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Princess Alexis Conall Aries

" A war, you say? Let's gather the troops!"

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a character in “As it is Written in the Stars”, as played by ArabiaKnight


"A war you say? Let's gather up the troops!"

Princess Alexis Conall Aries


❝Worry about getting it started, not finishing!❞

~ Nickname~"Haha, which ones haven't I heard?"
Ally, ACA, The Ram, Conall

~ Gender ~"A women and proud of it!"

~ Sexuality ~"Really not interested."

~ Age ~"I'm still full of vigor at my age!"

~ Role ~"Leadership... Perfect role for me!"
Princess Aries, Ruler of Arians

~ Distinguishable Features ~"I like the wild look!"
Aries Sign- Tattoos on the backs of her hands. They signify her status as ruler.
Hair- Curly and wild. Light brown. At certain angles of lighting, it can be described as border-lining red. She usually wears it in a ponytail when working but at fancy occasions she lets it down.
X- Branded on her upper back between the shoulder blades. This symbol shows the number of times Alexis has lost in her challenge to a ruler. She only has one.
Clothes- Alexis usually wears a short sleeved tunic and leggings. Long boots are also a favorite of hers. When at formal occasions, she will accept dresses as long as it covers the X.
Gloves- Alexis will refrain from wearing them as much as possible. However, when challenged for the throne she is to wear them as a sign of respect.

~ Personality ~"Go for it!"
Alexis has a very fiery, get-to-it personality. She is extremely outgoing and loves socializing. When alone, Alexis uses her time working with her hands. She loves experimentation but usually doesn't finish to the end. Alexis usually jumps into things without thinking, going off of her gut feeling. Surprisingly, her "gut feeling" is more likely right than wrong. However, if she must face consequences, she does so with extreme pride. Alexis admires people who face their consequences and display courageousness and bravery. She also has a great respect for power. Alexis is a justice seeker and believes power should be used only for that purpose despite the fact she does not always use her power for justice. Alexis has a large ego which is very easily injured. But if one messes with the Ram, they get the horns. When angered, Alexis will become extremely cold and impulsive, even dangerous. This is quite common and she will usually seek solitude afterwards. She recovers quite quickly, though. Alexis can become quite competitive and enjoys a great fight, even if she loses. She praises her opponent if she finds them worthy of being her equal. Alexis is very reckless and has a strong head on her shoulders. If her mind is set on something, it gets done and proves to be a strong leader. But this makes her extremely stubborn. She will rarely accept help from others and act independently. But she will always be willing to lend a hand to her friends.

~ History ~"The past is the past! All you need to do is learn from the mistakes and move on!"
Alexis was born in a military family, like most Arian families. Her parents would usually spend their time training the army but still gave her and her siblings tough love. They were caring and loved teaching the kids defense tactics.
She has an older brother and younger sister. Her brother was sent to the army at 18. Alexis was only 14 at the time. She was charged with being the older sibling to her sister and gained a new sense of compassion to younger more naïve siblings. Alexis wished to make her stronger and more independent.
At 19, Alexis was drafted for the army. She rose the ranks to four star general before being allowed to return to her family at age 22.
Upon reaching 23, Alexis was motivated by those around her to challenge the ruler for their ruling role. She challenged him and they fought, the ruler using a Naginata and Alexis using a broad sword. As they battled, Alexis gained the upper hand. She was about to strike the finishing blow but hesitated. Alexis was overcome by the ruler and as a result she was branded on the spot, as all failed challengers are.
Angered by her hesitation, she sought intense training in the army for three months. Considering their training program too slow, Alexis went to train on her own in the other kingdoms. She returned a year later much more skilled and bloodthirsty. Alexis fought the ruler this time with tactics learned from the other kingdoms and overcomes him. She watched as he was branded. At 24, she was coronated the ruler, having her tattoos put on her hands in front of everyone.
During her time training in the other kingdoms, her brother was killed in a skirmish down south. Her sister had joined the army and her parents had retired. After her time alone, Alexis had become unattached to her family and only felt small sentiment.
At 25, Alexis started encouraging military force. She also invested in researching since she had a new found interest in discovering the unknown. Many projects were started but few were finished. Alexis also worked to improve the education system in her kingdom. Near the end of her first year as ruler, Alexis sent troops down south to stop the increasing skirmishes. The result was devastating. The south started a rebellion which was short lived due to the Ram using underhanded guerrilla tactics. As a result, Alexis had executed the leaders for treason and there has been a grudge ever since.
Alexis is now 26. She has been challenged 52 times for her role as ruler but is greatly admired by the Arians as a strong leader with an iron fist. Alexis has not only improved education but has started research towards strong weapons. Her land has been discovered to have a strange new resource that she has yet to understand. The Arians are also raring for war. Many support Alexis but others wish to be with the King or neutrality; however, the challenge season had passed just before the war was announced.

