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Valefor Atri

Fallen angel? That's one way of putting it....

0 · 241 views · located in Rysdan

a character in “Arranged Hearts”, as played by akai-pyon


Name: Valefor Caelum Atri

Age: In physical appearance, Vale appears about 18. In reality, he is well over 300.

Gender: Male

Kingdom: Ténèbres

Power: The ability to manipulate shadows, to be able to travel through them as long as they are connected, and change them into physical, snaking tendrils. Along with this, Vale also possesses a sort of dark magic linked to dreams and illusions.

Talents: Playing instruments, public speaking, writing, composing

Appearance: Lean and pale, with black hair and beautiful, beautiful pale blue eyes, Vale knows he looks good. With well-defined muscles and a six-pack, you'd think he'd be a lot more regal that he actually is. But then again...he prefers wearing suits to casual clothes. He has no objection to casual clothes, it's just that he prefers looking nice instead.

Vale is 6'2", and has a very comforting voice. The kind of voice you just want to listen to forever...and ever...and ever...

There's a sense of sadism surrounding Vale. An aura, so to speak if you believed in that sort of thing. He usually gives off the general impression of I know he's bad. But...I can't keep my eyes off of him...

Vale knows how to capture the attention of a room and he knows how to keep it. He moves with an unearthly grace and with ease. He's extremely flexible and has strong fingers and a very captivating smile.

Theme Song: "Heaven is Wrapped in Chains" - Cinama Bizarre

Other: He hates being called Valefor. It's Vale. Oh, and arranged.


Sadism runs in the family it seems. Vale is no different. Sadistic. Sardonic. Sarcastic. Cynical. Manipulative. Secretive. Passionate.

So...beautifully dark.

Vale's emotions seem come in flares and bursts, consuming him before passing him onto another emotion. Whether it be anger or lust, Vale succumbs himself completely to it. Mysterious, Vale hides himself behind a mask of ease, a mask of contentment. His passion is just one bit of why he's able to capture a room's attention with just one word. He is usually very calm and collected, none of his real personality coming out unless he's with people he trusts.

But trust is another subject entirely.

A fallen angel...Vale is not programmed to trust very easily. Years of waiting and now this sort of betrayal has caused him to look at the world in an entirely new light. While it may not seem like his interactions with others have changed much at all...Vale is secretly calculating. Manipulating until all the pieces fall in just the right places...

Vale is protective of his sister, whether she likes it or not. He will look at her future husband with a very, very critical eye. His own wife? Depends.

Is there any love between them? Only time will tell.


Valefor Caelum Atri.

Ever since a young age, Vale has noticed the irony in his name. His parents had graced him with the last name "Atri", which if translated literally, means, "The Dark World". Yet, Vale's middle name? It means "Heaven".

His parents still yearned for the heavens from whence they fell, it seemed.

Vale never cared for that. Since a young age, he took to music like a fish to water. His first ever instrument was the violin. A small one, given to him when he was young. He soon mastered that and it was obvious he had a talent for the art. He was presented with a piano a decade later, a cello at five years after the piano and various other instruments until he was satisfied with what he had learned. Once there, Vale started composing.

On his hundredth birthday, Vale was given a ring that used to belong to his grandfather. Vale wears it on a chain around his neck and has been wearing it ever since. This ring helps make his control over the shadows better, and while he is able to make people see illusions, anybody who has touched the ring will be convinced that his illusions are real.

So begins...

Valefor Atri's Story