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Aloysius Caesar

Want to know how I do it? Too bad...a magician never reveals his secrets...

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a character in “Arranged Hearts”, as played by akai-pyon


Name: Aloysius Vincent Caesar

Age: Aloysius appears about 17. In reality, he is 118.

Gender: Male

Kingdom: Shaman

Power: Magic - Aloysius' control over the art is awesome.

Talents: Creating his own spells, mastering high level spells, keeping secrets, learning languages, putting on magic shows

Appearance: Aloysius actually looks like quite the adorable dork. With large black glasses that he requires from all the time he spent burning the midnight oil and his funny, crooked smile...Aloysius' eyes are a strange sort of blue. Dark blue, surrounded by a rim of black. He's almost 6' tall, which really bothers him. More lanky than strong, Aloysius is not without muscle mass.

An intriguing type of person, Aloysius draws you in with his secrets and his extremely dexterous hands. He is almost never seen without his special coin. He's always doing something with it, whether it be making it dance across his knuckles, making it spin in and out of his fingers or pulling it out of someone's ear when they're not looking.

Aloysius has a very open aura around him. He's very open when it comes to meeting strangers, but part of the reason is because he loves delving in secrets as well. He's the type of guy you just want to spill everything to.

Could be bad...could be good.


Theme Song: "Welcome to Mystery" - Plain White T's

Other: Call him Aloysius...or he will seriously turn you into a frog. Arranged, by the way.


The name's Caesar. Aloysius Caesar.

Aloysius Caesar - as complicated and as twisted and as strange of a person you will ever meet. Generally open-minded and easy-going, Aloysius hides a dark and twisted personality. A personality thirsting for the secrets that he knows are just hiding under every person's skin.

Delicious, delicious secrets.

He uses his magic to his advantage - still young in terms of the immortal, he has spent most of his time learning trivial, but flashy, spells. Spells like hypnotism and levitation and the always popular fireball. All a ruse. All an act to get people interested in him. What else can he do? If he can make a desk float into the air and then spontaneously combust with only a few words, then what other options lie open to him? In fact, Aloysius seems almost willing to learn any type of magic. White magic, black magic...why be racist? Bring it on!

As for his views on this arranged marriage affair?

He's probably the only one remotely excited for this aspect. Pourquoi? Simply because Aloysius wants to learn. He wants to dig and find out all the dirty things the other royals have been hiding. And maybe one day use it against them. Not that he'd admit that in the open, of course. Nobody...and I repeat...nobody knows of his ambitions. The Aloysius they see is very different from the one he hides inside.

Aloysius seems to be almost a perfect prince. He's always gracious, courteous, interested in politics (often starting up more than a few fiery debates), the generous and entertaining host, who gladly takes requests for a magic trick every now and then. He took the news of an arranged marriage very, very easily. Almost too easily. But shhh...Aloysius is only here to learn.

And to rule.


Aloysius' mother was a concubine of the king. But he was the first son the kingdom ever had. All his older siblings were females. Aloysius grew up knowing this fact and he grew up relishing in it.

A peculiar incident occurred, once, when he was young. He had somehow managed to get himself into the library - he was only a toddler then. Magic manifested early in Aloysius. And it was hard to control in one so young. Aloysius had something awesome and he had to do something with it. The first thing he did was point at one of the dolls seated on the windowsill. As it was, the plush doll Aloysius had pointed that magical finger towards was a rather large plush doll of a...wait for it...a pair of doves. Yep. Doves.

And guess what happened?

Well, they happened to blink their black eyes and flutter their plush wings.

Aloysius had somehow managed to animate the birds. It hadn't last long. The birds returned to plush dolls within a few minutes, but to all those who had been following the young prince, it was shocking. Immediately, he was whisked into training, into learning and into studying. Aloysius never really got to become friends with anybody. In fact, he barely got to meet with his sisters.

But besides studying magic, Aloysius was also given the opportunity to learn to be a real prince. That was where all his social talents came from. Not from himself, but from the training he was given at a young age.

So begins...

Aloysius Caesar's Story