~ Likes ~

~ Dislikes ~
✖Hard Candy

~ Talents ~
✔ Strong Leadership
✔ Hand to Hand Combat
✔ Obtaining Information

~ Hobbies ~
✔ Sparring
✔ Experimenting
✔ Researching

~ Fears ~
✘ Being Forgotten
✘ Useless Death
✘ Paralysis

~ Flaws ~
✘ Arrogance
✘ Impulsiveness
✘ Thick Headed

~ Side ~"Those who are weak will only be conquered."
Alexis sides with the Queen. The King's leadership is too relaxed and he needs to be taught a lesson. This also relates to the fact the Arians have a strange monarchy system: If an Arian challenges and defeats the ruler, he or she may take charge. Alexis believes that it is only right to overthrow the King. However, there is also the chance more Arians will begin threatening HER role as ruler. Either way, Alexis is looking for a fight.

~ Romantic Interest ~"No one is of much interest to me..."

~ Thoughts on Others ~"You're either strong or you're not."

(fill in as the characters are made)
King Constellation "TBA"

Queen Stars "I have to say I look up to her. She is a strong leader and sticks with her choices. Of course, she is a bit quiet."

Prince Galaxy "He's fun to be around! Talks a bit too much about himself... But he has the qualities of a strong leader."

Princess Planet "A bit on the quiet side but I can tell she has a strong sense of leadership."

Taurus "She should treat me as her senior! But she always acts like I'm some sort of child."

Gemini "Light is a great person to hang out with! She and I always hit it off on some random conversation. Dark is a little more quiet but I guess she's ok, too."

Cancer "A little on the quiet side. Could be a little more open and willing. Assertiveness would be an improvement."

Leo "I truly admire this girl! An amazing fighter and leader. Always on the move so I don't spar with her as often as I'd like."

Virgo "A bit of a coward. Too naïve. It's going to be a hassle for him to jump into the war. Afraid he isn't going to last."

Libra "Real snooty if you asked me. She should try not being a stick in the mud once and a while."

Scorpio "He's very determined, that's for sure. I just wish he'd stop thinking so much. It irks me."

Sagittarius "Always thinking too much. She likes listening to my stories but hates fighting. I kind of worry what will happen to her during the war."

Capricorn "He thinks way too much! He would be a strong leader if he could learn not to overthink things so much."

Aquarius "Extremely powerful. I respect her as an ally and a leader. However, if our two kingdoms ever went to war... Well, I have to acknowledge the whole cosmos would be overturned."

Pisces "I really thought he'd be really cool. He's really touchy feely but he's always scared to act!"

Arian Government: Originally, the land of Aries had a monarchal government like the other lands. However, during the reign of Prince Otto Schwartz Aries (aka the Wraith) the southern part of the Arian kingdom went into revolt due to increase in a suddenly large gap in classes. The southern part of the Arian land, the part greatly affected by the gap, rose in a rebellion and fought for power over the throne. The ruling family was killed, all members and known relatives. The government became a military dictatorship for a while before a new method was introduced, or rather forced upon. The Ischuros was a curse put upon the kingdom by an unknown magic user to ensure more stability. A ruler was placed and could be challenged* for his or her position. Whomever lost was branded on the spot as a failure. The winner would later get his or her hands tattooed with the sign of Aries. The challenge could only be issued during the challenge season. Under the condition that a ruler dies, a chosen general will emerge as leader. This general is chosen due to the Aries markings suddenly appearing on his or her hands. Any challenger who defeats this general would then proceed to be the ruler.

The Wraith: An Arian prince who increased the class gap even more than previous or future Arian rulers. He oppressed the lower classes and taxed them more than they could possibly afford. If he hadn't any family members, he would have made it a dictatorship. Most of the lower classes were sent south and, angered, gathered an army and killed off the ruling family.

The Ischuros: The challenge issued to a ruler by someone who seems himself or herself more fit to rule. In this challenge, there are two trials. The first being hand to hand combat. The second being a test of the will, issued by a former ruler after coronation. The details test of the will are not revealed but are stated to make the new ruler a stronger leader. If one fails the second test, he or she will be made a figurehead and the former ruler will control the kingdom. The second trial is not applied to a general who replaces a ruler who is killed in battle.

The Challenge Season: The challenge season usually occurs when the fire flowers, a flower found everywhere in the land of Arians, blooms. This is usually happens in irregular intervals but at least a year is required between each blooming period. Blooming usually occurs when the ruler shows signs of weak leadership. The blooming lasts for three to seven weeks and only during this time is a challenge allowed to be issued. The blooming season ends when the flowers "explode" at noon. A new fire flower is found risen from the ashes of the last, bud closed.

