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Maximilian Silver

Alliances Infiltration squadron commander

0 · 432 views · located in The Universe of the Nova

a character in “Arsenal of the Nova”, as played by Red_Cardinal




General data:


| Name |

Maximilian Silver

| Codename |


| Age |


| Rank |



Physical appearance:


| Stature |

With a height of 1,82 m not a giant, but also not the smallest member of the Alliance. In fact, it represents the average
height of the typical male member. Still, Silver takes pride in the fact of him being taller than general Crowfield.

Silvers body is quite muscular and marked by scars everywhere, his face excluded. No matter how much he trained however,
his muscles just stiffened and wouldn't grow in size. The shape of his body he ows to the the harsh military training he had to
undergo. On one hand, to stay in form - on the other, because he can't do otherwise he continues the training he was drilled
with up to this day.

Silver hates the sight of the scars and tends to hide those. One feature he wouldn't dare to hide however - and that was his
face. His pride wouldn't simply allow it and he consideres it a gesture of honor to show his face to the enemy before the fight
for life and death.

As a commander Silver tends to maintain the solid, firm and straight military posture, which is quite uncommon to the
Alliances higher ranks, since they tend to be lazy and easygoing on the formal behaviour. According to the posture Silver
tends to use strict, yet fast and easy understandable gestures, to underline the meaning of his rare words.

| Clothing |

Silver wears the commanders uniform - hell, he even sleeps in it. In addition to the long, blue and formal looking
coat, he allways wears his gloves in public. The fingerprints people leave behind on the smooth control panel surfaces drive
him crazy.

Right next to the heart on the left side of his chest a small - yet accurately placed - golden medal is attached to his uniform.
The medal represents a reminder of the unit, that was lost under his command during his first year as a commander of the
infiltration squadron. Though he gained a lot other medals over time, he refused to wear them on his chest next to this one.

While going into a battle he tends to use his old - yet functionally only a bit less effective - battle suit, keeping the medal with
him. The battle suit is balanced to achieve the highest movement speed, with a price of only a medium protection.

| Looks |

Due to the formal look of the uniform and his military posture, Silver is giving off an elegant look - if only he would
tend to his hair and do something about those heavy rings under his eyes, he got from having nightmares disrupting his sleep.
The straight face with a cold gaze combined with those rings under his eyes make it impossible to read his current mood and
induce respect into the hearts of his subordinates - leading to the higher ranks cosidering him a brute, however.


Character / personality :

Though Silver tend not show his emotions while in public - and especially not in battle - he actually gets quite melancholic
and understanding when talking privately to his subordinates about their needs. Maybe it is due to his memories of the lost
unit, or because he got something he can call his own family with his new position. He takes full responsability for his own -
and the failures of his crew members. Especially the young rookies consider him a father figure, since he takes his time to
talk to them in detail - him however well knowing the possibility of their deaths, considering how unexperienced they are.
The rookies consider his drilling strict - yet fair, most of them understanding how near the end of their lifes might be, if they
aren't prepared well enough. To the officers of his unit however, he tends to be even more unforgiving. Silver put a lot on
the line in means of loyality and ability of his subordinates - especially for the officers. He often makes them endure the
harsh training with the rookies and tend to have long one on one conversations lecturing them, after a failure of any sort.
Never the less, he never fired any officer - as he regards one to get better after each mistake one makes.

To the enemies Siverfang is the embodiment of unforgiveness. The precise planning combined with fast execution of those
plans make him a very dangerous foe in the heat of a battle. Silver himself however, treats each enemy with respect, trying
not to underestimate them. He already lost once at a high cost, after all.


Weapon :


Silvers commander combat suit
The last commander called those "the twins". They were
exactly symmetric looking pair of gauntlents giving off a
migical glow. As for Silvers strive for strict order, those
were perfectly fitting his character. So Silver decided on
keeping the name. He wouldn't change it anyway - simply
to honor the tradition of the squadron. In fact, with those
he got something he could entrust his life to - a perfect
loyality. "Twins as a new family - how melancholic" - he
thought recieving those. The gauntlets were quite light
judging by the weight, suited for a fast paste combat.
The outer side was used for blocking incoming attacks
- though it wasn't used quite often, because the speed
allowed to simply dodge them. And yet the former
commander died so easily - even the twins couldn't
protect him. It was in his first battle as a commander,
when Silver got a glimpse on the true hidden power of
those twins...





| Personal |

Silver only vaguely remembers his real family, since they were killed in a battle between the Alliance and an rebel
unit when he was five years old. After that incident general Crowfield took him in personally. Silver however, never
could forgive the general for leading a war on civil ground, regarding civilists as "colateral damage". He never had
a place to belong, nor was he strongly attached to a person after that incident, which made his will even stronger.
Growing up however, Silver understood, that the general had no choice in that matter. Also he understood, that
him being blinded by revenge wouldn't lead to the life he imagined for himself. He needed a purpose, so he chose
to fight for the Alliance, since the Alliance already was on the verge of winning, which would end this senseless war
once and for all.

| Professional |

He started as a rookie in the infiltration unit of the Alliance - what choice did he have at that time? - He didn't have
any education. After showing good fighting skills as a rookie, he attended the military academy at sixteen and was
promoted to an officer status, after completing the tactical excellence at twenty-three. As his commander died in
the battle, Silver took over the command, being the only officer alive. With havy losses he could turn around the
battle and finally win it, for which he was granted the position of the commander, along with the mystical weapon,
that was passed from a commandor to the heir. The first operation he attended to was a nightmare, leading to
destruction of the squadron with only him surviving and nearly breaking his will. General Crowfiel however, had
oher plans with the promising commander...

| Achievements |

- succesfully completed rookie training with battlefield experience
- successfully graduated the military academy with tactical excellence
- promoted to the officer status
- won a battle commanding as an officer
- promoted to the commander rank
- lost the complete infiltration unit under his command
- was granted with the mission to rebuild the infiltration squadron


The Alliance:


The Alliance is rumoured for its military power
and skillfull strategies. Under the command
of general Crowfield it gained a lot of territory
due to effective funding and support of technical

The unit structure being:

1. The intelligence unit
2. The main battle squadron
3. The logistics and supply chain
4. The covered operations unit
5. The infiltration squadron
6. The qualification and training unit
7. The command chain


General Earl Crowfield


The infiltration squadron:


The Infiltration squadron banner, carried for generations by the
commanders of the unit - a tradition you might say.
Being one of the seven units of the Alliance,
the infiltration squadron was the place Silver
chose to be in - out of his own free will. The
infiltration squadron was the first place Silver
could consider a family. Though not for long,
since the former commander and all the other
officers died in Silvers first full scale battle.
Many rookies survived however, acknowleging
him as the new commander. The main goal of
his unit is a fast coordinted surprise attack on
the enemy, openning a window for the main
battle squadron to strike. Since the odds to be
caught by the enemy are quite high, the
members of the unit typically don't live long.
This, Silver had experienced very well, within
his first mission as a commader, losing the
whole squadron. He still managed to win the
fight - but at what cost. Since general
Crowfield only cares about results, Silver was
awarded with a golden medal and the mission
to rebuild the infiltration squadron. Silver swore
by the banner to restore the squadron, keeping
its long tradition of passing the commanders
weapon to the next one. The squadron is allways
looking for new members due to heavy losses in

So begins...

Maximilian Silver's Story