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Princess Gwendolyn Sagittarius


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a character in “As it is Written in the Stars”, as played by By Starlight


Princess Gwendolyn Sagitarius


❝Dreams have only one owner at a time. That's why dreamers are lonely.❞

~ Nickname ~"Gwen would be fine, thank you."

~ Gender ~"I am confident in my grace but let no stereotypes define me."

~ Sexuality ~"Eyes are blind, one must look with the heart."

~ Age ~"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

~ Role ~"How lovely it is to be among the stars."
Princess Sagitarius

~ Distinguishable Features ~"I'd like to be remembered as a smiling face."
Very long blonde hair, slightly pointed ears, tattoo of her sign on her right hip, ears pierced, and clear ice blue eyes.

~ Personality ~"Character Thought"
Gwen is deep and thoughtful. She's one to fade in the background and observe rather than be the center of attention. She likes to learn, but not in a school type of way. She likes experience, and wisdom. She's somewhat of a reserved person, in the sense that in conversation she'll only talk about herself if you ask, and even then she might be a little vague. She's not one for lying, not seeing much of a point of it, so if she didn't want to tell you something she'd state that clearly instead of going around it. At first she may come off as a little odd, often she seems unfocused in a world of her own. Dreaming has become a dangerous habit for her, usually distracting from reality.
Gwen loves art and music, though she isn't very talented in either category. She loves stories and creativity, and can listen to anyone talk for hours about travels, adventures, and memories. She herself would love to go out and explore, but finds herself guilty and flooded with responsibilities that tie her down most of the time. She's mature, thinking about the good of everyone over just herself. She knows she's expected to take care and look after others, and she's happy to do it.
She's pretty balanced in being selfish and selfless. She wouldn't go out of her way to help everyone she meets, but when the opportunity comes along she'll willingly give a hand. Making friends isn't hard for Gwen, she can keep a conversation well enough if the other person is willing to. She may come off as a little shy, but once you know her a little better she's very fun and loving.
Value is very important to her, she likes having reasons for doing what she does. She thinks things before she says them out loud, and tries to make her time and effort anywhere meaningful. She can sometimes be poetic with what she says, her voice always a light velvety charm. She's a quite lovely girl, poised and elegant. Her interactions with others are appropriate for the situation, and rarely is she rude unless she feels someone deserves it.
When it comes to her love life, she's very loving you could say. In life in general she's one to appreciate small beauties or quirks many overlook. She's charming to say the least, very sweet and has interest in most people she talks to. Although she might not be very obvious in when she likes someone, she'll try to spend more time with them. If she asks a lot of questions, it's only because she's especially interested in someone. She likes details, and the concept of "reading between the lines."
She's analytical, looking for deeper meanings in her daily life. If things do happen for a reason, she'd like to know why.
The way people act and look interests her, and even though she can sometimes be indecisive she likes to have clear ideas and opinions of those around her. She doesn't like unfinished business, or not knowing at least a general idea of someone.
Gwen is odd sometimes, her desires and longings create storms in her mind. She struggles with her emotions sometimes, having a constant feeling of wanting to be secure and independent. She doesn't like relying on others, nor does she like others knowing when she's upset. She's one of those people who rarely shows how she's feeling unless she's more comfortable.
She's generally accepting, and dislikes conflicts.
Even though she is very responsible and caring, she'd love to feel some sort of freedom every once in awhile.

(optional)~ History ~"Character Thought"
~ Likes ~

♥ Dreams
♥ Being talked to
♥ Being carefree
♥ Flowers

~ Dislikes ~
✖ Feeling trapped
✖ Being lonely
✖ Conflict
✖ Being sad

~ Talents ~
✔ Writing
✔ Giving advice
✔ Dancing

~ Hobbies ~
✔ Dancing
✔ Cooking
✔ Daydreaming

~ Fears ~
✘ No one loving her
✘ Getting lost
✘ Being forgotten

~ Flaws ~
✘ Somewhat unemotional
✘ Indecisive
✘ Often distracted~ Side ~"Character Thought"
Neither, she dislikes conflict in general, and doesn't feel it's her place to decide who is right and wrong.

