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Bree Johnson


0 · 307 views · located in Artemis Falls, California

a character in “Artemis Falls”, as played by Lily Evans



Name: Bree Johnson
Age: Physically 18-22
Gender: Female
Role: Artemis Incarnate
Pantheon: Greek

Preference: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Birthplace: Artemis Falls
Current Relationships: None

Details on Career/Schooling: Bree Johnson's dream, since she was young, was becoming a journalist. And, with all the crazy stuff that's happened around Artemis Falls, she's gotten her chance to report some crazy things. She attends the college in Artemis Falls, but plans on moving to the new campus because she's heard it has a superior journalism degree program. At high school, she graduated with honors in English and History.

Theme Song: Becoming Popular -

Clothing, Tattoos, Piercings, Scars, Other Markers: At a young age, her mother took her to get her ears pierced, but she always had the problem with her ears getting infected, so she has earring holes but doesn't wear them. She has a scar on her right knee from when she learned to ride a bike, and one on her ankle where she crashed on said bike, the pedal scratching her deeply. She has a tattoo of a koi fish on her back, near her left shoulder.


Bree loves peaches - they are one of her favorite fruits, which she always buys at the grocery store. Anything with peaches, she's likely to buy and snack on, such as peaches and cream oatmeal, harvest peach yogurt, which is her absolute favorite, and of course, Graeters summer peach ice cream. She loves minty and ocean type scents, in perfumes, and finds flowery ones okay, but not a particular fan of them. A favorite perfume of hers is Far Away by Avon.

She absolutely detests kiwi, and doesn't exactly like sour apples, but she'll eat them with caramel. Bree also isn't much of a fan of sour candies, as expected, or floral perfumes, though she likes flowers just fine.

Bree Johnson likes to hold her pen in her mouth at times, pointed end down of course, especially when she's looking through her purse. Wearing a pen behind her left ear is a usual for this journalist, and so is the irritating tapping noises she'll make with her pen when she's waiting or bored with something.

Bree Johnson is a no nonsense reporter while she's on the clock, but afterwards, she's pretty relaxed, liking to hit the local bar area to catch up on gossip while ordering her favorite drink, a shirley temple, non-alchoholic, often bought for her because of the suave way she talks to the locals that haunt the bar. She's witty and smart, and someone commented that she was very wise, like the greek goddess Athena. She's a bit vengeful, and very clever about getting revenge when she sees that she's been swindled.

Bree Anna Johnson was born on September 1st in Artemis Falls, an orphan child, as her father had died shortly after hearing the news of his wife's pregnancy and her mother died in childbirth. As such, Bree grew up in an orphanage for a short while, then was adopted by a couple, the father was a lawyer, and the mother a news anchor. Instantly loving her mother's work, she hoped to one day follow in her mother's footsteps. However, after third grade, she discovered that she really loved to write - and therefore, her love of journalism was born.

Bree graduated with Honors in English and History, with math being her most hated subject, barely passing by with a C, she applied for the college in Artemis Falls, and had been attending for two years when Loki announced the death of the gods. "Death of the gods. . . what is that. . . is it supposed to be a joke or something?" she asked, but with news about a new campus, she quickly wrote down everything this character 'Loki' said. Hearing of a superior journalist program there, she decided to transfer . . .

Thoughts on the Campus and Artemis Falls:
I love it! Its so clever!

Thoughts on the Situation at the beginning of the roleplay:
Its very original, and quite an awesome chance to explore an epic route, for lack of better words.

Anything else you feel is important.
Thanks for letting me submit my character for this - I hope I get accepted!

So begins...

Bree Johnson's Story