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As Brothers We Fight


The year is 2103. The werewolves and vampires are the dominating races. The two races are mortal enemies and they both want the be the leading race. Soon a war between the two breeds are to happen soon to decide who's the strongest, but before that happens the leader of the vampires and the leader of the werewolves meet, but theres a plottwist as the two leaders stand face to face and realize that they look exactly alike.

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”Patriarch, I do not think it is smart to make a peace treaty with the vampires, let alone conside-“ “Do not question me! I will go there, tonight. Counsellor, do not stand in my way!” “of course patriarch, I apologize” – Sean stands up from his throne and starts to walk out of the throne room, changing into a werewolf as he does so-

“My lord, you know you have my full respect, but do you think that it’s smart to make peace with those creatures. Do you really think we can trust them...?” a female vampire says

“Well yes. Dogs are known to be loyal, aren’t they?” Jonas says with a smirk, but then says; “But if they make the slightest move to attack…then we will attack first” with a more serious look on his face.

-Sean has been running in wolf-form for almost 40 minutes and finally arrives at the castle. He stops at the gate. And howls louder than he ever has before-

“Oh look at that, the puppies has arrived. Show them in” Jonas says with a smile to another vampire in the room. The vampire nods and walks out of the castle and out to the gates-

-When the vampire comes outside, Sean has changed back into his human-form, and stares menacingly at the gate with his arms crossed-

-The vampire gives him a slightly disgusted look as she opens the gates-

-Sean looks up at the vampire from under his hood, and starts walking inside, growling at the vampire as he does so-

“Follow me” the vampire says and walks towards the throne room.

-The vampires hiss at Sean as he passes them-

“gladly” he says, some growl still being left in his voice, and follows the single vampire.

-they arrive at the throne room. The vampire opens the door, walks in and bows in front of Jonas-

-Sean neither says or does anything, but walks closer to the throne, until he’s 3 meters from it-

“You come alone?” That’s unexpected. I thought wolves were pack animals” Jonas says smirking a bit “oh well. Vampires leave!” Jonas yells to the vampires and gestures towards the door.

-Some of the vampires look surprised and others look slightly annoyed, but they all leave. Sean and Jonas now being alone in the throne room-

“Shows of power like that, it’s gonna give of the wrong impression” Sean says “I do not believe you would attack a lone wolf, while a possible peace treat is being made”

"you're probably right" Jonas says and stands up. He walks towards Sean and stops right infront of him "but then again, i can be so changeable"

"can't we all?" Sen says, getting some growl back in his voice, before he loses it again "unbelievable"

"Bad dog, no growling. Only hissing allowed" Jonas says with a smirk.

-Sean growls again, but says nothing and takes of his hood-

-Jonas hisses in response, but stops as Sean takes of the hood. A slightly surprised look on his face- "are you a shapeshifter?"

"No, I'm only a werewolf, but I could ask you the same" Sean says and takes a step back

"I'm 100% vampire" Jonas says and crosses his arms "you're the one that looks like me"

"Is this another one of your vampire schemes? To look like me and kill me here, and then exterminate my entire pack?" Sean says, his nails turning to claws

"how can I know that's not what you're trying to do? You're the one that just came up with that plan, not me"

"I would need backup, as soon as I would start attacking, hundreds upon hundreds of vampires would storm inside this room, and I would be hailed with silver hullets from all sides, and I do not have a wooden stake with me, you can check if you like" Sean says and calms down so his claws become nails again

"well we clearly look alike so there most be a reason"

"The only way we could look this much alike was if we... Oh no"

"we can't possibly be.... Brothers. I'm an only-child and clearly we're different breeds" Jonas says glaring at Sean

"No, and twins is even more unlikely. How is this possible?"

