Poppy Hasegawa

"If I die tomorrow, I'll be satisfied with how I lived today."

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"I'm not saying that everything is survivable. Just that everything but the last thing is."

Poppy Mai Hasegawa

Twenty-One [21]


Sexual Orientation




Kualapu'u, Moloka'i, Hawaii


Poppy is on campus under the guise of continuing her studies at a prestigious institute. Her college major is environmental engineering, as she hopes to spend her life trying to aid those who are working to help the environment. Currently she is in the process of acquiring her Bachelors in the field, and hopes to go on and earn her masters as well. With salt water practically running through her veins, the young woman's focus is on preservation of the ocean and the organisms that it supports. She works part time at a local diner, as well.

Having grown up playing on the beaches of Moloka'i, Hawaii, Poppy has a somewhat tanned complexion that has persisted even as she moved to Artemis Falls and no longer had access to the beaches and surf that she grew up with. The young woman has dark brown hair that has never been allowed to fall too far past her shoulders, as she finds very long hair to be the sort of pain she doesn't feel like dealing with. Her hair seems to be persistently messy, anyway, and usually wet for some reason or another. Her eyebrows are the same dark brown as her hair, and beneath them are set two almond-shaped eyes that are so dark a brown they might be mistaken for black. As far as her physique goes, Poppy prides herself on keeping in shape, and thus she has a slim but muscular frame. She's on the shorter side of average, standing at 5'4", and always looks her height- she's not one for heels or platforms. Most of the time, the young woman is wearing clothing that is lightweight and flowy, or else a tank top and shorts. Fashion is not her forte- if she could, the girl would just wear boardshorts and a rashguard everywhere. It might seem silly now, though, as she can't surf as often as she used to.

Like Real People Do - Hozier
He Mele No Lilo - Mark Ho'omalu & The Kamehameha School's Children's Choir
Brand New Day - Kodaline


The Ocean || Surfing || Summertime || Spring || Warm Weather || Animals || Lightweight Clothing || The Smell of Saltwater || Wildflowers || Diner Food || French Fries || Swimming || Jogging || Environmental Engineering || Artemis Falls' Campus || Salt and Vinegar Chips || Cranberry Juice || Blueberries || Messing Around || A Bit of Roughhousing || Hiking || Folk Tales & Myths || Puns || Comic Books || Being Outside || Climbing Things || Curiosity || Science || Meaningless Intimacy || Humorous People || Tank Tops

Pollution || Large Corporations Destroying Small Businesses || Small, Enclosed Areas || Winter || Feeling Trapped || Barbecue Chips || Mangoes || Chicken || Misogyny || Overreactions || Romantic Commitment || Computer Obsessions || Texting || Irreverence || Involuntarily Doing Things || Being the First to Arrive || Strict Deadlines || Writing || Romance Novels || Movie Theaters || Artificial Grape Flavoring || Being Far Inland || Bluntness || Stubbornness || Closed-Toed Shoes || Being Lectured/Scolded || Squirrels

Wrinkles Her Nose/Makes Funny Faces When Concentrating || Runs Fingers Through Hair When Distracted || Bites Tongue When Excited || Goes Swimming Nearly Everyday || Terrible Punctuality || Collects Strange Sodas



