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Adelaide Weaver

0 · 336 views · located in Crimson Grove

a character in “As Real As Can Be”, as played by Alliqua_Dark



Adelaide Jane Weaver


Fairy Tale/Myth/Legend:
Stolen child/ Sleeping Beauty

Face Claim:
mekhai allan andersen

Sweet and innocent. Not much else because she's in a coma.

Her mini bio fairly well covers this and I'll add to her once she wakes up~

So begins...

Adelaide Weaver's Story


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Remus watched the other patrons closely. None of them seemed very threatening, well, at least not to him. He sat there taking in the various conversations and bustle of the diner. He wondered briefly if it was always as busy as this. The local thieves, upstarts, and average joes all gathered here. A bit too crowded for Remus' tastes. A scowl tugged at his features, if only for a moment. Ruby then responded to his routine inquiry of her father.

"Just as he was months ago. There has been no change." Remus feigned disappointment and sadness. Empathy was his strong suit after all.

"Ah, that is unfortunate. Keep me posted won't you dear?" He said with a nod of thanks for the coffee. Then his attention was redirected to the boy beside him. Through his regular observations Remus had figured that poor Peter had really no clue about, well anything really. This would work to his advantage. Those who cannot recall anything are easier to mold into perfect dolls. Sipping his coffee with a smile, warm and comforting, he spoke to Peter once more sliding him a piece of monogrammed paper.

"Peter, this is my address. You'll be staying with me. It's really no trouble, I have so much room it'll be like you have your own house. Free of charge, meals included of course. Anything for family. So, my butler James will let you in because I won't be home until late. I got called into the hospital on short notice. So, as it seems, I'm headed off. I'll be seeing you Pete." Remus downed the rest of his coffee and paid, patted Peter on the back and snatched his cane with a nod to Ruby before heading back out of the crowded space. Saying short apologies as he passed people on the street.

While he hadn't been called in, he needed to go. He needed to see her. Making good time Remus strode down a few blocks to the Hospital. Tossing his cane into the umbrella holder in the doors, nurses scrambled to and fro welcoming him. He was the head of the hospital after all. He ignored all the clamor and pushed open the most lavish doors to a patients room in any hospital ever. A wave of cold air hit him as the doors swung open into the luxurious room beyond. Soft Mozart filtered throughout the air and on a large cushy bed, hooked up to several beeping machines, was the most beautiful little girl. Her soft blonde waves framing her sleeping form.

Remus rushed over to her side and swept the tails of his suit aside so he could sit beside her. His square hands lightly brushing her hair from her face, his blue eyes locked onto her face. Never wavering from her once.

"I'm here now Addie. I'm sorry daddy left you for so long. . . It just has to be this way a little longer. . . Just until I can figure out how to break this spell you're under." Remus whispered to her desperately. No one in town knew about Adelaide. The nurses weren't even allowed to know. Addie was Remus' alone to cherish. He couldn't risk having anything happen to her. His only treasure. Remus felt a deep sorrow tug at his heart as he watched her, his thumb rubbing her small hand that he clutched in his large one.

He intended to stay there beside her until nightfall, removing his shoes he laid down beside her and held her close. Talking softly, more to himself than anything else.

"Daddy's here. . . I'll protect you. My sleeping beauty."