Alexis's Ischurous: She defeated the Prince in hand to hand combat on her second attempt. A week after her coronation, a former Princess appeared at her door to initiate the second trial. Alexis was brought down several tunnels of the castle to an underground sanctuary. There, she was taken to a wooden door inscribed with the Aries markings and told to enter. She hesitated but went inside. Upon entry, Alexis fell to the ground and the door closed behind her. She remained motionless, trying to get up but failing to even bat an eyelash. After hours of failing to move, Alexis began thinking of all her hard work. The year she had spent of hard training. And the sacrifices she had to make. Only to die there. A useless death. Angered, Alexis forced herself to move. Hour after hour, she began controlling each part of her body until she could finally crawl to the door. As she touched it, the weight on her body lifted and the door swung open. She had passed the test but now has a fear of paralysis. For weeks she could not sit still. Her solution was gum chewing.

Main Cities:
Mars- Capital. The castle of Arian rulers resides here and is the cultural base of the kingdom of Arians.
Zenith- A military base turned city. Many great generals come from here, including Alexis. Located close to Mars.
Tithe- Main production city. Produces mass weaponry.
Reverie- A town known for its thriving production of fire flowers. Because of the abnormally large number of fire flowers, this is hailed as a holy spot for all military members to pilgrimage to at least once in their life.

Other: Alexis is a compulsive gum chewer. She picked this up during her travels but increased tremendously after the second trial.

So begins...

Princess Alexis Conall Aries's Story

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries
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Alexis yawned, covering her mouth with her right hand. The carriage bumped up and down as they travelled down the path. They had been riding for quite a while. From Alexis's memory, they had set off around the break of dawn and it was now nearing midday. She hoped it wouldn't be much longer; everything was starting to get boring.

The Princess peeked out the window, her eyes running over the landscape. "Lots of... Nature." Her mind was slow this morning. Most likely because she had stayed up last night researching. The war had sparked inspiration for most of the Arian researchers. Motivation to create new weapons was on an all time high. Alexis had been testing out some new long swords. The goal was to make them as long as possible but still maneuverable. There had been no progress.

Alexis sighed, running her hand through the free part of her hair not clipped up by pins. Her head maid had insisted that she put it up. At first she refused but, when reminded the climate was much more humid than the kingdom of Arians, Alexis agreed, remembering how her already untamable hair became wild in such climates. The top part was pinned down and some ends were clipped into a small flower like shape. The middle part was made of a labyrinth of braids placed in a way where they fit in with each other well enough not to fall loose. The bottom part was left down, trailing down her back in somewhat tamed curls.

She began examining the rest of her attire. She wore a sleeveless light red dress reaching to her ankles. The white collar was popped up and slightly pressed against Alexis's neck. Going down, the dress revealed a bit of her chest which was an average amount for an Arian. Alexis really didn't care for modesty and greatly preferred efficiency to formality, but, as long as her upper back was covered, she was fine.

Alexis directed her eyes to her hands. The tattoos of the Aries Sign shown brown on the backs of her hands. She was proud to show her ruler status off. Sighing, she knocked in front of her. "Driver, how much longer until we reach the Queen's castle?"

"An hour or so more."

Alexis groaned and began going through one of the bags she brought along with her. Most of the contents were tactical papers that she did not feel like going through at the moment. After rifling through, she finally found what she was looking for. She ripped off a bit before placing it in her mouth and chewing, not sloppily but in a savory way.

"Princess Aries, do I hear chewing?"

Alexis gave a couple more chews. "It's just gum. To settle my nerves. I'll throw it out before we get to the castle." She heard a sigh from the driver.

"As you wish, Princess Aries."

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As the castle came into view, Alexis couldn't help but feel completely relieved. She wasn't one for being in one spot too long. Stretching her arms and legs, she let out a sigh of relief. Alexis became thankful that no one could see her due to the one way glass installed in her carriage. The driver made a slow turn onto the cobble stone yard, causing the carriage to bounce a bit. She could tell he was anxious to get out too.

As they came to a halt, Alexis took her time getting out her bags before fixing her hair a bit. Deciding she had been in the carriage long enough, Alexis knocked for the door to be opened. As descended from the carriage, she took a deep breath. The Queen's land was much more humid, as they had said. Alexis could already feel her hair starting to frizz up.

Her eyes went over the courtyard until she noticed the Prince Cancer and Queen. She came over, walking pridefully and, standing next to the Prince, dipped into a polite bow. "Your Highness." She straightened and nodded to the Cancer. "Prince Cancer." After a pause she turned back to the Queen. "Your Highness, I am here to offer my support."

