Guinevere Amorel Pisces

"At the rate of this impending war, I cannot say anyone will emerge victorious." {Lil' WIP}

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❝Destiny is my guidance. Will is my hand. Faith is my heart. And the people my mind.❞

~ Nickname ~"Although 'Your Royal Highness' is just fine.."
Elle ; Gwen | The nicknames are rarely used, as Guinevere has always found herself flustered when she is addressed as such. The terms have only been used by the members of her family, and quite frankly, they've been gone for quite a while.

~ Gender ~The young woman merely purses her lips and forces a small smile.

~ Sexuality ~"Ah, I'm not really sure actually... I do wonder at times."

~ Age ~"I believe I still have the chance to do something reckless and blame it on teenage angst."

~ Role ~"It is an honor. I will not let my land down."
Princess and Ruler of Pisces


~ Distinguishable Features ~"It is a blessing; a sign of my duties from the Divine One."
Eyes | They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but what soul is there in Princess Guinevere if one cannot see past those misty pools of color? She was blind at birth, and healed twelve days later during the Tides of Thetis, which occur only once every century. The waters gave her back her sight, the only proof of her salvation being piercing lavender eyes.
Tattoo | Located on the side of her foot, she had it made the night she became ruler, a symbol of her power. Although the tattoo cannot be seen by most, it was placed on her feet because in the religion of the land, the feet hold spiritual power because it is the only body part that maintains contact with the land constantly.

~ Personality ~"This take on who I am will all be dissolved and melded into something entirely different anyway.."
Guinevere Amorel Pisces, ruler of the most religious lands in all of the kingdom. Very fitting, considering how benevolent and compassionate she is. She is a woman of faith, having an experience with the supernatural herself. Guinevere is extremely intuitive. More than logical reasoning, facts and figures, she relies on her sixth-sense while taking a decision. She is like that of a psychic sponge, soaking up the moods of those in her company and interpreting them. She can easily perceive messages from the paranormal; especially in her dreams. The sounds of people’s words are quiet to Gwen. She can feel other people’s happiness or their sadness through her body, like waves crashing through her or spindles of emotional confusion. Her imagination, attunement to humanity, and remarkable intuition endow her with enviable gifts of insight and creativity.

She is kind to a fault, where her acts of good nature have often gone unnoticed and unappreciated. She is sincere, and it carries on in the tone of her voice. Her empathy knows no bounds, as if she has walked in the footsteps of every other person and instantly knows how to empathise with others, comfort them and understand them. Yet Amorel herself is often misunderstood. She is pegged by the stupid as wishy-washy and weak, because of her rather hazy nature. She is merely a deep person living in real dreams. Because she is able to feel the suffering and the joy of another, it has brought her closer to the realization that we are not as separate as we believe; all is one and one is all.

Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Guinevere lives between the lands of reality and imagination. Meaning she has a tendency to doze off into her own bubble and neglect her duties. While she is passionate about the things she enjoys and holds interest in, she becomes reluctant to work and if someone were to call her out for it, she may be hurt by it. As well as Amorel holds sensitivity to the feelings of those around her, she holds it to herself as well. Bless the fact that the welfare of her domain holds her passions or else the lands would have gone awry. The young woman has always been somewhat of an idealist, where even the best is seen as mediocre in her eyes. In the shoes of Guinevere, she lives on in internal discontent with her achievements, but leaves things as they are, knowing that the future will be better, things will improve in time.

Guinevere is a beloved ruler amongst the people. She has molded the shape of her lands from a once bitter and almost abandoned shell of clay buildings to the relgious epicent of the kingdom. Around her people she is very caring and strong, showing a genuine care for each person she encounters. It has been her nature to depend on those with a stronger state of mind than hers, but for her land to prosper and gain strength, Gwen knows she must be able to hold her ground and keep a strong grip on things.

Princess Guinevere Amorel Pisces. As dangerous as a shark in the ocean, or as docile as a fish in the pond. She is quiet, submissive and friendly on the surface, but inside she has an immense potential hidden, along with a strong, fierce independent streak.

~ History ~"I do take some nostalgia from re-accounting my past. To this day I'm amazed and proud of where I stand now."


~ Likes ~

β™₯ The Arts, whether it be visual, written, or music, it does not matter. The art of expressing feelings and evoking thoughts sparks Gwen's interest already.
β™₯ The Ocean
β™₯ Mystery, it is the knowing of not knowing and the idea of gathering knowledge based on intuition that so fascinates her.
β™₯ Imagination and Creativity
β™₯ Myth and Fantasy

~ Dislikes ~
βœ– Pedantry, the know-it-all's.
βœ– Criticism, she has never taken it too well.
βœ– Brash behavior, going in with no forethought? What's the sense in that?
βœ– People who force thing against the will of the object.
βœ– Poultry, her diet largely consists of seafood.

~ Talents ~
βœ” Storytelling, partly due to her inventive mind and soothing voice
βœ” Intuition and empathy
βœ” Music Composer / Lyricist, her music notes and lyrics haven't exactly been played or sung, instead, they are usually read as poetry and written work.
βœ” Musician, she has a specialty for violin.
βœ” Quick-thinker

~ Hobbies ~
βœ” Reading
βœ” Music, whether it be listening, playing, or creating.
βœ” Dreaming, day-dreaming included, as she is often awake but still asleep somehow.
βœ” Speaking to the people on a personal level.

~ Fears ~
✘ Betrayal, despite this, she continues to put her trust and give her all, completely aware of the fact that the recipient of her altruism could cut her off and betray her, yet believes better.
✘ Being forever misunderstood or not taken seriously.
✘ Death
✘ Going blind
✘ Harm coming upon her loved ones

~ Flaws ~
✘ Oversensitive, quite frankly, she feels too much.
✘ Naive, almost innocent, she is rather easy to take advantage of emotionally.
✘ Dreamy, she tends to wander off course and drift off into a land in her head.
✘ Secretive, she is reluctant to reveal details of her life, instead she turns sides and expresses genuine interest in the inquirer.
✘ Pessimistic, surprisingly, when things go wrong, so does her mood.

~ Side ~"I don't like the fact that thousands of men are going to die because of the silly quarrel between the King and Queen..."
Neither. Guinevere will not let her lands bathe in blood for something she doesn't even believe in, gosh no! The land of Pisces, furthest from the castle belonging to the King and Queen, can hold off both sides quite well.

~ Romantic Interest ~"Oh, love! Isn't it just... Lovely? Although, if I were to fall in love with someone during these odenous times, it'd be quite embarrassing to admit that thanks to the war I was able to meet them.."
No one as of yet.

~ Thoughts on Others ~"Everyone is admirable in their own ways. I hope I could learn a thing or two from each of them."

β™” King Constellation "He's a good man at heart. After all, he was able to keep himself and the Queen from getting into a war for quite some time until, you know, now."

β™• Queen Stars "I owe her many thanks for the altruism she had shown after my plea for help at the very beginning of my reign. But still, I will not pay her back with the bloodshed of my people over the Prince's mistake."

β˜„ Prince Galaxy "Character Thought"

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