Rai Hill

"Turn up the volume...Can You Hear Me Now?"

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Name: Rai Hill

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's a blonde of average height, with caramel eyes and a solemn, angular face. he's nice looking enough, his hair is downy and his skin smooth, but there is something...off about his face. in his eyes. Or maybe in his lips. Hard to tell. Maybe it's the half smirk he often sports when he speaks. And he speaks all the time. Or its the glint in his eyes. or the slight twitch he has sometimes, right there in the corner of his left eye. The slender male seems normal at a glance, but a further look tells that something is not right. Maybe it is because he's just a little bit too skinny. He almost looks starved.

He's still got the fading holes of where ear piercings used to be on his right ear, he went through a phase a few years ago, and a scar on the bottom of his foot. He's also got on on his back about halfway up his just protruding spine. More about where he got those later.


Rai is a narcissist, a bit of an egomaniac, and a kleptomaniac. Hey, he had a hard life growing up. He likes to hear himself talk, for one thing. An almost constant need. He likes to think that he is always right. And He can't handle being told that he isn't right. That's when he lashes out. he can be kind, when he's calm, but once emotions start buzzing in that little mind of his the more fragile his self-esteem becomes, and the higher he thinks of himself to compensate. He requires constant praise, or he'll break down and possibly lash out at someone.

Rai's biggest lie to himself is that everything he says is riveting to everyone else. he can talk someone's ear off about the stupidest, most annoying things, if he thinks the topic is important or it means something to him.

The kleptomania is another story. Rai needs stuff. Little things. When he was young he'd steal the springs from clicky pens and the tops from the other types of pens. He's steal little things. He wasn't much interested in larger things, unless someone else showed some kind of emotional attachment. He wanted that kind of attachment, so he'd take it from them. In that respect Rai is clever. He's intelligent and tricky, he can talk a deaf man's ear off and manage to get what he wants from the poor bloke. He'd make a good politician, that's for sure.

In the lulling moments, or when he's depressed, Rai is almost tolerable to be around. He can be witty and sweet, even though he doesn't think of anyone but himself at all times. Occasionally he can pay a nice comment to someone else.

Rai's story is a long one. He was born to a family with two older children. The Hills were right on the poverty line. Sometimes they lived in their car when they couldn't afford a place to stay. The first child was the one who got the best things. The second child was the bright one, the one that was doted on. Rai was a mistake. once the Hills were successful, but shortly after the little blonde's birth Mr. Hill lost his job because his company collapsed. And ever since then things kept getting worse.

The kleptomania came first. He stole little things just so he could have them, feel like he was worth something. Then slowly, through much telling himself that he was worth just as much as the other two children in his family, the bitter thought was warped into something more. The fragile young lad started to believe that he was better than them. he deserved better. He was better. it quickly grew out of control.

Lets just say that Rai's parent's trickery or not on the old woman's part, did not intend to come back for their youngest son.

Likes: Himself, stuff, the color blue, hats (He really really likes hats), rivers, hanging upside down, music, talking, being praised, people who tolerate him, power...

Dislikes: People who criticize him, the color yellow, the color orange, snakes, open-toed shoes, rodents, the number eight, pain, when people seem to be having a good time without him, feeling rejected, being left out, feeling unwanted

Role: The Loud One

Theme song:Will find one later

Other: Rai's personality has no Juxtaposition, really. But that's it for mwah.

So begins...

Rai Hill's Story


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The radio was up very loud. Two young adults at the the back of the car, speaking in low voices to one another. One had an old laptop propped on his lap, one hand splayed across the back to keep the screen up. The laptop had lost its integrity long ago, but it still managed to hold a five hour charge. The younger looking one, a girl, had a book in her hands, and often pointed out things to her older brother. The parents, in the front, looked solemn, but they did exchange words every so often over the blare of radio. The petite woman had a map in her hands, and the tall gangly man was focused on the road, his speckles slid down to the end of his nose.

And there was a third child in the back of the car, the youngest boy. He sat next to the window, his head leaning on the glass. His face was faintly gaunt, it wasn't immediately obvious that whole family wasn't getting enough to eat but for the blonde boy's features.

There was a pen between his fingers, it was an incandescent purple, not his, and he was skating it over a piece of recycled paper, gratifying the grey-brown surface with streaks of bright sparkly purple. As he drew he spoke, and spoke, and spoke. Which was why the radio was so loud. Taylor swift's voice wailed, covering the sound of his unimportant babbling.

"Yesterday I saw this girl walking out in the park with her mother..."

I'll be the prince and...

"There were like eight of them in all different colors...."

love story, baby just say

"and I picked it up off the ground. She still had some of them clenched in her fist..."

Cause we were both young when I first saw you!

"Just the red one, the green one, and the purple one. So I just grabbed the purple one. She didn't notice when she came back to the bench though. It writes real well though, I like it. Shame I didn't get the blue one though. Blues a much better color. it's the color of the sky and the water, and a whole bunch of other things too. Really, it's a nice color. And it's cool, so it's easy on the eyes, and its relaxing. It feels nice to relax..."

Rai managed to fill up the entire space of time between one song and the next with his words. His family wasn't listening, but he didn't seem to notice. Perhaps he was used to it.

They pulled up to the house that, unbeknownst to them, another family had just dropped their son off at not fifteen minutes before. Rai was ejected from the car with little ceremony, but again, he didn't seem to notice. He continued talking to himself about the merits of blue as his family issued half-hearted goodbyes and drove off, turning off the radio and reveling in the blessed silence.

Rai paused for a moment, his red dufflebag, it was only half full, clenched in one fist, and tilted his head back to look at the house. Jeeze. It was sure in a sorry state.

"You don't look to good, Mr. House." He informed it. "But you're really big. Who lives in you? A lot of people? I hope so. But anyway, don't worry, I'll keep you company Mr. House, I can distract you from how worn down you look." The blonde smiled at the building before making his way towards it.

He only had time to pat the side of the house comfortingly a few times, advising it about a few different remedies for being an old house. The door opening made him jump. He'd been so involved in his talking that he hadn't been thinking.

"Hi." He said to the woman who opened the door. But she didn't seem to inclined to talk. It didn't stop him from talking to her though, after she issued her orders about what to do. He asked a few myriad questions about the house and dinner, but he didn't seem to expect any answer, as he continued talking with little break between words.

"Wow this house looks so much better on the inside!" He said, his gaunt face breaking into a grin. "Mr. House, I'm glad you look good on the inside. That's what counts." He patted the railing as he began to climb the stairs. "Maybe we can fix you up on the outside maybe. Then you'd be just like me! Well. Except for the part about being a house. But you know what I mean don't you, Mr. House?"

Rai still didn't seem very fazed about anything, he was in his element speaking to the house. He didn't mind that he'd just been dumped here with little more than a single word in farewell. He didn't seem to mind that he only had a quarter of a duffel bag full of possessions to help him get through this stay. Wait, how long was he even supposed to stay here? Rai didn't know, but he shrugged it off. he was on a high right now, he could talk to his heart's content, and as long as he could do that he was happy. Mostly.

His eyes did look rather wet though, as if his body knew more about what was going on than his mind did. He did manage to find his room though, making a very loud racket as he sought it out through the sheer volume of words he was expelling. Mr. House was a wonderful companion.