In her mind, Alexis was already thinking about how the Prince Cancer would contribute. She had heard little about him during her travels in the other kingdoms but she knew for a fact that he seemed... Shifty about his leadership. Assertiveness was something he would have to gain if he wished to survive the war.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sebastian Galaxy Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer Character Portrait: Princess Primrose Planet
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Princess Primrose Planet
"M'lady, its time for you to awaken." Primrose heard one of the servants call from behind the closed door. "Your bath has been prepared and your meal shall be ready for you once you are ready." The servant said as she entered the room and drew the curtains back to reveal the golden sunlight. Primrose let out a tired moan before rolling over to shield her eyes from the sunlight. "M'lady, you must arise. Your mother wishes you by her side during the meeting." Primrose immediately sat up.

"That's today?" She exclaimed as she flung the bedsheets from her and swung her feet out and got out.
"Yes, m'lady." The servant answered. "Helga will take you to be bathed." Primrose looked to the doorway and the elderly servant stood in the frame, her soft smile there as always. Primrose lifted the bottom of her night dress and jogged after the elderly woman, her grey hair held up in a tight bun as she waddled towards the private bathroom. She opened the door and held it open for the Princess, whilst curtsying in respect for her.

The room was humid and a warm steam rose from the bath, Primrose stripped herself of the night dress and slipped into the hot water, a sweet smell rise from the water, the smell was extremely similar to that of the roses in the Palace garden. Primrose felt a slight tug at her hair and looked back to see Helga applying the lavender oil, the oil had a sweet aroma and kept the hair healthy and shiny. However, as Helga washed her hair, Primrose could feel herself slipping back into sleep, like she always did when someone played with her hair.

Once done with her bath, Primrose was lead to the accompanying wardrobe, where she was squeezed into a dress of lavender coloured silk with peach coloured lacing and silver jewellery, that were jewelled with amethysts. Once dressed and satisfied of hunger, Primrose made her way to her balcony which overlooked the entrance, she watched as the carriages of Aries and Cancer sat on the pebbled pathway. She sat on the balcony seat and awaited any other guest. Her mind occupied by what Prince Sebastian had done and wondered if he'd ever apologise or accept responsibility.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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#, as written by nanorei
Prince Sorrel Virgo

The journey had taken a while, Sorrel had enjoyed the time he had alone in the carriage. It almost felt that there was no work for him to do and he felt almost entirely at ease. The castle came into view and Sorrel smiled, he started to wonder about who was already there or if he was going to be the last to arrive. His advisors had came to the conclusion that more of the kingdoms would more than likely side with the King rather than the Queen and the simple thought of that made him nervous.
Almost there now,
the driver called back to him,
almost at the courtyard now.

Sorrel took this moment to make sure his clothing was okay.
It'll be fine...
he told himself when the carriage drew to a halt. He rose to his feet, his legs felt strange due to how long he had been sat down but he knew that the feeling would pass after starting to walk. His driver opened the door for him and Sorrel started to wish the Elliott had travelled with him, at least he would be able to provide some valuable insight into what was going on and what choices needed to be made.

He climbed out of the carriage and the feeling in his legs disappeared. Closer to the castle, he could see two figures who were already talking to the queen. By the looks of things, there were still possibly others to arrive. Sorrel approached the others to discover that Prince Cancer and Princess Aries were the two who had already arrived.

Your Highness,
he greeted the Queen with a smile and a bow. He turned to the others,
Prince Cancer,
he paused.
Princess Aries,
His attention diverted to the Queen.
After a long time taken to decide, my kingdom will be supporting you,
Sorrel glanced at the others, he didn't know a huge amount of knowledge about them, but he had a feeling that he could trust them, after all they were going to have to work together to succeed.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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Queen Vivienne Saffell Stars

Vivienne woke with the rising sun today as she's done most mornings. Running through the necessities of the being alive Vivienne ended up dressed in a satin crimson column gown with cream accents. The design was elegant in its simplistic nature and per usual the red was vivid and eye catching to the point you truly couldn't mistake her for anyone other than herself. Glancing at a clock she had a few hours before the Princes and Princesses were to arrive. Gliding down the marble halls Vivienne strode over to her gardens and more importantly her cello inside the pavilion.

