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Malachai Jacob "Haydrios," Star

0 · 258 views · located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version

a character in “Armor Spirits”, originally authored by Doubleshot, as played by Riime Tremhal



Character name: Malachai Jacob Star

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5โ€™9

Physical appearance: Lithe, built, muscular. Could be thought of as skinny, if it weren't for his defined muscles - mainly in his arms and chest area. Black hair falls to the middle of his back and frames his face. He inherited his fathers hawk nose and mother's espresso colored eyes. His skin is porcelain, but lacks any definitive tattoo's, or scars. He is groomed, well-kept and always dressed in finer clothing that are tailored to his body type.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Notable traits: Competitive, aloof, confrontational. Excellent skills with daggers, dark magic and summoning.

Personality: Has been known to have a temper, especially when dealing with confrontations. Malachai can also be witty and urbane, but also pompous, snobby and pretentious. He is notorious among his friends for being uptight and haughty. He often finds it difficult to spend time with people of different tastes and temperaments, and does not suffer fools gladly. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting rare artifacts, chess, sampling wine and discussing latest developments with his comrades.

Personalty Quirks: Shameless self-promoter, finicky, snob, tends to gamble, confrontational, snide, holier-than-thou, workaholic, confrontational and can be seen as impatient during difficult times. Demonstrates a pretentious demeanor ,which was cultured by his sophisticated mother.

Armor spirit: Haydes (Female) Lord of the Underworld form:


Power: Dark magic

Weapon: Twin daggers that consume dark magic and enable powers to be transferred through. Although strong, they lack the strength that the magic would have had in his original environment. They have the ability to stun, corrupt with dark magic, and inflict damage.

Armor Spirit: Light mode

Once the spirit of Haydes takes over Malachai, she is able to manipulate his body and enable it to withstand most damage. Speed, agility and endurance are her top contributions to the form of Haydes. Limited power and resources keeps Haydes from unleashing her deadly attacks. In this form, her spirit is simplified, but still formidable against the toughest opponents.

Powers used: Hellfire, mood manipulation (Succubi trait)

Armor Spirit: Heavy mode


The full force of Haydes is embodied in Malachai. Darkness prevails and takes over his mindset, where he loses more control over the form of Haydes. Hellfire, manipulation, agility, speed, dexterity, strength, are all tenfold in this form. She is able to teleport herself through different areas. Her focus becomes heightened on defeating her enemy. She will stop at nothing to complete her goal, even if it means going through her own people. Another aspect of her, is the use of her weapon: The Scythe. Symbolic, it represents her nature, as well as her power. In this form, she is able to use it with her other abilities and manipulate hellfire around the blade, like a torrential storm.

Armor Spirit Heavy Mode Abilities: Hellfire, teleportation, speed, agility, dexterity, strength, shadows, dreamscape

Spirit: Haydrios Star

Family Lineage

Grandfather: Maurice Jacob Star was the founder of the armor spirit "Haydes," through an expedition in a foreign land. An archaeologist, Maurice trekked through uncharted territories for rare artifacts and located the item that contained Haydes. Through reading lore and understanding the basic mechanics of the device, he was able to understand the language of Haydes and the ancient symbols on the artifact. When Maurice unlocked the power of Haydes, he learned to control the power through various training techniques and established himself as the new bearer of Haydes. The two formed an inseparable bond and the spirit of Haydes became his trusted companion. Sometimes, her presence would replace the companionship of his wife, which caused the marriage to fail. He was left to raise his only son, Jacob Star. He knew that his son would be able to wield the power of Haydes, so he began training his son at a young age to understand the device and the techniques needed to wield such an ancient power. Since then, the power of Haydes is passed down from father to son. It is a well kept family secret amongst the men of the Star family.

Father: Jacob Lawrence Star is the only son of Maurice Jacob Star. The father and son duo, have a close bond that is spoken about in sophisticated social circles. A businessman by trade, Jacob made his fortune through inventions and used the power of Haydes to enable his financial desires. Haydes is a close companion of Jacob Star, but since being passed to his son Malachai Jacob Star, he has less bond with Haydes and must use Malachai as a way to communicate with her. Like his father, Jacob's marriage fell apart due to the closeness he had with Haydes. A female Underworld God, Haydes bonds with the men of the Star family, in hopes of influencing the outside world with her power. Greed corrupts the Star family, so they become easy targets for the spirit of Haydes. They seek to form alliances with powerful families in the region and to uphold the family tradition. They only care about status, but the grandson of Maurice has a different point of view.

Family History:

Once upon a time, Maurice Jacob Star founded Haydes in a series of expeditions, that was meant for a business venture. He was told to collect artifacts and resell them on the black market for a substantial price tag. The money would enable his family to gain influence in his wife's world and he'd also be able to gain independence from his wife's family. The device was a small dagger, with a twin, that only interacted when the other dagger was present. Scrolled lettering could be found on the blade itself and once read, the two blades glowed with an ethereal luminosity that counter-acted against each other. Later on, Maurice discovered that the blades could form into a Scythe, once the words were uttered in a more powerful form. He conducted several more studies and later bonded himself to Haydes, knowing that the power would be passed from father to son.

Personal Data

Malachai Jacob Star was raised by a sophisticated mother and average father in society. He experienced the best of both worlds, but preferred the world of his mother. Once Malacahi turned 16, his powers began to develop into something that was seen as uncontrollable. He was sent to his father's for training, where he learned how to control the spirit within and wield its creation. While he and the spirit don't always see eye-to-eye, the two can usually agree on one thing: Conquer thy enemy. The bond is unbreakable with Malachai, but his anger and depression stem from the fact, that he is the bearer of an Armor Spirit and can't enjoy a normal life. Training takes his priority and he is seen in the gym, or working on new powers with his spirit.

Mental Illnesses: Depression (high), OCD (high), masochism (mild), kleptomania (mild), queasy around blood (mild).

So begins...

Malachai Jacob "Haydrios," Star's Story