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Rissien L'Regge

"Eh, I'm use to it."

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a character in “Artificial Heart”, as played by tezza



Name: Rissien L’Regge
Role: The Hunk
Occupation: Millionaire
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 182cm
Weight: 78kgs
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green

Personality: Rissien is generally a reserved person, quiet. He is quite talkative though if you do speak to him and likes to make new friends; very friendly. He’s a caring person however he may not always show it. He can be quite ignorant at times, but will try to stop and listen. He can be an overwhelming person sometimes if you get to know him but he’s not mean. He’s a deep thinker, always analysing and experimenting the impossible even if he knows it probably won’t work. Rissien hasn’t shouted before as he rarely gets angry, but he will if you push him hard enough but even then you may be surprised he might not get enraged. Being a reserved person, Rissien usually notices things others don’t, like maybe the bad habits others tend to do like bite their bottom lip or their nails, tiddling their thumbs or frowning too much. Rissien plays the poker face quite well, however he is smiling majority of the time. He is one of the medias favorite targets as he tends to throw the biggest parties and spends the most money and loves the medias attention, despite his reserved nature. Overall, you could say Rissien is a very friendly person with little to say, but has much to think about.

History: Rissien grew up in a wealthy family as a single child. His parents however, died from illness unexpectedly, leaving Rissien to inherit their wealth once he turned eighteen. He hasn't been afraid to grow up alone, nor does he mind being alone. He never knew what it was like to have siblings, and his family home was quite average besides all the extra attention from the media as he grew up. There was not one person out there who did not know his name.
Items: Mobile, iPod and a book.
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So begins...

Rissien L'Regge's Story


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#, as written by tezza

It would have to have been easily five o'clock in the morning. The sun was yet to rise over the gigantic hill-like companies that occupied each side of the lily pad like continent. The shadows of the hill-like buildings were long, stretching to the opposite side of the island, creating a calm blue darkness down among the simple condo homes, right up to the high pent house homes. Rissien was one of the many occupants of a pent house apartment - he actually owned the whole building, the whole building below him. Being filthy rich was a great luxury taken for granted by Rissien, however his money was put to good use at times. He liked to bathe himself in the luxurious things in life, and waking up to watch a sunrise were one of them.

Standing in nothing but black sweat pants, Rissien stood out on his balcony of his pent house apartment, admiring the blueish darkness consuming the depths below him. He could just see the massive company across from his minute building in comparison. He was opposite of the huge hill, and got to see the most amazing sights each day of his life. His lent on the railing, looking out across the island until the yellow-gold light outlined the mountain before him. Rissien sighed in contentment, a grin touching the curves of his lips. His red hair tickled the back of his neck as the wind tousled his hair lightly. Mornings like these he enjoyed. The sun slowly climbed it's way to it's destination in the sky, casting dark shadows across the island of houses, shops and other buildings of sorts. The sun was golden, fading out to a gorgeous purple, washing the night sky away. That was when Rissien stood up, and knew his day had started.

Walking back inside to his wide apartment - being filthy rich, he of course made sure his apartment was to be built large and at the top - he checked the time and saw that it was almost six o'clock now. He run a hand through his messy hair before climbing into his shower. He shaved, washed his hair and clothed himself appropriately for his day at "the bottom". He wasn't use to being on the ground. He was too use to being in high buildings. But today was special. He was one of the few recipients of the few test androids. Rissien wouldn't admit it was excited about receiving a piece of metal, but he was slightly amused at a false life built in metal. A fake reality of nothingness would be the only thing those androids would feel. Rissien felt completely opposed to the idea of androids as they would service no purpose and provide nothing, but as servants.

Rissien stepped out of the warmth of his shower to dry his hair, leaving it were it would stay and putting on a button up, red collared shirt with dark jeans. His slipped on simple canvas shoes before stepping outside of his apartment and into the personal elevator before his front door. He pressed a button to take him to the floor downstairs where he expected to find his new companion.