~ Romantic Interest ~"Character Thought"
No one... yet ;)

~ Thoughts on Others ~"Character Thought"

King Constellation "Character Thought"

Queen Stars "Ah yes, the Queen. What a lovely woman indeed.
I commend her for her excellence as Queen.
Although I can't say I agree with everything she's done, she's efficient at what she does.
I adore her talent of playing the cello, such beautiful music Vivienne can create."

Prince Galaxy "So young, so full of life and potential.
I think he's a bit too careless for his own good, but I admire his confidence.
Sometimes I wish I could be as careless as him.. But not to that extent."

Princess Planet "She's also very young, so trusting and naive..
A beautiful fool, would you say? Her kind heart is her strength and weakness.
I can only hope she lives a charmed life, or learns to protect herself."

Aries "Competitive and determined, two wonderful qualities to have."

Taurus "Very strong, she impresses me with her undying integrity.
Her connection with emotion is inspiring, I could learn from her.
I admire her mother-like figure to those in need.
I only hope for our relationship to grow."

Gemini "An interesting duo, I'd think they were twins if I didn't know any better.
Their personalities are so contrasting though, it's somewhat entertaining.
Hopefully they keep each other balanced."

Cancer "He seems friendly, although he doesn't seem to notice me in general..
I don't believe we've ever talked much, though he seems easy enough to get along with.
He shows himself as a positive person, which can be refreshing."

Leo "It looks as though Zari has what she wants clearly figured out..
Money, power, and whatever else. Her motivation and drive to get it is impressive.
I have to admit I'm slightly jealous she has an idea of her goals.
I've never really known what more I want in life.
Personally I've never talked to her much, I don't think she likes me."

Virgo "I love his carefulness, I don't believe he'd hurt a fly.
I imagine him as patient and caring, but I can see he's a little reserved.
Sometimes he can be a bit serious, I think he has trouble relaxing."

Libra "She seems interesting, somewhat like me.
It might be fun to talk to her more."

Scorpio "I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a small crush on him.
He's somewhat like me, and I could listen to him talk for hours.
Although I have not spent much time with him, I wouldn't mind it."

Sagittarius "I feel as though once I figure myself out it will call become simple.
But at the moment, I'm very complicated."

Capricorn "I love how responsible he is, and I can relate to his emotionless façade.
Sometimes he's a little too serious in my opinion, but he seems trustworthy and reliable."

Aquarius "For a long time now she's been randomly showing up around my castle. Her spontaneous flirtations toward me make me laugh, and she's become an interesting friend. Honestly I wouldn't have guess our personalities would work out well, but she keeps me grounded to reality."

Pisces "Always a pleasure to have around truthfully.
His story telling always captivates me, and we both love to dance.
I don't know to what depth our relationship goes, but he's someone I'd like to know better."

So begins...

Princess Gwendolyn Sagittarius's Story

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Allessandra Aquarius
Gwendolyn Sagittarius

❝Curiosity is the lust of the mind.❞ ~ Thomas Hobbes

Alless sat on the grey stone slate that could be considered a windowsill as dawn broke. This was something of a routine for her now, taking up a spot against the smoothed stone arches, long legs folded up under her, sleek muscles relaxed as the dull traces of sunshine fell across her face. She hadn't slept through a sunrise in more years than she could properly remember; something in her body woke her before dawn, now, without fail and regardless of how little she’d slept. She was only somewhat alone, as she often seemed to be in the morning, whether her bed partner still slept or she awaited the waking of a friend.

She was not in her own home, but the sweetly dazed dreamer's. She glanced over at the beautiful blonde, who slept peacefully amongst tangled and tossed blankets. The smallest hint of a smile played on her soft pink lips, her eyes delicately closed. Alless imagined her as a doll, one that had been played with too much but still kept a loveliness about it. She lay in an imperfect way, her hair wild and wavy around her, but something about her face was so pristine that Alless had to admire.
Although Gwen was unaware of Alless's presence, Gwen would not be surprised when she woke up. Often times Alless left her bustling city before it woke up, and travelled to Gwen for a day or so.

