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Prince Sebastian Alexus Galaxy


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a character in “As it is Written in the Stars”, originally authored by Pantheran, as played by RolePlayGateway


Prince Sebastian Alexus Galaxy


❝I'm innocent. Forget this war Queen Stars and let's find out who the real guilty is together.❞

~ Nickname ~"You can call me whatever you want darling."

~ Gender ~"Haha. You can't tell? Good one."

~ Sexuality ~"I'm just looking for fun."

~ Age ~""

~ Role ~"You don't know me? What a shame."
Prince Galaxy, Son of King Constallion

~ Distinguishable Features ~"They say my eyes are like amethysts."
His purple eyes.

~ Personality ~""
He's not the strict, polite prince he should be. Instead of it, he's always looking for having fun. He's easy-going and likes to hang around with his friends. He has a bad habit to drink too much.

He has lot of self-confidence: he knows he's good-looking and people admire him. He relies on his charm.

He's always trying to avoid his responsibilities. He's not interested in becoming the next King.He spends his day by sleeping and at nights he's having fun. When it comes to more important stuff, he's usually late from there or doesn't show up at all.

~ History ~""

~ Likes ~
♥Having fun with his friends

~ Dislikes ~
✖Taking responsibility

~ Talents ~

~ Hobbies ~

~ Fears ~
✘ His fathers death because
then he have to rule

~ Flaws ~
✘He has a bad memory.
✘Sleeping late and being late

~ Side ~"Haha. Good joke. Like I'd be on the Queens side."
Kings side

~ Romantic Interest ~" *sighs* Why we have to be in war?"
Princess Planet

~ Thoughts on Others ~""

King Constellation "I will always honour him."

Queen Stars "She uses me as an excuse to start this war."

Princess Planet "Will you marry me after this ridiculous war?"

Aries ""

Taurus "Ah, our loyal ally."

Gemini "I heard they're not really twins."

Cancer ""

Leo "Powerful but expensive ally."

Virgo "He doesn't believe in my innocent either"

Libra ""

Scorpio ""

Sagittarius ""

Capricorn "That guy has never had fun in his life"

Aquarius ""

Pisces "He's charming fellow."

So begins...

Prince Sebastian Alexus Galaxy's Story

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Allessandra Aquarius
Gwendolyn Sagittarius

❝Patience and time do more than strength or passion.❞ ~ Jean de La Fontaine

Their horses trotted side by side, both riding side saddle due to their outfits. The sun had just begun to peak over a violet mountain head of them, but the sun glare was only minimal. They travelled on an average size dirt road, though calling it a road was an overstatement. It was really more of a path, one that had been worn and widened over the years. Both Princess were familiar with the land, well enough to know where to go. Gwen still felt a bit sleepy, and her gaze lay in the distance lazily. Her shoulders slumped a bit, the very idea of war and conflict made her a bit tired. Her body didn't fight the rocking the horse made as it walked, so she lulled from side to side like a boat sitting on the water. Alless she propped upright, her lower back at a constant arch, shoulders back and sitting tall and proud. She liked excitement, but also the relaxing journeys on horses.
It had been awhile since she had seen Prince Galaxy, or anyone else for that matter, and social events had a feeling about them that Alless enjoyed no matter the reason of the gathering. She liked to have fun, in anyway that was available to her. Dancing, drinking, just talking. She was easy enough to entertain, and made herself amused easily enough. Sometimes she found it difficult to entertain people like Gwen for long periods of time, mainly because Gwen's attention could be easily lost. If what you were doing didn't involve her enough or didn't interest her, Gwen usually stared off into space about more fascinating things. Alless longed to be able to see what Gwen could, the captivation in Gwen's eyes made it seem as if she were looking into a whole other world no one could touch.
Growing up Alless had rarely had much of a childhood, and she lacked greatly in the imagination department. She wasn't one to "play pretend", because nothing she did was much of a game. When she lies or acts it's for a reason, an ulterior motive, and usually it's the only way she knows how to get what she wants.
Alless glanced at Gwen now, who's hair lit up like glossy silk in the sun. The long locks fell down around her, the blonde looking nice against the light blue dress she wore. The dress was mostly loose, only fit to her body at the waist and bust. The sleeves hung down slightly below her arms, and the skirt of the dress looked elegantly heavy. There was no fluffiness about the dress, it did not puff out like an umbrella as many princess dresses do. Of course if it did they wouldn't be riding horses. Her own dress was different from Gwen's. It was still fancy and lovely yes, the detail on it sparkled as any princess's would, but it was tighter fitting, and showed off more of Alless's figure.
As they reached a fork in the road, Gwen mentioned that a servant of hers had informed her about the meeting for the neutrals, and suggested she go there instead, rather than feel useless at the kings meeting. Alless reluctantly agreed, she didn't like much to be alone.

