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Earth, Armor Spirits Version

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[size=120:1mpfda4x][color=#1DACD6:1mpfda4x]El was surprised by the arrival of the other woman, taken completely off guard by both the arrival and her support in the fight. And an Englishwoman to boot? Or at least she thought she caught a familiar accent in there. There was a slight smirk on her face as she caught the other strange voice speaking. "Oh, still very much dead, but that hasn't seemed to stop Mr. Sargon, or myself for that matter."[/color:1mpfda4x] [color=#E6B426:1mpfda4x]If Sargon's face were visible, it would be showing a rather neutral, yet pleased smile. Almost somewhat confident, or amused, or maybe just pleased. "They both seem very polite I must say." He whispered in El's mind. A moment later, his voice could be more audibly heard lilting into El's. "I suppose you could say the Akkadian spirit is rather indomitable. Or perhaps indestructible."[/color:1mpfda4x] [color=#1DACD6:1mpfda4x]El grabbed another Goblis, picking it up and smashing it head first into the ground, watching the skull crack as it began to fade away. "Lots of these nasty pests. I think we need to keep moving, but we might have to fight our way through." She smirked as she brought her sword down into another Goblis's head, turning to the newcomer with a grin on her face. "Name's El by the way. The Akkadian is Sargon. Pay him no mind though, he's terribly paternal."[/color:1mpfda4x] [color=#E6B426:1mpfda4x]"Well seeing as my soul is tied to your body, one would hope you'd understand my interest in keeping it mostly in tact." He responded in a slightly teasing way.[/color:1mpfda4x] [color=#1DACD6:1mpfda4x]"Oh shut it."[/color:1mpfda4x][/size:1mpfda4x]