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Katherine Joanne Rolfe

"It's not something I can choose. If I could I wouldn't have them."

0 · 202 views · located in Artemia Valley

a character in “Artemia Valley”, as played by XxBlazingGoddessxX


Name: Katherine Joanne Rolfe
NN: Kate but only to her friends
Race: Human
Type: Witch
Class: peasant
Age: 17
Height/weight: 5'4''/100
Appearance: Katherine has thick, straight and very long hair (reaching above her waist). Her hair is a soft pale gold in coloring and her hair texture is described as silky and smooth. Katherine's eyebrows and her long eyelashes are a darker blond compared to that of her head hair. Her skin tone is described as being very white, pale and fair (said to be similar to that of a magnolia flower). Because of her fair skin and complexion, Katherine does not tan easily and can get easily sunburned. Her physique is described as being slim and slender. Katherine's eyes are a deep, dark blue with flecks of gold in them.
Quirk: Sleep walks
Personality: Katherine is described to be a sweet, bubbly, cheerful, likeable, charismatic, kind, and charming individual. Katherine is highly unsure about her identity and her future; who she is and what she really stands for. She is basically naive, ditzy, and insecure, but she is slowly beginning to develop, mature, deepen and evolve in many different ways, and she begin to get a much deeper and clearer understanding of who she really is. She is becoming a more mature, stable, grounded, and strong-willed person. As well as developing as an individual, she also begins to develop very powerful, strong psychic powers and abilities (which are hereditary). Katherine is stoically loyal, loving, kind, caring and fiercely protective and she will do absolutely anything for her friends, her family and the people she loves. She's a generous individual and she is always trying to lend a helping hand when it is most needed. Katherine comes off as rather eccentric and "offbeat" and because of it, she is often highly misunderstood. She is drawn and attracted to the unusual and the bizarre and she appears to be the most unconventional out of everyone else. She is a highly adventurous, explorative and curious individual. Katherine is not the intense academic, scholarly type whatsoever but she has a habit of engaging her brain before her mouth. However, despite the fact that she is not an academic individual by nature, she is rather intelligent, sharp, quick and intellectual. She also possesses a rather off-beat sense of humor and she is known to provide much comic relief, especially in times of tense situations. Katherine is extremely friendly, light-hearted, cheerful and charming. Katherine is a passionate, spunky, and fiery individual. She can be stubborn, impractical and naive at times. Even though Katherine is known to be timid, fragile, delicate and vulnerable, she is significantly stronger and tougher (physically, mentally and emotionally) then she appears to be on the outside. Despite the fact that she can be rather naive and trusting at times, Katherine is also rather sharp and challenging when she wants to be and she does possess a highly passionate, emotional nature. Katherine is highly idealistic and she is a hopeless romantic. Katherine possesses very strong, powerful psychic powers and abilities and because of this, she often becomes extremely overwhelmed by the actual strength and intensity of her own powers. She frequently tries to suppress the true extent of the power and strength of her abilities as much as she can, but unfortunately, she doesn't have much success. Because Katherine's powers are so overwhelmingly intense, it has caused Katherine to pass out, faint or become unconscious. Katherine puts these special psychic powers to use whenever she is doing something highly purposeful and useful and she often uses her powers to help her friends.
Mannerism: When she gets nervous she twirls her hair with her finger
Weapons/Channel Items: Her powers
Powers: Spell Casting: The ability to perform supernatural spells that affect the natural world.
Aura Reading: The ability to perceive all of the energy fields surrounding various people, places and things.
Palm Reading: The ability to tell fortunes by reading the lines on a persons hand.
Astral Projection: The ability to project the spiritual body of a person to another area in the world.
She also seems to act as an unwitting medium for helpful spirits. She does not remember anything she says or does while she is in this condition because she basically goes into a catatonic state or a hypnotic trance. She also has occasional prophetic flashes.
Magical Items: Herself??
Armor: None
Hometown: Artemia Valley
History: Katherine's mom wasn't married when she got pregnant with Katherine, so she hid in Katherine's grandma's home because if they found of she was pregnant without having a husband she would be stoned. Katherine's mom died while giving birth, so Katherine was raised by her grandma and grandpa.

So begins...

Katherine Joanne Rolfe's Story