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In a world far from ours, war has broke out among the nations. Can a girl whom no one knows anything about save their world?

613 readers have visited Aroilla since KitKattt created it.



Many years into the future on a planet far from our own, lies the world of Aroilla. It is a magical world, divided by two kingdoms, Ridea and Serin. The kingdom of Ridea owns one side of the planet, and the other belonging to the Serin kingdom. This planet, unlike our own, is home to magic beyond imagination.

The kingdom of Ridea is home to the magic of nature. The king is the ruler of nature, while the people can control certain parts of nature such as plants, animals, water, fire, any part of the natural world. The land is made up of countless meadows, forests, lakes mountains hills and the like.

The Serin kingdom is home to the supernatural magic, they can do things such as read minds, create illusions, talk to the dead, and other unnatural magics. Serin land is very opposite to Ridea. It's land has flats and plains. A couple of deserts are scattered throughout the area as well.

However, there is a median between the two lands. This land is called Desrion, it is mainly used for trade between the two kingdoms, this land, though neutral territory, is the source of many minor feuds between the people of the two nations. Yet in one part of Desrion lies a large forest. Not many are familiar with it, and most stay away from it. Most with the exception of outlaws.

Some years after the planet's development, the two kingdoms came to despise one another. They broke out into a big war, which has been going on for many long years.

After years of war and death between the two nations, something is about to change. A girl appears in the town of Desrion, she has no memory, no one knows where she came from, but she seems to be... different. She can control both forms of magic, but she does not know how to control it. It starts out small, she sees visions that flash by her and she can't control them. She can also control the wind, creating storms based off her emotions. But is that all she can do? Can this one girl change the world of Aroilla? Let's find out...

Main Heroine: {The one without her memory.} |Taken by katisacat|

Leader of the Ridea: |Taken by Ashtkerr|

*Guard/Right hand of Ridea: |Open|

*Ridean Outlaw: |Taken by TheThirteenth

Leader of the Serin: |Open|

*Guard/Right hand of Serin: |Open|

*Serin Outlaw: |Open|

Wanderer: {Strange person who helps the Heroine along the way, what are his/her motives? They seem to know more than they let on...} |Reserved for KitKattt|

The roleplay will start once each role is taken (with or without the optional roles).
*optional role

Code: Select all
[img]image of character[/img]
Name: {Last name is optional}
Age: {between 16-19}
Kingdom:{Note: Desrion is not an option}
[hr][/hr] [hr][/hr]
[img]image of character(optional)[/img]
[hr][/hr] [hr][/hr]
[img]image of character(optional)[/img]
Power(s): {only the main heroine and the wanderer may have two. Other characters are limited to 1}
Appearance:{You don't have to go into too much detail if you have clear pictures of your character.}
Other: {optional}

WIP (Sorta... the layout that is..) It's really lame cause I'm a n00b..

Toggle Rules

1. Be civil. Don't take control of other people's characters, don't bash other people's style of writing or post length, don't kill off another person's character without their consent, don't hate.You are only responsible for your own character. No 'god modding'.

2. Please try to choose a character from those listed, we want to fill those up before taking any others.

3. If for some reason you disappear and don't post after more than three days, either katisacat or KitKattt will take control of your character until you return to keep the roleplay moving. If you do have to leave for a while, but still want to continue the rp please contact one of the GMs. We will discuss what we'll do for the time that you are gone. If you loose interest in the rp, contact the GMs for that as well.

4: If you've read this whole thing, contact one of the gms with your interest and the word Lysosome. Yes, that is a thing.

5: Please message one of the gms with your interest before posting a character sheet to ensure that you can reserve the role. Reservations will last for 48 hours. If you do not post a character in that time frame, it will be reopened to takers.

6: Romance is highly welcomed in this roleplay, any form of romance, so any form of hate speech against any LGBTQ romance will lead to immediate banning from the rp. No questions asked.

7: Be appropriate, though romance is welcomed, pornography is not. Keep it PG13 please.

8: This is an rp about a war, and though fighting is expected to happen, it is not the focus of this rp, do not be overly gory, and do not have one fight last 10 pages, keep it reasonable.

9: There is no required post length, those of high or low literacy are welcome.

10: Please use anime face claims so we all match.


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Aroilla by KitKattt


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Character Portrait: June
Character Portrait: Bridget
Character Portrait: Draniei


Character Portrait: Draniei

Leader of the Ridea

Character Portrait: Bridget

The one who wanders...

Character Portrait: June

Main Heroine.


Character Portrait: Bridget

The one who wanders...

Character Portrait: June

Main Heroine.

Character Portrait: Draniei

Leader of the Ridea

Most Followed

Character Portrait: June

Main Heroine.

Character Portrait: Draniei

Leader of the Ridea

Character Portrait: Bridget

The one who wanders...

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