyal to any friends she has. She's actually somewhat sensitive, and even insecure. Though she has a tough strong exterior, that brushes off any rude or mean comments, she may cry about in the bathroom later. Not that she'd admit it. She can be very sweet and caring, and she can be clingy sometimes, but only when she doesn't want to lose someone. With all of them there seems to be a pressure of being perfect, and that's no different for her. She tries her best, and faces everything with a smile. Nothing can go wrong in her life. If it does, she puts on a smile, and ignores it. She doesn't have time for any petty drama you try to throw at her.
She is also incredibly sensitive to certain noises. Sounds are to her what touch was to the Princess and the Pea. Leaf blowers are her arch nemesis, and even after noise-canceling headphones she can still hear them. It's like she has bionic ears. She also cannot stand the sound of chalk on a blackboard, utensils scraped across a plate, gum being smacked in quiet places, the mosquito ring tones only kids can hear that everyone used to have on their phones so the teachers wouldn't know they had their cell on in class, and construction.
She’s also sensitive to scents. Fresh lavender is like a rejuvenating yoga session, and she also adores the smell of eucalyptus, citrusy fragrances, and coffee.
She has an intense needle phobia. She can run a marathon, and deal with several broken bones, a dislocated shoulder, and a viscous sting by a bee, but she is opposed to anything puncturing her skin and she rarely ever wears earrings.
Around others she never shows any other emotions like being sad, or upset because she feels it is a sign or weakness.

History: She moved out when she was 18, knowing she wanted to do something with herself like modelling, or preforming. The show instantly caught her attention and she joined. Though she probably doesn't have much of a sympathy vote, she was mostly used for her looks all her life, but then again most of the girls probably were.

Style: Sexy, of course. Maybe a bit slutty.. But that's what you get called when you show a little skin.. Probably cute short little dresses mostly. As for what she wants from the show, she's pretty much going for the most wanted girl. She wants to be the one all the girls wish they were, and all the boys wish they had. What she doesn't want is to end up in the playboy bunny house.. She doesn't exactly want to be known as a whore, just a beautiful girl.

Password? TV is brainless

So begins...

Jennifer Rowan's Story

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Jennifer sat poised as the workers touched up on her hair and make-up. She felt the plucking at her eyebrows, brushes running over face, and hair spray just barely misting her skin. She bit her lip gently, wanting them to be done. They scolded her for messing up the gloss, and reapplied. She could still taste the whitening bleach in her mouth, and feel a bit of the sting after most of the hair on her body was waxed completely off. She felt a bit cold, because then again she wasn't wearing any clothes. She glanced over at the other contestants, seeing the girls embarrassed and covering themselves, and the boys looking a bit awkward.

She wasn't as shy as the others. Standing up from the chair she'd been in while they perfected her, she walked over to the others. She stood shoulders back, back arched, and her hands on her hips. She was a little self concious of her bellybutton.. But it wasn't too noticeable to the average person. To the judges, maybe. She didn't know what their opinion would be. Besides that though she knew she had a pretty killer body many girls would die for. To her all of them were gorgeous and she wondered why they were being so silly and hiding. It was about to be on TV anyway..

She moved over near Jackson, a contestant she was slightly familiar with. They'd spoken a few times before, and he seemed like an easy person to get along with. She glanced him up and down once, then stared into his eyes. "Nervous?" She asked him, with a playfully flirty smile. She tilted her head, looking up at him. He was easily 7 inches taller than her, but in heels it was less.

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Jackson remained silent, dreading when he had to walk on stage. Of course he'd fake being more confident in his body, not wanting to look too sheepish - After all, he had to sell himself. Looking down at the ground, he just waited. Waiting, though, was absolute torture. It was like waiting for the guillotine. Jackson did his best to not look at anything, or himself - It would make him nervous.

Then, he heard a voice and looked up to Jennifer, very pointedly rolling eyes around her body and looking at just her face, fixing his eyes on her. However, he moved his eyes much less than most people would, making exaggerated eye movements to avoid looking at her - But being blind in one eye made him not have to. He smiled slightly at her, his little smile charming, but also genuine.

"Hey," he greeted her before chuckling lightly and reaching up to rub the back of his neck nervously. "Yeah, kinda," he laughed. "If they told me to go out in boxers, i'd have no problem - But being out there with absolutely nothing?" A nervous chuckled escaped his lips and he shook his head. "A bit too much, if you ask me." Out of habit, Jackson reached up to stroke the dogtags he normally wore when he was nervous, but touched only skin since he had removed them as well. To keep his mind off things though, he simply moved his hand to his collarbone and rhythmically tapped his collarbone.

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Eleanor was horrified. She wasn't really a shy person by any means, but she didn't want to look at anyone. She didn't want anyone to see her. She brought her shoulders forward, wanting to disappear. Closing her eyes and trying hard not to cover her chest with her arms, she thought of Lily. Sweet little Lily didn't deserve to be living in a shack while she was out here living the high life. Or so it looked. She felt so bare- as though not only her clothes where stripped away but like they would try to strip away her personality, too. The life in her eyes.
But she would never allow that to happen. Her spirit was the one thing they could never take from her. Or could they? If she lost, she would not only fail her sister but herself too. She would be no use to anyone- just a mindless, pretty face.