"accidently separated at birth?" Jonas says obviously sarcastic

"I can think of no other option, but then how are we different species?" Sean says and looks confused

"well it would be possible. Switched at birth, raised by different families, you ended up becoming a werewolf and I became a vampire" Jonas says and shrugs

"Most in my pack are born werewolves, stray humans are a rare occation" Sean says, not reallyd believing what Jonas said is true

"eh, maybe you just got 'lucky'. I certainly weren't born a vampire. Got the bite to prove it" Jonas says and points at the bite on his neck

"I almost got shredded by my pack before I became a werewolf, and I have the scars to prove it, but the bite mark itself has long since healed" Sean says and lifts his left sleeve "Right here, the most pain I'd felt for years" He points to his lower arm, right above his wrist

" it's not like the vampire transformation is the easiest thing either. The pain, the lust for blood, accidently killing a couple of people" Jonas says

"The werewolf transformation was certainly not easy either, when the poison really takes hold, you go om an unstoppable rambage until you have consumed an entire human heart! But that only happens when humans are turned, not if you're born a werewolf" Sean says, looking like the memory is getting to him

"so you were turned?"

"I was human, yes"

"you seem so convinced a second ago that you were born a werewolf though"

"I never said I was born a werewolf, I remember it all, but I have observed humans who have been turned as well as those born a werewolf" Sean says looking at his arm where the mark used to be

"oh alright. So were you also raised by the wolfs or by a 'normal' familiy?"

"My family lived in fear of the werewolves, but one day... They found us, tore my parentes apart right in front of me, and they almost did that to me as well, so I only got shredded, not torn apart completely, the patriarch from back then stopped them, and brought med back to the cave with him" Sean says feeling the scar om his arm "Gave me this later"

"seems like we both had shitty childhoods then"

"What happened to you?"

"you know those nice little families with a mom, a dad, a child and a familiy dog? Yeah? Well I didn't exactly have one of those. I had an abusive dad that liked to beat me up everyday and thought fun weekend activities were beating me up even more, but with a belt. And a mom who would just ignore her son's pained screams at he got hit over and over again. A mom who didn't care when her son came and begged for them to leave the house... Then one day I meet the vampires. They were mysterious, cool and free. Everything I weren't. Everything I wanted to be. Especially the free part. So I convinced them to turn me, and they did. For once I felt alive. Which is kinda ironic considering that I'm dead, but you know what? When the blood lust started I made sure my first victims were those to idiots I had called parents for so long"

"So you murdered your family in cold blood" Sean says "Cant say I know the feeling"

"no, I didn't murder my family. Those people weren't my familiy and they knew that. No parents would treat their son that way. I lived every day in fear for when my dad got home. I would be on the verge of crying every weekend, because I knew what was coming. I know that beating made him smile more than anything else. He never laughed, exept for when it was time to torture me. And I will let you know this; killing them is the best thing I ever done. My mom wasn't much fun. I killed her of quickly. But my dad, oh my dad. I took my time with him. Listening to all his pained sounds as I slowly killed him. Watching the life disappear from his eyes. Hearing him yell 'I'm sorry' a hundred times as I beat him. Actually being the one smilling, and not being the one being beaten... You say 'I murdered my familiy in cold blood' I say 'the best experience of my life'"

"I have never killed family, not on purpose" Sean says and rolls his sleeve back down

"never said you had"

"Good, and I would prefer not to talk about it, it might happen again soon" Sean says, his facial expression changing completely

"what might happen again?"

"Do you really want to know?"

"of course. I'm your brother after all" Jonas says smirking a bit as he pads Sean on the cheek

"Sometimes I have these... Not panic-attacks, more like rage-attacks where I can't control myself, I go completely crazy and I try to kill anything in my way, and even things that are not. The first time it happened... It was about 5 months after I turned, it was a bloodbath, I must have billed at least 8 of my brothers and sisters before they could subdue me. Imagine being inside your body, but not being able to control it, that is what happens, I can feel it coming, but I han never control it, and it happens at random times, and there is no telling how long it lasts, sometimes days, weeks, months even, and sometimes it is over in an hour, it is unpredictable" Sean says sitting down willingly so he doesn't fall down

"and it's about to happen now? Well if you even make the smallest move to attack, then all my vampires will attack first. I gave that order earlier... Before you arrived"

"No, I would already have warned you of it was, but it could come at any moment, but I can feel it, so I can get everyone away from me before I kill more of my family" Sean says, covering his face with a hand

-Jonas walks up to the throne at sits down on it- "in case it happens anytime soon then, should we get that peace agreement settled?"