The sun broke through the clouds now, casting an array of oranges, pinks, and yellows into the sky. A faint blue lingered dully on the edges of the explosion of color. Even with the sun in her oceany-blue eyes, her pupils were abnormally large, as though she were addicted to belladonna, but there was a glassy glitter about them which that drug does not produce. She closed her eyes for a moment, still seeing the outline of the bright colors on her eyelids. Her long pink hair had been up until now, when she pulled at the ribbon that tied it up. Long pink locks cascaded down to her mid-waist, and she lazily brushed it behind her shoulders.

Standing up she sauntered over to Gwen's bed, and sat on the edge. She studied the slow rise and fall of the sleeper's body when she breathed, and the small features of her face. She felt too guilty to wake her, knowing Gwen liked to sleep in, but Alless disliked the idea of attending the king's meeting without her friend. She gently nudged Gwen, cooing "Gwendolyn, wake up darling."

The girl stirred slightly, murmuring a groan or two. She attempted to bury her face more into the countless pillows, but her eyes fluttered open and she slowly lifted her self to a sitting position. She sighed sleepily, and rubbed her eyes, "How long have you been here?"
"Well, truthfully I wanted to wake you straight away, but I knew I had to wait several hours to ensure you were safely recovered," Alless admitted sheepishly.
Gwen's body suddenly perked up fully awake, "What? How long as it been? What happened?" Her eyes we wide with a confused expression. As she spoke she leaned in closer to Alless, startled by this news.
Alless laughed, "Like twenty minutes. I just got bored." She raised an eyebrow and anticipated a reaction.
Gwen rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile as she hit Alless with one of the many pillows. This only began a small pillow fight, but eventually lead to both of the girls collapsing in laughter together.
"You should probably get dressed," Gwen mentioned as they picked up the pillows from the ground, "since you're going to the king's meeting with me."
Gwen made a face, but proceeded to change into something more suitable. "I don't really like this side taking thing.. But I guess I'll go."
"Who knows," Alless mused, "Maybe Vince will be there." She teased.
Gwen glared at her, "Oh stop. There's nothing between Vincent and I. Who knows, maybe everyone else will be there too" she remarked sarcastically, "Considering you have your eye on anything at moves."
Alless giggled, "Oh come on, would it kill you to live a little?" She linked her arm through Gwen's, and lead her out of the bedroom. "I think he's cute. Prince Galaxy too."
"Go crazy then." Gwen joked, as the two moved throughout her castle.
Eventually they ended up by the horse stables, where Alless untied her largely built black horse from a post, and Gwen retrieved her smaller white horse. They both mounted together, and trotted side by side towards the kings castle.
As different as they were, they got along quite nicely.

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Prince Vincent Altair Scorpio

Sunlight streamed through the glass wall of the Prince's room. A ray reached the closed eyes of the young man, causing him to turn over in his bed. As soon as he had delved back into sleep, a younger girl with black hair burst through the room. Prince Vincent groaned.

"Big brother!" The young lady with the long black hair strutted towards Vincent and placed her hands on her hips. "It's past eight o' clock, Vinnie. I've already got the staff working in the meeting room." Her eyes narrowed, and she tapped her foot. "We're expecting the neutral kingdom's representatives to meet here today? Ring a bell?"

Vincent covered his ears with his pillow.

"You are such- ugh!" Vince's sister stomped away, yelling, "Gerard! No need to make that frappuccino, Vinnie doesn't need it!"

"I'm up, I'm up!" He groaned, stepping out of his bed. He shuffled over to his bathroom. He must admit, the bathroom is one of his favorite rooms in the castle. The bathtub is made out of sleek glass, and it always smells like narcissus. He didn't take long with his bath and dressed in a dark red suit. He wasn't feeling too enthusiastic about the meeting today, because 1) it's about the upcoming war, and 2) he's not in the mood. He's afraid that he might snap at the guests unexpectedly, which would be horrible of him since he happens to like the guests who would be coming. And more importantly, it would be difficult to think about the war when his mind is cloudy. Such is the reason he wished to reflect on his own- but tough times call for meetings, and he is about to hold one.