Nestling the instrument between the folds of her gown, Vivienne gently began to strum a unique melody, skillfully she masterfully crafted each note to resonate in a certain manner causing the gardens in it's entirety to be filled with a sound that could not be described using words short of divine. The melody was created and played for a few hours or so when one of her staff gently had to tap her shoulder as to get her attention. Abruptly the sound came to a close she looked over and noticed his apologetic smile as he replied "Your grace, I'm afraid the Princes and Princesses are to arrive in a few moments." Giving a radiant smile of thanks Vivienne replied with a calm melodic voice resembling what light would sound like, "Well thank you, I appreciate you informing me." Rising from her spot Vivienne silently went to her main office to seek a few documents, except anyone who knows Vivienne knows there's no such thing as entering this office without singing some law or such into place. Before she knew it the clock struck 1 and the sounds of Prince Cancer arriving filled the halls. A soft fond smile played at her lips as she thought of the prince and went to bet him to the throne room. Not a moment too soon did she enter then he. Watching as he dropped to his knee Vivienne went over and offered her hand to pull him up as she gently spoke "It's always a pleasure to see you as well Reed, now those who work as hard as I have the privilege of standing next to me, not below. I do however appreciate you appearing and showing support, I fear the odds lie against my ideology."

Then the sounds of another approaching caught her short as Princess Alexis stormed in as prideful as ever. However instead of the fond simple Reed received Princess Alexis merely caught a polite nod of acknowledgement and the respectful phrase of "Princess Alexis, I am grateful to your aid and thank you for listening to my summons." After another moment once more the sounds of a person graced her ears.

Prince Sorrel entered and his unease of this decision showed. A vibrant reassuring look graced the Queen's visage as she spoke the words "I am glad to have your lands support, as such I will endeavor to never let our people down; the choice you made to support me will not have been made in vain."

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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Princess Alexis Conall Aries

'I hope you're right', Alexis thought as she glanced at her "allies." She could already tell that she would probably have more experience in war than the other two forces. The Queen's forces would probably be equal to that of the King's, so that would cancel it out. The Princes could help in mind power... But Alexis couldn't help but feel like she would need to provide the most military force.

"Thank you, my Queen. Are we expecting anyone else?" Alexis was really hoping there would. By the kingdom representatives present, Alexis already knew they were greatly outnumbered and heavily outmatched. She pushed away her thoughts, thinking about how uncharacteristic that was of her. "If not, may we begin discussing how you wish to proceed with this war?"

Alexis began thinking of the papers she had brought. Most were basic information: a map of the land of High, a general war history of the land on high, and the possible strategies the King may take. She had also brought papers on technology she was developing. Most were prototypes since the completed weapons were... Confidential until further notice.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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#, as written by nanorei
Prince Sorrel Virgo

Sorrel looked at his allies, feeling a little overwhelmed about the situation. He hadn't been on the throne for a long amount of time, it always occurred to him that it should've been his brother in this situation, making all the decisions. Sorrel wasn't even sure how he would explain a war to his people, but part of him hoped that Elliott would deal with most of that. He didn't have much knowledge about war in general, he never thought he would have to do this in his lifetime.

The other three sides appeared more knowledgeable than he was. The Queen, for one, obviously had much more experience than he did. He wasn't quite sure about Prince Cancer and Princess Aries but he was certain that they must have had an idea as to what they were doing.
Where do we start?
He asked his allies,
I apologise, I am relatively new to this...I'll try contribute as much as I can.

Sorrel took a moment to consider how he could contribute to this effort. He would probably be able to offer some strategy plans, but he knew that his kingdom did not have a very powerful military. Sorrel sighed quietly, he didn't want to make all the others to do the work, he wanted to at least do something that would help the others, otherwise there was no point in him being here at all.
However, I do know that we need to make the right choices, in order to succeed, so we should play our cards wisely.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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Princess Alexis Conall Aries

Alexis turned to the Prince Virgo, nodding. "Prince Virgo, I can assure you we will guide you each step of the way. I do not intend to lose to the King's forces without a fight. And I do agree with you, we do need to make the right choices; however, at the same time, we must not be afraid to act."She turned to all of them again. "This is war, after all. There will be losses. There will always be losses."

She looked Prince Virgo straight in the eye. "We should be wary, but doing so every step of the way will only hinder us." Alexis could already feel a headache coming on. She may not be able to work so well the Prince Virgo if he was so cautious. Hesitations and over analysis upset her. Alexis worked off of actions. Especially after her second trial...

"We might as well go on how we wish to contribute. I'll provide my man power. I have a militia ready to act on my command." She lowered her voice a bit. "But my kingdom is landlocked so I cannot help when it comes to naval battles." That had always been one of her weak points. Her militia was strong but naval training was not very useful if the next body of water was a kingdom away.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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Caden stepped forward as Alexis finished her report.
"My lady Aries, if I may, that is where you will have no cause for worry." Reed stepped forward so as to address all members of the group. While not very good at public speaking, he was among allies and personal friends, so he treated it as such.
"Some time ago, I realized that, for lack of a better phrase, I needed quite a bit of help when governing my shores. I and my subjects all knew that I was not the war machine my father was. So I enacted a parliment. Under their laws and allocation of budget, my Navy has flourished, as well as the commerce of my home." Reed turned to face the Queen, his face stone cold but his eyes lit like a child's on their birthday.
My Queen, the oceans are yours to command under the Royal Cancerian Navy."