"That would be best" Sean says and stands up with a look in his eyes like everything before never happened

"so I suggest we agree that; we do not trespass on each others territory. We do not fight each other. If it should happen that a werewolf bit one of my vampires, then we will require some of your blood. Anything you want to add?" Jonas says

"You talk of territory. Do you want to know how many times vampires have trespassed on our hunting grounds? How many times I have had to send out scouting parties to stalk them, to make sure they don't steal our prey?" Sean says getting increasingly angry as he speaks

"sometimes there just isn't enough humans around and we have to survive on animal blood, and your territory is the best place to hunt. We do not trespass for the fun of it. We do it to survive. Believe me, we would much rather drink human blood only, but that way we'll end up with the human race being extinct" Jonas says sounding completely calm

"I would have expected you to have "human cattle" in the castle to sustain yourselves. I respect, and I understand your reason, but you have been using our hunting grounds for years without my permission, and I can't just overlook that" Sean says, calming down slightly

"we do have about ten humans here in the castle that we drink from, but we can not over use them" Jonas says. He then stands up and walks over to Sean with a serious look on his face. "You can not overlook that we trespassed to survive? What were we supposed to do? Walk over and asks you nicely if we could drink the blood from your pray?" he says with a mocking tone in his voice

"That is exactly what I would want, then we wouldn't have to worry if you were hunting, or trying to track us. We could collaborate during a hunt once in a while, you get the blood, we walk away with the flesh" Sean says, crossing his arms and calms down

"If we tried to ask we would get attacked before we even got the chance" Jonas says and then looks like he's thinking "a collaborate hunt... Hmm, it would be a good way to show our people that we truly have reached an agreement"

"I thought it would be a step in the right direction" Sean says and gives a slight smile

"It certainly would" Jonas says with a smile "so have we reached terms of agreement?"

"For now, but believe me, if the terms are broken, I will be back, and I will be angry" Sean says and extends a hand

"believe me, I'll do the same" he says and shakes his hand "let's announce the news for my vampires and then we can announce it for your pack afterwards"

"Yes" Sean says, quickly changing into his wolf-form and howling to alert the vampires

-The vampires hurry into the room, all of them ready to attack, but they all stop as Jonas holds up a hand- "easy now bats. Leave the pup alone" he says with a smirk, but then looks serious" We have reached agreement" he says and then tells them the things him and Sean has agreed on "and if any of you. And I mean any of you break the new rules then I will personally make sure you regret it" he says and looks at all the vampires with a deadly serious look-

-Sean chances back to a human- "I am hardly a pup"

-Jonas laughs a bit then smiles- "also my dear bats. We will have a collaborated hunt with the wolfs"

"we will not share our pray with those creatures!" a vampire yells.

"You call us "creatures"? Have you looked at yourself, pale skin, fangs, blood red eyes! You stay in the dark, frightened of the sun! You dare calling me a "creature"?" Sean yells out into the room, his voice going from a yell to a roar as his nails turn into claws, and his teeth into wolf fangs

-Jonas walks towards the vampire slowly with a smirk on his face he stops in front of the vampire, grabs him by his shirt and throws him into the middle of the room.

The vampire that is now lying on the floor looks up at Jonas with a frightened look on his face "I'm sorry my lord. I didn't mean"

"oh, but you did mean it. I clearly just said that we have made peace with them and the first thing you do is disagree" Jonas says looking down at the vampire as he stands over him-

-Sean keeps changing into a werewolf, roaring into the room as he's finished. The roar echoes in the room for several seconds before vanishing. Mid-roar Sean leaps over and lands beside Jonas, staring at the disobeying vampire with eyes burning with pure rage, fangs showing-

-Some of the vampires take a step backwards as he turns into a werewolf and others looks like they want to kill him-

"can you be a good boy and keep an eye on him?" Jonas says to Sean "I'll go get something that can make it a bit more fun. I'll be back in a second" Jonas says and turns into a bat, then flies out of the throneroom-

-Sean growls a bit at Jonas as he leaves, but an instant later smashes his hand down over the vampires throat so hard the claws are stuck in the floor and smirks as best a werewolf can-

-The vampire lets out a gasp both out of shock and losing some air-

-Jonas walks into the room calmly with a bottle in one hand and a wooden stake in his backpocket-

-The vampires move to the side as he walks over to the vampire on the floor-

-Sean lets out what sounds like a laughing growl and lifts up the vampire by the neck and slams him back down unto the floor to make sure he lies still. Sean then chances back into a human and says:"Holy water and a wooden stake... I like you" as he smirks at Jonas-

-The vampire says a little pained sound "please sir. No..." he says, but has a bit trouble talking as the air was just smacked out of him.