As a shudder ran through her, she dared a look up at the others. There was a blonde, Jennifer, who was proudly standing as though it was so stupid to want to cover yourself. Have you no shame? She asked, as the girl even flirted while they where all naked. She could help but roll her eyes, but kept her mouth shut. It was too early to be making enemies. HAM came running over, back her long honey gold curls, shoving things in her face that looked like instruments of torture. She searched their eyes, looking for a hint of anything- sympathy, pity, even disgust. But there was nothing in their cold, lifeless eyes. Nothing for Ella to connect to.
Once they decided she was prettied up enough, they hurried off to the next person. She glanced at the others once more, squaring out her shoulders as a fire lit in her bright blue eyes. She could not fail Lily. Would not.
Although she seemed determined, there was something about her that still seemed friendly. Approachable. She wasn't overly-confident, but she wasnt completely doubtful either.

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Jennifer laughed a bit with him, looking around at the other contestants again. She knew all of them had reasons for doing what they were. A lot had people at home they wanted the money for. She didn't know how to feel about this. The point about her was that she didn't. She didn't have anyone for her home. She left her parents when she'd turned 18. Took her car, and drove down that long desert road without looking back. Didn't have much friends she'd miss. Didn't have any real lovers. Her parents never seemed to care. There was a quote Gandhi said once, "Whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it very important that you do it because. No one else will."

You wonder sometimes.. What's you're purpose. Why are you here. What was she doing here. How does anyone know? She guessed that's the lesson: don't leave anything misunderstood, don't postpone what you want.. Because just like that... it could end.
Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. She tended to agree with the first part. Some might say it's selfish what she was doing was for herself. She wanted meaning to her life, even if this seemed pointless, it all was to her.

She'd learned that you can't change for anyone. You have to change for yourself. She thought back to when she was a little girl, and her mother used to smoke many times a day. Her mom always told her she'd try to quit, but she never did. Jennifer realized her mom had always been stressed, and she didn't really want to stop. You have to want to change more than anything if you're going to..

Changing was like winning or doing something. It was for yourself.. The best reason to do anything, she felt, was for yourself. No matter how selfish it sounded she knew this is what she wanted. Winning this. And if she couldn't do it, she deserved to be a lifeless robot..

She look at Jackson, something about him, just looking at him made her feel different. Even though she stood there naked, and looking somewhat confident, inside she felt like half of her was melting. His slightly dull green eyes seemed to look right through her. She swallowed hard, and watched him tap on his collar bone. Something then clicked in her head. A plan maybe, but also a conceded way of being close to him.. She decided she'd talk to him after the first round about it.

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((Pfffft. I go to sleep and wake up with 14 new posts. I love you guys.))


She tapped her hands on her thighs to keep herself from covering up again, and forced herself to look around. She hadn't met any of the other nine yet. Well... they certainly didn't seem to be very comfortable, either, except for one girl. Dylan frowned at her. Jennifer, that was her name. They'd all been given quick introductions, but no real time for socializing. Even clothed, Dylan hadn't been fond of the blond, and now, watching her standing completely unabashed, Dylan realized something. She was going to lose. In comparison to that woman, they would completely glaze over sweet girl-next-door Dylan Springs.

Well, I'm not about to let that happen, she thought fiercely, straightening her back. She let her arms hand loosely at her sides and brushed back her hair out of her face. Confidence, Dylan. She tried to recall all of the lessons her mother had forced on her. Poise. Presentation. I'm just as beautiful as her, she kept reminding herself. Then a small smile curled over her pink lips, and she corrected herself-- I'm just as hot as her!

Two can play at this game, Miss Jennifer. But only one can win.

Dylan took a moment to compose herself. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then she plastered on a dazzling smile and strode across the room, picking out who she was going to hit it up with. She tapped the girl on the shoulder. Eleanor.

"Hey. Eleanor, right? Dylan." The buzz from the crowd beyond seemed to pick up. They were a crowd of mindless, excitable drones. Dylan winced at the sound. "This is fun, huh?" she asked, a little dryly. She scanned the other contestants and then nodded to Jennifer and the boy she was flirting with. "Check them out. Who does she think she's fooling?"

Dylan didn't quite know why she was saying those cruel things, but what came to mind was her sisters. They had always said things like that to her, right to her face, and it made them look so... in control. Her sisters were ugly, but that confidence made them look pretty and powerful. That was what Dylan needed to win.

Somewhere backstage, she heard a techie yell, "Five minutes till show! Get them lined up!"

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Jackson kept a small, nervous smile on his face. He didn't want to look like he wasn't confident in himself, because he was aware that he was rather attractive - Or at least, that many people thought him so. His kept his eyes on Jennifer, not wanting to look rude by glancing away as if in disinterest or letting them wander in any direction that one might mistake for perverted. His one emerald green eye had a kind spark in it, while the other seemed to lack something. It seemed grayer, duller, but only if you stared into it for quite a while. Soon, he became conscious of the chance of it being notice and looked up at the ceiling, figuring it would be the safest place to look away.

"It's certainly not what i was expecting - The show, i mean. I knew what it was like, i guess, but..." he trailed off tapping his collarbone a bit harder before stopping, realizing he would go out on stage with little red dots on it if he continued. ", I suppose i forgot about the nude part." he breathed before wetting his lips with his tongue out of nervous habit. "I hope no one gets it too bad," he thought out loud, wistfully. He was very clearly a compassionate person, very easy to like.

Then, the five minute mark came and he froze, every muscle in his body tensing - which, strangely, wasn't unattractive at all. He watched as everyone began to line up and swallowed, going to join the line. He felt exposed, but knew he would have to simply get used to it if he wanted to win, or even have a hope at winning. What they had to say, he'd take it like a man, he couldn't let things that that damage him too badly. He began to stretch his arms across his chest in preparation, psyching himself up for walking out in front of the judges. He'd be confident, but not cocky, modest, but not overly, and perhaps even sexual, but not raunchy. Oh gosh, this was the time that he would have to be thankful for the drama department in his high school.