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Princess Primrose Catrice Alicia Planet
Primrose watched as the guests entered, not many had showed up, but still those that had were valuable assets to her mother, or so the optimist in her assured her. Primrose got up from her balcony seat after finishing a cup of rose tea that her servants had brought to her and decided to head down to the atrium to be with her mother and her guests, smoothing her gowns she descended the stairs to see the four gathered.

Primrose smiled at the three guests as she went to stand by her mother, curtsying to the guests and her mother as she took her place behind her mother.
"Welcome, Princess Aries, Prince Virgo and Prince Reed. It is a pleasure to have you."
She welcomed the guests, as she had been taught to do many a times.
"Mother, I managed to get word back from the Alchemists, they have promised to join our cause."
She smiled as she input her piece of information forward.

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries Character Portrait: Prince Sorrel Virgo Character Portrait: Queen Vivienne Stars Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer Character Portrait: Princess Primrose Planet
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Princess Alexis Conall Aries

Alexis nodded at Princess Planet as she stood behind her mother. Princess Planet stood politely as she greeted each of them. Respect seemed to be a strong point of hers. Princess Planet was another reason why Alexis had joined on Queen's side. She showed much potential as a strong, firm leader but a small part of Alexis felt like Princess Planet would not last the whole war if she remained at her current state. On the other hand, the war may be just what she needs to grow.

As for the Prince Cancer, Alexis was thankful she had an ally who would support her from the sea. She hated the thought of having to depend on someone, even a little, but her greatest weakness would be naval battle. All others would be mere obstacles.

At the new information Princess Planet shared, she raised an eyebrow in interest. The Alchemists would definitely be an asset. If she had the Alchemists on her side, then she would able to get a step up on new warfare technology. Especially those new prototypes. Yes, this was perfect. What was she thinking before, doubting her side?

"Princess Planet, Your Highness, I wish to work with the Alchemists after our meeting. There are some projects they may help with that would be a great asset to our side." She had a small twinkle in her eye as she said this. "Of course, they are still under development and I am unwilling to share their current status at such a raw state." In her mind, Alexis was already thinking of her blueprints.

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Queen Vivienne Saffell Stars

Vivienne listened to there comments, from Sorrel's concerns from his his inexperience, Alexiss' inability to touch the seas, and Reeds' confidence in his navy. Keeping her peace while they talked Vivienne nodded to her daughter upon entrance and just quietly smothered a laugh. Everything was going to be fine, everything was covered from resources, land, seas, men and such forth. She built these lands once upon a time, traveling to and from the lands, talking and consulting with the people's needs. Vivienne didn't stay queen by being idle, she was queen because she loved bringing joy, freedom, and life to her people. Yes, this war may sound like a conflict of that interest only as an old Admiral of hers once said "There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people." the people are now becoming the enemies. The kings rule does not allow a steady hand to help it's people it simply allows the people to learn from there own mistakes (if that instead of offering its previous knowledge.

Moving away from those thoughts and back to the matter at hand Vivienne finally made her comments. Prince Sorrel, you are right indeed, every action must be taken into account. Noting can be sparred to chance, we have little allies and I know the king is not opposed to "playing dirty" as it's called. Those without an allegiance will be tempted and swayed to join the kings side or to doubt my rule. For the moment, I will place my trust in the bloodlines I have put in charge and I believe that it is best if we don't sway them but protect them. As of now, we try to shelter them from the worst of the new rumors, after all our people are ones with their own individual ideas and opinions they should be able to filter out lies from truth judging by our actions. As such, we are not to start any unsavory talk, this war is one of morality and principle. If we lose ours we've lost the war. As such Prince Sorrel, I place my trust in you to act as our public relations liaison, should you chose to accept said position. Judging by how you don't rush into choices and take deliberate time into making decisions I trust that you will be well suited for that job. Of course, fell free to ask for help or consultation, when needed."

Taking a moment for that news to sink in Vivienne set out for a glass of water and took a small sip. After a moment she continued on. "Princess Alexis, you have mentioned that you may provided the military, evidently I do have one myself and I was wondering about you're person opinion on the idea of Princess Zari. Personally, I would prefer not to hire her services. Having a mercenary is nothing but trouble, with no trust nor allegiance it becomes difficult to act around them. Mercenaries make excellent spies, for once you pay them a hefty sun you believe you have their allegiance when in fact you're enemy is paying them a crown more and the next thing one may know is a knife in one's back. If you believe we require Zari's forces to even out the field then I have no qualms paying them, however if you believe otherwise I would prefer to write them off as against us, thus knowing the definite allegiance. Also, due to your expansive knowledge, would you mind being tasked with the general land troop. By so I mean would you accept the position general of the army? Understandably this is a large request so please take time consider the position before making choices."