"what can I say. I like to have fun" Jonas says smirking bit and kneels down next to the vampire "hey buddy, you want something to drink?" he says waving the bottle over the vampires face-

"I think he will" Sean says and snatches the bottle, pulls the plug and then says:"Open wide" but doesn't wait and pours some of the liquid out on the vampires face

-The vampire screams in pain-

"hey! You can't torture my vampires!" Jonas says like he's been insulted and snatches the bottle back

"I understand, it was only payback from a direct insult" Sean says, stands up and looks around at all the other vampires "I will let you have your fun now"

"if one of your wolfs insult me, then I'll break their spine too. Then we'll be even" Jonas says to Sean as he holds the bottle over the vampires head, slowly letting the holy water drip on his face-

"That won't happen, they wouldn't dare to speak against a direct order" Sean says looking down at Jonas, now being a little disgusted

"oh right... Dogs. Loyal creatures" Jonas says and stabs the wooden stake through the vampire's heart, obviously getting bored with him.

"We are wolves! Not dogs!" Sean snarls at him

-Jonas stands up- "yeah yeah fido. Let's go announce the agreements for your pack"

-Sean says nothing, but growls slightly at Jonas and starts walking out the throneroom-

"behave while I'm gone" Jonas says and looks at the vampires and then starts to walk out of the throne room aswellI. He walks besides Sean "oh I just remembered. Do you want a gift to show our new agreements? I have a werewolf chained up in the basement, but I suppose we don't really need him anymore"

"You what..." Sean says and stops walking

"i have werewolf chained up in the basement, but to be fair; we have him so we have werewolf blood ready to when my vampires got bitten"

"The peace treaty will go on no longer! Not until you release him!" Sean says, getting angry again

Jonas gives him a look that says 'you're an idiot' "uhm, I did just ask if you wanted him? As a sign of the peace agreement?"

"Good, then release him immidiatly, but there's one thing I need to know before you do that" Sean says looking worried

"and that is?"

"Has he been in his werewolf form? And for how long?"

"a couple of times, but only when he got really angry. It were quite fun to be honest" Jonas says and laughs

-jonas then claps his hands twice making to vampires walk up to him "yes sir?" one of them asks "bring the doggy up here now" Jonas orders

"Stop calling us dogs! We're wolves!" Sean growls at Jonas

"sir, are you sure..?" one of the vampires asks.

"yes obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have ordered you to go get him. Would I?" Jonas says annoyed

"sorry sir" they both says and then hurries of to get the werewolf

"I named him Lassie" Jonas says and laughs

-Sean punches Jonas in the center of the chest, turns around and starts turning into a wolf-

-Jonas stumbles backwards a bit as he's punched- "man... Relax"

-Sean stops turning and turns back into a human- "First one of your vampires insult my entire species, and now you insult my brother, I would advice you to watch your mouth!"

"I'll watch my mouth if I want to and I'm not fucking planning on it!"

-The two vampires walks up to them, holding the werewolf in his chains. The werewolf is in his human form
looking weak and abused and has multiple bite wounds-

"Release him now, and I will oversee the previous insult, but if you don't…" Sean says and turns to look at Jonas

"or what?" Jonas asks with a smile and takes the chains from the two vampires

"Or you might not enjoy the outcome"

"is that so?" Jonas asks and smirks a bit. He then hands the chains to Sean

"Thank you" Sean says and grabs the chains, walks up to the cuffs and turns partially werewolf to rip them off

-Jonas instantly puts I hand on the werewolfs neck and holds him against the wall. Jonas glares at Sean- "you can't just release him in here! He dosen't know about the new agreements"

"He will" Sean snarls

-Jonas glares at Sean then hisses at the werewolf and stares directly into his eyes before letting go of him, making him fall to the ground-

-Sean rips off the chains, turns into a werewolf and takes the other werewolf om his back to carry him-

-Jonas turns into a bat and lands on top of Sean's head-

-Sean sighs for a moment and starts running back to the cave-

-As they're halfways Jonas gets bored and flies of Sean's head. As he's flying next to Sean he turns into a vampire again and runs along side him-