Prince Vincent left his bedroom, which was untouched by servants because he refuses to let them in, and strode toward the dining hall. He walked in and saw his elderly butler, Gerard, speaking with his adolescent sister with the black hair, Princess Melanie. Vince approached them and took the frappuccino from Gerard's hands and walked away whilst saying, "Thanks, Gerry."

Walking with a determined air and a coffee mug in one hand, the Prince reached the meeting room of his castle. The chairs were leather, and the theme of the room was a balance of black and white. The lights were rather dim, except for the lights overhead the long table, setting up a dramatic atmosphere. Sipping his drink, Vince thought about the guests coming over. He had told his guards to escort them into the boarding room when they arrive. He's expecting two, maybe three people- Prince Pisces, Princess Sagittarius, and perhaps Princess Leo. He wasn't even sure if they've all decided to go. He sighed, knowing that Darcy sided with the King. Vince stared at his mug, and fell into deep thought. And he stayed this way until his first guest arrived.

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Allessandra Aquarius
Gwendolyn Sagittarius

❝Patience and time do more than strength or passion.❞ ~ Jean de La Fontaine

Their horses trotted side by side, both riding side saddle due to their outfits. The sun had just begun to peak over a violet mountain head of them, but the sun glare was only minimal. They travelled on an average size dirt road, though calling it a road was an overstatement. It was really more of a path, one that had been worn and widened over the years. Both Princess were familiar with the land, well enough to know where to go. Gwen still felt a bit sleepy, and her gaze lay in the distance lazily. Her shoulders slumped a bit, the very idea of war and conflict made her a bit tired. Her body didn't fight the rocking the horse made as it walked, so she lulled from side to side like a boat sitting on the water. Alless she propped upright, her lower back at a constant arch, shoulders back and sitting tall and proud. She liked excitement, but also the relaxing journeys on horses.
It had been awhile since she had seen Prince Galaxy, or anyone else for that matter, and social events had a feeling about them that Alless enjoyed no matter the reason of the gathering. She liked to have fun, in anyway that was available to her. Dancing, drinking, just talking. She was easy enough to entertain, and made herself amused easily enough. Sometimes she found it difficult to entertain people like Gwen for long periods of time, mainly because Gwen's attention could be easily lost. If what you were doing didn't involve her enough or didn't interest her, Gwen usually stared off into space about more fascinating things. Alless longed to be able to see what Gwen could, the captivation in Gwen's eyes made it seem as if she were looking into a whole other world no one could touch.
Growing up Alless had rarely had much of a childhood, and she lacked greatly in the imagination department. She wasn't one to "play pretend", because nothing she did was much of a game. When she lies or acts it's for a reason, an ulterior motive, and usually it's the only way she knows how to get what she wants.
Alless glanced at Gwen now, who's hair lit up like glossy silk in the sun. The long locks fell down around her, the blonde looking nice against the light blue dress she wore. The dress was mostly loose, only fit to her body at the waist and bust. The sleeves hung down slightly below her arms, and the skirt of the dress looked elegantly heavy. There was no fluffiness about the dress, it did not puff out like an umbrella as many princess dresses do. Of course if it did they wouldn't be riding horses. Her own dress was different from Gwen's. It was still fancy and lovely yes, the detail on it sparkled as any princess's would, but it was tighter fitting, and showed off more of Alless's figure.
As they reached a fork in the road, Gwen mentioned that a servant of hers had informed her about the meeting for the neutrals, and suggested she go there instead, rather than feel useless at the kings meeting. Alless reluctantly agreed, she didn't like much to be alone.