Finally looking to Reed Vivienne smiled once again and replied. "I owe you my thanks, the seas are among one of the assets we ought to remain in control of, as such these are your forces. Men and women who joined the navel feet under you're guidance not mine, and I would appreciate it if you were my feet admiral. Much like Princess Alexis, I understand that this may be a large request and I encourage you to think it over.

Moving a bit back as to give space, Queen Vivienne realized that she's given them more than enough to ponder on. Right when she was about to give a dismissal for the rest of the evening and inform them that rooms have been prepared should they wish to spend a while here, Vivienne was stopped by Princess Alexis talking with her daughter about that worrisome science. Vivienne had no qualms about alchemy, in fact she found it nothing short of wonderful. Only as it was her daughter dabbling in the science, like any good mother she was concerned but trusted Rose to take care of herself. God forbid anything happen to her... the fleeting thought was enough that Vivienne had to suppress a shiver. Ignoring the irrational fear for the moment Vivienne distracted herself by addressing Rose's wonderful news. "Thank you love for asking them on my behalf. I truly am thankful for asking when I was pre-occupied, if you could keep me updated on said front I would be much obliged." Ending her short request to Rose, Vivienne gave a soft smile reserved purely for her darling girl. Turning to everyone else Vivienne spoke once again as she said "Thank you all for coming to my aid. I've made a room for all of you should you wish to spend the night. As I understand I have given you all enough to consider for the night, shall any of you need anything or should you all come to the consensus to talk more about about the upcoming war, feel free to interrupt whatever it may be that I'm doing to talk with about things. As for now please consider my positions I've offered all of you."

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Princess Alexis Conall Aries

If Alexis could ever say anything about the Queen, it was elegant. Not only was she a strong leader and ready to organize whatever needed to be do but she kept calm and collected composure that had always fascinated her, even if they had only met a few times before. The Queen addressed each of them of their stations and positions, utilizing their strengths for the desire outcome. She even had something for Prince Virgo, the most inexperienced of them when it came to war.

Damn you're good, Alexis thought, eyes shining with admiration. She was amazing. Just stunning.

Her mind returned to the other possible ally. She hadn't mentioned it before, but Alexis sure had hinted it. She wanted the Leo's forces on their sides. They may be mercenaries but they were good at war. Bold hearted warriors that would fight to the death. But, as the Queen put it, Princess Leo was only as faithful as the largest sum of money that was paid. The Aries kingdom was definitely not overflowing with money and there were plenty of other kingdoms with much more. For the time being, maybe she would see where everyone stood before seeking Princess Leo's help.

Then there was the position as the main general. She would obviously accept! Military was the finest product of the Aries kingdom. They were trained not only fight but to follow orders under any and all circumstances. Families were honored to have such proud soldiers coming from their own bloodline. But, for the Queen's sake, Alexis would 'think about it' a while longer. She was already grinning at the thought.

As the Queen dismissed them, Alexis bowed politely. "Thank you, my Queen. I will gladly take your offer. The carriage ride from my kingdom is quite a few hours from here so I am grateful for being able to stay a night or two." She then turned to Princess Planet. "If I may speak with you after I settle, Princess Planet, I would like to meet in my room. I have a feeling you will like some of the projects I have brought with me."

From the corner of her eye, Alexis noticed a servant holding her bag and politely standing at the back of the room. She bowed once more to the Queen and nodded to the Princes and Princess. "If you excuse me, I will be in my room. I have some work to attend to." She turned on her heel and walked towards the servant, nodding to him.

Understanding her message, he lead her to her room. As he closed the door and left her, she sighed in relief, running a hand through the lower part of her bound hair. She wanted to undo it so badly but her other bags were probably still in the carriage, along with the change of clothes she kept inside. She would have to retrieve those soon. "But first," Alexis said with a grin, reaching over to her bag, "What I've been needing this whole time."

After a few moments of rifling through her bag, she pulled out a piece of gum and stuck it in her mouth, chewing. God, how she needed this. Standing still was horrible for her. But she couldn't shift around in front of the Queen! The gum was already starting to settle her nerves. She began to dig through her bag for the mostly completed projects, jaw at work.

This is going to be fun.

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#, as written by nanorei
Prince Sorrel Virgo

There was something about the way the Queen spoke to them all that just expressed how elegant and how much of a good leader she was. The way she organised the three of them just demonstrated how organised she was, it made Sorrel feel unprepared for whatever was going to fight against them in the future, if only he could be that organised all the time. A lot of the time, he found being organised all the time quite tiring and sometimes, quite stressful when everything seemed to be going wrong. He aimed to avoid stress as much as he could.

