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Zara Faye Lexington

"If you only remember one thing about me, make sure it's this: I'm doing this for the people I love."

0 · 295 views · located in Future Utopian America

a character in “Are You Hot?”, as played by LittleMissGeorgia



Name: "Just Zara will do." Zara Faye Lexington

Age: 21

Gender: "That hurt!" Female

Appearance: "Hopefully pretty enough to win this show..." Zara is 5”7 and weighs a slim 120lbs. She is meticulous about her figure, keeping every muscle in her perfect little body tight and toned. She has a pretty, oval shaped face, framed by long, thick, golden brown locks. She has the bluest eyes you've ever seen with angular eyebrows arching neatly over the top. She has long eyelashes and full lips. Her skin has a perfect, natural all over golden tan.

Flaws: "...Everyone has flaws. ...Right?" Zara has tiny little white stretch marks across her stomach. Despite losing all the weight from her pregnancy almost immediately after, her skin never quite returned to exactly how it was and no amount of exercise or tanning made the tiny little lines vanish completely. To the naked eye at any distance of more than a metre, the marks are invisible, but close up at certain angles they are very much present. Zara's not exactly proud of showing them off as she knows it will put her on a back foot in the competition, but she isn’t embarrassed by them as such.


ImagePersonality: “I’ve changed a lot since I was young…” Zara's very determined. Beneath all her charm and everything she portrays, she is there to get exactly what she wants and she won’t let anyone change that. Although all the events of her life have caused her to grow up, she knows how to let go and she still has a wild side to her that will sometimes take over if she doesn’t control it. She can be sweet and she genuinely cares for others that she feels earned it. Zara isn’t particularly trusting and it takes a lot for her to trust someone completely. She hates to feel second best and like she’s unimportant.

ImageHistory: "If you only remember one thing about me, make sure it's this: I'm doing this for the people I love." Zara’s grew up in a wealthy family and her young life was filled with expensive, exclusive privileges. Her father, Jeremy, worked in the lucrative fuel industry and money was never a worry as a child. Her mother, Annette, was a struggling model; she was poor and had no skills of her own other than her looks when she married Zara’s father. He turned her into the perfect, obedient trophy wife.

From birth, Zara’s brother, Philip, who’s four years her senior, had been bred to follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the highly successful family fuel business. But Zara was always the undervalued child. Her father pushed her into becoming a beautiful society girl to eventually be married off to some wealthy man. But Zara never wanted that life. She was a naughty child and a rebellious teenager. In her philosophy, if it didn’t bring trouble and embarrassment for her father, it wasn’t worth doing. Age fourteen, Zara was sent off to boarding school. She was expelled from three different boarding schools for anything from wild parties, drinking and drugs to having sex in the principal’s office. With every expulsion, it cost her father more and more to get another school to take her but he was determined to keep her out of his way.

Age sixteen, Zara found herself pregnant. Her father ordered she immediately get rid of it, but something had changed and Zara didn’t want to. She’d never been important to her father, but to a baby she’d be it’s everything. She’d finally matter and have something to do with her life that actually counted. When her father tried to force her, she went to her mother. Although her mother had been weak her whole life, simply doing as her controlling husband said, for the first time she took Zara’s side. Zara and her mother were thrown out. Her father found a loophole in their marriage contract that meant Zara’s poor mother didn’t get anything. Zara’s brother, Philip, stayed with their father but was able to send them money every month. But it was only just enough to live on.

Zara gave birth to a daughter, Evie Annette Lexington. As she grew up, Zara and her mother split caring for Evie and trying to bring in money. They were surviving on the very basics of life. Zara hated not being able to give her daughter all the privileges she'd had as a child and her mother had given up so much to support her that Zara wanted so badly to give them a better life. When she saw the advert for this show, it was the perfect opportunity for her to finally get all that. Leaving Evie in the care of her mother, Zara entered the show.

Style: "Anything pretty." Zara's pretty easy about style. She'll tend to just be happy with whatever she's put in. But when it's up to her, she loves elegant dresses. Especially any in black or red.

Password? TV is brainless.

So begins...

Zara Faye Lexington's Story