-Sean makes a combo of snarls and growls as if he's trying to communicate-

-Jonas smirks and then fake howls-

-Sean suddenly stops running and slides a few meters further-

-Jonas stops infront of Sean and turns around to look at him-

-Sean picks up a stick and throws it on the ground in front of them, and a bear trap triggers and snaps the stick in half-

"I actually think we put that one up" Jonas says with a thoughtful face

-Sean gives Jonas an angry look and starts running again-

-Jonas smiles in response and starts running again aswell-

-A few minutes later Sean stops again and this time changes back into a human-

-Jonas stops again, but this time with a bored expression on his face-

"More traps, they weren't here when I was on my way to your castle" Sean says and does the same as with the other one

"hmm, thoes aren't ours" Jonas says and then smirks "too bad you can't fly ey?"

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"I do not care for flying" Sean says and looks at Jonas "But these traps have me concerned"

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"well they're not ours" Jonas says and kneels down next to the trap "it dosen't have our mark on. We always put a bat mark on so we know which traps is ours"

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"And werewolves do not use traps, they're seen as sloppy and ineffective"

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Character Portrait: Jonas Carter Character Portrait: Sean Arcenlight
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"To fancy for traps" Jonas says mockingly with a smirk.

"We prefer to do it the only way we believe is effective enough, killing our prey with our own two hands" Sean says goes over to inspect the trap.

"Oh no no, we catch our victims ourself...the traps are for you and the other werewolves" Jonas says and laughs.

"Do you honestly think we fall for traps?" Sean says and looks back at Jonas.

-Jonas shrugs "We had a right to hope" he says with a big smile-

"I always knew vampires were cruel" Sean mumbles.

-Jonas smirks in response as he hears what Sean mumbles- "Not cruel. 'Misunderstod' ".

"You dont think werewolves are misunderstood?" Sean says as he stands up and looks at Jonas.

-Jonas stands up as well and looks at Sean with a mischievous smile "most likely, but that not really my problem, Fido" he says and pats Sean on the top of his head-

"Do not call me that!" Sean says and pushes Jonas' hand away.

"Aw, why?" he says fake pouting, but then smiles "would you prefer Lady?"

"I would prefer Sean" He says walks over to Jonas.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't"

"Why would I call you Fido?"

-Jonas looks confused for a second- "I don't know. Why would you?"

"Why would you want to?" Sean says, looking confused too.

"I- what?" jason says with his head tilted slightly to the side.

"What is happening right now?" Sean asks doing the same.

"I have no ide- hey! don't copy me" Jonas says as Sean tilts his head.

"What? Can't I do what I do?" Sean says and acts offended.

"Not while i do it. People will think we're doing some creepy twin thing" Jonas says and glares at Sean while pouting.

"Would that be so weird?" Sean asks and smiles a bit.

"Well we basically just met. It would be understandable if we had grown up together"

"Grown up together or not, we are still brothers by blood" Sean says and puts a hand on Jonas' shoulder.

"You already consider us brothers...?" Jonas says in disbelief and looks at Sean, like Sean will crush his tiny bit of hope at any second.

"We look too much alike for anything else to be possible" Sean says and smiles slightly.

"Or maybe someone just found me so handsome that they just had to have a clone" Jonas says smirking and pats Sean on the arm.

-Sean sighs and chances back into a werewolf-

"Remember your buddy" Jonas says gesturing towards the other werewolf.

-Sean goes over and picks the other werewolf up and looks at Jonas-

"What are we waiting for?" Jonas asks with a bored expression.

-Sean starts running again-

-Jonas runs in front of Sean and then turns around so he running backwards, looks at sean then sticks his tongue out at him with a smirk-

-Sean snarls at him and keeps running-

"Hah, mad because you can't handle my speed?" Jonas says with a smirk as he turns around, smashing straight into a tree.