The Queen had offered him the position of Public Relations Liaison, it was a position he was going to gladly accept. It surprised him that the Queen was even able to find anything for him to do considering he had no idea how to control the military at all. He supposed it was due to how he had only been on the throne for almost a year and beforehand, he had not been allowed to participate in any royal business. You aren't entirely useless. He told himself.

Although he was going to take up the position, he was still planning on contributing the efforts of his Kingdom's army, even if his own wasn't as big and strong as the others. Sorrel had the impression that there would be members of the army that would be more than happy to get in on some action, despite how dangerous it would be. His brother, the previous prince had not made much use of the army and instead focussed on money more than anything, sometimes Sorrel thought about how terrible his brother's rule really was.

Thank you for the offer, I will be more than happy to accept,
He said with a smile. Sorrel was quite thankful that he was able to spend the night and the Queen's castle. New environments such as this always interested him, other castles seemed so different to his own in every single way. He watched as Alexis left the room.
I suppose I should be off to my own room too,
Sorrel looked behind him, there wasn't much else he could do around here except from wait until morning and head home or something like that.

He bowed to the Queen before turning around to a servant, who led him to the room he would be staying in. Sorrel liked the room, it was nice, unfortunately there wasn't so much for him to do at that moment in time.
I guess there will be more to things get worse,
he sighed to himself.

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Princess Alexis Conall Aries

"Here it is..." Alexis pulled out a packet of papers as well as a sealed container. The container was a cylinder around 6 inches long and wrapped in a rough brown cloth. She grinned as she took off the covering. The strange element inside started to glow erratically in shades of green and silver. "It was a good idea to bring you along..." Alexis wrapped the cylinder again, the glow ceasing immediately. She placed it on a desk located in the room.

"I wonder what Princess Planet will think of this. And to think I found this strange resource in my kingdom. I wonder what it is. And what we can use it for." Around a few weeks ago, this new element was discovered in Zenith, the Arian city of Fire Flowers. A innumerable amount of it had been located under the old city hall which was being torn down for reconstruction. The element was found as a glowing group of rocks that felt soft, almost spongy, to the touch. There were no signals the rocks were harmful... Yet. However, the leader of Zenith sent some to the capital for testing to see if they were useful. The Arian Kingdom had kept it secret but now Alexis wanted to know what it was.

Alexis sighed. Princess Planet sure was taking a while to get there. She began thinking of her other allies. The Queen would need a formal response for her acceptance of becoming the main general. She should probably have to consult Prince Cancer over military positions as well. Not to mention Prince Virgo...

Alexis ran a hand over her face before pulling out some blank sheets of paper, an inkwell, and a quill. In rushed, spidery strokes, Alexis wrote down three letters. Her words were scrawled on the paper, barely legible. However, they were elegant in their own way.

For the Queen, she wrote that she accepted the office with great honor and would not fail as the general. For Prince Cancer, Alexis asked that they strategize on how to station their forces. After all, they were greatly outnumbered in troops and getting their facts straight would be crucial to winning this war. A meeting could be arranged while they were at the castle. If not, they would have to visit each other's kingdoms to plan.

And Prince Virgo... She stopped for a bit on his letter, wondering what exactly to write. Alexis first, and most awkwardly, congratulated him on his position as... Public relations? Was that right? She hoped it was. Alexis continued to inform him that as his senior as war, she would help improve his own army by sending some of her generals to his kingdom. With his permission, of course. Alexis would also try to ask Prince Cancer to send naval officers for sea battle. She would not let any of their allies fall.

As she finished her third letter, she rolled them up and tied them with a brown string. Just as Alexis had completed tying them off, a knock came in the door. Those were her bags. The servant came in, placing several of her bags in the room. She nodded and handed the letters to him. "Deliver these letters to the ones who are addressed." He nodded and went off. Alexis smiled, closing her door and turning to her bags.

She quickly took apart the elegant labyrinth of braids and clips to let her hair out. Immediately it poofed up. Alexis sighed a bit before tying it in a messy ponytail. In moments, she also changed into a long sleeved tunic, black leggings, and long boots. She was already feeling better. Her hands slowly brushed against the leather gloves in her bag and cringed. She never liked wearing them. But it was necessary to do so when not on royal business in other kingdoms as a sign of respect. Alexis begrudgingly pulled them on, flexing her hands to get used to the leather. They were restricting and she couldn't feel anything properly.

As for forms of entertainment, she didn't feel like going over papers but she couldn't walk around when she had invited Princess Planet to her chambers for the projects. Alexis exasperatedly flopped down on her bed, staring up at the ceiling with a frown.

"...I'm bored."