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Daniela "Danny" Staron

Odd Heriess who's bordem start it all.

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a character in “Around the world in a Summer”, as played by IceFoxJess


Click1, Click 2/Dressy, Click 3, Click 4/Swim

The Person Pulling My Strings: IceFoxJess
Name: Daniela Rosetta Staron
Nickname(s): Danny, Elly, Rose, Rosey
Number of Candles on My Last Cake: Eighteen

Height: five foot seven inches
Weight: Hundred and sixteen pounds
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

What’s Behind the Smile: Danny has always been an odd girl. Ever since she was little she could hardly remember a time when it was just her, her and her father and mother, so from a young age Danny had been in search of getting their attention the only way she knew how, acting out. Picking fights with other kids, pulling pranks. she was a handful of a kid, though this wasn’t something she could keep up with for long, the fighting at lest. She eased up once she finally realized her parents weren’t going to pay attention to that, and her nanny....Her nanny is a very scary woman...If anyone can make this rambunctious young woman act like a little lady, especially when she was a kid it would be her. Though despite that she still holds that rambunctious, mischievous attitude

Despite all that she’s a kind hearted girl, she’s just a little rough around the edges at times. To the people who know her has seen many sides that the papers and magazines haven’t. They’ve seen the sweet hearted klutz who trips over random objects on a daily bases and laughs about it. They’ve seen the part of her that blushes at a drop of a hat. A girl who uses sarcasm and smiles to hide her tears. The girl who doesn't back down from a challenge or dare, always up for an adrenalin rush. The Danny that could catch you with a corpse, you covered in blood, and holding the bloody weapon, and she would just clean you up, his the weapon and help you burn the body before anyone else caught wind of it. Though to the newspapers and magazines she is the “reformed” rotten apple of the Staron family. Though she is the lest of the rumors surrounding her family.

Danny is a girl who gets annoyed before she gets angry, it just boils, her snapping at people more and more until she finally just snaps. Lets just say an annoyed Danny is like a sweet little Kitten compared to pissed off Danny. The school whore, and the only other “spoiled brat”, as some would like to classify her Felicia Lakes had learnt that the hard way more then once. Danny is a girl for grudges, until she feels she’s returned the “favor”

In all she’s an odd loyal friend, a bad enemy and a girl who’s mischievous attitude is often out weighted by the kind heart that lies beneath it.

A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane: Daniela is the only child born to a Hollywood actress and her manger, husband. Her mother being Actress Camellia Staron-Aopoles, two time Emmy winner for supporting actress in drama and lead in action. Her father, Mitchell Staron, a cut throat manager with his own managing firm. It is no guess that Danny wasn’t exactly planed. Gossip magazines said that when her mother married her father she was two months pregnant. Which was true, shocker right? After that mother daughter, or father time for the two Italian-Americans with there daughter wasn’t very much. Though since she was born she had a very good nanny, and domestic staff that took care of the Heiress. The two who had the greatest influence on her other then her nanny Hilda, was her butler Joseph, and the Chef Philippe.

She Attended the privet catholic school of ST. Lucas since she was in pre-school. Those who get into the school are either of high breeding, wealth, scholarships or one of those local talents. Ever since she was little she’s had a bad habit of getting herself in trouble, be it with one of her pranks, telling off an overly strict teacher, or her constant rivalry / nemesis thing with her and Felicia Lakes, school whore and queen bee.

Danny joined the gymnastics team her seventh grade year, and has just found out about her parents affairs just six months ago.

{Very general out look on her past, more will be known in RP and when characters are accepted. Will develop more of her past around them.}

Rain Drops on Roses:
♥ Gymnastics.{doing it not really watching}
♥ Her extended family.{Grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, but that might change latter in the RP XP}
♥ Music. Mostly Rock, metal, a little pop, classical and Visual Kei. {She found it while boredly searching for music on YouTube}
♥ Playing pranks
♥ Sweets, chocolate especially.
♥ Roses, and Orchids
♥ Skelanimals. {What can she say? Their cute!}
♥ Enjoying a good smoke.{Especially when she’s stressed}
♥ Clubbing
♥ Shopping
♥ Ice cream
♥ Secretly she likes to cook/people liking her cooking.
♥ Star gazing.
♥ Animals and Kids.
♥ Sketching.
♥ Swimming
♥ Hanging out with her friends
♥ Playing in snow/Snow
♥ Gentle rain
♥ Comedy movies, Action flicks, Horror movies and romance comedies.
♥ Heights
♥ Thrills {Rock climbing, bungee jumping, Paragliding, ect}
♥ Someone running their fingers through her hair.
♥ Soft fuzzy things
♥ Anime and Manga. {A shy girl she helped once introduced her to it...She scared the girl when the next day she hugged her and said she was the awsomist person ever.}

