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Nina Jacobs

"You met me at a very strange time in my life."

0 · 336 views · located in Broken Bay City

a character in “Artificial Heart”, as played by Toxicjinx


Name: Nina Jacobs

Role: ‘The Popular Girl’

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5”9’

Weight: 120

Hair color: Brunette

Eye color: Brown

Personality: Nina is a little odd. No joke. Especially for someone everyone deems ‘popular’. Nina is fairly reserved, but when she speaks she means what she says. Even if it is not necessarily what people want to hear.
She’s a fairly nice person, but fails to see the shallow nature of most of her friends, and thus continually sticks with them no matter how many times they may have dragged her through the mud.
Struggling with that whole teenager thing she also contemplates the whole struggle for identity thing so she’s um ‘confused’ as most adults put it.

History: How Nina got popular is still a mystery to her and her family. Fitting into the typical popular mold is fairly difficult for her, but she won’t let that detour her from continuing the lifestyle. Even if her photography and drawing have to sit on the back-burner so she can keep up appearances.
She grew up pretty normal family isn’t very interesting, and was not too moved by the discovery of androids…until she got one.

Items: A camera, her cellphone, a compact of lipstick, a calculator, pencils and a few other odds and ends that are trapped in her black hole of a purse

Crush: Eh, she’s a teenager, so it changes like the weather.

Gallery: Image

So begins...

Nina Jacobs's Story


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Waking up. What a drag. Nina contemplated burying herself deeper into her blanketed tomb and refusing to get up and be productive. In her mind she saw the argument she'd have with her mother, the amount of school work she'd miss, as well as the backlash from her many 'fans'. After a short groan Nina sat up with intentions on actually doing something with her life today. All the blood drained from her face as she sat up to fast and felt a light-headed sensation take over. This was a day in the life of the rather apathetic Nina. Despite the fact that she was lively and excitable at school Nina actually preferred a more reserved and modest style of living. She glanced around her room which gave a minimalist tone and smiled at the thought of Lora. Where in the house she was Nina wasn't preciously sure, but the idea of meeting up with her made Nina feel a little bit better about having to go see her peers again.

Quickly she threw on a skirt and blouse and tidied up what little mess she'd left on her desk from the night before. The sun barely peeked through her closed curtains and she muddled around in darkness for a while until she'd gotten all of her things together. Her purse over-flowed with things she didn't need but swore she did. Now, she could leave this dark chamber and go find Lora. This is where the fun in her day actually began.


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#, as written by tezza

Six in the morning was a very long time ago by the time Lora found Nina stumbling downstairs. Lora turned to face Nina, "It's almost eight o'clock, Nina," Lora stated with barely any emotion through her set tone of voice. The android was yet to become use to using a voice, her fresh mind still taking in so much. Lora was sitting at the dining table, situated a little way away from the stairs.

"I've been here since six," Lora continued, finding sitting in a chair awfully irritating as it felt awkward for her bottom in the particular chair she occupied. Her eyes studied Nina's hurried attempt at dressing herself properly, but noted how her blouse was tucked into her skirt. The android's eyes looked emotionless as nothing was felt by the robot yet.

"Will you eat before you leave?" Lora asked before standing awkwardly, straightening out her clothes. It felt smooth as clean cotton did. She could see her reflection in the window across from where she stood. Her long blue hair reaching below her knees, shadowing her blue eyes, her figure small and feminine in physique. She was definitely a successful humanoid, despite the unnatural hair colour. Her tone of skin was a pink pale, her joints joined by a tiny, discreet bolt. Lora knew nobody else could see them but other androids, but she still felt wrong when she looked at Nina. Everything was flawless. Nothing jutted out weirdly; especially her elbows. Lora had a strange thing about her elbows, feeling surprisingly self conscious about them. The bolts that joined her forearm to her elbow joints felt so large to her despite how discreet they appeared - in comparison, it may as well have been a large zit on Nina's face that was actually so tiny it was invisible. No one could understand the stress Lora felt about her bolts, no matter how invisible they were.

Lora stopped looking at her self - a split second of analysis - before turning her attention back to Nina. "You will eat before you leave, you'll get hungry," Lora was caring for Nina - possibly a better guardian to her than her own mother was. "What do you eat?" Lora stopped in her tracks before going behind the counter in the kitchen. She still knew too little...


