Axl Blanch

"I'm everything you'll ever need, baby, stick with me."

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“Hahaha I’m the bartender, you don’t get to tell me when I’ve had enough!”

have you heard of my religion?

{ NAME }
Axl Rose Blanch { Ax works just fine }

Dionysus Incarnate { Bartender & Wine Aficionado }

November First { 22 Years of Age }

Will probably sleep with you. And you. And anyone available.

and we believe that god has lust for everything

He’s got a tequila bottle with a cobra wrapped around it done across his ribs, as well as a wineglass spilling wine opposing it on the other side
He might have a few in more unsavory places. You’ll never know.
Axl tends to dress for whatever situation he’s in; suits at wine tastings and wifebeaters at the club. He definitely prefers his more comfy party attire.

the time has come for your devotion

Church of Hot Addiction { Cobra Starship }

[x] Literally cannot resist one dollar shooter barrels, he usually has about twenty of them in his bag at any given time. [x] Can’t stand cars unless he’s driving them. They make him incredibly sick. [x] Actually likes men a lot more than women, he finds a lot of them annoying. [x] Axl never walks in a straight line, even when he’s sober [x] Gets along really well with whales and dolphins and most other animals. This has led to a weird obsession with and hatred for dolphin and whale captivity [x]

of what i need, so give it, just give it to me

[x] Flying/Heights [x]
[x] Busses [x]
[x] Rejection [x]
[x] Actual emotional connection [x]
[x] Being responsible for something that’s actually important [x]
[x] Crazy manipulative women [x]
[x] Fire [x]
[x] Guns [x]

turn off the lights; tonight i am the drug you can’t deny

Tequila Worms
The ocean
His car
His job
Parties & Clubs
Talkative people
Friends who let him flop all over them
Anything ten times more sugary than any sane person
Sassy boys
Spanish & Speaking Spanish
Getting attached emotionally
Falling in love with little bits of people
Having most roommates
Overly drunk morons
Elitist wine tasters
Beer nuts
Bitter coffee
Rigid people

you gotta get the cobra bless now

Irresponsible Passionate Easily amused
Axl’s one of those lost kids, the kind you hear about doing this or that, fucking up this way or another one. He’s one of the bad boys your parents warned you about, trying to get you into bed with one too many drinks and that suave smile, the soft Spanish words slid into your ears with a silver tongue and a smirk. This is the face he likes to present. It keeps him distant and mysterious, and it keeps it easy for him to get his fix of alcohol and sweat, of dancing and the grind, and whatever comes after. He doesn’t care for sex as much as his reputation pegs him for, but it’s always a nice bonus at the end of a night.
What Axl craves and fears above all else is legitimate emotional connection, something he’s never really had before. When he’s working the bar at the lateshift, it’s always the little things that get to him, like the quirk of that man’s wrist, the way he slips his fingers to his lips when he spills his drink. Axl seems to fall in love with everyone’s little things, everyone he encounters has something beautiful for him to admire. But this is one of the most terrifying things for Axl; he despises the thought of being stuck, of being able to let someone down so fantastically.
And it all comes down to that; Axl doesn’t trust himself half as much as he trusts the world. He knows his actions are volatile and his reactions are unpredictable. He’s the first one to lose sight of himself on the long nights, and the last one to check back in in the morning. His whole life is a vague connection of right and wrong, what he can manage to do to fit himself snugly into the path he sets out for himself, and how much leeway he has.
Axl is a smart kid, who’s fiercely passionate and even more compassionate, but he often times he finds himself creating necessary distance between those he cares for and himself, simply out of his innate deep distrust for himself. He’s always on unstable footing, he doesn’t remember anything else.

but i can pay the price you charge for what i need

Axl was born in Uruguay, but moved when he was six to Berkeley California. The first six years of his life were his best, although he hardly remembers them; there were soft Spanish words passed between him and his single mother, and everything was a soft, warm haze. When they moved to the states, Axl’s mother quickly became involved with a drug ring, which resulted in her disappearance when Axl was ten, and as they were technically under the radar, it meant he had nowhere to go, a problem quickly solved for him by his mother’s previous boyfriend.

At ten, Axl became one of the nearly two thousand annual victims of human trafficking in the United States alone; no one really cared, he was just some Uruguayan boy without a mother. He slipped through the cracks and was sold to a man in Southern California. He stayed there for four years before managing to free himself from the residential holding he’d landed in. Fast forward a few months and he’d realized there was literally no way for him to make a living as an uneducated dark skinned kid in southern california. There was no way for him to survive, so he sold himself back to the man who’d originally purchased him with a contract ending on his eighteenth birthday and more freedom than he’d had before.

On his eighteenth birthday, Axl applied to nearly thirty local bars, lying about his age and experience, and was accepted to a number of them, his first job was bartending at a gay bar not far from his residential holding. He found his own place, and slowly worked his way up the California coast, eventually settling in Artemis Falls, and very recently landing a job as the only bartender on Campus overlooking the town.

and i can get you high (i’m gonna get you)

Axl likes Artemis Falls a lot, to be honest; he doesn’t feel like they’re too uptight, but it’s still as far as he can tell, a pretty safe community. A nice place to escape after all that time spent on his toes, all his time spent doing what he needed to to get out. As for the Campus and the situation at hand? He’s not so sure. He doesn’t understand why they’d need a bartender, and he doesn’t really get why he’s there. But he thinks it’s a nice place, and any person employing him has his thanks.
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