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Fredrick Venkel

Coward, Thief, Survivor.

0 · 199 views · located in River's Glen, a sleepy town in northern USA

a character in “As the Pendulum Swings”, as played by Quantumlegacy


Since the start of the infection he hadn't much time to clean himself up or really choose what he was going to wear each day. Fredrick is still rocking his dark blue nylon work shirt, and a pair of black chef pants. His clothes were dirty and torn, and he himself was caked in dirt. His shaggy dark blonde hair was dried with mud. He'd had a rough few days. He had managed to snag himself a nice pair of brown hiking boots though.

Age: 43
Sex: Male


Normally Fredrick would avoid conflict to the best of his ability. He tended to live his mostly sheltered lifestyle of work, sleep and thievery. He knew lots of people and lots of people thought they knew him. At work he was the quiet get things done type. He'd make some small talk now and then but for the most part he sat on the sidelines and watched others go about themselves. He had people he'd consider "Friends" that he knew throughout his life but no one he'd ever die for. His family might as well as be deceased for all he cared. They were never close anyway. Deep down Fredrick is cruel, cold hearted, greedy, selfish, and cowardly. He does try and make an effort to mask these things though so as to be able to appear normal. For the most part, over the year's he has become rather good at feigning.


Dirty tattered dark blue nylon water resistant shirt
Dirty tattered black chef pants
Dirty brown hiking boots
Stainless Steel Steak Knife


Fredrick grew up as an only child until he was nine year's old. Then his distant parents had another kid. Though they tried to hide the growing tension as his mother grew pregnant Fredrick picked up on it. His mother had cheated on his father and the child wasn't his. For the most part though his childhood was rather normal. He went to school, played with other children, played with his brother though the two were always rivals. It wasn't until after high-school, during his first years of college that his real distancing himself from his family began. During that time his father couldn't take it anymore and had left his mother, his brother and himself. His mother stricken with shame from the scandal that had been rumored about for years within the neighbor hood became a reclusive hoarder. But he didn't really care he cut off ties with them and started his life anew.

Year's later he heard of his mother's death online of all places. His brother had sent him an invite to the funeral through his email. How exactly he had gotten it Fredrick never figured out, but he never wound up going anyway. As the time went on he became rather settled in his neighborhood. He'd made a small name for himself, though they didn't have anything to go on beyond what the newspapers were calling, "Silent Menace". He'd never been caught, had yet to be seen, and only robbed homes at night while everyone was asleep or when no one was in the house. He'd only take a few discreet things at a time, sometimes hitting the same house a few times before they figured out he'd been robbing them. For him it wasn't about the things he'd take. It was more the rush of getting in and out undetected.

This would go on for awhile before he was finally caught because he tripped on a cat, of all things the cat burglar trips over a cat. Of course the media had a field day with this and he became a joke as they sentenced him to prison for multiple accounts of burglary. 18 years later he was released on parole with good behavior. Since then he's managed to clean up most of his act but he's still manages to find a few extra things.

Since Day Zero though, life's been really... different. He's learned to cope with what's going on around him for the most part. He's been holed up in an abandoned building that used to be a tax joint, then some cash your check and get a loan on anything place, then it was a few other things before finally just not being bought anymore as the surrounding neighborhood's went downhill. He'd used to live in the area before prison and after he'd come out it had already been abandoned. He'd remembered it when the shit hit the fan during his last day of work.

He'd been about to close up the kitchen for the night. All the other crew had gone home already and he'd just finished the last of his duties. The radio was baring some techno song he had on a CD and he was on his way over to unplug it when out the corner of his eye he could see someone pounding on the door to the store. He'd left the light on in the front room because he'd planned on going out that door today. The person must have seen it and guessed he was still here. It was strange though whoever it was, was really pounding on that door. He was to the side of them because of the way the building was, but he could tell it was a woman. She was frantically looking around even as she was beating on the door. It looked like she was trying to yell something but he couldn't hear anything over the radio. He wasn't sure if they could see him from where he was but he waved a hand and stepped out of view to pull the plug on the radio. Just as it cut out he heard the end of a blood curdling scream, one last pound on the metal door and then silence. No pounding, no screaming, no nothing. A shiver ran up his spine as he stepped back over to look out the glass window aside the door which he'd seen the person in. There against the window was the woman's body and a man that had her pressed against the window. Fredrick couldn't believe what he was seeing. The man was chewing on the woman's neck, as he held her against that window. Blood was painting the clear glass red obscuring some of his view.

What had happened next was all a blur for him. He'd managed to make his way outside only to witness the chaos that had been going on around him. Some "people" had noticed him and he was going to stagger his way to them to find out what was going on. When he noticed one of them was missing an arm as it turned to him. Fredrick's eyes went wide as fear gripped him. He stood only for a second as if his brain were trying to think. But he didn't need to even think as his cowardice instinct took over. He ran so fast, for so long. He was easily putting distance between them and had lost them before long. But he didn't care, he was in Fight or flight mode and had definitely picked flight. His heart pounding in his throat as his feet hammered the cement below him carrying him home. Once there he barricaded himself in his small trailer the best he could and turned on the news.

From what he could really make of it he had stayed in that trailer for a few days almost in denial. Except for the three times "someone" had gotten in, before he somehow had ended up huddled in the corner in front room of the only entrance to the small abandoned shop. He'd locked the door and managed to barricade it with some of the left over furniture and things he'd dragged in off the street. It hadn't been the easiest thing to do getting here or fending it off at first. But now he was safe. The shop had three windowless offices and then the front room. It had a decently sized window on one wall and then the door. He'd blocked the door, and painted the window black before loosely boarding it up and blocking it with what things he could. He'd caused some attention at the time but he was sure whatever had been out there had left him a long time ago. Even still he wasn't planning on moving from his spot unless he absolutely had too.

If there was one thing he had learned so far, silence was his greatest weapon. And he knew it well.

So begins...

Fredrick Venkel's Story