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Your parents take off on a trip and leave you with a 'grandmother' whom you've never met before. Too bad she ends up sacrificing you to her books, and you get hurled into an old english world called Arrosith. (Remake of Harosith) (Full)

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Character Portrait: Renatou du Saru'dene "How do I feel? I don't."
Character Portrait: Olivia Beckett "You're always worth it. Don't ever believe that you're not."
Character Portrait: Bevan Kearney "Nice to meet you... now stop irritating me."
Character Portrait: Mamoto Hagigashi Death Shall Not Be Feared, It Shall Be Loved.. Overseer Of Death
Character Portrait: Rose Fatesign Truth "There is nothing that my blades cannot cut."
Character Portrait: Kerri Carter The Kind One
Character Portrait: Mizuko Shizue To fail to plan is to plan to fail. ~-Overseer of Water-~
Character Portrait: Chioko Kaida "You should know by now that nothing is what it seems." ~Overseer of Nature~