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Wren the Drudge

Wren is a mutant Drudge from Glynwor, Capallice. She fights for her Operator, Adnan Brencis, in the arena and is a competitor in the Chimera Tournament.

0 · 208 views · located in Capallice - The Pit

a character in “Arena: The Chimera Tournament”, as played by LittleSun1


ImageAppearance: Wren stands at about 5'5 and has noticeable muscle toning. Though she didn't work to get it, she's more than earned it in the arena. Her copper hair is just past shoulder length and, as she doesn't have much time to bathe, is somewhat oily and thin. Wren's eyes are a light, sea glass green and her skin, though slightly browned, is scarred and rough in many places. She usually dresses in autumn colored tank tops and tan cargo-style capris. All of her shirts have drag marks and holes for the protruding remains of her stolen wings. All that are left of these are two sharp, boney stubs. Wren's most prized possession is on her at all times, a woven fabric necklace with two small brown feathers. These are the only wings she has left. She prefers to go barefoot.
Wren's greatest weapon, her blackened, curved claws, are always present though she can retract them part way when needed.

Scars and Markings: Wren has three rounded tooth marks on her right shoulder, and two parallel scratches just under her right eye. These were given to her by her father.

Mutations: Wren once possessed a small arsenal of mutations but, as they grew in power, she was eventually stripped of her most lethal. At five her horn-capped wings were clipped from her back and her vocal cords, which produced not a voice but a pitch, mind crippling cry, were cut from her throat. Having lost most all her natural defenses, Wren was left only with her sharp claws and two things 'he' (Her operator) could never steal from her. Her agility and strength.
  • Wings
  • Mind-Burst Scream
  • Talons
  • Agility
  • Strength


ImagePersonality and Psyche: As a result of her past, Wren is somewhat emotionally stunted and can react like a small child in many situations. Unable to easily communicate, she’s prone to temper tantrums (which can get dangerous fast.) and is often taken advantage of. Still, Wren is not stupid. If she'd been raised with any level of care, she might’ve been quite intelligent and this shows in a few, select areas. Wren is very good at tracking things, or finding places she needs to be, and she is also very fast to pick up on how things that she see or are brought to her attention work. She is often somewhat aware of people's intentions based on their tones and body language, even if she can't understand much of what they're actually saying.


ImagePast: Wren, like many Drudges, was born and raised in the arena from the very start. Her mother, an inhumanly fast healer, gave birth to her not moments before being called into the ring to lose her first battle, a death match. Several years later, when her father proved to be an instinctual monster by attacking her at age 3, Wren was taken from her only remaining parent and sold to the highest bidder. This bidder, Adnan Brencis, was a moderately rich and powerful Operator in the Mutant Fighting Arena. He began training her as a Drudge the day she came into his possession. From that moment on, Wren was kept largely isolated from the more human-minded mutants. During that time, she was taught to resist pain and defend herself through various exposure techniques. As a result of this, in addition to being a 'skilled' fighter, Wren is also instinctually violent and extremely uneducated. At age five, still unable to read or even form basic sentences, Wren's wings and vocal cords (which produced a high pitch, painful cry) were removed for the sake of those training her(Her pre-arena handlers). Since then, Wren has picked up a very basic vocabulary(Though it is very difficult for her to speak and most words are related to the arena.) and has learned to write a handful of words through use of her claws.

ImagePresent: In present day, Wren and her Operator, Adnan Brencis, have become competitors in the Chimera Tournament. Wren is in no way against killing, she craves it, but she is slightly averse to teaming up with another mutant. At this point, she's indifferent to Scott though, if given the means, she’d happily destroy him.
While Wren doesn't have much of a reputation in the arena, anyone with half a brain can tell that, as long as she’s still standing, she’s not going to stop.
Outside of the arena, Wren lives in the mutant sector of Glynwor. Adnan Brencis has provided her with a one room apartment in one of the sub-cites 'better' areas and this is where she spends a vast majority of her time. Though Wren has never noticed it, she doesn't know enough about technology to discern what they are, her operator has actually installed two monitoring cameras to keep track of her activities. He has also installed a tracking chip in her right arm.
Wren spends most of her time in the apartment sleeping and staring at the walls. Though there is a small kitchen area, she prefers to eat things raw. Wren keeps her small stash of money and 'valuables'(Pretty stones, feathers, and dried flowers) 'hidden' under the loose carpet in an empty corner of her room. To her, this is an excellent hiding place, to most others, it's just plain obvious.

So begins...

Wren the Drudge's Story