As Rissien reached the bottom floor of the tall building, he was greeted by familiar faces of the receptionists and maids that worked around the building, keeping the place in top shape. Rissien greeted each with a small smile, winking at the more attractive ladies and nodding at the gentlemen. He made his way to the reception counter, leaning on his elbow on the marble material.

"Good morning, Mr L'Regge," The small reception lady greeted him, blushing slightly under his almost intimidating, yet intriguingly handsome features. "The package arrived only moments ago. We were going to bring it up to your apartment but now it's just waiting by our storage room," The small blonde haired lady rambled.

"Thank you, Amber," Rissien nodded in approval, a smile crossing his face. He took long, calm strides towards the package that awaited for him in front of the storage room, the word "keen" no longer appropriate to state what he was feeling. The package was small, reaching only up to his chest. A white sticker announcing the name of the android, sex, height, weight and all other details were mentioned.

"Scarlet..." He hummed. He raised an eyebrow before tearing the side of the box open.

Before him stood a small artificial being. She had auburn hair, glassy, grey eyes and was very small. Rissien's eyes opened in surprise. The small girl's eyes were already open, almost dazed by the sudden change of light. Rissien cocked his head to the side, waving a hand in front of her.

"Hello?" He frowned. He crossed his arms over his chest, a small smirk crossing his face. Maybe these androids were just like the abomination he thought of them to be.


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#, as written by tezza

Lora watched as Nina went to change the time. She cocked her head to the side, letting her blue hair fall in front of her face, before pushing it back behind her ear and heading towards the fridge. "Cereal?" Lora said, performing her almost mono-tone voice into a question. She smiled at the outcome. She grabbed the milk out of the fridge before heading to the pantry and getting out what looked like a morning meal. She poured the contents into the bowl - white puffy looking rice - pouring milk all over it. It made a popping noise. Lora raised her eye brows at the popping breakfast. "Rice bubbles!" She smiled at the magical foods box. She found a spoon for Nina to use and took the bowl over to her after she finished resetting the clock. She went to return the items back to their places before sitting at the dining table.

"What are we doing today, Nina?" Lora asked, smiling at her friend. "Is there school today? Lora didn't pay much attention to time, almost as little as everybody else around her did. They all just moved with the gist of things, like it was automatic. Just because Lora was an android, didn't mean she was fixated to everybody's schedule - especially Nina's. It was sometimes unpredictable, however, her individually never really changed but her mood swings that occurred, sometimes, entertained Lora. Humans were so much more interesting than androids. Lora knew that her own personality was to grow, but whether or not herself would notice, she couldn't tell. She seemed to be lacking that kind of intelligence. She found the more she thought about it, the less she understood and the more she wanted to find her creator to understand things. Her only conclusion was to learn like the humans do - live day to day life.


Rissien L'Regge

Sighing, Rissien crossed his arms over his chest, analysing the frantic android in front of him who was babbling out nonsense. He frowned, almost smirked before composing himself. "How about I clean the house for you? Or make you a meal? Anything you want - I'll do," The 'droid stated. Rissien raised his eye brows, pursing his lips and nodding.

"So, you're one of these...robots. I mean androids," Rissien stated skeptically. "A maid, of sorts," He classified. He sighed, feeling defeated. The android was truely remarkable. So human like, it was surreal. There was attitude and personality present in the androids voice, and determination. Kind of. But there was definitely personality. The android seemed to be skittish, shy almost. Afraid to disappoint. Rissien mulled it around in his head for a moment or two before sighing again and placing his hands back by his sides.

"My name is Rissien, I am your owner, and the owner of this hotel that you're currently standing in," He explained. His voice was warm and friendly, as if he were addressing anybody else, besides the odd fact of saying 'I am your owner'. He smiled at the android, holding out his hand for her to shake in a greeting. But no response was performed. He frowned, but the expression passed quickly. "I'll show you around, firstly to my receptionist and then I guess I'll tell you of your...duties. Although, I wasn't exactly expecting a...maid," Rissien pursed his lips together, looking at the android, Scarlet, up and down. "Anything you need, clothes, batteries, uh, anything you androids need, let me know," Rissien turned to walk towards the receptionist, looking at Scarlet to watch her follow.