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Lenas Peterson

"People have such boring views of beauty. Why don't I change their ideas a bit?"

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a character in “Are You Hot?”, as played by Leon21



Name: Lenas Peterson
Age: Twenty
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lenas is a tall, thin man who really forces you to look twice or three times or four times before you can even be positive he is male. He is certainly a beautiful person, but whether you can call him 'handsome' is questionable. Lenas' face is not exactly feminine, but it is shockingly androgynous. It is very thin, with a pointed chin and nose, but his cheeks are slightly plump, which is the main thing about his face that gives him such an androgynous appearance. Lenas' eyes are large, round, and hazel-brown in colour, and almost always lined in thick eyeliner and eyeshadow, black of course. He has very pale skin, as is required of his style, and his lips are pink and full. His hair is obviously dyed black, and has a fairly dry texture. It reaches his shoulders in length, and is often styled in extravagent ponytails or braids, although sometimes he will just let it hang loose.

Lenas' clothes often redefine the boundries between gender. He'll often be wearing a mens Victorian style shirt with a cravat, and then wear a skirt as a bottom. He's not the sort of person to classify clothes as 'male' or 'female', and is often wearing some curious combination of both. All of his clothes are black, dark red, dark purple, or dark blue in colour, of a very Gothic/Victorian style, and covered in nearly painful amounts of frills. For shoes, he is often wearing black platform boots with fairly high heels, reaching up to his knees and covered in silver buckles. On days when he isn't in the mood to dress fancily, he'll out on some black t-shirt with the logo of an obscure goth band on it, as well as black bondage-style pants. He will never not-wear his boots, though.
Flaws: His hair is too long, his hair is too dry, his haor is dyed. His hair, his hair, his hair. That's all Lenas ever hears about when it comes to flaws, although the occasional person who is slightly more creative will comment on his eyebrows, which are just a touch too thick. He also never hears the end of how feminine his appearance is, and did I mention that most people don't like the fact that he's often wearing skirts?
Personality: Lenas appears to be the sort of quiet, gloomy guy who almost lives in a dark corner. He is a major romantic, and loves writing dark poetry that usually is incredibly beautiful and makes you feel like dying of sadness. Quiet and shy, Lenas refuses to use two words where one will do, and is often communicating through the means of body language. Smiles are a rare sight to see when it comes to him, but his smiles are so gorgeous and sweet that people go out of their way to make him happy just to see him smile. 

His real personality is something completely different from his acting one, but the audience will never see it. Lenas is actually an incredibly cheerful, social guy, but he keeps that aspect of himself hidden, preferring to go for the 'mysterious Goth' look just to draw the audience in and make them support him. His voice is, like his appearance, a curious mix of male and female, and usually makes people wonder if he is really as male as he seems.
History: Lenas always wanted to stand out. Always. This was rather difficult throughout his childhood, though, because his family was probably one of the most conservative groups of people to set foot on the planet. His parents always tried to make Lenas act 'normal', but Lenas refused. He always rebelled, whether it meant buying unusual clothes or sleeping with everyone who so much as glanced at him, male and female alike (which, for his family, was practically a crime deserving death; they believed that it was sinful to sleep with someone before marrying them, especially if that someone was the same sex as yourself). When he heard about Are You Hot? he immediately wanted to audition, purely to spite his parents - they believed that physical attractiveness had no value, and such shows were considered vain and sinful. Besides, he thought he was hot, and decided it would be any easy win. So, now he's here on the show. 
Style: In case the overwhelming amount of black wasn't a good enough clue, Lenas is absolutely obsessed with a style leaning more over to the gothic style. His clothes generally lean to the more fancy, Victorian side, although there are always those days when he'll just pull a black t-shirt over his head and claim that it's gothic. Lenas makes his personality fit his style as well: he is dark, gloomy, and sickeningly romantic. He uses this illusion of himself as a way to charm the crowd into liking him. 
Password? TV is brainless.

So begins...

Lenas Peterson's Story

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#, as written by Leon21
Lenas Peterson

This was not nice, not nice at all. Lenas was normally an incredibly shy, modest man - as one could tell from the fact that the clothes he wore covered just about every inch of his skin - so being forced to be stand around naked was not fun in any way. It was bad enough to be naked in front of eight, nine people. Soon he'd have to stand in front of the entire world. Just the mere thought of that sent him trembling, a furious blush on his face.

Luckily enough, or perhaps unluckily enough for him, his face was coated in such a thick layer of white foundation that not a single hint of blush showed through. Apparently, the HAM were trying to make him go for the 'vampire' look, and were currently coating every visible inch of his body with the same white foundation, turning his skin into a shade of porcelain white. Lenas tried not to focus too much on what they were doing, especially as they got to the lower regions of his body, and instead tried to concentrate on the hands tugging at his hair.

Finally, they appeared to have finished with him, and were moving onto the next contestant. Lenas felt like someone had put him into a suit of itchiness and pain. The foundation coating his skin certainly didn't look bad; in fact, it looked like it was his real skin and gave him a fairly gorgeous appearance, but, yeesh, it itched like the bite of a thousand mosquitoes. And then his hair. He wasn't quite sure what they had done to the black strands, apart from coating it in a few hundred pounds of moisturizer to give it a silky, shiny appearance. Judging by the constant tugging pain he felt on his skull, Lenas presumed they had styled in a set of elaborate braids. He couldn't quite tell, considering there were no mirrors there.

His eyes had been outlined in heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow, making the pale brown hue of his irises stand out and shine with an orange glow. His lips had been lined with a pale, rose-coloured lip gloss, making them shine but not actually colouring them. By now, Lenas was quite positive that he was wearing more make-up than all of the other contestants combined. He was relieved that his make-up at least looked nice on him and enhanced his beauty, as well as the fact that it helped give him the dark sort of look he was shooting for.

He sighed at the five-minute warning call. Five minutes until he had to enter complete hell. How lovely. He could feel his pulse racing, and was almost trembling with terror and nervousness, but still pushed back his shoulders, making his posture impeccable once again. Lenas thanked his acting skills; now it would be difficult, perhaps even impossible, to tell that he was completely terrified of going out onto the runway. Now he looked calm, courageous, and perhaps even a touch arrogant. He looked like someone ready to win this competition.