Gwen snapped the reins of her horse, picking up the pace slightly. It might've been easier taking a carriage or something but she enjoyed this more than she would've in a box like situation. She was nearing Vincent's castle, so the nature around her became more forest-like and full of more life. She liked the trees, and the green grass. And when the wind blew gently she could smell ever so slightly the hint of flowers.
As a child in her castle her parents were always unsure about letting her roam about the grounds. Built up on a large hill, it could be dangerous. She spent most of her time by the window just watching, mostly the waterfalls pound into the large pool below. When she was a bit older, they'd let many servants accompany her down the path of the rocky hill into the gardens of wild flowers. She absolutely loved flowers, and the servants would venture off to each find her a different one, while she layed in the grass and imagined the shapes of clouds.
Many times she wished she could go father than just the gardens, hoping to see more, for she read enough about adventure and exploring, but dared not ask her parents. They were too protective of their little Gwen, an only child, so she spent most of her time dreaming of things to make up for it. Her parents had often tried having more children, but it hadn't worked out. A couple ended in miscarriage, some never worked, and the one who died at birth also took her mother.
It was about midday now, and Vincent's castle came into view. It was large with bridges and towers, its style much more modern than hers, but still had an old money feel about it. It was slightly Gothic in the large square parts, as well as the thin pointy towers. It was very beautiful and as she neared the entrance she almost completely missed the servant trying to help her off her horse. She'd been admiring the castle so much that he startled her when he spoke.
She jumped a little and turned to his voice, then laughed lightly as he apologized. "No need sir," she told the man, "the fault was mine." He helped her off her horse and lead it away, as another servant guided her into the castle.
The doors to the meeting room opened to reveal the three already present sat down, and a bellowing voice to introduce her.
"Announcing her highness, Princess of Sagittarius."
She lifted the sides of her dress in order to give a small curtsy, then gracefully took a seat among the others.

It didn't take long for Alless to reach the Galaxy castle, it wasn't her first time nor was it the last. She hopped off her horse long before a servant came to take it to a stable, mainly because she was tired of sitting on it. She held the reins and lead it up the way, holding her dress up with her other hand as to avoid getting it too dirty. The Prince kept the castle grounds fairly polished, or rather his servants did. She doubted he even knew about the state of cleanliness the outside of his castle was. Not that it really mattered anyway.
A servant did escort her inside the castle, another leading her horse away. As she walked through the large halls her shoes made echoes. Occasionally she'd stop to ask the servant about a painting or two, easily taking her time though she was a bit late.
The doors to the throne room were opened for her, which she was always grateful for considering she didn't like to touch doorknobs or handles. As she entered she could feel the slight tension in the room between the three guests and Prince Galaxy already. See realized the king was not here, nor would he be anytime soon. She smiled what could be considered her signature smile, mischievous but charming. Only the one corner of her mouth turned up slightly, but a slight eye brow raise and the lighting up of her eyes all came together.
She ignored the attention, or more of fed off of it. Considering the three other guests were all looking towards Prince Galaxy, they must be waiting for his answer. She took this as a good time to go greet him.
"Your majesty," she mused, "pleasure to see you again." she curtsied slightly and held out her hand for him to kiss it. She then turned to the others, nodding to them as a greeting.

(I think I tagged everyone but sorry if I didn't, the post will be separate next time.)

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Prince Vincent Altair Scorpio

When the horns blared, signifying the arrival of the first guest, Vincent jumped slightly. As he always did whenever something or someone "wakes him up." This time he had ventured from the thoughts of the war to the evolution of clothing. Oh how his mind wanders. He did think about a lot of philosophical notions, albeit concerning the idea of materialism. If only he had been writing his thoughts down- he might have gotten somewhere.

Wait, no, stop. He been too deep in his thoughts that he hadn't understood who had arrived. But all he needed was one look, and he knew.

Vince grinned and raised and eyebrow. "Oh, shush, everyone knows it doesn't take a lot to impress you, darling." He stressed the last word, attempting to mimic the way Prince Marlin speaks, but only succeeded in looking ridiculous. He chuckled and gestured to the blue-haired man. "It's gotten a lot less dramatic with you here, anyway." There's near nothing he appreciates more than a person like Marlin- thank whoever is up there that someone else has some sanity left. "If there's anything you need, just ask. You're welcome here. And I don't know how long this meeting will take."

After a little bit, Princess Leo arrived. Vincent looked up towards the doors and there she appeared. Vincent stood from his seat and narrowed his eyebrows. He knew the Princess was wild, but good heavens, they had to run past cougars! which were no big deal? Vincent has experience in survival and fighting, but she was on another level. And she's not even showing she's in pain! If she even felt pain at all.