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Nina looked at Lora and smiled openly, the droid seemed to be fully aware of everything; however, Nina preferred to be a bit more lax. Something about Lora mystified Nina. Her sweeping blue hair, her nearly automatic motions, her intelligence, somehow it pleased Nina so much. Especially considering the crowd she hung around with other wise. Lora’s personality most definitely served as a breath of fresh air in a rather dreary life. Once re-adjusting to that whole communication thing. (Nina was not a morning person) she let the pieces fall to place in her head,

“Oh, Um, You don’t have to.” Nina never ate breakfast, with her mom and dad out the door before she even woke up Nina rarely ate. Weather it was from lack of time or sheer laziness was up for debate. Nina looked at Lora who had made it clear that Nina she would eat. Forced to think like every teenager Nina’s instant thought was to ask for frozen pizza; however, something about frozen pizza didn’t ring like a breakfast food so instead she smiled and shrugged, “Whatever you want to make is perfect.” She replied. I’ve got time she thought looking to the families blinking clock that read 12:00 on and off. The power must have gone out sometime in the past few days and everyone in the family must have passed on by. Nina glanced at her watch for the real time and started toward the clock to fix it.


Maxilum hurriedly made his way through a bustling crowd. He’d decided to venture out of the Star’s home for a brief moment to pick up a few things he thought she’d appreciate. His calculations of walking speed and distance added up to him arriving back home only moments before Diana woke up. He failed to account for the long winded conversation the cashier tapped him in, and the overly jammed traffic from an unseen cause. Now he’d be late and Diana would have already started breakfast. He frowned while thinking that the whole busy nonsense was a big bother. He still rushed through until finally (As he would say) arriving home. The door gave an unsubtle creek when he opened it. Not Max couldn't feel, but he analyzed his thought process and became pretty clear that what he ‘felt’ right now was pretty close to embarrassment.

“Diana?” He called out. His voiced sounded uncomfortably close to a human’s. With no response he headed up a small staircase to the kitchen where he intended to put the hefty supply of groceries and comforts away. It was then that he saw her resting up on the couch flipping through the channels and stopping on the news. Her dark hair cascaded around her like a pool and Max swore he’d felt something, but the idea of that was purely laughable.
“I’m sorry.” He started, “I miss-calculated when I’d be home.”


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#, as written by tezza

Lora watched as Nina went to change the time. She cocked her head to the side, letting her blue hair fall in front of her face, before pushing it back behind her ear and heading towards the fridge. "Cereal?" Lora said, performing her almost mono-tone voice into a question. She smiled at the outcome. She grabbed the milk out of the fridge before heading to the pantry and getting out what looked like a morning meal. She poured the contents into the bowl - white puffy looking rice - pouring milk all over it. It made a popping noise. Lora raised her eye brows at the popping breakfast. "Rice bubbles!" She smiled at the magical foods box. She found a spoon for Nina to use and took the bowl over to her after she finished resetting the clock. She went to return the items back to their places before sitting at the dining table.

"What are we doing today, Nina?" Lora asked, smiling at her friend. "Is there school today? Lora didn't pay much attention to time, almost as little as everybody else around her did. They all just moved with the gist of things, like it was automatic. Just because Lora was an android, didn't mean she was fixated to everybody's schedule - especially Nina's. It was sometimes unpredictable, however, her individually never really changed but her mood swings that occurred, sometimes, entertained Lora. Humans were so much more interesting than androids. Lora knew that her own personality was to grow, but whether or not herself would notice, she couldn't tell. She seemed to be lacking that kind of intelligence. She found the more she thought about it, the less she understood and the more she wanted to find her creator to understand things. Her only conclusion was to learn like the humans do - live day to day life.


Rissien L'Regge

Sighing, Rissien crossed his arms over his chest, analysing the frantic android in front of him who was babbling out nonsense. He frowned, almost smirked before composing himself. "How about I clean the house for you? Or make you a meal? Anything you want - I'll do," The 'droid stated. Rissien raised his eye brows, pursing his lips and nodding.

"So, you're one of these...robots. I mean androids," Rissien stated skeptically. "A maid, of sorts," He classified. He sighed, feeling defeated. The android was truely remarkable. So human like, it was surreal. There was attitude and personality present in the androids voice, and determination. Kind of. But there was definitely personality. The android seemed to be skittish, shy almost. Afraid to disappoint. Rissien mulled it around in his head for a moment or two before sighing again and placing his hands back by his sides.

"My name is Rissien, I am your owner, and the owner of this hotel that you're currently standing in," He explained. His voice was warm and friendly, as if he were addressing anybody else, besides the odd fact of saying 'I am your owner'. He smiled at the android, holding out his hand for her to shake in a greeting. But no response was performed. He frowned, but the expression passed quickly. "I'll show you around, firstly to my receptionist and then I guess I'll tell you of your...duties. Although, I wasn't exactly expecting a...maid," Rissien pursed his lips together, looking at the android, Scarlet, up and down. "Anything you need, clothes, batteries, uh, anything you androids need, let me know," Rissien turned to walk towards the receptionist, looking at Scarlet to watch her follow.