-Sean laughs as best a wolf can and dodges the tree-

-Jonas stumbles backwards a bit as he moves away from the tree. A little scratch now on his forehead. The little wound is bleeding a bit. "It's NOT funny!" he yells. Now clearly annoyed-

-Sean keeps on running, still laughing-

-Jonas starts running, quickly catching up with Sean and tackles him "I said it's NOT funny!" He yells-

-Sean falls to the ground, quickly looking at the other werewolf, not laughing anymore, but growling at Jonas and shortly after looks at him-

-Jonas looks straight into Sean's eyes and hisses at him. Their faces only being a few centimeters from eachothers-

-Sean changes back to a human- "Get off of me!" he says.

"No! You shouldn't have laughed at me! I've had enough people who laughed at me in my life!" Jonas says still looking at him angrily.

"I am sorry, but you were asking for it" Sean says and tries to push Jonas off.

-Jonas forms his right hand into a fist and hits Sean straight in the face. The punch is followed by a laugh that's clearly fake - "I laughed because you were asking for it" he says with a emotionless face-

"I would advice you to get off" Sean says, a bit of blood running from his nose.

"Oh is that so. You're advicing me to? Well then I'm not going to do it, but i am going to do this" Jonas says and hits Sean again.

"Get off! I do not want to hurt you!" Sean says, blood now running from both nostrils while his teeth slowly change.

"You probably don't even care if you hurt me!" Jonas yells.

"I really do, now get off" He now yells which turns into a growl as his nails become claws.

"Well then go ahead chihuahua! Bite me!" Jonas yells while glaring at Sean.

-Sean tries to warn Jonas one last time, but fails talking and roars Jonas in the face instead, spit and drool hitting him in the face-

-Jonas runs a hand over his face to wipe the the spit and drool away. "That's the best you got? Ha! You're probably all bark, no bite!" He says mockingly, being way too annoyed and angry at the moment to care about anything-

-Sean roars again, grabbing Jonas by the neck and throws him off against another tree, and Sean stands up-

-Some air gets knocked out of Jonas as he hits the tree, making him take a deep breath for air as he hits the ground. He quickly stands up again looking at Sean- "That didn't even hurt! Try harder next time, you aggressive Labrador!"

-Sean is stranding up, being much taller than he was before. He takes a step towards Jonas, but notices the other werewolf lying on the ground a few meters away and leaps over to him, grabbing him by a leg and an arm. Sean rips the leg off of him, throws him back on the ground, rips him to pieces and eats his heart whole-

-Jonas turns into a bat, flies over infront of Sean's face and stays in the air in front of his face to stick his tongue out at him for a second and then flies up in the air, just high enough for Sean to be unable to grab him-

-Sean roars at Jonas, as he jumps up a tree and tries to grab Jonas-

-The smirk is basically visible on his little bat face as he only stays a couple of centimeters out of Sean's reach-

-Sean howls and starts circling around where Jonas is flying-

-Jonas flies down close to Sean for a second, hitting him the face with a wing just before he flies out of reach again-

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-Sean tries to bite Jonas as he hits him with his wing-

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-Jonas dosen't dodge the bite in time and get's bitten in the left wing-

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-Sean rips Jonas out of the air and slams him into the ground, almost biting him again before realizing what happened, and changes back to a human again-

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-Jonas turns back into his human form as he's slammed into the ground. He's lying with a pained expression on his face as he holds a hand over the bite wound "fuck you" he says and lets out a pained groan-

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"I warned you" Sean says and rips a piece of his shirt off and uses it as a bandage

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-Jonas glares up at him, his eyes being darker than normally, his skin also being paler than usually while it looks like he's starting to get a fever- "This was your plan all along wasn't it? getting me into the forest, away from my vampires, so you could bite and kill me?"

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"You judge me too harshly" Sean says and picks Jonas up, and holds him over his shoulder "Normally I would, but not anymore, not even you deserve something like that" Sean says shortly after and changes into a werewolf and starts running towards his lair

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Character Portrait: Sean Arcenlight
Character Portrait: Jonas Carter


Character Portrait: Jonas Carter
Jonas Carter

Vampire lord

Character Portrait: Sean Arcenlight
Sean Arcenlight

Patriarch of the Werewolves


Character Portrait: Sean Arcenlight
Sean Arcenlight

Patriarch of the Werewolves

Character Portrait: Jonas Carter
Jonas Carter

Vampire lord

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Sean Arcenlight
Sean Arcenlight

Patriarch of the Werewolves

Character Portrait: Jonas Carter
Jonas Carter

Vampire lord

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