"Princess Leo, good morning. Prince Marlin and I haven't discussed anything concerning the matter, so you're fine. Please, let my servants treat your wounds." Vincent called for someone to accompany Princess Leo to treat her wounds. He would have done it himself, but, as embarrassing as it is, he's a tiny bit squeamish when it comes to open wounds. "We won't begin until everyone is ready."

A little while later, Princess Sagittarius arrived. Vince stood and bowed, greeting, "Good morning, Princess Sagittarius. Thank you for joining us. It's great to have you on our 'side.'" Vincent looked from face to face, satisfied that at least they thought better of High's situation.

When everyone was seated, Vincent spoke. "Again, thank you all for coming. I expect that you all have an idea for why I have called you here- to discuss the upcoming war..." Vincent sighed. "We all have not chosen a side, but I expect that sooner or later one of the sides will make it so that it's no longer an option to stay uninvolved. Therefore. I've called a meeting to introduce plans where we could keep our respective kingdoms out of the war, and perhaps find a way to peacefully prevent it. As Royals, we all have a choice on what to do, but if we all agree on the same plan, that would increase its effectivity- whatever the plan may be." He leaned forward and looked at everyone at the table. "First, what are your thoughts and plans for the war?"

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Character Portrait: Prince Vincent Scorpio Character Portrait: Princess Zari Leo Character Portrait: Princess Gwendolyn Sagittarius Character Portrait: Prince Marlin Pisces
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Princess Zari Leo

Zari laughed a little when Vincent offered someone to take care of her wounds. ”Prince Scorpio, it's kind of you to offer your help but these are just small scratches. A couple of new scars is nothing anymore. I'm perfectly fine.” She would never reveal her pain to anyone. Then she looked at Gwendolyn. ”Princess Sagittarius” she greeted her with a nod.

When Vincent was speaking, Zari estimated the three other royals in the room. She had come to the meeting just because she wanted to see what kind of plan Vincent had in mind. She was not so sure she could negotiate with Marlin or Gwendolyn. They both were too quiet, too safe, too unsure in her opinion. But those qualities would make it easy for her to manipulate them. Zari knew they would avoid the war as long as possible. They were nothing like her.

Then there was Vincent. Zari was still unsure what to think about him. He had some fighting experience, but he didn't care about the upcoming war. He was a strong leader – a trait Zari appreciated – but seemed to mourn in his past.

After Prince Scorpio had finished his speech, Zari stood up. ”You say you want to keep our kingdoms out of the war. In my kingdom fighting goes above everything else. We choose the next Prince or Princess by fighting against each other. Even the 15-year-old girls can wield at least two different weapon. My people are eagerly waiting which side I'm going to choose so they can get to a real play field. And the reason I haven't chosen the side yet is because I'm waiting.” She smirked. ”I'm waiting for the highest bid. I'm sure you all know my reputation. I'm known as a business woman and mercenary. And in case you're wondering why I want crazy amount of money is because it's not cheap to maintenance my army.”

Zari sat down again. ”I am, however, willing to negotiate. When the war starts there will be blood and death. If my kingdom stays away from it, there will be less blood and less death. So Prince Scorpio...” She looked right into his eyes. ”How much you're willing to pay me?”

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Character Portrait: Prince Vincent Scorpio Character Portrait: Princess Zari Leo Character Portrait: Princess Gwendolyn Sagittarius Character Portrait: Prince Marlin Pisces
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"Oh, Vincent, I'm offended," Marlin said, his attempted chiding tone completely ruined by the smile that tugged aggressively at his lips, pulling his expression out of a mock pout. If there was any other member of the royals that Marlin would willingly choose to spend the day with, it would probably be the Prince of Scorpio, a man after his own heart. "Or I would be if it wasn't completely true, sweetheart" He enunciated the little term of endearment, a laugh escaping from him at Vincent's attempted imitation. Attempted, of course, because no one could quite mimic a character like the Prince of Pisces.

He slipped into his seat to Vincent's right with one fluid motion, leaning his elbows on the table in such a way that his etiquette instructor would be chiding him for weeks about. However, here he was among friends, at least for now, with a noble beside him who wouldn't be offended in the least by Marlin's mercurial ways. It was nice, in a way, to have someone who understood the pressures of ruling a kingdom and being a human at the same time. Only behind the scenes, away from the expecting eyes of his citizens and the eyes of other nations, could he just be.

