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Armored Annihilation

Armored Annihilation


An evolution in war calls for warriors outfitted for the task. Suit up and prepare for battle!

2,878 readers have visited Armored Annihilation since X-Striker created it.


The year is 2147 U.P.E. (Universal Phase Era). New advances in technology and energy usage have taken the human race to new heights. In order to support these technologies however a vast amount of resources are required. With the resources of the world running low, the three nations, Norserica, Eurosia, and Afralia, have declared war on each other in order to take each other’s territory and secure resources. To facilitate this war farther, the governments have created special armor suits to outfit their Special Forces Units. These suits have the capability to turn a single ordinary soldier into the deadliest weapon on the battlefield. The creations of these suits have taken the war to a whole new level. The Special Forces Units are utilized as the swords of the governments and armored warriors dominate the battlefield. An evolution in war has begun.

This constant struggle for resources has taken its toll however. The people of the nations are not happy with this constant warring and have decided to rise up against their governments in order to make their voices heard. Resistance groups from all over the world have risen up with one goal in mind: to end the war and return peace to their nations once again. The governments of Norserica, Eurosia, and Afralia now have to deal with their dwindling resources, the war against each other, and the resistance groups that threaten them. These conflicts have brought the war to a greater scale and the governments have sent their Special Forces Units to deal with the resistances and the opposing nations.

Your role:

-To take on the role of an agent within one of the Special Forces Units and fight for the glory of your nation.
-To take on the role of a member of the resistance that fights to attain peace within your respective nation.
-If none of these frontline roles appeal to you, the option of a third party role (civilian, support unit, etc.) is always open. Just send me a PM to notify me of what other role you’d like to fill.

Special Forces Units:

1. Terminus
2. Warren Grant
3. Vegnus Marai
4. Daniel Carter

1. Nogond Sword
2. Mark Cruz

1. Saruto Shogun
2. Jack Wilkinson
3. Daveon Talbist


1. Sapphire Gloriana Night

1. Marian Bidwell

1. Sera Soka Pelonis
2. Demitri Darengal

Armor Suits:

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor:
Function: An advanced combat exoskeleton system that vastly improves the user's strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. The armor is a closed system, allowing for users to operate in biohazard and airtight environments safely. As such oxygen is constantly provided to the user via the suit's storage. The suit's material is also very dense, providing excellent protection from gunfire and battery. The suit's outer layer also provides protection from EMP devices, making it immune to all current EMP tech. A property that makes the suit technologically enhanced farther is that it is built with a system that monitors the user's thoughts, translating them into digital code and routes them through an interface connection at the rear of the suit's helmet. Through this interface, the user's thoughts command the armor's movement and weapons; and input from the on board sensors comes directly to the user's mind. This synthesis of machine and mind allow the user to control the armor as if it was part of their body. The suit also possesses other features to enhance the user's ability. It has numerous clips, belts, and magnetic holsters for attaching weapons, storing ammunition, and adding other customizations to the armor. It's HUD is also unique, as it is linked to sensors in the suit's gloves and is able to display what type of weapon the user is holding and how much ammo is left in it. The HUD also gives the user various info such as a mapping radar, a targeting reticule, shield strength, and suit energy.
This armor can also be loaded with several distinct abilities, such as Sprint, making the user move quicker; Armor Lockup, enabling a lock on the armor and making the user invulnerable to damage; Jet Packs, allowing the user to propel jets and hover; Active Camouflage, cloak's the armor and renders the user invisible only if they are moving slowly or standing still. Any quick or forceful movements will slowly undo its effects; Evade, this ability lets the user propel forward at a burst speed and aids them in dodging incoming fire or moving forward short distances at break-neck speed; Hologram, projects a visual double of the user. Though the hologram does not do anything, it is good for distracting enemies; Drop Shield, allows the user to project an area shield that protects the user and any others within the shield from incoming projectile attacks. All can enter the shield however.
Only one ability can be loaded at a time and using them drains the suit's energy.

HEV Suit (Hazardous EnVironments):
Function: Often called the hazard suit, this full body suit is intended for use by scientists at various research facilities in order to protect them when working with hazardous materials. The suit protects the user from radiation, chemicals, and is also batter-proof and bullet-proof to a degree. When combined with the helmet there is oxygen storage that siphons through to the user to provide them breathing air when venturing into biohazard areas.

Xenomorph Power Suit
Function: (minus the arm canon) During an excavation of Mars, several alien technologies were found. These technologies were rounded up and taken back to Earth for farther research. Scientists incorporated this research in conjunction with funding directly from the governments and thus this power suit was created. It incorporates kinetic shielding which protects the user from weapon fire and weapon battering and has a unique tech called "Beam Technology," which allows the user to project positron beams as either tendrils extending from the user's palms or projectiles. Using these beams use up the suit's energy reserves however. The HUD of the suit also has many properties such as informational scanning, infrared vision, and night vision. It also displays the amount of energy the suit has.

