Adachi Seiko

"It was just puppy love. It's not strange that I got over it."

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"It was just puppy love... yea."

Full Name:
Adachi Seiko
Nicknames and Aliases:

Couple Name:
You Said “Forever”

Couple Role:
Male 2
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation:
Undecided Homosexual

Hair Color:
Jet Black
Eye Color:
Dark Green Left Eye and Jet Black Right Eye(Heterochromia)

A white tattoo of a stylized ‘Hope’ romaji that circles his arm, kind of a regretful decision
3 piercings located on his left ear, often interchanged between a collection of piercings that Seiko keeps in his room
One located on his back, stretching all the way from his nape to small of his back, a reminder of his old nerve problems.
He visibly flinches if he’s bumped into or pushed, anything that involves physical jostling. Has great love for collecting mugs and will approach someone who has a unique mug to question them about where they bought it. Seiko can be rather dainty, despite being a male. He sometimes gets small harmless spasms on his right arm, caused by residual damage to his nerves. Seiko is very religious about wearing most of his accessories on the left side of his body.

{Dainty, Blunt, Peaceful, Timid}
Seiko’s daintiness is actually a result of a habit he obtained back when he was recovering from his surgery. The fear of pain and the potential accident that may cause his wounds to open again have made him rather delicate and in result, given him feminine-like actions. He’s also very gentle in handling objects or when making physical contact with others. Seiko has a good hold of his emotions, not allowing his excitement or anger to over-ride his habit of delicate interaction.

He can be rather straight-forward with his thoughts sometimes and never pulls any punches when speaking his mind. He is very truthful and gives everyone direct answers when asked a question. If he dislikes you, he tells you. No talking behind your back, you can trust Seiko to do at least that despite his dislike for you. Even as a person who hates conflict, he will still stand up against bullies despite his small, petite frame.

Seiko’s very, very peaceful and dislikes any kind of fighting, whether verbal or physical. Even if angered, Seiko does not resort to any kind of violence and will, as stated above, just speak his thoughts and be done with it.

Since Seiko ultimately sucks at fighting, he usually shies away from anything related to fights and can become very meek when confronted. Seiko is also easily intimidated into submission. He also tends to be very quiet around new people but easily warms up to them. Despite that however, Seiko maintains his timid behaviour and is usually quiet in a group conversation.
- Sewing/ Crocheting
- Drawing
- Baking
- Seiko is very self-conscious about his scar and wears a scarf around his neck even in the hottest weather conditions or pick a choice of clothing that covers the scar; like a turtleneck.
- He also tends to trace his tattoo with his fingers.
- If he finds someone he’s close with or considers a friend, he tends to flick their forehead and smile... for no reason at all.
Likes/Loves:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Baked goodies; cakes, sweets, etc
  • Piercings
  • Unique mugs; along with a nice cuppa
  • Scarves
  • Being in the rain or soaking in the bath
  • Cute little pets
  • His younger sister
  • Children
  • Playing board games; mainly chess
  • Bath bombs

Dislikes/Hates:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Creepy crawlies
  • Sour and spicy food
  • The sight of blood, and surgery is a taboo word for Seiko
  • Bean sprouts
  • Being pressured; which also means dislikes being stressed
  • Rowdiness; also very physical body contact
  • Conflict
  • Society claiming that same sex relationships are taboo
  • His nervous system complication
  • Amusement parks; the hard bumps and jostles scare the hell out of him
  • His height

Strengths: (What are they good at- at least four)
Seamster - Seiko spends most of his time creating clothes for himself or his sister. His craft is almost on par with professional designers and it is a dream to work as a fashion designer.
Grandmaster - Seiko’s chess talent is amazing and he competed on an international scale back in elementary, coming in second place amongst other competitors in an open age tournament.
Babysitter - Seiko is incredibly good with children, whether it’s due to his mild, soft-spoken and gentle nature or because of his mother-like attitude towards children; he gels well with the kids and has done some part-time as a babysitter.
Sea Otter - Seiko is very comfortable in the water and excels in swimming, primarily in the ocean. It also serves to soothe his burning pains.

Weaknesses: (what are they bad at- as many or more than strengths)
Physically Weak - Seiko doesn’t have much physical strength and is rather fragile.
Haemophobia - Seiko has a fear of blood and feels nauseous or may even faint at the sight of it.
Break Under Pressure - Seiko deals very badly when being pressured and may snap at the current offending person. The only person who is spared from this is his younger sister.
Burning Nerves - Seiko has had nerve problems since a very young age and has undergone several spinal surgeries to aid his nerves. Now cured, he still suffers from occasional nerve pains that burns and causes his movements to be limited or disrupted. This is also the source of his harmless arm spasms.

Adachi Seiko is the older sibling to a family for four. Ever since he was younger, Seiko had suffered from multiple nervous system complications, ending up in surgery four times, each occasion resulting in his spinal cord being opened up and his nerves corrected or repaired with grafts. Strenuous processes that took their toll on Seiko. He went from being an energetic kid who was always happy and adventurous into an introverted child who never really went out or joined the other kids for sports. His protective and strict father made sure of that. So instead, Seiko developed house-keeping skills when his motor systems started coming online and moving was no longer an issue after his nerves were repaired. Seiko learned sewing, baking and many other such hobbies that were considered feminine, all taught by his more loving and supportive mother. Seiko and his younger sister often spent their time at home, learning from their mother.

As Seiko started maturing, he didn’t grow burlier or taller, instead retaining his frail structure and his height. This build, coupled with his lack of interest in outdoor activities and his fragile daintiness branded Seiko as a effeminate male. At that time, he made friends with another teenager and that eventually turned into an odd relationship. While Seiko had never expected it, he never rejected the opposite party either, choosing to give both of them a chance to discover whether this was what they wanted. Their relationship was perfect, too perfect even. It ultimately came to an end when the two of the boys shared their first kiss, which Seiko’s father saw. Instantly, he was brought home and for the first time ever, given a large backhand across the cheek by a father who never once hit him or his younger sister. Proceeding to explain the taboos of such a relationship, Seiko’s father banned him from ever being with the other boy again. With respect to the man who raised him up, Seiko accepted his father’s decision and broke up with his partner.

After his father explained such taboos, Seiko has since moved on from his old lover and have begun exploring the heterosexual territory of love, beginning to discover the attraction of the female anatomy. Of course, his younger sister was now in love with someone from the same sex and being the supportive brother he was, he helped keep it a secret and even wishes for her endeavors to succeed... to succeed where he had failed.

...Or perhaps there’s still hope?

Face Claim:
Hiroomi Nase

So begins...

Adachi Seiko's Story