Olivia Beckett

"You're always worth it. Don't ever believe that you're not."

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Name: Olivia Beckett
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Personality/History: Olivia has always been a difficult person to understand. She's the kind of girl that's not afraid to be honest. She has always believed that honesty helps a person grow, except sometimes perhaps she take her honesty to an extreme. Olivia deeply cares about everyone. She cares more about other people than she cares about herself. She'd take a bullet for a friend without thinking twice. She's a very confident girl that loves to lead and help others achieve all that they're capable of, but at the same time she's very intelligent and reflective. There's never a moment when she's not trying to figure out something.
Olivia was never a very happy as a child. She had a good childhood, middle class with the average family. They never really paid much attention to her, but in the end, isn't that what most teenagers want? Something about her life always felt incomplete. She played sports, had plenty of friends, tried music and excelled at school, but she never really felt good about herself until she was trying to help people. She didn't have the time to volunteer every weekend, but even just tutoring kids around school made her happy. In the end Olivia would do anything to protect someone and she'll be loyal until the very end. This can also be her fatal flaw though. She blames herself when anyone is unhappy, and she feels needy when people help her, so she avoids it when possible. People have unlimited second chances with her. She just doesn't know how to care about herself.

Playing the Piano or Violin
Track and Tennis
Trying new things
Protecting others
Learning new things

Arrogant people
Losing people

Role: The Gentle One


So begins...

Olivia Beckett's Story


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Olivia quietly stared out of the window of the moving car, concentrated completely on her own thoughts. Her iPod silencing all sound of the outside world, she let her mind drift, thinking about what might be in store for her at this mysterious relative's house. Her father drove their car well past the speed limit as they hurried along, eager to leave their only daughter stuck in some old person home. Olivia was itching to get out her violin and play, she just wanted to forget where she was going.

The car bounced along the road until it pulled to a stop in front of an enormous, old house. Olivia was intrigued by the building. It had it's own beauty for a house that looked to be so old, but that wasn't what was strange. Olivia had a feeling that she wasn't going to have the same boring old summer she'd been expecting, but she shook it off immediately, feeling silly. She grabbed her bags from the trunk and turned to say goodbye.

"Mom, who is this relative i'm staying with again?"
"She's from your father's side, sweety. Did you remember everything? Cell phone and toothbrush?"
"Yes, mom. I remembered."
"Good. Now behave yourself!"

Her mother kissed her on the cheek and returned to her seat in the car. Mr. Beckett waved to his daughter as they sped away, so focused on their trip that they'd left without checking if anyone was even home. Olivia sighed and approached the door, setting her bags down, she was unsure of what she was supposed to expect. She knocked hard, able to hear the echoes of in reverberating in the house. A few moments later the door swung open and an old woman was there to great her. She forced a smile and was about to introduce herself when they woman spoke first.

"Hello, deary. Please please, come in. I'm sure you'll be able to find your room easily. Please stay there until dinner; listen for the bell."
"Alright. Let me just grab my bags..." murmured Olivia.

She bent down to grab them, but as she looked back up she realized that the woman had gone. She wandered upstairs looking for the bedroom the woman had mentioned. Not wanting to disturb anyone Olivia didn't open any of the doors, but the hallway seemed to be filled with an endless amount of rooms. She found an open door on the right about midway down the hallway that was empty of any belongings. Assuming it was her room, she dropped her bags and collapsed on the bed, wondering how the day could get any stranger.