ARS (Augmented Reaction Suit):
Function: This battle suit was created with intent to augment the user's overall perception and enable them to react at superhuman speeds. The thrusters attached to the suit at various points also enable the user to move faster, maximizing their running speed and also allowing them to make small jumps when utilized correctly. The thruster's can also be used to jet the user across long distances. Use of the thrusters however consumes the suit's energy. The suit's system also constantly monitors the user's myopotential and synaptic responses. As a result, the system is able to accurately calculate the munition's point of impact, and is also able to reduce muzzle rise via recoil compensators and separate actuators, thus improving the user's accuracy when aiming a weapon. The powered actuators outfitted in the suit increases the user's physical strength, allowing them to unleash strong physical attacks and lift certain weighted objects to a degree. To add even more pain, the suit's core can transmit electromagnetic charges into the user's attack to break through kinetic shields and damage the enemy directly. By doing this however, the suit's energy is depleted quickly.

Function: The "Nano-Muscle Suit" or Nanosuit as it is commonly called is a versatile battle suit that enhances the user's overall combat expertise. The primary function of the suit is to focus it's energy supply into certain modes in order to allow the user to empower themselves through specific means. The suit has four modes: armor, speed, strength, and cloak.
Armor mode is the default setting for the suit. The suit's energy is utilized as a kinetic shielding and protects the user from incoming gun fire, battery, and other acts that would endanger the user. The suit's energy is depleted slowly each time as the user takes damage.
Speed mode, when activated increases the user's movement speed. This allows the user to move at great speeds and also increases their dexterity, allowing them to unleash physical techniques faster. Utilizing any movement while in this mode will deplete the suit's energy slowly, while sprinting to cover ground depletes the suit's energy faster.
Strength mode increases the user's strength. This mode enhances the user's strength to superhuman levels, allowing them to lift objects up to ten tons and perform physical feats not possible by normal means, such as jumping higher. Since physical strength is increased in this mode, a glancing punch can effectively become a deadly blow. Also recoil from gunfire is significantly reduced when the user has this mode activated. The suit's energy depletes slowly when any physical act that requires a certain amount of strength is executed.
Cloak mode enables a camouflage type field around the user, rendering them invisible from the naked eye. Cloaking mode requires a lot of energy to keep stable so suit energy constantly depletes while the user is in this mode. Any sudden movement, such as firing a weapon, jumping, or throwing a punch will deplete the user's energy completely and Cloak mode will be deactivated, returning the user to the default Armor mode.
The Nanosuit's HUD informs the user of various tactical data such as the amount of ammo left in a weapon, a tactical radar that detects heat sources, and the amount of energy the suit has. A night vision mode is also switchable.

RIG (Resource Integration Gear):
Function: An exosuit that was intended for the excavation of various hazardous sites. This suit comes with three modules that allow the user to handle certain situations. First is the Stasis module, which allows the user to decrease the speed of machinery. The purpose of this module was orignially used for those wearing the suit to be able to control the various machines that they worked with and if for some reason the machines malfunctioned they can be dealt with easily. For the battlefield setting however, the Stasis module proves to be even more devastating because in utilizing it, the user can stop tanks from moving, planes from flying, and even guns from firing. The second is the Kinesis module. This one allows the user to lift heavy objects with ease, being able to lift all but the heaviest objects as if they weighed nothing. The suit sensors activate whenever the user makes contact with an object and immediately scans it's weight and mass, adjusting the suit's strength to that of the object. This does not apply to physical strength however. Finally the third is the Oxygen Storage. This module automatically activates when users are in an area where air is not breathable. The suit closes it's breathers and allows users to breathe from the oxygen storages of the suit. The Oxygen Storage is constantly being refilled whenever the user is in an area filled with breathable air.

Zone Armor:
Function: One of the newer developed armors. The designated "Zone Armor" was built in the mentality of a heavy artillery unit rather than a suit. It's defensive capabilities far surpass those of the others, enabling it to be able to take several shots from ballistic missles before being scrapped. Being a heavy unit, the suit increases the user's strength to nominal levels and allows the user to customize the armor with various attachments. The downside to the armor is that it is very heavy and limits the user's movements. This is alleviate this issue, jets are built into the back of the armor and at the legs, making movement somewhat easier, although still limited. The right arm of the suit is also outfitted into a beam cannon of sorts. It incorporates similar Beam Technology like the Xenomorph Power Suit, except the cannon fires an ion charged beam. Using this weapon uses up the suit's energy quite a bit however.

Nations and Organizations:

Norserica: Situated in the western world. This nation was founded on the beliefs that democracy and freedom forms the basis for an ideal government. The president, congress, and supreme courts have a series of checks and balances in order to keep power divided equally. The people actively participate in the activities of the government through the congress and have a large role in what happens within the nation. Despite all of this, Norserica is viewed negatively around the world because of the perception that their government and people are greedy and will do anything to obtain influence and power.

