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Around the world in a Summer

Around the world in a Summer


Four friends go on a trip around the world, to see the sites, to have new experiences before they all go on with there lives Though things get more then a little complicated...

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You’ve all heard stories of rich kids. Of how there boredom lead to some sort of scandal, some sort of tragedy, even some sort of adventurous night to go in the book. True rich kids have had more then a little habit of getting things started, of causing memorable stories that will out last there little lives, or even there families fortune. Though this is a tale of a rich girl and her friends, four people who wanted an escape from their families from there day to day lives...

It was a day like any other at the Staron mansion, the maids were cleaning, the gardeners were tending to the glorious gardens that surrounded the grand building, and the heiress of the mansion was hanging upside down on the red leather couch in the entertainment room, absently watching Royal Pains on the plasma HD TV while blaring one of her favorite songs from her favorite female foreign band, the genre a new craze for her ever since a fateful Monday on YouTube. Boredom was her pelage of the day, a girl who had everything she wanted, the only child, a single tear and guilt trip could get her father to buy anything she asked, though there was one thing she couldn’t buy. A cure for boredom, School had just ended for her and her friends, it was a bad start so far.

There parents wouldn’t let them out of their homes, or they had some sort of work to do. A girl with no responsibilities, no restrictions, what was she to do one her own? Nothing came to mind, she wanted to be with her friends...One of which having started to stir more then just feelings of friendship in her, something she couldn’t admit, wouldn’t lest not yet. Though what can they do? They’ve done or gotten into everything they could do in there scenic town, and done half of everything in the larger towns near by. What to do, what to do? Though something seemed to finally flicker in that girls as she continued to watch that show of the concierge doctor among a bunch of rich...Though this episode gave her an idea as Hank and Even road in Boris privet Jet to Cuba...Her dad had a privet jet...Though Cuba's not the destination...The world was. It was about time she traveled outside of the country. With that, and the help of her trusty cell, she sent out texts to her three closest friends.

Guys it’s time to get some shots and passports, I’m dragging you guys on vacation~

...And that was how our tell was set in motion, though what is to come on our tale is hard to tell. Will love be found amongst the four? Will they start the latest scandals....And more importantly what kind of troubles will these four find themselves mixed in in theses long months of excitements, of experience and of difference from there lives grip...

1) No Cyber!; Romance is strongly encouraged and this is a PG-13 RP, but really, come on, no Cyber. My preference on the matter is before pants and underclothes start coming off, trail off/black out type thing {......} Then pick up after. You all know site rules so lets obey them please.

2) Minimal; Please, the bare minimal is 110 words a post! More is loved but I don’t think that's too much to ask. It’s not that hard I promise. Please, it’s a pet peeve of mine, don’t Text talking, 1346, and please remember to capitalize and put periods at the end of your sentences. Most importantly please don’t one line!

3) Perversion, Cussing and Violence; It’s allowed, I believe we are all mature enough know when we are crossing the line and I will call you on it when you are.{What can I say it fits the moment at times, and a little funny at others.} But lets please remember to keep it PG 13.{Even though PG-13 is getting pretty extreme now a days. ^_^;}

4) Questions?; Feel free to ask me. I will answer any and all questions you have to the best of my abilities. Be it you need me to explain a character or even the plot better, anything, I’ll help you the best I can. You can either ask in the OOC, or PM me, do which ever you want. ^_^

5) Be Active; Please post twice every six days! Do not join if your never going to post!

6) Bumper Rule; There is a two post bumper rule. Like you can post after two other post are made after yours. Just so no one gets lost.

The Plane

{Since the characters are going to be on it a lot, I though you guys might like a better idea of what some places of it look like. The plane it self is above.}
The area they have to be buckled up in before take offs and landings. More recreational room., has an X-box 360 and a PS3 in the compartment under the little TV like area with CD’s, DVDs and Games.. The bathroom The kitchen is in the very back.

The Heiress that planed and got everything together/Female/ Daniela Staron Played by IceFoxJess
Her good friend since the sandbox/Male/Akira Yumei Played by Vain
Friends since the seventh Grade/ Male/Cian Sommers Played by Rend
Friends since she defended him/ took up for him from Mr. Lawinsk {King jack ass of all teachers from freshmen year.}/Female/played by Fumii{Sorry Sin! TT^TT please no be mad.}
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[b]What’s Behind the Smile:[/b] {Personality/ Paragraph minimal}
[b]A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane:[/b] {Bio/Paragraph minimal}

[b]Rain Drops on Roses:[/b] {Likes/ At lest five}
[b]Yuck:[/b] {Dislikes/at lest five}
[b]Personal Issues:[/b]{Fears, phobias, flaws/ we all have ‘em so our characters might as have them. No Mary Sue‘s or Gary Stus}
[b]Things that make me special:[/b] {Skill’s and passions}

[b]Don't you Dare Tell Them, But I...:[/b]{Who is your character crushing on? Feel free to have love triangles!}
[b]Suitcase(s):[/b]{Stuff they are bringing with them!}
[b]Anything Else?:[/b] {Anything else you want to say about your character?}

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Character Portrait: Daniela "Danny" Staron
Character Portrait: Alice Tarumi
Character Portrait: Cian Gabriel Sommers


Character Portrait: Cian Gabriel Sommers
Cian Gabriel Sommers

The Bad Boy looking for some new thrills.