"And thank you. Hopefully this can all be discussed soon enough. I'd rather spend my time having a bit of fun now that they've let me out of the castle," He said with a laugh. They talked for a while, trading retorts without any edge to them and generally conversing about the little things that involved their daily lives as opposed to stuffy "And the wheat crop has had a surprisingly good yield…" business talk that was meant for the normal, stuffy meetings Marlin found himself enduring as a Prince. That is, until the next guest arrived.

When Princess Leo made her grand appearance, Marlin straightened up to his full height, no longer slumped lazily over the table. The smile drifted off his face, schooled to a look of polite indifference. She looked positively wild, covered in bandages and sweating, dress torn in areas. There was no way she hadn't drawn attention to herself, looking more like she'd just ridden out of the war than to a summit to avoid it. Then again, given the rumors swirling around her...

"Oh, no, the pleasure's all mine," He said standing up and bowing before seating himself stiffly once more, completely on autopilot, recalling courtesy lessons that had been engrained in his mind since the day he was born. The atmosphere was tense for a while as Princess Leo got straight to business looking as if peace were the last thing on her mind. At least, until Princess Sagittarius made her arrival. Marlin's lips twisted into a smile, standing up and bowing once again at her arrival.

"Hello, lovely," He greeted and meant it sincerely. Gwen was a delight and, much like his adoration for Scorpio, fit with his personality quite neatly. However, now was not a time for pleasantries as the last of the rulers filtered into the room and took a seat. It was vaguely disappointing that only four were here for a conference on peace rather than war, but four was assuredly better than none or, in Marlin's case, one. However, no sooner than Prince Scorpio had introduced the matters at hand than one of the guests showed their true colors. Marlin wasn't quite sure why he was surprised at Princess Leo's inclination towards war. Nevertheless, her nonchalance towards the fighting, her attempts at blackmail only served to ignite the passion in Marlin's heart not for fighting or for peace, but for his people.

"I've always said that blackmail is the classiest way to compromise," He sniffed, pink eyes narrowed in an unnatural expression of distaste. "And how, Princess Leo, are we going to be sure that one of the sides won't offer you more money? Then you'll have all of our money and get your war too. It seems to me that, money or not, you and your kingdom are sitting pretty while the rest of us are left to our own devices regardless." It wasn't logic that drew that conclusion, but an intuition guided by Marlin's understanding of the Princess Leo and her people. Her mistake, he was sure, was that she thought they were idiots.

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Princess Zari Leo

”It seems you don't fully understand how I work, Prince Pisces. I'm not a backstabber. I'm just doing business.” Zari answered to him.

”As I said I'm waiting the highest bid. Let me explain. Let's say you would offer me 2000, King only 1000 and Queen 3000. What I do to get the highest amount of money? I would let you and the King to know there's been higher bidder but I don't tell the amount of money. Let's say you would next offer me 4000 and King only offers 2500. Now you have highest bid, right? In this point the King would also drop out of contest.” Zari smirked. ”Guess what I do next? Yes, I would inform the Queen about the higher bid, but I still don't tell the amount. Let's say she offers 4500. And now... We're on the final round!” she laughed a bit. ”I would tell to both of you and the Queen to do the final, last bid. I also would tell you that the current bid is 4500. Let's say you now offer me 6000 and Queen only 5500. So there you have it. In this case I would be in your side.” she paused for a while. ”And be 6000 richer”

Zari leaned back in her chair. "So now you know, how I work. And if you're afraid that the King or Queen would try to use force to get your kingdom in their side, I can also offer protection. I can sent few dozens of my soldiers to your Kingdoms. They all are good fighters and will follow orders. Of course, that's not free either."

Zari started to get irritate. She couldn't wait this meeting would be over. She would go to search Cayden and Sevi from town and run another two hours over the mountains and kill couple of more cougars, or perhaps a boar, to calm her nerves. She had put her claymore leaning against the chair. It was hard to sit when it was on her back. She glanced at it. Maybe it hadn't been so good idea to take it with her...

One wrong word and she might lose her temper.