♦ The fact her parents keep sending her on blind dates with creeps
♦ Her parents affairs
♦ Paparazzi “attacks”
♦ People messing with her friends
♦ People wh belive everything they read about her.
♦ Too much sad music
♦ Losing her lighter or cigarettes
♦ People making fun of her because she still has a stuff animal. {It's not like she carry's it around. It’s a soft comfy transformable pillow!}
♦ Being deprived of her Caffeine or sugar
♦ Thunder storms
♦ Animal and child abuse.
♦ Her klutzy moments.{I swear it gets me in the most awkward situation's at times.}
♦ Spiders
♦ Hangovers
♦ Being ordered around by people she doesn't like or respect.
♦ Queen Bee sluts/Girls who think they can have what ever and do what ever they want using Sex and money.
♦ Being trapped in the dark
♦ People who try to get rid of Traditions.
♦ People who constantly wine and complain.
♦ Getting caught. {By parents, Cops, authority period.}
♦ Thunder storms

Personal Issues:
Myrmecophobia: Fear of ant’s
She hate spiders for along the same reasons ant‘s freak her out..
Aichmophobia: Fear of needles{Believe me it was a sight to see her get all those shots before the trip.}
Brontophobia: Fear of thunder and lightning.{A mild case}

She’s reckless and is a bit of an adrenalin junky.
A social drinker
A smoker
And a klutz who gets herself in the oddest of situations and positions

Things that make me special: Like her mother she has the artistic flares. Though her most notable is her talents in the visual and performing arts. She wanted to join the drama club but she didn’t want to feel the disappointment of her parents never showing up to see a show, even after all these years it still hurts, no matter how often she says she’s use to it. Her passion is her art, she at one point considered becoming an art teacher, but she’s not sure about her future. Maybe she’ll even become an actress like her mother or a professional artists.

Don't you Dare Tell Them, But I...:Think...I've started to really, and I mean really like our own little Romeo...Cian, in other words. Look don’t give me that "are you stupid look", it’s not like I’m head over heels for the guy. I’ve just noticed...I don’t know...Look I'm not good at explaining this, I haven’t felt much like this before...Look it’ll probaly just pass...At lest I hope...I don’t want to lose a friend over my mixed up emostions...Oh, and by the way...if you say a word of this to anyone I’ll knock every tooth out of your face before I push you in the tiger pit at the zoo...What you think I’m kidding haven’t you heard the rumors about my family? Ugh...I haven’t even told Alice about this...

* About two weeks worth of cloths.{Shirts, tank tops, skirts, shorts and pants, including panties and bras. Thank God for laundry mats!}
* Three pairs of flip flops
* Three clubbing outfits
* Toiletries.{Two bottles of shampoo, one strawberry, the other orchid, two bars of dove soap, two bottles of body wash, both one cherry blossom and almonds and a bottle of vanilla body wash, two tubes of spearmint toothpaste and a tooth brush.}
* Hair brush
* Hair accessories{Scrunches, bands, pins, hair clips.}
* Make-up
* About ten or twelve accessories
* Three sticks of Deodorant, two bottles of body mist and one bottle of perfume
* Two pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of high tops.
* Ten DVDs{Three Action flicks, three Horror, three romance comedies, and one anime}
* one night gown, three PJ’s, two pairs of Victoria Secret boxers, with t-shirts, one over sized t-shirt, and one pair of short shorts and a tank top.
* Her I-Pod touch
* Five hundred dollars in cash and her fathers Visa card with a two hundred dollar limit, her fathers Gold card with a four thousand dollar limit, and her mothers master card with a three thousand dollar limit.
* A deck of cards

Small Suitcase:
* Two pairs of sweet pants, leggings, and ski pants
* A winter jacket
* Snow boots
* Fluffy socks
* Scarf
* Gloves
* Two sweaters

Duffel bag:
* Four bikinis.
* Two board shorts
* Three towels
* Three pairs of high heels
* Two pairs of boots.
* Deflated beach ball
* Transformable Diego the skelanimal pillow{What? It’s soft!}
* First aid kit
* Fake ID that says she’s Twenty one
* Two packs of filtered cigarettes
* Pocketknife{You never know when you need a pocket knife.}
* Pepper spray her Nanny and Butler made her pack
* Three box’s of chocolate pocky, two of vanilla, and one of strawberry.
* An extra box of Band aids, extra roll of bandages and tape
* A small bottle of rubbing alcohol and a small bottle peroxide
* Sketch pad, four number two pencils, one pack of color pencils, and erasers.
* Her digital camera
* Her Cell’s car charger
* Her cameras wall charger
* Two small hand bags{Yeah, she is pack extra purse‘s...What the clubbing outfits need pures that match...}

Her purse:
* A small firt aid kit. {Antibacterial spray, bandages, gauze, tape, tweezers, aloe, band aids.}
* Her I-Phone
* Her strawberry flavored lip gloss and her cotton candy lip gloss
* Chap stick
* Two of her navel rings
* Note pad
* Two colored ball point gel pens
* Aleve
* A small bottle of Coco butter lotion
* Her forest green with black designs of the metal lighter
* A Matchbook

Anything Else?: Danny has her navel pierced and has her ears pierced twice. she’s thinking of getting a tattoo but not sure of what or where. Her left wrist is a little weak, which is why she always wore a brace during gymnastics. Also she volunteers at the children's home, and has for the last year and a half, though it’s noting she’s admit.


So begins...

Daniela "Danny" Staron's Story