Gwen snapped the reins of her horse, picking up the pace slightly. It might've been easier taking a carriage or something but she enjoyed this more than she would've in a box like situation. She was nearing Vincent's castle, so the nature around her became more forest-like and full of more life. She liked the trees, and the green grass. And when the wind blew gently she could smell ever so slightly the hint of flowers.
As a child in her castle her parents were always unsure about letting her roam about the grounds. Built up on a large hill, it could be dangerous. She spent most of her time by the window just watching, mostly the waterfalls pound into the large pool below. When she was a bit older, they'd let many servants accompany her down the path of the rocky hill into the gardens of wild flowers. She absolutely loved flowers, and the servants would venture off to each find her a different one, while she layed in the grass and imagined the shapes of clouds.
Many times she wished she could go father than just the gardens, hoping to see more, for she read enough about adventure and exploring, but dared not ask her parents. They were too protective of their little Gwen, an only child, so she spent most of her time dreaming of things to make up for it. Her parents had often tried having more children, but it hadn't worked out. A couple ended in miscarriage, some never worked, and the one who died at birth also took her mother.
It was about midday now, and Vincent's castle came into view. It was large with bridges and towers, its style much more modern than hers, but still had an old money feel about it. It was slightly Gothic in the large square parts, as well as the thin pointy towers. It was very beautiful and as she neared the entrance she almost completely missed the servant trying to help her off her horse. She'd been admiring the castle so much that he startled her when he spoke.
She jumped a little and turned to his voice, then laughed lightly as he apologized. "No need sir," she told the man, "the fault was mine." He helped her off her horse and lead it away, as another servant guided her into the castle.
The doors to the meeting room opened to reveal the three already present sat down, and a bellowing voice to introduce her.
"Announcing her highness, Princess of Sagittarius."
She lifted the sides of her dress in order to give a small curtsy, then gracefully took a seat among the others.

It didn't take long for Alless to reach the Galaxy castle, it wasn't her first time nor was it the last. She hopped off her horse long before a servant came to take it to a stable, mainly because she was tired of sitting on it. She held the reins and lead it up the way, holding her dress up with her other hand as to avoid getting it too dirty. The Prince kept the castle grounds fairly polished, or rather his servants did. She doubted he even knew about the state of cleanliness the outside of his castle was. Not that it really mattered anyway.
A servant did escort her inside the castle, another leading her horse away. As she walked through the large halls her shoes made echoes. Occasionally she'd stop to ask the servant about a painting or two, easily taking her time though she was a bit late.
The doors to the throne room were opened for her, which she was always grateful for considering she didn't like to touch doorknobs or handles. As she entered she could feel the slight tension in the room between the three guests and Prince Galaxy already. See realized the king was not here, nor would he be anytime soon. She smiled what could be considered her signature smile, mischievous but charming. Only the one corner of her mouth turned up slightly, but a slight eye brow raise and the lighting up of her eyes all came together.
She ignored the attention, or more of fed off of it. Considering the three other guests were all looking towards Prince Galaxy, they must be waiting for his answer. She took this as a good time to go greet him.
"Your majesty," she mused, "pleasure to see you again." she curtsied slightly and held out her hand for him to kiss it. She then turned to the others, nodding to them as a greeting.

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