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As long as you love me



a part of As long as you love me, by MiraMija.


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Meiji [1] "It's a hard decision."
Eric Ryu James Millar [0] Hello, I'm Eric and it's nice to meet you.
Takumi Wakahisa [0] I'll always love you..

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((so yeah))
Meiji sat on the swing on the park, eating his tub of ice cream all by himself... he only hoped that his two boyfriends were okay and not fighting... Tears ran down his cheeks as he stuffed ice cream into his sad little mouth...


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((Totally just reposting my last post. Wasn't sure how to go about on this one...Lol.))

Takumi gave a quick, blank look at Kenta as they made there way out of the door.
"I think we should head to that litte pub on the corner of 1st and Jurgers st. It's kinda homey in there, cheap booze, too."
Takumi started to lead the way, but decided to keep level with Kenta, slowing his pace down just a little bit.

Takumi looked at the ground for a little while, kicking at the sidewalk before he began to speak.
"What are we going to do about him? Meiji, I mean. Like...sharing hasn't been terrible, but we both know we want him to ourselves. And we both know he'll never choose. I don't know whether we should...coerce him into choosing, whether we should force him or whether we should..."
He didn't want to say give up, but the silence implied it. He ran his hands through his hair and gave a deep sigh.
"Kenta...I just want to see him happy."