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Rose Valencia

Infiltration Squadron First Officer

0 · 415 views · located in The Alliance Base

a character in “Arsenal of the Nova”, as played by Red_Cardinal



Physical appearance

Being the First Officer of the Infiltration Squadron Rose rejects to wear the female Alliance member uniform. Since the Commander is quite obsessed with order and cleanliness, he often scolds her for being stubborn and sticking out in the crowd of crew members at the morning meetings. She wears an elastic leather outfit, covered by a white cloak with an First Officer rank insignia covering her left arm.

Rose has a slightly slender, yet well trained figure, being the result of the harsh training the Commander puts his unit through on a daily basis. She considers it however his duty and doesn't mind it at all. Her violet eyes match her hair colour, which is genetically determined along the citizens of the planet she was born on. To underline her looks, but also showing off pride for her birthplace, she uses a lipstick of the same colour.

As a fresh graduate of the military acedemy her pose shows dignity and pride of being First Officer, resembling a noble, also fitting her characteristic traits. The highly defiant attitude is frowned upon by the Commander each time he sees it, which only causes her to be even more cocky towards him. Seeing the Commander using strickt gestures also causes her to avoid using them completely, but for a completely different reason...

Characteristic traits

Rose takes her position with dignity and pride, often being cocky towards the Commander. Deep within however, she understands her place within the command chain, only getting defiant to Commanders constant attempts to slack off of his duty. She is very eager on trying to push the limits with the Commander, as she knows: in battle her life will depend on his command. Having the Commander allways at his best form, might one day save the lives of the Squadron members. She might be defiant while acting as First Officer, in battles however - as a loyal and fearless persona - she follows every order without any hesitation. It is exactly that reliability, which made the Commander chose her as the First Officer in the first place. For Rose however, her absolute loyality to the Commander had a different reason...

Considering that she one of the newest members, she doesn't talk very often to the other crew members, fearing she might be a hindrance to them. Because of that she is seen as not quite talkative among the rookies. Seeing her constant struggles with Commanders laziness, the rookies granted her the title of "First Lady" - however nobody dared to say it to her face. The First Officer was the primary hatred subject among the other officers, since she was the main reason they had to attend the harsh training together with the rookies. But regarding that she was chosen by the Commander personally, they resort to keeping their mouths shut.


Valencia - the name Rose treasures as a last reminder of her birthplace. The planet Virgo is a place considered as a harsh environment to survive in. Besides of some cities the main part of the surface is covered by deserts. Water is something regarded as highly valuable, with only the rich and the powerfull having acces to it. Roses family had to work really hard to get enough water to survive. If you cannot afford water - you die - it was as simple as that. While the wealthy had huge water reservoirs, the poor died of dehydration. In this state the peace couldn't stay for long. Rebellions started to break out, taking water by force and resulting in a full out war. Roses parents where the first ones to pay the price, being killed in a struggle between the regiments troops and the rebels. What choice did they have but to fight? The soldiers got payed well and that money they needed for their daughter to survive.

Rose was eight years old as her parents died. Having nobody to take care of her, she landed on the streets, begging for money or water. But due to the war at hand everybody was short on both. After weeks without water Rose was at her end - nobody would care if she died. As her vision began to blurr, somebody tossed a bottle full with water at her, with other beggars giving the girl greedy looks. The boy was a member of the Alliance and assumingly the only reason why the other beggars kept from taking the waterbottle from Rose. After she gulped down the whole bottle, the boy introduced himself as Silver - a rookie at that time - and asked her to become a member of the Alliance. Rose heard about the Alliance being a big liberating military union. Of course she would agree to fight for freedom and well... the alternative was to die of dehydration. Little she knew it were the crystals in the desert that General Crowfield was looking for.

Arriving at the Alliance main ship, she started her combat training. Excelling at it, it didn't take long for her to enroll into the academy. Finishing the academy proved however very difficult for Rose, since she wasn't the brightest bulb of all. Studying at the academy she heard the name again: 'Silver granted a Commander position'. Hearing that her aim was set. She felt that she owed her live to Silver. What other possiblity to return the favour she had other than joining the Infiltration Squadron? To rebuild the Squadron, Silver was looking for new members anyway. Her decision was frowned upon by the Mentors, considering that another graduate chose to sacrifice herself. This didn't matter to Rose at all - she had an aim and she will reach her goal.

Combat info

Image The Weapon of her choise is a heavy two handedImage blade. This is quite surprising, considering her seemingly fragile body had enough strenght to wield a weapon with a lenght equalling her height. She was known as being not that tall - leading to the Commander calling her 'chibi'. Rose however, had no problems wielding the sword she lovingly called 'the destroyer'. In fact she was quite fast to strike - failing to balance out the strike however, she continued to whirl around until the momentum was out. It seems she had problems to keep up with the weight of her weapon. Regarding that this whirling was still dangerous as hell, she gained the codename 'Hurricane'. Sometimes, half jokingly the crew members call her by that nickname, running for their lives shortly afterwards.

To balance out the weight and speed of her weapon she prefer not to wear any armour, which would restrict her movement even further. Without armour she could still evade some attacks, blocking other with the sword itself. Hell judging by the dimensions of the sword, it easily could be counted as armour, considering 'chibi' could hide her whole body behind it. To many her combat style seems chaotic, which it is in fact - she herself however regards it to be the pinnacle of her combat skills.

So begins...

Rose Valencia's Story