Serefina Gavin

Tattoos and a switchblade attitude, snake-bite heart with a bubblegum smile.

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Name: Serefina Gavin


Physically, Serefina appears to be 17. Her true age, however, is 103. She is fairly young, considering she is an immortal. She still holds the head-strong and stubborn personality of a teenager. Her poise is lacking, to say the least.

Gender: Female

Kingdom: The 'Kebakaran Kingdom - The Kingdom of Fire


She has the power to wield fire, both creating it and manipulating it. She is also familiar with spells and curses, but she can only preform them when fire is involved. Serefina is less experienced in her powers, and often looses control with her fire. Her impatient nature makes it hard for her to learn and harder for tutors to teach.


Serefina has a way with birds. She picked up the sport of falconry at a young age, and trained her falcon herself. Devlin was a peregrine falcon, given to Serefina as a fledgling. He is full grown now, and flies above Serefina at all times, quick to land on her arm at her call. One of the only spells Serefina wanted to learn was one to use on Devlin. Through a particular complex piece of magic (that took her months to achieve), Serefina managed to make Devlin into a phoenix. His life-cycle usually lasts 50 years before he reverts back to a fledgling in a burst of fire. Devlin has a glossy red and gold plumage, and is a very showy creature. He holds his head high, like his familiar, and is brave beyond what is considered wise. His name Devlin means fierce courage.

Serefina is also a dancer. She was taught by the most experienced dancer in the palace, but after 80 years, she outpaced even him. Now, she takes to perfecting her own style - combining the ancient battle techniques of the fire-warriors with dance.

Finally, Serefina is a writer. One of the only things her tutors managed to teach her was literature. She likes to incorporate her poems into her dances. Stories, she finds, are incredible. At least, they're much more interesting that real life. Plus, in stories, things can come out any way you want them to. She's a wonderful liar as well. It was actually her infamous lying that inspired a tutor to see how well she could write.

Unfortunately, in every other skill, Serefina is hopeless. Most sports frustrated her and she quit. She's absolutely awful in music and art, and abhors public speaking.


Serefina is the youngest princess of the Fire Kingdom. Adults often grow tired of her insolence. The arranged marriage is meant to teach her greater discipline. Her parents hope that through this "diplomatic arrangement" that Serefina will grow out of her childish behavior. Serefina means "fiery one" and is an old name that runs in the family. Her great aunt's name was Serefina, and it is said that Serefina carries the same warrior attitude that her aunt did.

Serefina grew up slightly spoiled as a child. She was a lovely-looking, charming girl. Her white-blonde hair fell to her waist and her dancing often entranced most people. So much, in fact, that they took the liberty to overlook her ample self-confidence and habit of manipulating people to get what she wanted. However, over the years Serefina's parents decided that it was best to admit their daughter into this arranged marriage. It was high time that Serefina begin to act like an adult. Serefina herself was enraged with their decision and stormed around the castle for days. But there was nothing to do for it. She'd have to go off and marry one of the twits from the other kingdoms.


Serefina is just short of being too arrogant. She thinks of herself highly, and that grates on the nerves of people she meets. Although, truly, she doesn't think herself better than others. She gives off the aura that she does in order to either intimidate the weak, or gauge the personalities of the strong. She often jokes and makes sarcastic comments at other people's expense, but she does not mean to be nasty. If she cares enough to make jokes about a person, it means she likes them. She's also brutally honest with people. She says what's on her mind with no filter whatsoever. However if a scheme calls for lying, she's on top of it. Her quick tongue can weave stories in a pinch, relying on details to fool a person. Around Devlin, Serefina is softer. She trusts him more than she trusts other people. In a world of feuding kingdoms, everyone always has another secret agenda. Truth is hard to come by.

Despite her arrogance, Serefina isn't vain. She doesn't really care about her appearance, and is usually covered in dirt or something along those lines.

Serefina is also typically smart. She's no genius, and was determined to be hopeless by her countless tutors. Although, she has ample talent in writing fiction. She likes making stuff up, hence the great ability of lying. But with all the rest, she can't be bothered. She has her street smarts and that's all she really needs to know. It turns out that fast thinking and manipulation of other people will take you farther than mathematics will.

Morally, Serefina is pretty sound, contrary to what one would think. She plays by her own rules, but inside there's a line that she wouldn't cross. She may lie and, on occasion, take advantage of a person (most likely a guy) in order to get what she wants, but she hates criminals.


She is tall, about 5'9. Serefina has short wispy blonde hair that she neglects to take care of. Part of the reason for the short haircut, is that she doesn't want a lot of hair to tend to. She has light grey-brown eyes. Clothing-wise, she tosses on whatever is nearby, usually a navy hoodie, tan camo cargo-pants, and boots. She doesn't like the prissy elegance associated with princesses. She does, however, always wear ruby studs given to her by her great aunt from whom she was named after. She weights about 140 pounds. Because of her avid dancing, she has a lean and fit body. She's more muscular than the average girl, and she takes pride in that.

Theme Song: Lost In Stereo - All Time Low.

Oh yeah, and "arranged".

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