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Tony "Griff" Griffith

"Heeeello, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Are You Hot!"

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a character in “Are You Hot?”, as played by WingedOctopus


Name:"Heeeello, ladies and gentleman, I'm Griff Griffith and you're watching Are You Hot!" Tony "Griff" Griffith. He is also currently "America's Sexiest Person" and has been nicknamed by the tabloids "America's Heartbreaker".
Age: "Hmhmhm, it's not polite to ask." It's really hard to say how old he is, what with all the surgical technology available to the rich, but a safe bet would be mid- or late-thirties
Gender: "Right now I am America's Sexiest Man, but by the end of this show, one of these lucky eight will receive my title!" Male
Appearance: "Take a good look, ladies." Very attractive. Deep brown eyes, almost black, a rugged chin with a stubbly black goatee, a golden skin tone, and bleach blond hair with dark roots showing through. He likes wearing male makeup. He stands at about six feet tall, sturdily built and alluringly muscled.
But from the boredom in his eyes to his arrogant smirk, he kind of looks like a jerk.
Flaws: None. Griff values his appearance more than anything and is terrified of growing old and ugly. Nobody knows that beneath his skin are cyborg parts that he had implanted to keep him looking lovely for years in the future. If anyone found out, he would be in the middle of a deep scandal.
Personality: "Please. Nobody looks past your appearance anyway." Griff is quite a charmer. He's charismatic and smooth-talking, good at manipulating people's emotions. Flighty as a summer breeze, he's bored easily and does whatever he feels like doing. He's self-absorbed. He considers himself God's gift to women.

When he's in public, he puts on quite a suave show, but his real personality is conceited. Rude. Sarcastic. Not particularly pleasant to be around. He doesn't like you, and he doesn't care about your problems. He is dedicated to the success of the show. He'll poke you and prod you and start all kinds of drama just to give America some drama to obsess over. He's used to being in the public eye. For all his faults, Griff knows how to treat a woman. He knows exactly the right way to make them buckle at the knees, the right things to whisper into their ear, the right way to brush their hair out of their face. But he doesn't matter how many shattered hearts he leaves in his wake. He's famous. He takes what he wants.

He's fashion OCD. If your tie doesn't match your shoes, or dear God, if you wear socks with sandals, he'll probably leap out of hiding and slap you. His appearance is majorly important to him.

History: "Shh. Mind your own business, ducks." Not much is known about his early life. He grew more famous and more famous all throughout his teen years, but Are You Hot has been the pinnacle of his career.
Style: "This is what really matters!" He likes the bad boy look when he's alone; it's handy for wooing women. He'll wear spiked hair and chains and saggy jeans and painted nails and tight T-shirts all day. But in public, it's always suits, suits, suits, clean and proper. He's never stubbly, never has a hair out of place.

So begins...

Tony "Griff" Griffith's Story

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Dylan Springs
"Hey, we're live in twenty minutes!"

"Got that. Microphones checked?"

"On it. Are the contestants lined up?"

"Yeah, there's here backstage waiting."

"Live in fifteen!"

"Roger that."

Dylan felt like cowering, like curling up in some corner, in turning her back to all of these strange people who were looking at her!

Okay... admittedly, they probably weren't looking at her. But it sure felt like it. They were backstage, all of them, waiting for the show to go on air. Back and forth scurried the stage hands, chattering into their headsets to the people who manned the sound booth. The lights were dimming and brightening as they were tested; the mist machine spit out fog at random intervals. She glanced around nervously. For a show that consisted of only eight contestants, there sure were a lot of people back here. HAM, that was hair-and-makeup, scurried from person to person to do final touch-ups. She'd already had hers, her hair pulled and yanked and her face buffeted with powder puffs, but hey, it was nowhere near as bad as how her mother used to pinch and prod her.

Then again, at home, she didn't have to stand naked in front of millions of strangers.

Dylan crossed her arms over her chest, cheeks flaring. She made sure to keep her head down. She looked at the ground-- where else would she look? The other contestants? Dear God, no! All of this was so-- so invasive! She could feel her chest tightening, her lungs constricting. She felt like she could barely breathe; all of this was so claustrophobic. Her hands just wanted to curl around the safe form of her inhaler. But it wasn't on her, obviously; she was naked. What if she had an asthma attack right on stage? Oh, God. She felt so bare in her nudity. She hugged herself tighter, keeping her head down.

Across the stage, the host, Tony "Griff" Griffith, was spending a copious amount of time getting his hair gelled and spiked and his face applied with male makeup. He didn't seem at all bothered by the eight naked contestants milling around backstage, waiting for their turns. Then again, he was probably used to it.

At that moment, he stood up, pushing the HAM workers away, and bounced over to where the contestants stood.

"You ready, guys?" Griff asked. He spoke way too fast, in a light tone of voice, as if he couldn't get his words out quickly enough. "Ten minutes till showtime. How ya feeling? Good? Good. You know the drill. I go out and introduce ya, and you walk down the runway when you hear your name." He glanced at Dylan and lifted an eyebrow when he saw her chest. "No covering yourself. You gotta sell your goods, kids. This is your life here. Don't wanna be borged!" He laughed. By 'borged', he was referring to the operation that took away your free will and turned you into a robot, a cyborg.

Dylan thought she might faint. She slowly lowered her arms.

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Character Portrait: Dylan Springs Character Portrait: Jackson Ashe Character Portrait: Tony "Griff" Griffith
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Jackson listened to the buzz of conversation around him, alternating between looking at the ceiling and looking at the ground. He didn't want to look at someone and make them uncomfortable, although it was partly so no one could focus on his eyes. Being around all these gorgeous people with magnificent bodies who were competing with him in a beauty competition was nerve wracking, and he was trying to keep people form noticing it. After all, he needed to give the money to his family - For what they'd done for him, they deserved to life a nice retirement, not a penniless one. Hearing the minutes countdown, he bit his lip somewhat nervously. He looked up in surprise and apologized as someone lightly bumped into him.

He smiled at them apologetically and they smiled back before their expression quickly became a straight face, then their eyes flickered downwards. Jackson flinched and almost moved to cover himself, but remembered he couldn't afford to be shy in this competition, although he very clearly became uncomfortable. Tell him to go out in his boxers and he'd strut it out no problem, tell him to go out naked and he'll shuffle nervously towards the exit. Once they had wandered away, apparently part of the HAM team, he made his way to the further corner away from everyone. When the girl was told to put her arms down, he glanced over just briefly before looking at the ceiling again. 'Poor girl,' he thought to himself, frowning. He was sure the exposure was very uncomfortable for most of the ladies, and sympathized. 'I hope everything goes alright,

Then, he was being assaulted. He figured he had just been saved for left as the HAM team descended down upon him. They seemed to not even care there were no mirrors about, unlike what many of the TV shows suggested, with them being surrounded by bright lights and mirrors. For some of the times, he bend down a bit for them to get to his hair. He knew he was a bit on the taller side, and not all the girls were comfortable with reaching that far up to work. As they wandered away, he was astonished at how quickly they worked. Jackson frowned and reached across his chest, rubbing his arm nervously as he looked back down. 'Just do your best,'