"Huh, maybe true love does triumph over all evils. Who knew?"

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Everything seemed perfectly in place. Lights. Cameras. Sound Effects.

The crowd roared with a ferocity that filled the area with constant, head pounding noise.

The Arena was deathly quiet. The slick, extraterrestrial black metal that made the floor had been finely polished; making the pieces of shiny debris that had been embedded gleam like stars. A force field surrounded the circular Arena, pulsing every so often in an array of neon colors as if to tell whomever was within that there was no escape from the dome that it had created.

Slowly, an overhead lowered itself just above the area, causing the crowd to chant – throwing their hands up in a wild array of excitement. The four large monitors from the overhead flashed on just as the spotlights began to sweep around the crowd, making them squeal and stand.
Two announcers were behind a large desk on the television screen; both sharply dressed in black suits. One had a crazy colored tie while the other didn’t wear a tie at all, as they grinned for the camera.

“Welcome to the one-hundred and forty-fifth, official Galactic Games!” the first announcer jeered, a fluorescent purple Alien with four silted eyes, black hair slicked back into a man bun, and a mischievous smirk that seemed to make some of the crowd swoon from their seats.

“Yeah, who knew we’d make it this far, Ghultar?” the second alien commented, a blubbery slug-like creature, who’s blue gelatinous body completely clashed with his green and orange tie that he attempted to straighten.

“Not me, Jub.” The first alien – Ghultar replied with a deep laugh. “Not me. For this Millennia’s game we go to a planet that has been under watch by the Galactic Confederation for quite some time.”

“Ooooh. That sounds ominous!” Jeb gurgled.
“Ha! You don’t know the half of it, Jeb!”
“What planet are we challenging this time, Ghultar?”

“Why,” the purple alien laughed, “Earth, of course!”

The crowd booed, loudly, throwing their hands up rather aggressively.

Both announcers reveled in it.

“Hey now!” Jub warned half-heartedly, “We don’t want to scare them off!”

“Right you are, Jub.” Ghutlar added, “Earth is a very interesting planet. Who knows, maybe they will win this year against our best of the best?”
Jub scoffed, “Doubt it.”

“I guess it’s up to us to find out!” Ghultar winked, looking directly into the camera and causing the crowd to coo at him.
“Hear that Earth?” Jub snarled, pointing at the camera –

“We’re comin’ to get ya!”

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