ImageSocially Extroverted
Punctual Rarely
Serious Not Usually
Adventurous Always
Easygoing Usually
Patient Usually
Driven Selectively
Stubborn Never
Reliable Sometimes
Romantic Rarely to Never
Poppy is very much the sort of person who allows herself to be taken along for the ride, when it comes to life and fate and the like. That is to say, the young woman is rather easygoing, and the try out any new opportunity or experience that has been provided for her. Very proactive in this sense, Poppy loves adventure and satisfying any burning curiosity that might cross her mind. She's the sort of person who one can count on to be in for an impromptu cross-country roadtrip, willing to suddenly drop everything and invest herself into something completely, if it sounds interesting enough. In this sense she is rather spur of the moment- but that is where her charm lies, perhaps. Adventurous and extroverted, she's never shied away from a conversation or been afraid to climb to the top of a tree or jump off of a cliff into the lake below. Sometimes, this behavior might border on reckless, but she thinks of it as living without regrets. Education seems to be the only thing that she considers the future regarding, and that's only because she wants to contribute to her one true love: the ocean. That's why she's willing to part with it for the phenomenal Environmental Engineering program that Artemis Falls and the Campus possess. As a friend, she is the sort who can keep a conversation going, and it more than willing to back those she cares about up in a fight- she's been in more than one fistfight for the sake of a friend, before. Still, she is prone to dropping the ball here and there- perpetually late, she's missed important events and disappointed her friends because of it. And while she may be a good friend, the young woman knows from precedent that she makes for a terrible level- romantic commitment has never made it on her list of priorities, and every relationship she's been in has ended with the young woman baling when things seemed too heavy. She can support a friend through a hard time, but gets anxious about commitment beyond that, and it shows. She's still young, after all. Still, she'll always be the first to approach a person she finds attractive- good for no strings attached relationship. Leave no footprints in the sand.


Poppy Hasegawa's maternal family had lived in the Hawaiian Archipelago since the early 20th century, setting up roots in the island of Molokai which, despite its relatively large size, has a fairly low population. Her mother grew up on the beach, working in her parents' diner, which she would eventually inherit. Her father moved to Hawaii when he was twenty-seven years old. At first, he had merely come to visit the island while on a business trip in Honolulu. However, as he was sent several times for the absorption of a company that his own parents' business had bought out, he met and fell in love with Poppy's mother. Eventually, he tried to convince her to return to Japan with him- she refused. She wouldn't leave the diner that her parents had left her after their early deaths. So, in a move not unlike a cliche movie, he married her and moved to Molokai to be with her, becoming a US citizen. He was cut off by his parents, and so ran the diner with his wife. A few years later, though not very many, Poppy was born. She took after her mother more than anything else, an adventurous sort who was difficult to keep track of. She was popular enough amongst the other children in the area because of this, and lived a happy childhood.

As she grew older, she found a mentor in her middle school science teacher at Molokai High School. He taught them with a hands on learning style, often focusing on the environment and how people need to work to preserve it. It is from him that she gained her desire to become an environmental engineer to protect the ocean, which was a second home to the girl. She grew up swimming, surfing, and playing with friends on the beaches of the island, after all, and their beaches were in relatively good condition- she wanted to keep it that way. The island did not have a very large amount of tourism, as the population protested attempts of large businesses to build large resorts and other attractions that might have benefited the economy, but at a price they weren't willing to pay. Poppy learned the joy in simplicity and letting things take their natural course, and while her parents found it more and more difficult to keep tabs on her, she loved them dearly, and they her.

And yet, despite her love for the surf and the sand and her home, when it came time to go to university, she found herself drawn to an obscure little college in California. It wasn't even on the ocean, and wasn't well known, but for some reason she couldn't let go of the chance to go to this school. When she received a full ride to the school, necessary as the family lived comfortably, but minimally, it was set. Something seemed right about it, and Poppy went off to study with the Artemis Fall's Environmental Engineering program. It felt like home almost instantly, though she could never quite explain it. After only a few years, the Campus was established, and she was invited to continue her education at this Engineering school. A job was available for her at the campus diner, should she want it. Everything seemed to fall into place so perfectly, convincing Poppy that something must have been charmed about her life. She wasn't one to argue with a good thing, though the beach still remains an old friend that she has yet to reunite with.


ImageImageOn Artemis Falls and the Campus?
"This place seems to fit me like a glove- except for the fact that it's inland, I guess. The people, the parties, the forests? All pretty fantastic. Coming here felt like going to a best friend's house- not exactly home, but the next best thing. It's strange, but I'm not one to argue with a good thing."

On The Start?
"I'm still a little confused on all of that. I think everyone is. But you have to roll with the punches, and if they need us for something, far be it from me to refuse."

On People?

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