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Noah Townsend

An ambitious dreamer, and wielder of the Robith Yeoman Armor Spirit.

0 · 180 views · located in Earth, Armor Spirits Version

a character in “Armor Spirits”, as played by NeverEndingFlip




Name: Noah Townsend

Nicknames: Best friends call him "Townie"

Age: Seventeen

Size: Big

Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 230 lbs.

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Hazel Green

Notable Traits: He typically wears a hoodie, rain or shine, hot or cold. He wears a green medallion on a gold chain everywhere he goes. and rarely lets anyone see it.

He's a natural athlete whose strengths have only been further enhanced by his Armor Spirit, most notably his strength and accuracy.

Battlecry: "On me, Robin!"

Combat Data:

Armor Spirit: Robith Yeoman (Noah calls him Robin)
Description: Preferring to be a lot more secluded in his essence, Robith hides under the veil of Noah's shirt, embodying the green and gold medallion he always wears. He gives Noah the powers of strength, accompanying his athletic nature. He also grants him the power to become invisible when he most desires.

[I] Power: Wind Control
Description: Due to their bond happening when he was young, around the age of ten, he has had seven years to adapt to and control his power over the wind. He mostly uses this as an aid to when he plays sports (i.e. kick the football (Americans call it soccer) in such a way to where to spins and lands in the goal just out of the goalie's reach) but has found other uses for it as well. Closing doors, giving him a nice cool breeze to walk with when he gets too hot, tossing that paper ball perfectly into the waste basket every time, the list goes on. He's never found a combative use for it since he's never been in a fight where his strength couldn't get the job done, but if necessary, he could blast them with enough air to force them back, whip up a flurry of leaves, sand, and dirt in a hurry, and even conjure tornadoes if he put his mind to it.

He doesn't have a battle form that makes him stand out any more than he would walking around.

[II] Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Description:''s, uh...a bow and arrow. Nothing more to be said...move on...I SAID MOVE O-

He also obtains a keen sense of accuracy in this state, more so than his natural gifts imply.

[III] Armor Spirit: Light Mode
Description: A long, forest green cloak envelops Noah, shrouding his features behind a shadowy veil. The material is sturdy and can deflect even bullets, as long as it hits the cloak. It is a very mobile cloth, however, and doesn't stop things from hitting the parts of the body that don't touch or conceal him. In exchange, however, his wind powers are amplified and use less energy to utilize. He can even fall from long, seemingly impossible heights and slow down with enough time to land gracefully and without injury. What makes this cloak special, however, is the ability it has to conceal Noah, making him invisible for as long as it's energy allows.
[IV] Armor Spirit: Heavy Mode
Description: The wind picks up and Noah wisps away in the wind. A moment later, a green light shines from the heavens and a large mecha descends from the sky. With wings that enable it to fly, two massive cannons on each arm, rocket boots, and one humongous energy beam shooter thingy located in the center of his chest, it's ranged capabilities and aerial mobility make up for it's smaller, spry form. It has an earthy gray color to it and looks like the combination of ancient stone and modern cyber technology.

Spirit: Robith Yeoman
Description: A direct link to the classical tale of Robin Hood, Robith Yeoman's sage-like wisdom and old-time charisma give him an old soul vibe, the kind that reminds people of that uncle they always liked. He's patient, kind, and always seems to have that twinkle in his eyes that comes through the medallion like a sparkle. Rather than take over the hand that he bonds to, he likes to merely guide the hand along and observe the results, like a teacher or mentor. He has incredible accuracy, as well as a cunning mind and a way with stealth like no other.

He has other tools and weapons as well, but those are his signature weapons and abilities.

Personal Data:


History: Being the only child between two normal parents, Noah had no other choice but to go out and explore the world as a child. He was quick to make new friends and found his love for sports through such activities. Always down for a game, he found he quickly developed the skills to be a really good player and fell in love with that side of himself. Everyone wanted to play on his team, as that was the only way they would win. Most enjoyed his playful spirit and stylistic approach to the game, though a few did find envy and even hot anger.

Still, that did not deter Noah from making friends. He was rarely home, often found hanging out with people at other houses, doing stuff like playing video games and hosting pick-up matches of football or rugby. It was easy to do both since they lived in the country side, with sprawling hills and forests abound, but was still in a semi-suburban neighborhood. When they tired from both of those activities, they took the time to explore the woods, climbing trees, crossing rivers, and hiking through the wilderness.

It would be on one of these adventures that he would come across something that would change his life forever.

He was alone for once when he took to the forest one early spring afternoon, taking a casual stroll and examining the lush, green scenery. He had just crossed a makeshift tree bridge hanging over a river when he spotted an odd sparkle in the water glinting up at him. Ever the curious one, he hopped down into the river and picked up what he had seen: a green medallion with a gold chain hiding in the river. Excited by his treasure, he took to cleaning the dirt off of it, only to feel the medallion shake in his hand. Surprised, he let go, but the medallion flew up instead, up and over the young boy, manifesting into a old, yet burly man that stood with a long stick in hand.

"Challenge me," the man demanded.

And Noah, curious to find out more and never one to back down to a challenge, obliged without question. The man materialized a stick for Noah to use and the two went at it, swinging at each other, trying to knock one another into the river. The mysterious medallion man had the advantage, but Noah adapted quickly, eventually getting to the point where even he could knock the man into the river once or twice. When they were done, his clothes were soaking wet, but he was grinning from ear to ear.

The man gave a hearty, charismatic laugh in response, "Son, I haven't had a fight like that in a good long while. Most freak out when they see me and turn down my challenge, but you, for the first time in my long life, didn't. Have you ever heard of or read the tale of Robin Hood?"

Noah nodded.
"Then consider me one and the same," he introduced, "If you wouldn't mind, I would like to accompany you wherever life takes you, but I understand if you feel hesitant-"

Noah was nodding before the man even finished, "Yes please!"

Now the two are inseparable, both literally and figuratively. Noah was taught many new and interesting tricks of the trade, now having adopted the powers bestowed upon him. In addition, he learned of the way of Armor Spirits and how they worked in relation to the world around them. In many instances, he saw the current events and the wacky occurrences in the world and was taught how the Armor Spirits affected things that went on in the real world.

Personality Traits: Adventurous, Competitive, Curious, Bullish, Optimistic, Thick Skinned,and Loves the Spotlight.

Strengths: Never gives up, Instinctive Reactions, Calm and Cool Under Pressure, Is Good with Numbers

Weaknesses: Can't Come Up with a Complex Plan, Is a Bit Too Cocky, Lets Fun Rule His Life, Is a Sore Loser

Desires: Living life to the fullest, Enjoying the moment, Exploring Nature, Giving Everything All You've Got

Fears: Becoming unnoticed, Being Unable to Perform, Letting His Strengths and Talents Wither Away or Become Unused

So begins...

Noah Townsend's Story