Eurosia: Situated in the eastern world. It is a sovereign nation with a king or queen, parliament, and prime minister at the helm of the government. The king or queen is held in high regards as the supreme law of the nation. Many think of the person in that position as a descendant of God in a way or one chosen by the heavens to lead the nation. This outdated way of thinking has survived in this day and age however, as Eurosia still remains a world power and has a very stable economy and population. The people support the sovereign without question, but there are those within the nation that question the concept of a descendant of God.

Afralia: Situated between the east and the west. This nation has the richest resources out of all the three nations. Originally a series of city-states, this nation was constantly taken advantage of by Norserica and Eurosia as a location for them to secure resources and setup trading posts in order to strengthen their respective nations. The city-states were tired of the abuse that they received from Norserica and Eurosia and formed together to create the nation of Afralia. They kicked out any Norserican and Eurosian influence within the nation and formed a coalition government, with representatives from each city-state to lead. It is still an unstable nation because of this but the people know that their resources are being threatened and therefore stand up for the greater cause.

SORU: The Special Operations Reconnaissance Unit. Norserica's special forces unit. SORU is known for performing the deadliest of operations that leave their operatives traumatized, scarred, or even dead. These assigments test the soldier's very core and drives them to the brink of insanity, but only those who are strong in will, wit, and body join SORU's ranks. Being the elite fighting force of Norserica, a nation of freedom, nothing can be spared when it comes to defending liberty.

RISS: The Royal Intelligence Shadow Service. Eurosia's special forces unit. What began as an elite guard for the royal family became a fighting force that specializes in espionage and assassination. RISS operates hidden from the eyes of the world, going quickly into one area and leaving before their activity is even noticed. They serve directly under the sovereignty and are willing to give up their lives for their ruler and deity.

TAVG: The Tactical Assault Variations Group. Afralia's special forces unit. This special forces group was quickly formed from the best soldiers in Afralia once their fight to make Afralia a nation began. Despite being newly formed, they are no strangers to heightened combat. Specializing in guerilla-like tactics and demolitions, TAVG operates more openly and is feared by the other two nations as a force that is willing to lay waste to all that stand in their way.

Character Sheet:
Note: Only Special Forces Units can have the armors. Resistance members do not. Aliases are codenames used by the Special Forces Units to refer to each other. (i.e. Delta 1, Alpha 4, Bravo 2, etc.) Also equipment is based on 19th-21st century weapons with some exceptions.

Special Forces Unit:
Armor Accessories (attachments, customizations, armor abilities, etc.):
Appearance (under the armor):
Background Information:

Rank (officer, leader, rookie, etc.):
Nation of Occupation:
Background Information:

Toggle Rules

-Stay with the rules of the forum.

-Since this is a RP with lots of action and combat, try to avoid godmodding.

-No teleportation, stay where ever your character is. If someone’s having fun in another area you can’t join in unless your character is already there or is making their way over there.

-Stay updated and converse in OOC often, anything concerning the RP (or idle talk) will be discussed in OOC.

-Type 3-5 sentences atleast. The more detail put in the better.

-Be as active as possible. Try and post at least once a week.

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#, as written by Erayu
Vegnus pressed a switch on the neck of his suit and a com-set retracted from it. "Process code Three, Zero, Zero, Bravo, Seven." The com-set followed the directions given by the suit and started a transmission between Vegnus and Terminus. "Well, Terminus," He said, taking a drag on his cigarette. "It looks like I'll be alright after all." He jumped down a branch and crossed over to a higher tree. He held his cigarette in his mouth and climbed up higher, looking over the valley, destroyed flyers, and the area where they’d taken “refuge”. He then opened the air waves to include everyone from the teams. “How are the interrogations coming? I heard there were two trying to start trouble?” He took another drag while taking a seat. “And what about our birds, are they alright?”

((Those last two lines include everyone on Terminus' and Vegnus' side.))

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Earth 2147

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Dawn: Edge of the Sword

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Let's take a trip.
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A special Forces Deturmined to keep his family safe.

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Character Portrait: Sapphire Gloriana Night
Character Portrait: Daveon Talbist


Character Portrait: Daveon Talbist
Daveon Talbist

"Fire washes the skin off the bone and the sin off the soul. It cleans away the dirt. And my momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy."

Character Portrait: Sapphire Gloriana Night
Sapphire Gloriana Night

Our cause was hopeless - but don't worry, I'm here now.


Character Portrait: Sapphire Gloriana Night
Sapphire Gloriana Night

Our cause was hopeless - but don't worry, I'm here now.

Character Portrait: Daveon Talbist
Daveon Talbist

"Fire washes the skin off the bone and the sin off the soul. It cleans away the dirt. And my momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy."

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Character Portrait: Sapphire Gloriana Night
Sapphire Gloriana Night

Our cause was hopeless - but don't worry, I'm here now.

Character Portrait: Daveon Talbist
Daveon Talbist

"Fire washes the skin off the bone and the sin off the soul. It cleans away the dirt. And my momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy."

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