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Jonas Carter

Vampire lord

0 · 297 views · located in Planet Earth year 2103

a character in “As Brothers We Fight”, as played by NocturnalBeast


Name: Jonas Carter

Age: 25

Personality: sassy/sarcastic. Can be serious when he needs to. Can go from playful to serious in a second. Jokes around. Charming. Perverted sometimes

Sexuality: straight

So begins...

Jonas Carter's Story

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Character Portrait: Jonas Carter Character Portrait: Sean Arcenlight
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"To fancy for traps" Jonas says mockingly with a smirk.

"We prefer to do it the only way we believe is effective enough, killing our prey with our own two hands" Sean says goes over to inspect the trap.

"Oh no no, we catch our victims ourself...the traps are for you and the other werewolves" Jonas says and laughs.

"Do you honestly think we fall for traps?" Sean says and looks back at Jonas.

-Jonas shrugs "We had a right to hope" he says with a big smile-

"I always knew vampires were cruel" Sean mumbles.

-Jonas smirks in response as he hears what Sean mumbles- "Not cruel. 'Misunderstod' ".

"You dont think werewolves are misunderstood?" Sean says as he stands up and looks at Jonas.

-Jonas stands up as well and looks at Sean with a mischievous smile "most likely, but that not really my problem, Fido" he says and pats Sean on the top of his head-

"Do not call me that!" Sean says and pushes Jonas' hand away.

"Aw, why?" he says fake pouting, but then smiles "would you prefer Lady?"

"I would prefer Sean" He says walks over to Jonas.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't"

"Why would I call you Fido?"

-Jonas looks confused for a second- "I don't know. Why would you?"

"Why would you want to?" Sean says, looking confused too.

"I- what?" jason says with his head tilted slightly to the side.

"What is happening right now?" Sean asks doing the same.

"I have no ide- hey! don't copy me" Jonas says as Sean tilts his head.

"What? Can't I do what I do?" Sean says and acts offended.

"Not while i do it. People will think we're doing some creepy twin thing" Jonas says and glares at Sean while pouting.

"Would that be so weird?" Sean asks and smiles a bit.

"Well we basically just met. It would be understandable if we had grown up together"

"Grown up together or not, we are still brothers by blood" Sean says and puts a hand on Jonas' shoulder.

"You already consider us brothers...?" Jonas says in disbelief and looks at Sean, like Sean will crush his tiny bit of hope at any second.

"We look too much alike for anything else to be possible" Sean says and smiles slightly.

"Or maybe someone just found me so handsome that they just had to have a clone" Jonas says smirking and pats Sean on the arm.

-Sean sighs and chances back into a werewolf-

"Remember your buddy" Jonas says gesturing towards the other werewolf.

-Sean goes over and picks the other werewolf up and looks at Jonas-

"What are we waiting for?" Jonas asks with a bored expression.

-Sean starts running again-

-Jonas runs in front of Sean and then turns around so he running backwards, looks at sean then sticks his tongue out at him with a smirk-

-Sean snarls at him and keeps running-

"Hah, mad because you can't handle my speed?" Jonas says with a smirk as he turns around, smashing straight into a tree.

-Sean laughs as best a wolf can and dodges the tree-

-Jonas stumbles backwards a bit as he moves away from the tree. A little scratch now on his forehead. The little wound is bleeding a bit. "It's NOT funny!" he yells. Now clearly annoyed-

-Sean keeps on running, still laughing-

-Jonas starts running, quickly catching up with Sean and tackles him "I said it's NOT funny!" He yells-

-Sean falls to the ground, quickly looking at the other werewolf, not laughing anymore, but growling at Jonas and shortly after looks at him-

-Jonas looks straight into Sean's eyes and hisses at him. Their faces only being a few centimeters from eachothers-

-Sean changes back to a human- "Get off of me!" he says.

"No! You shouldn't have laughed at me! I've had enough people who laughed at me in my life!" Jonas says still looking at him angrily.

"I am sorry, but you were asking for it" Sean says and tries to push Jonas off.

-Jonas forms his right hand into a fist and hits Sean straight in the face. The punch is followed by a laugh that's clearly fake - "I laughed because you were asking for it" he says with a emotionless face-

"I would advice you to get off" Sean says, a bit of blood running from his nose.

"Oh is that so. You're advicing me to? Well then I'm not going to do it, but i am going to do this" Jonas says and hits Sean again.

"Get off! I do not want to hurt you!" Sean says, blood now running from both nostrils while his teeth slowly change.

"You probably don't even care if you hurt me!" Jonas yells.

"I really do, now get off" He now yells which turns into a growl as his nails become claws.

"Well then go ahead chihuahua! Bite me!" Jonas yells while glaring at Sean.

-Sean tries to warn Jonas one last time, but fails talking and roars Jonas in the face instead, spit and drool hitting him in the face-

-Jonas runs a hand over his face to wipe the the spit and drool away. "That's the best you got? Ha! You're probably all bark, no bite!" He says mockingly, being way too annoyed and angry at the moment to care about anything-

-Sean roars again, grabbing Jonas by the neck and throws him off against another tree, and Sean stands up-

-Some air gets knocked out of Jonas as he hits the tree, making him take a deep breath for air as he hits the ground. He quickly stands up again looking at Sean- "That didn't even hurt! Try harder next time, you aggressive Labrador!"

-Sean is stranding up, being much taller than he was before. He takes a step towards Jonas, but notices the other werewolf lying on the ground a few meters away and leaps over to him, grabbing him by a leg and an arm. Sean rips the leg off of him, throws him back on the ground, rips him to pieces and eats his heart whole-

-Jonas turns into a bat, flies over infront of Sean's face and stays in the air in front of his face to stick his tongue out at him for a second and then flies up in the air, just high enough for Sean to be unable to grab him-

-Sean roars at Jonas, as he jumps up a tree and tries to grab Jonas-

-The smirk is basically visible on his little bat face as he only stays a couple of centimeters out of Sean's reach-

-Sean howls and starts circling around where Jonas is flying-

-Jonas flies down close to Sean for a second, hitting him the face with a wing just before he flies out of reach again-