Character Portrait: Alice Tarumi
Alice Tarumi

The Quiet One Who Just Goes Along With Her Childhood Friend's Crazy Plans.

Character Portrait: Daniela "Danny" Staron
Daniela "Danny" Staron

Odd Heriess who's bordem start it all.


Character Portrait: Alice Tarumi
Alice Tarumi

The Quiet One Who Just Goes Along With Her Childhood Friend's Crazy Plans.

Character Portrait: Cian Gabriel Sommers
Cian Gabriel Sommers

The Bad Boy looking for some new thrills.

Character Portrait: Daniela "Danny" Staron
Daniela "Danny" Staron

Odd Heriess who's bordem start it all.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Cian Gabriel Sommers
Cian Gabriel Sommers

The Bad Boy looking for some new thrills.

Character Portrait: Alice Tarumi
Alice Tarumi

The Quiet One Who Just Goes Along With Her Childhood Friend's Crazy Plans.

Character Portrait: Daniela "Danny" Staron
Daniela "Danny" Staron

Odd Heriess who's bordem start it all.

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Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

-Sighs- I'm sorry fumii but I'm going to have to replace you. -_-

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Hi, as I was typing this the right lens of my glasses popped out lol.

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Nah, if you really raither play a female cheracter you can switch.

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

I can always double up, that is unless you wouldn't like it so :)

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

I think I'm going to PM Sin one more time, if she dosen't say anything I'll have to start looking for someone to take the female cheracter role.

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Lol Okay, good to know your still alive, just wanted to be sure, you two are usualy pretty good for not droping something without saying something. ^_^. {Looks like Sin might be the only one I'll have to bug if she dosen't say something soon. -_-;}

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

I'm sorry honey, I'll get a post up soon. I've just been a busy lady lately, you know? Don't worry, I'm not dead, and trust me, I won't be :)

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Hey fumii, Sin are you girls alive?

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Heres a link to IC incase you somehow didn't get the PM. ^_^{Or you just a random person who wants to read our work as we go along. =)}

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Sorry it took me so llong to check this. >.<; but guess what...We can get this baby started!! I'll go work on the first post!! Yay! XD Well we got a fun bunch right here, players and chercter wise. XD I'll go down some cafien and I'll be ready to do this. =)

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Heyy, I just got a hold of a computer now...FOR GOOD. WHY? CAUSE GUESS WHO'S BACK AT HOME FROM VACATION...yeah that'd be me, anyhow, let's get a character up now shall we? ;D

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

LOL okay and yeah he meets him her freshmen year

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer


Achem. Anywhooo~

Profile might be short, since I'm being invited to a lotttt of breakfasts and lunches and dinners over here in China. Family friends calls, LOL. No FML for me :) and whatever...what you think FML was to you, hehhe! So what is it, male character rich lady meets in high school? I'll whip something up.

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Lol! Either Dannys going to love it and start cracking up(unless she gets cuaght in it. Then it's glare and tackel, then luagh about it latter) Or scream run for it and half heaartedly hit him after escape...and a few other reacstions. XD

It's cool fumii I don't mind waiting if they don't. Oh and if fml means what I think then dfylyeuwalb...I'll decoed that if anyone want to know what it exactly means, it's something I started saying to a friend of mine evry tim she said fml, it for some reason made her crack up luaghing. XD (thenAgian I was some reson pretty funny when 6th period hit.

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

HAHAHA. I would TOTALLLLYYYY take up that spot...BUT. I kinda can't get the profile up anytime soon...x__x fmlfmlfml. I want toooo D:

Umm. Umm. Umm. Hi everyone, again :) So. You can decide whether you would like to wait.


Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

-cackles- Yeah, that would be funny. xDD Most of Cian's pranks involve explosions and missing parts for things that need said missing parts. >] So expect him to vandalize many important structures and populated areas.

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Sin, Rend, I just want to say awesome jobs on your characters. ^_^ They fit perfectly for the people I see Danny hanging with. All we need is Funmii if she's taking that last male character spot. ^_^ Though I'll start working on adding more on Danny's Bio to include Cian and Alice, and possibly a few mischievous/trouble-making "adventures" XD Oh, and Rend nice prank idea right there, I picture that teacher as one of those short bald guys with busy beard...enough said that I start giggling at the pink image in my head.
I’m already excited to see how this goes! XD

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

Hi Fumii! Uh the only spot left is the male cheracter she meet in high school. :)

Lol! Aw, we all love you too Rend~ Dang it looks like four of my top six absolut favorite RPers want to join thi*. That makes me uber happy XD

Re: [OOC] Around the world in...A Summer

8D YAAAAAY Aya! Fumeii!!^_^ I remember you guys too! Long time no see! Love you guys! <3

But yes, I shall begin working on my profile then.